In memory of late Thomas Eidsaa <3 Fulfill my mission. GO!

1st century ministries of  L&L

In memory of late Thomas Eidsaa <3 Fulfill my mission. GO!

So says the Lord. Oh ye unfortunate soul to read the painful biography of my son! He stood all the trials alone under the looking glass with my protection alone. Know that the story is true, and that the bloodguilt of Kristiansand, and the Empire is too huge.  They have greatly angered me with their unrighteous sadism, gore, secrecy, slandering, defaming, torture, gangstalking, cloning, raping, murder, and cannibalism of my own self  says the Lord.
I would almost advice you not to, but you find the HIDEOUS God conspiracy below. Click the link to the pdf if you dare come on a watch list. God bless you..

TE 2018 The God Conspiracy UPDATED! 07.08.2018 The God/Lucifer experiment, and my biography.


The Vatican God/Lucifer experiment, and my biography.

Still quite accusative against Christians, and what they did to me. But I love Christians. It`s just that the Christians weren`t Christians, and I was angry with them. I ended up like the prodigal son because I had no Christian friends, or Church who took care of me. But I was always Christian, and have returned.

What`s a prince without a princess? I was sad, mad with burdens, shame, selfloath, and anger in my youth. Where were my Christians? Who was I? Would they see me? I was angry with their sins, and I hid.

What is this all about? This is my insider tale of Illuminati, Shroud of Turin, Mk-Ultra, conspiracy, persecution, electronic harassment, voodoo, satanic abuse in Church, gangstalking, pizzagate Kristiansand, pedogate Kristiansand, spygate Kristiansand, and human trafficking as a victim. Not that this isn`t a WORLDWIDE conspiracy. This is a true tale, and probably my last words: My biography. I take no political sides, but I don`t like the Rothschild Illuminati.. Thomas Eidsaa. 30.05.2018