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A charismatic government of enlightenists!

Professional Orgonite - A universal healer.

There is a way to cure EVERY disease. As I always say: If nature has a problem, nature has a cure.

Orgonite is one of them, as Wilhelm Reich discovered. I myself am (too) hyper sensitive to energy topping the scale by far. I am a research scientist into Reichian technology, orgonites, and ether control, as well as a herbalist. Please contact me. I can cure mostly every disease.

If you are sick, (or even suffer of cancer). Get 10-20 of my Black Sun orgonite pucks, tape them to your sleeping blanket, and place aluminium foil all underneath the sheet of your bed. The orgone energy will travel through your body towards the aluminium, your wounds WILL  heal TWICE as fast, and you might live 10-20 years longer. That`s a fact. Wilhelm Reich  used a similar concept to cure many patients from cancers called the Orgone Accumulator.

I have many products for sale/give-away.

1. I make traditional metal-shavings orgonite pyramids (Black Sun++) like on the picture below. I can make these in all sizes. These increase concentration, vitality, energy, joy, natural healing etc. If you have never experienced orgonite; you will get a shock with these. Three pyramids are enough to cover your whole house. The moment I brought them in; all arguements, anger, frustration etc stopped forever. Black Sun Orgonite++ can REALLY change lives, and is AMAZING at healing. (!!!) I have a secret recipe.

2. I also make the more powerful metal-powder orgonite pyramids as described in the method below. These INCREDIBLE pyramids will do the exact opposite. They will fill you with a DENSE thick cloud of orgone; so much that if you have been exhausted; you will sleep for 2 weeks. They make you (incredibly) relaxed, sleepy, removes programs, reconnects you with your emotions, reconnects you with the etheric higher realities, and is great for lucid dreaming. Be very careful as these are the most powerful orgonites on the international market.

I can also make powerful Black Sun Orgonite Necklaces (big ones WITH tensor rings). I make these from powdered metals, and a secret recipe.

Please contact me.

Premium Black Sun++ Orgonite for giveaway price to members

I use first quality materials in each guardian pyramid. They help you heal, boost energy, help you sleep, protects you from emf (etc) and the devil HATES them.

I can make any orgonite you wish

I make pyramids with tensor rings

Good to world class Orgonite recipe, and full procedure FINALLY revealed!!!


Mechanical tools you need:

- A 1400 watt blender to crush small crystal gravel works fine with NO problems, and you can get 2-3 kg fine crystal powder before the blade becomes too dull, and you have to buy new parts, or a new mixer (not engine) which often costs only 1/3 of the prize of a new blender. It is in any case cheaper than buying a 1200 dollar rock crusher. Don`t believe me? Youtube: Will it blend? Only use ¨crystal gravel bulk lb¨ you buy on Ebay, don`t bother mining your own crystals, and don`t use white quartz – other crystals are better, and you will only end up with LOTS more crystal powder than you can EVER use up, although it must be said that (non-transparant) RAW quarts gravel as used to pave roads, in aquariums etc is MUCH easier to crush than CLEAR quarts.

- A ball mill to get the crystal powders, and chemical ingrediants down to the same size as the metal powders 350 mesh is great, and achievable after 10+ days of 24/7 hardcore ball-milling with either ceramic, or steel-ball medium. Ceramic works fine. I ball-mill my 4-5 types of crystals together with Himalayan Salt, Red-Iron Oxide and Copper Oxide. As these are not easily bought 350mesh particles. (Warriormatrix orgonite forum has shown that getting the crystal, and metal powders (all powders in the orgonite) to approx the same size increases the power of the orgonite. You will ALSO need to ball-mill the copper powder, possibly the aluminum powder, and certainly the iron-powder especially if these are ATOMIZED to double, or even triple it`s surface area, and prevent FE and CU from sinking in the resin, since most FE-powder and CU powder you buy is 2-4g cm3 , thus expensive in terms of weight (compared to lightweight Al and Magnetite powder), and often atomized: Spherical microscopic particles. We want our metal-powders to be microscopic FLAKES; increasing the surface area TREMENDOUSLY, and we don`t want them to SINK. We also don`t want conti-nous stirring of the matrix since you never know when the resin hardens.

Also: Aluminum powder is hard to get since it can be used in creating fireworks, and even as a fuel for explosives, but even IF it gets criminalized, making your own AL powder only takes about one-two weeks with a ball-mill depending on what ball-mill, and how fine the alumi-num foil-bits are. Yet as of 2019, it is not illegal for private persons to buy ball-milled (flake) aluminum powder almost exclusively found as (german) BLACK ALUMINUM POWDER (300mesh+.) Or you could simply buy regular atomized aluminum powder, but you`ll have to use MORE than if you use GERMAN BLACK ALUMINUM POWDER which probably has the most volume/surface area per gram. (Be wary of the police on this one..! You`ll end up on a watch list for buying ANY Aluminum powder. I just mention…)

- A drill, and a welding torch for making sacred cubit, or new-earth ressonance (1/2 cubit) tensor rings. Use 3mm copper wire bought on aliexpress or alibaba, and twist it with a drill. Cut it to the exact length. (Important) Have some 1mm copper wire to fasten the ends of the ring together (makes it ALOT easier), wrapping it around. Then use some solder wire (tin), and an electric solder apparatus to complete the ring for use. 😉 A tensor ring creates a tensor field.


Ateco pyramid molds are the largest, and most handy on the market (4.75¨x3.25¨) They are the most expensive, but a solid investment for the future. Get 4-8 pieces, take a 10l bucket of sand, and pour it in a large plastic tray like those you have under your bed. You can place the pyramids firmly upside down in in the sand. Making smaller orgonites is sort-of point-less. When deciding to use an orgonite device against EMF, or for healing keeping it close to you like under your bed; only a large orgonite will make sense, and produce the ¨desired immediate effect¨ to the buyer, unless it`s a necklace, or pocket-orgonite which I also make. My orgonite necklace is a must get, and WILL ethericall transform the toxins in your body..! Even if you don`t feel it immediatly. It`s like Omega 3. 

Equipment for handling polyester:

A gas-mask and some plastic gloves. (Epoxy/Polyester resin is toxic and stinks) The gloves are used only once and discarded.

An old worthless table for making the orgonite on OUTDOORS. Having a table also prevents you from sitting right over the toxic resin, and prevents strain on your back.

A typical food grade liter/dl measurement for the powders.

Used milk carton (1l) to measure the polyester/epoxy. The milk carton is disposed after-wards. You need a screwdriver for opening the can of polyester/epoxy.

Several big 2l+ plastic containers (ice-cream etc) that can be disposed of after a few times use. Your plastic container, and mixing rod (typically a wooden stick) will be the ONLY objects stinking with polyester you do not dispose off, and store somewhere outdoors, or in the garage.

And you need a worthless jacket/shirt/pants since you won`t be able to get polyester of your cloathes. I use 20-25% of total powders in the matrix.

Metal powders:

Almost all the materials I am about to list now can be easily bought CHEAP in bulk quantities at ebay.com, or EVEN cheaper at alibaba.com. I bought 5kg of blue kyanite powder for 120 USD inc shipping from China. (!!!)

Copper powder has a warming sacred energy, and is a must. Iron powder is good for groun-ding, and warding off evil. Aluminum powder has an uplifting energy to itself, and GERMAN BLACK grade is the best because of it`s TREMENDOUS surface area, but it also has 10-15% coal in it to prevent oxidization when being ball-milled. This extra coal does not matter. Because we also add shungite which is made up of +- 50-70-98% carbon depending on what shungite, so there is alot of carbon in the mix. 15% metal powder volume of the overall ma-trix mix is good. Making POWDER orgonite is inexpensive contrary to belief.

You will also need lots of aluminium metal shavings, and preferably some gold-leaves, or brass-shavings, or copper shavings if you want to make a separate crown layer (which is re-commended for transmuting DOR to POR (especially if you use a terminated center crystal, but takes twice the time). This recipe does not need it a crown layer, and brass shavings is expensive, yet MY orgonites always have a crown layer because it really adds to the orgoni-te making it more ¨sacred feeling¨ as noble metals like copper, and gold especially have a Sacred Energy in Orgonite. Also: Some of the ball-milled copper might sink a little towards the bottom (apex) of the pyramid somewhat creating a layer effect naturally when mixing all in one bowl.

Other electric conductor powders: Magnetite (black Iron Oxide) is the magic nr.1 ingredient in Orgonite, protects from EMF, has a highly enriching energy, and actively repels negative energies and entities. It is also reasonably lightweight, and will never sink. Get the equally great SHUNGITE from Karnelia in Russia. Shungite is a natural occuring MIRACLE minaral in that it`s molecules emits scalar waves, and is a slightly conductive mineral. Magnetite, shungite, and crystal powders should be added EVEN to regular aluminum-shavings orgoni-te. Magnetite DOES attract orgone to a SLIGHT extent, but the aluminum attracts it MUCH more creating a miracle of nature combining two technologies in ONE, and is by far the best EASY and INEXPENSIVE orgonite you can make for the beginner: 1 Magnetite, 2 shungite, 3 and aluminum shavings. Popularily called Black Sun Orgonite. I much prefer this orgonite myself, but WOULD add a tiny bit of crystal powders, and red iron oxide just because I hap-pen to have it at hand.

Chemicals: Red Iron Oxide has a vibrant energy, and should be present in Orgonite with Magnetite and/or FE. Copper Oxide has a good energy. These should be present if the orgo-nite has CU in it. Himalayan Rock Salt contains all of Earth`s trace-minerals, and metals for those who believe in the ¨homeopathic effect.¨ This is where it get`s complicated. In reality: There is little research of what chemicals are best, as little research has been done in this area, and you are free to experiment.

Powdered Crystal powders: Blue Kyanite. Kyanite is empowering, and don`t need to be cleansed. Citrine Quartz is your Quartz of choice (citrine quartz, not clear quartz – as citrine don`t need to be cleansed unlike clear quartz) I already mentioned SHUNGITE. I also use Selenite which has a high spiritual energy, and doesn`t have to be charged. Selenite is VERY easily crushed to powder in an old forged steel pan with the blunt side of an axe, sledge or hammer – a nice, but slow way to crush all crystals. (Especially Selenite which takes NO time.) Black Tourmaline powder is a must – especially in Black Sun Orgonite.

NOTES: You only want crystal powders that are enriching; and whose energy never gets dirty – making sure that the orgonite produces POR (positive orgone) for all eternity. I found this VERY important. I MUST also mention to NEVER EVER mix crystals that have opposing ener-gies, as this WILL render the entire orgonite useless or even DANGEROUS. (Talking expe-rience) ALWAYS use CLEANSED crystals, crystals of the same family group, or birthstone crys-tals/personal mix. Crystals of the same color, or the same crystal family REGULARLY produce good results, but NOT necessarily. One can observe the result of the crystals, and metal po-wder Orgonite through kirlian photography, or through putting the orgonite under a jar of water in the freezer. There are several ways to measure the effects of orgonite, but it`s hard to measure the Orgone itself as it is etherical in nature, yet affects the electromagnetic spec-trum, so you can measure negative ions, use a geigermeter etc – for measuring orgonite.

If making a copper-powder only orgonite, I recommend using rose-quartz as the main ingre-dient, as it has sacred heart-power just like copper. Also consider getting some brass-shavings.

Terminated Regular Crystals: Buy terminated clear quartz crystals bulk. This is one of the more expensive ingredients, but is essential. If you make a Ateco pyramid towerbuster, you will need approx 9 quartz crystals. 1 large in the middle pointing upwards, four tiny crystals pointing towards the four corners of pyramid, and four tiny crystals in between the corners vertically. The resin shrinks as it hardens, pressing the quartz crystals, and thus creating a piezoelectric effect emmitted from the crystals which increases the radius of the orgonite. There is some debate to whether whole crystals is needed, but it does not cost THAT much.

Resin -Aqua Resin or Epoxy Resin

Tensor Coils. 144, 177, 188, or preferrably the 764mhz tensor ring, because the latter creates a vortex in one end, and a black-hole at the other end determined by the users intent, ma-king the orgonite a powder magical tool for f.i time-travel and clairvoyance. I use different cubits. Tensor rings, (and triskellions in sacred cubit length of wire!!!) must always be added to orgonite plates that are used to place, and heal water and food upon, as both these have great scientific effect at nullifying toxins like chlorine in the wate.


Fill the powders to a total of not more than 15-20% of total volume depending on patricle size. Mix the powders. All powders, yet especially AL, CU, and Magnetite will not blend with the resin, and creates bubbles not absorbed in the matrix if you do not thoroughly mix the these powder with the rest of the powders first. A LOT of stirring must be done, and the po-wders will clinge to the bottom of the can. There will always be some bubbles of powders unabsorbed by the resin, but this is unavoidable unless you are stupid enough to use a hand-held mixer (which I don`t recommend.)

Pour in the resin.

Mix as much fine aluminium shavings as you possibly can into the mix. This will make the end-product look more professional, make the mix more easy to handle/pour, will prevent FE and CU powder from sinking too rapidly, will prevent larger crystal particles from sinking (if you don`t have a ball mill – and even so – there are always some larger kyanite particles if you don`t want to ball-mill for 2 weeks) , will prevent the tensor rings, and triskellion from sinking, and most importantly; will provide sustanance for the terminated Quartz-Crystals you will add. Yet if you do not use whole crystals nor tensor rings; there is strictly no need for the AL shavings aside from sinking particles. NOTE: Orgonite made from powdered metal has little, but some orgone-output benefit for aluminium shavings. The powders do all the job, but it looks more professional, and will be recognized as ¨orgonite¨ even 100 years from now as these are eternity-generators, and AL shavings are inexpensive enough. IMO.

Pour the mix into the pyramid molds (remember your gas-mask and gloves). Insert the 9 quartz crystals, and place the tensor-ring (and triskallion) gently on the surface. Make sure the surface is even with no crystals, or metal-particles sticking out. Now you realize why all that aluminum shaving was good for. The tensor ring is clearly visible resting on top of the fine aluminum shavings and congratulations. You have made the best orgonite on the mar-ket as of 2019; an orgonite that is easy, and relatively inexpensive to produce in large amounts. This is orgonite that WORKS, not orgonite art as seen on Ebay, or with multiple layers that take 3 times as long to make. Not worth it.

Black Sun Orgonite of Energy:

But in general, you can make FANTASTIC orgonite very easy out of 1 Magnetite powder, 2 shungite powder, 3 and aluminum shavings (with only 5%+ total powder) without bother getting terminated crystals, or crushing your own crystal powder, although crushing some kyanite, and quartz to powder WOULD be a great ingredient nr 4, to keep the orgonite from becoming dirty, but it isn`t really worth it unless you have a medium-large old steel-forged pan with high edges, and a sledge to crush crystals into powder. (Which I happen to own.)

Mix the powders with the resin, and be sure to make the matrix as SATURATED with alumi-num shavings as POSSIBLE. PRESS the shavings in there.

Yet for making ADVANCED black-sun-orgonite I really recommend having ingrediant nr.4, and 9 terminated quartz crystals in each large ateco pyramid. You WILL also need some BRASS shavings (NOT copper) at the apex of the pyramid. I also add a TINY bit of Iron Po-wder, a TINY bit of Red Iron Oxide, and a TINY bit of Black Tourmaline Powder to the powder mix, but total powder mix MUST not exceed 10% of the mix. You can also make Black Sun Orgonite with powdered aluminium, but NEVER with copper.