A ministry of the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth and God`s name!

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A ministry of the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth and God`s name!

The debate surrounding God`s name


God is one: He is the God of the Gods (of the ancient pagan world). The God of Elohim/God in plural. Yahweh of Elohim is pronounced ¨Yahuah Ishiohim¨ according to some scholars. The God of IsRaEl. The Lord of All. The God of All the planets/co-creators/archons. Isis is venus and moon, Ra is Sun and Jupiter, and El is Saturn. God is Yahweh Elohim of Israel! Yahweh is akin to the Greek Jove, and the roman Zeus. Yahweh Elohim=Jupiter Saturn= matter and time, life and death etc. That is why the Jews have the seven-lampstand hanukkah. It resembles the seven planets. This was well known to ancient Jews as we see through Mazzaroth findings in ancient synagogues. Why is Judaism set-apart from pagan religions? Because they worship God above the zodiac and planets. God is ONE. We will discover the importance of the Mazzaroth, and how the Israelites reflected ¨heaven on Earth¨ through the 12 tribe constellations of the zodiac during the exodus in the Sinai desert.


I will present to you all I found on all angles both for, and against all names of God including Jehovah. Jehovah is actually wrong. The right pronounciation is ¨Yahuah¨. And Yahusha is the correct spelling of Jesus. According to the books by Rav Sha`ul from Sabbath Covenant, and others. I came to that conclusion after years of bewilderment on the contradictionary pages of the internet.


The idea of ¨God`s name¨ is a stupid idea in itself. I bet even Jesus, and the devil has no clue what he calls himself! The ¨name¨ of the infinite creator beyond this Earth`s inception; lightyears beyond our lowly language? What stupidity, or heresy to argue over God`s name! We will discover that the hebrew language is made so you cannot pronounce ¨he is¨ or ¨Jehovah¨ as hovah means destruction!


The idea of ¨God`s name¨ is a stupid idea in itself. I bet even Jesus, and the devil has no clue what he calls himself! The ¨name¨ of the infinite creator beyond this Earth`s inception; lightyears beyond our lowly language? What stupidity, or heresy to argue over God`s name! We will discover that the hebrew language is made so you cannot pronounce ¨he is¨ or ¨Jehovah¨ as hovah means destruction!


If you were the omnipotent all-father of everything; would you care to brand yourself by a lowly name, or what stupid people on a lowly plane would call you??? You would simply say; ¨I am that I am¨, or ¨I am all, look around you; worship me, and learn from the signs I created in nature; the laws of your world. For I am a God of law.¨ And thus Moses made the law. He was a great prophet. He went many a mile away from Egyptian hedonism, and united them under truth in monotheism. That`s for sure!


The very idea of a name is to describe a thing. Can you describe God with one name? Truly I tell you! The very idea of worship is to describe him! To better name him: The infinite one! God does not have a name. God is infinite worship of all that is; naming him through praise.


Dear friend. Can you describe ¨God¨ zealously as ¨moon-god hovah¨, and think you`re a really important Jehovah`s witness since you keep ¨God`s name¨? More on this soon!


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.


There is much controversy on the internet regarding the name of God; even infighting among Christians. I too was led astray for a while, but have come now to clarify once, and for all. This might break some boundaries. This is sacred hidden knowledge now revealed for all.


We believe the sacred name of G-d is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – pronounced ¨Ahayah¨, and ¨AhhYah¨ without vowels, and ¨Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh¨ with vowels. Hauah Hu Hauah is used by some Hebrew websites. You see. This sacred name of God is something you wouldn`t necessarily use in worship. This is the first, and only time God reveals himself by name. It is jewish custom that the first mention of something is always the true.


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is the true name of God in the Bible, given to Moses at the burning bush. Exodus 3. It´s translated into “I am that I am”, or more often “I am”.


It is also the highest name of God in the kabbalah. Google up Kether. It says Ehyeh. The jews have several names for God, all in it´s own right, and order, as you see in the sephiroth. God is too big to be under one name, as he is omnipotent, and omnipresent.


Ehyeh = I am. Asher is not Marduk or Ashur, but Ashera, the queen of Heaven. In other words, THAT, is referring to the universe we are inside of. The I Am that I AM is the life within the THAT, which is female (shekinah). What it really says is:


1) GOD, the first I AM 2) That, Material Universe, space, akasha 3) Second I AM, all Creations, God within Creations (The body is the Temple of the Lord) As with Yahweh. God is a human. This name is a great secret to both jews and gentiles. Keep it holy.


Elohim and Yahweh


We tolerate belief in Yahweh Elohim as a sanctified name for G-d as well. There are two holy names for God; Yahweh Elohim and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh/Ahayah. The New Testament teaches us Elahi is the word Jesus used for God on the cross. Matthew 27:46: Elahi is pronounced ¨(a/e)llahy¨. Some say it`s pronounced ¨alloh¨. This is frankly the only time God is mentioned in the new testament in aramaic/Hebrew. The Greek authors otherwise use ¨Kyrios¨ whenever referring to God.


Eloah is the Hebrew word for God. Elohim, and Elohei are plural for Eloah. The Israelites worshipped false God`s. El`s of Canaan.


The name YHWH is utterly exceptional in many ways, including the fact that we don't know how to pronounce it (if it contains of only vowels, it may have sounded like: AAEEIIOOUU!!). The ancient Hebrew text consisted only of consonants, since the Hebrew alphabet had no written vowels. Vowel sings were invented by the Jewish Masoretic scholars in the sixth century Israel and later; inspired by the Yiddish community of askenazi jews in Europe. Thus: We are uncertain if there was an E, J or I. That the jews have used vowels in their daily language is highly likely, jews confirm this, and yet why did they so much later invent dots in their alphabet to add vowels to consonants? Because there was no E, J or I in any language. Some say names like Jehovah are either Babylonian, or even BC heretical constructions. Still it has been long supposed that YHWH was derived from the verb that is used to make I AM, namely היה (haya), meaning to be or to become, or rather from an older, and arcaic form, and rare synonym of haya, namely הוה, hawa, hence y-hawa or yahwah. This is why we tolerate Yahwah, Yahweh is ok; while Jehovah is somewhat disputable which we will get into. .Yahweh sounds similar to haya and hawa. The y means God.


Is God a female? The moon God Sin of Sin-ai? Or Yah of the Egyptians? Or Shu as in Yeshua of the Egyptians? No god is the ALL. Yet Hawah is the mystical name for Eve.


All should have ended with being unutterable so as not to taint it God`s name with Y-hovah=moon-God of shit. (If you were living in ancient Israel.) No wonder they turned to paganism after the tetragrammaton corruption in Babylon! More on this soon.


The LORD (Yahweh) should read in the King James Version, and other versions as, “He is” or “He exists” as discussed above. Depending on how it is rendered (a subject of much debate amongst historians), the Hebrew name for God YHWH bears some similarity to an archaic form of “he is”. In Biblical Hebrew, ehyeh is the first person singular imperfect “to be”. The “I AM” part is the actual name of God.


Amazingly; the letters YHWH become a miniature human when read downwards, and much more.


Anyways: don`t tell me the Israelites sang, praised, or went into battle shouting AEIOUU ISHII-OHIM / Yahweh Elohim. They probably used ¨Yahuah¨. Lingustics, and historians look at the evidence of how many biblical Hebrew names were composites of Yahuah like f.i Judah etc. This is evidence enough for itself. All the smart guys go by Yahuah.


One story is that the jews didn`t know how to spell YHWH, and that corrupt jews in Babylon took the vowel points of another name for God, namely ¨Adonai¨, and inserted it in between YHWH so it became ¨Jehovah¨. The name Jehovah just miiight have been a conspiracy. More on this later.


I think they used vowels, and that their alphabet didn`t have vowels because it was considered sacred and perfect; maybe constructed by Moses, a supercomputer, his bunch, in Egypt or before; making a gematric/numerological perfection. We will discover that Genesis 1 has a numerological code of 7: making it holy. The alphabet is ingenious. I wish I had the time, and brains to learn to speak it.


Elohim is the first name for God in the bible, is plural, and pronounced ¨ishi-ohim¨ without vowels. Elohim is plural for Eloah in hebrew, which means strong one. Yet El was originally a phoenecian, and cainaanite God of death! Saturn. El. EL means God. The ¨El`s / God`s / son`s of God / angels¨ of prejudaic times became a group of Gods now rebranded into christian angels as in IsraEL`s ArchangEL MichaEL, GabriEL etc: modern renditions of ancient Gods. They are to be considered helpful deities and messengers only. Some say they are planetary forces.


When God created the world in Genesis 1; it`s God in plural; the archonic forces, angels, or fallen angels; the oldest deities (sons of El/Saturn/Chronos/Anu/Atum Re etc) of pre-bible creation myths; lesser Gods with an s; God the most high`s hand, or hired carpenters of God most high (who is not Anu, but Ehyeh) if you like; who created the universe. It was Elohim who created the universe according to Moses. But who created the Elohim? Yahuah did. He is Ahayah.


Enki would be the serpent in the garden story; gene-modifying man. (Dna is the serpent intwined in a tree.) The creation story is a brilliant pictograph text of archaic pre-biblical myths coming from the walls of Egypt and Sumeria. Remember: The patriarch Abraham came from Ur in Sumeria. It was allegedly Enki (the serpent Lucifer) who saved mankind from the flood according to pre-abrahamic religions. It was allegedly Enki who was both God in the garden, and the serpent according to pre-abrahamic religions.. Enki created man in the image of the Anunnaki to serve as slaves. Are we Satan`s creation, or are we still God`s children as Moses tells us? I say the unrighteous branch was erased during the flood of Noah. Why should it not be true? Moses was an Egyptian high priest! Surely we are God`s children! Moses had great insight. As if he would create something corrupt. Why would God call us his children in personal intimate relationships of Christianity? There is something very sacred about the human nature, Homo Sapiens. It must not be altered.


The Bible tells a myth of a true tale of how God really did create a chosen people through rescuing, and defending them out of Egypt, and into the promised land either by divine intervention, or by some angels acting on God`s behalf. Perhaps it was the Elohim? The angels? Genesis makes sense as condensed mytholgical truth explained in perfect numerological sevens. So Enki made us? NO! I go with the Biblical tale. Who know if not f.i the sumerian religion was incorrect, and if Moses corrected it? Is not Egypt as ancient as Sumer? Perhaps not according to history, but: They have some amazing king-lists. Truly I tell you: Egypt was a fertile high-civilization tens-of thousands of years ago. For a terrible long years. Thus; we believe we are made in God the most high`s image. Religion is repackaged religion from that pre-historic Atlantis: And thus humanity is very old.


The Elohim operate in series of creations like f.i like the architecht explains in the movie ¨The Matrix.¨ They always retell the same stories. But Jesus was prophesied about in the Great Pyramid, and a great happening. The REAL messiah. You are pretty lucky to live in the Davidic Kingdom!


I say Elohim. Ishi-ohim sounds wrong. Yet ¨El¨ is kinda pagan seen from a very old perspective. Some even go as far as to say Elohim is Allah because of the root noun, and ¨Elahi.¨ Elohim is God`s forces: planets: archons: God in plural. Saturn and his sons; the old Gods, or planets which we re-termed into ¨angels¨. That`s why we have Jupiter/Jove/Jehovah, and Saturn/Elohim: Yahweh Elohim: which is worship of the most high God as a composite God. Life and death. Matter and time.


Now. Yahweh wasn`t always the God of the Hebrews. There is much priestly historic, and Tanakh evidence that testify this. The old El, or bull-el of the zodiacal age of Taurus (the sign of the Bull) became replaced by Yahweh, or Jupiter, and the two (Yahweh and Elohim) are not mentioned together in scripture. The true religion evolved into a fantastic mystical tradition leading to the messiah, and the true Christianity presented in this book.


There seems to be ample evidence in the biblical record to support the claim that as Yahweh become the supreme national deity of the Israelites, he began to usurp the imagery, epithets, and old cultic centers of the god El. This process of assimilation even morphed the linguistic meaning of the name El, which later came to mean simply “god,” so that Yahweh was then directly identified as ’el—thus Joshua 22:22: “the god of gods is Yahweh” (’el ’elohim yhwh).


Some say Elohim is the God El of the canaanites, phoenecians and akkadians, or Allah as many suggests. Islam basically takes judeo-christianity back to 6000 years ago. Back to the age of Taurus the bull. El is called bull-el.


So if El (Allah) was a pagan God from a pagan age. (As my magical experience testify.) Why do we have the word Elohim, and El with the jews today? Why wasn`t it abolished? Because El was the word they used for Yahweh they started using; just as our word God comes from worship of Odin. Still; our hearts direct worship, and prayers to the most high. Do you ask a Christian if he worships Odin? Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh of Yahweh Elohim describes God simply as: ¨The most high of all the Gods.¨


But God won`t listen unless through Jesus who tore the veil through El`s lies and chains. El. An evil death-god of this realm of death. Saturn. He is always the mightiest God in all pantheons as we f.i see with Islam today. Have you ever felt the power of the moon + saturn? Or the moon and Venus: The symbol of Baal/El? It`s highly enriching! These are called the gateways to otherdimensional realms. This is why they sacrificed for their sins to God on a LUNAR sabbath; as to ¨reach heaven.¨ They had to purge themselves from sin to the God of this world: But Jesus the messiah fulfilled that law: All according to pyramid-prophecy plan: So the promised world without death was fulfilled. Our enterprise.


Remember; Saturday is not sabbath-day. It`s herecy. The real, biblical sabbath of Moses was originally determined by the phazes of the moon. It`s in the Bible. The misunderstanding that EL is the God of the jews has led to a herecy of human sacrifice in judaism, as well as the birth of Islam as an opposition to the SUN cult christianity. This are the Illuminati (sun) , and the Luminari (moon) religions. The two ancient cults that go back tens-of-thousands of years. I hail the Alliance. Anyways. The Bible tells ¨The Gods in plural created the world.¨ The Elohim. ¨Let`s make God in OUR image.¨


The second time God reveals himself; He goes by the name ¨Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh¨; but it`s the_first, and_only time God the Father in singular form gives His name! The third time is YHWH as in Genesis 13:16, and Revelations 13:16. It was probably just ¨hawa¨ originally; due to Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh being long and difficult. More on this later.


You can find the emnations of God/¨I Am¨ downthrough the kabbalah sephiroth where only Ehyeh is the most high. Yahwah Mar is also a name for God of which I will not go into, but it is used in combination with archangels for driving out demonic spirits as this is God`s warrior aspect. Some say it ties into Marduk or Michael. Just another aspect of sun-god-warrior worship. There`s nothing wrong with it. We can also call upon God in the jewish term Adonai which means Lord, and Ha-shem which means ¨the name¨. Adonai also has female characteristics, as does el-shaddai. Elyon means most high; pronounced ¨allyon¨, or simply Elyon with vowels.


We always honour God as eternal, holy, and most high whenever we mention him in prayer. We always end our prayers with amen as is custom. Some say this means Amen Re, the egyptian God. It simply translates to ¨let it happen¨. One could also interpret it as claiming Amen Re, the former God of this world (before Jesus) as witness to our prayer to The Great Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.


Jehovah. Hovah is the word for ruin, and disaster in hebrew. Yah was also the goat-god of the city of Gad, as well as an egyptian moon-god.


Today we simply use the word ¨God¨, which means ¨good¨, and also comes from ¨Gott¨ which means God in germanic – stemming all the way back to Indra worship in India. There is only one God, and one Son, as John 3:16 makes clear. How you express your love to God through naming him matters not as much as your heart, YET there is no salvation except through Jesus Christ. Some argue we should focus most of our prayers, and worship to Ehyeh when we have attained salvation as they say is biblical, and more jewish. (Romans 10:9-11.)


We believe in Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Yahweh Elohim, and then Elahi, Elyon, Adonai, and ha-shem are the most sacred names for God raging from first to last. Express them how you like. It`s the heart that matters. Our church uses first, and foremost Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh when declaring something important in church over nations, or when setting out on a journey etc. Whenever praising, praying, or healing we use the names God leads us to; primarily Jesus as is biblical. We believe the abovementioned names are the sovereign, universal names of God the Christians, jews, muslims, and the rest of the world ought to worship. We believe Allah, or El can be regarded the same as Elah/Elahi: The God Jesus sacrificed himself to on the cross. To undo the law of stupid Muhammad.




We believe God is the one, holy, omnipotent, and omnipresent creator father of the thirteenth heaven, and all lesser realms. Science declare the works of his hands, and miracles support the fact he is omnipotent.


We know for a fact that Jesus is the incarnation of Adam – son of God.. Jesus told me this personally. This was who Jesus TRULY was!! (and the reason he was so powerful as to incorporate deities in himself) We believe Jesus was foretold in the Heavenly Scroll. (The Mazzaroth) More on this later.

We believe Jesus was the Great Oversoul; the most powerful aspect of the shekinah. Shekinah is the belief in the divine feminine who fell from heaven, and created life on Earth as we mentioned earlier (trapped inside herself as part of all of us) called mother earth, whom have many names like f.i the gnostic Sophia, which was adopted into Virgin Mary worship in the Catholic Church.

We deny the jewish belief of shekinah, and I can myself testify that it is the powerful dangerous presence felt by muslims, jews, and heathens religions. God is a man. It is still one of the presences of God felt on the Earth, but ties to easily into witchcraft which we will discover in two chapters..


There is_no_salvation_in_shekinah. Google shekinah. We also believe we can be filled with the anointing of Jesus, God, archangels, saints, and of course the Holy Ghost. I have experienced anointing from people, and this is both biblical, and common in Pentecostal churches. This is from personal, certain magical experience as I have the gift of discerning spirits, and know what is sin.


Yet in general: Never call upon angels, ascended masters, or archangels if you don`t know what you do. We have no such practice in church. Perhaps the next shekinah oversoul will be the messiah Ben David? David had red, curly hair, red cheeks, and was very feminine in appearance and character. We believe we are baptized by water, the Holy Ghost, AND fire as is Biblical. We don`t know what this fire is, but know it represents the purity of strength. We only pray, and address God as father, as he is never mentioned as a she in the Bible. The jews sometimes pray to the shekinah which is pagan herecy! It is never mentioned in the Bible although El-shaddai, and God has female characteristics. We believe that one should not praise the shekinah glory in worship, or call it down as this is what magi call ¨the force¨, as it is God`s innate power in every one of us, and not God himself. We are not to utilize the force of Earth, but only the creator. Through Him: The shekinah comes naturally.


As an unwillingly gifted sensitive person, I know how easy it is for all the church`s souls to merge with fallen aspects of the shekinah like f.i with Goddess Astarte, or Circe/Church during worship. This is what witches would call upon to desecrate worship: both whom are a Babylon The Great. They love the shekinah herecy. Be careful as the body of christians often merge under the shekinah presence. Having no shekinah worship is to protect us, and prevent this. It is time for strict, orthodox liturgy.




Jesus comes from greek. The new testament was written in greek. The hebrew spelling of Jesus would be Yashua.. Yahuah is God, and Yashua is his son. Makes sense.


Yasha means ¨to save¨, and gets a hebrew suffix ¨ya¨ as a spoken ending, and thus we end up with ¨Yashaya.¨ What`s cool is that ¨ya¨ means ¨my¨. Who knows. Perhaps Jesus was actually called Yashaya if one spoke written hebrew? It would then directly translate to ¨my savior.¨ So. If there were no vowels, and we forget the greeks, and that the NT was written in greek, and only focus on hebrew, and aramaic (which Jesus, and his disciples provably spoke) without vowels; we get Yashaya, which means ¨Jesus saves¨, or ¨my saviour¨. It still sounds cool, and magical that God is Ahayah, and that Yashaya is his son. Yashaya means: Ahayah my saviour.


The greek-roman-jewish para-mythological demiurge/god: Jupiter (Roman) / Jove ¨Jovee¨ (Greek) / and Yahweh (Israelite) was their highest God with similar names.


Yeshua/Jesus translates to ¨Yahweh saves¨ from Hebrew, although; Yeshua wasn`t his written name. Still: All of these are interesting. Who knows?


Christ is similar to hindu God ¨Krishna¨.


The H in Jesus H. Christ stands for Horus. Jesus also means ¨earth pig¨ in Latin. His name Immanuel means ¨El/God with us¨, and is spelled ¨amman-o-allah¨ or ¨i-maw-noo-ale¨ if you use vowels. This is strangely his real name. Many jews would say ¨Jesus¨ is pagan. Immanuel is the first mention of His name; and thus also the truest according to judaism. Some say this means ¨Allah with us¨.


All in all: The name of Jesus, and Christ is utterly perfect, ancient and divine. But it is probably Immanuel. Except from that it means Earth-pig. ¨Je¨ means earth in Greek, and ¨Sus¨ means swine/hog/pig in latin. We see how they sacrifice Jesus on Easter as an ¨Ishtar Pig¨. 666. More on this in the chapter on Revelations.


The dispute regarding YHWH


In Exodus 6:3 God says by his true name he was not known to Abraham, yet in all modern translations it’s the same name that appears in Genesis. The name Ehyeh was given to Moses in Exodus. Jehovah is disputable. When dissected in the Hebrew, the true definition of Jehovah (Yah-Hovah) is revealed. “Yah” means “god” , or a pagan moon-god-goat. “Hovah” translates to “eagerly coveting, falling, desire, ruin, calamity, iniquity, mischief, naughtiness, noisome, perverse, very wickedness.” Some scholars say hovah means love though, but it doesn`t. Jeh-Hovah: the suffix “hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and has the meaning of “ruin, mischief.” It is another form of No. 1942, ‘havvah’, which is translated “calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous (thing), naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wickedness.” Put the two (Je + hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness”. Creepy. But strangely; it`s holy. Seems like my God to me..! Volcanoes! Power! It is thus established as common fact that uttering, and worshipping the unutterable name of the tribal God of the jews (in hebrew) is praising him as a God of destruction. (of a lesser realm.) Can we allow utterance of YHWH? What does it matter if all he is is being? He is God! But we have to find him a name we can safely pronounce! But no! We cannot use Jehovah! We cannot use Adonai as it has pagan roots! We can absolutely not use Ahayah with our own lips as it would be blasphemy saying ¨I am¨. And we can`t say ¨he is¨ as it is Jehovah which means God of ruin and shit! Let`s forget about calling him anything! Let`s call him God, Jehovah, or whatever we want! Let`s call him ¨Elyon¨ as it is ¨El¨ and ¨On¨ - Saturn and Sun! Let`s just all call him ¨the most high¨ in english, or our own tongue. Forget about it. You can call him all these things. Some say Yahweh is the egyptian moon god Yah, and a sky/thunder god, as well as being the goat god Yah of the philistine city of Gat. He has also a_lot_of similarities with the Babylonian Marduk, and many other deities like Zeus and Jove/Jupiter. Ergo the popular modern Yahweh Mar. God is the composite highest ruler of all things: Yahweh Elohim. I`m not saying this is unholy, I`m just giving you knowledge. PS! Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahua, Yashua, and Ahayah all drive out demons, so it seems God likes you calling him these things. He doesn`t care about being called a God of ruin and mischief. The Bible says the heathens reconed Yahweh as a mountain god too, and according to Jordan Maxwell – Yahweh is the expression of the releasing of dynamic force, i.e a sexual act; like a volcano but you can`t trust Jordan. Jehovah is anyhow strikingly similar to Zeus, and especially Marduk. YHWH = Family of El, Yam, Hadad, and Mot. The other H is probably Horus. It is strange that the holiest word in the universe being sung in Heaven would be Jehovah. Is heaven evil? Perhaps they first used ¨hawa or YHWH¨ when the Bible was handed orally, and then conspired to change the name of God overtime by first saying it was too holy to use, and replacing ¨hawa¨ with YHWH during the Babylonian exile so that it`s pronunciation would be ¨Jehovah¨ through taking the vowels of Adonai (the pagan bull God Adon), or as Revelation 13:16 declares: YHWH is the name of blasphemy! But it seems God doesn`t care even though all his names, and the very cross chi xi stigma 666 is a herecy. We are saved through Jesus: By grace. What then should you call God? Anything that involved ¨the great I am¨ f.i Ahayah. The names Yahweh and Jehovah, are a part of the Tetragrammaton, which was created, or rediscovered in 1270 and 1725 by two Catholic Monks. The tetragrammaton is an upward pentagram: symbol of elements. It was originally a triangle in the 12th century. YHWH is a numerological triangle in magick art! Thus the all-seeing eye of God, and the christian holy trinity! And don`t forget it forms a human body when read downwards! Is God a man, a trinity, a pentagram, the elements, some magick talmudian, and Babylonian mystery, or the periodic table for that matter? Does it matter? God IS all. But some say these are Idols. Idols are forbidden. Idols which were invented in Babylon under a conspiracy to taint God`s name? Is judaism violating the Torah, replacing it with their evil oral tradition of mystery Babylon, Talmud, Kabbalah or Kaaba-Allah and Mishnah! Aren`t they? Probably. Is there overwhelming historic evidence that Yahweh was a pagan name, and ¨accidentally¨ the same name for the hebrew God? The oldest Hebrew scripture: the dead-sea scrolls use the name YHWH. It is the earliest account of God`s name! Still the greek 2nd century New Testament do not use the name Adonai, YHWH, Yahweh, or Jehovah only 3 centuries later. Not ONCE. It only appears in Rev.13:16 in relation to Exodus 13:16. What happened? It seems the first Christians might have been enlightened who believed judaism was too corrupt. Perhaps the christians did not worship Jehovah at all? Perhaps they equated Jehovah with Jove, Marduk, and belonged to a more ancient religion Jesus taught them. The eternal religion. They probably didn`t use Jehovah in the 1st century either if the 2nd century first biblical manuscripts are true. I`ve never heard of anyone healed in the name of Jehovah. And then you have Revelations 13:16. The original, greek New Testament use the word Kyrie for God. They don`t use Jehovah! That is something we all too often forget. There is little evidence the 1st century christians worshipped YHWH. But they used kyrie. Some say that when Jesus says ¨I Am¨; it refers to that he worshiped Ehyeh, and not Jehovah. But they are the same from hawa? Aren`t they? But it seems their cult was usurped by jews and romans. Whatever knowledge Jesus had was quickly forgotten, but can be found in all religions. YHWH has 22 guess names in the tetragrammaton. This is the tetragrammaton that jews, and Jehovah`s Witnesses worship! The tetragrammaton is a upward pentagram, a symbol of the elements – of nature. They didn`t know how to pronounce it. The pentagram is frankly the symbol of YHWH : If one worships the elements, one may as well worship the periodic table! Or does it simply mean that God is the ¨all¨? That`s the aim of the Hebrew YHWH as well as Yahweh Elohim, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh and ¨God of IsRaEl¨! Anyways. The 22 names for God. Yahueh (ya-hu-eh) Iahueh (i-a-hu-eh) Yahuah (ya-hu-ah) Iahuah (ia-hu-ah) Yahevahe (yah-e-va-he) Iahevahe (ia-he-va-he) Yohwah (yoh-wah) Iohwah (i-oh-wah) Yohweh (yoh-weh) Iohweh (i-oh-weh) Yahwah (yah-wah) Iahwah (i-ah-wah) Yehwah (yeh-wah) Iehwah (i-eh-wah) Yehweh (yeh-weh) Iehweh (i-eh-weh) Yahweh (yah-weh) Iahweh (i-ah-weh) Yahwe (yah-we) Iahwe (i-ah-we) Yahohewah (yah-o-he-wah) Iahohewah (i-a-ho-he-wah) Yahuwah (ya-hu-wah) Iahuwah (i-a-hu-wah) Yahveh (yah-veh) Yehveh (yeh-veh) Yahohevah (yah-o-he-vah) Jove (ho-ve) Jehovah (je-ho-vah) Iehovah (i-eh-ho-vah) Did it simply become Jehovah as they inserted the vowels of Adonai at some point after Babylon? The jews probably went! Yeah! The powerful God of ruin and mischief!!! Suits them perfectly. These are not actually different names, but various English forms or transliterations of the one same name that is found in the Hebrew as represented by the four Hebrew letters. We can see that those who baptize in the name Jehovah might be baptizing their converts into the names of gods of ruin and perversity. Yah-hovah= Yah/God of hovah/pestilence and destruction. Still we believe it is a sanctified name as much evidence suggests. Yet I have barely ever heard of anyone healed in Jehovah`s name, or of angels saying they come from Yahweh in NDE. I have never heard of anyone healed in any other name but Yahweh and Jesus. When did Allah heal anyone? In my research of near-death-experiences, I found it strange that Jesus always says the same: ¨I am the God Most High of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.¨ Jesus never says Yahweh or Jehovah in NDE. Still: Rest certain there is a human-looking supreme ¨I AM¨ up there, for millions know him, and all major religions basically testify this. In the sephiroth: YHWH, and ELOHIM is God of lesser heavenly realms. But I`ve never studied it. The tetragrammaton is the symbol of the elements; earth, and not heaven! The letters themselves make the image of a man! Is God a man? Yes. Was the tabernackle in the desert, and Solomon`s temple built according to the anatomy of a man? Yes. God is a man, and you are his perfect child. 😊 God is even so cool as to say the weak are the strong. Oh: And Jesus was ugly. Anyways. The Yasha-Ahayah Bible (which I own) has the correct translation for God: Ahayah. It says says the following regarding Jesus, and God`s name: The whole world has been deceived! Revelation 12:9 You are praying to the wrong pagan gods! You are reading from a corrupted Bible. GOD is the common Teutonic word for a personal object of religious worship, applied to all the superhuman beings of the heathen mythologies! There was no letter J 500 years ago, so Jehovah or Jesus cannot be their real names! Yahweh cannot be His name either because there was no letter E, in ancient Hebrew. Jeremiah 23:26 How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; Jeremiah 23:27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal. The Holy Bible was purposely inserted with the various names of Baal: (El) The BULL. Ezekiel 48:11 It shall be for the priests that are sanctified of the sons of Zadok; which have kept my charge, which went not astray when the children of Israel went astray, as the Levites went astray. If you see old documents or ancient artifacts that show YHWH the Tetragrammaton or other names of Baal used, its because even the Children of Israel and the Levites went Astray and worshipped pagan gods! That is why the Bible is filled with Pagan Gods, its very important to be reading a sacred name Bible with Ahayah in it. Matthew 4:4 But he (Yasha) answered and said, it is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of AHAYAH. Every word of the scriptures are important, thats why you want an Antioch Bible over an Alexandrian one. You want to read clean scriptures, not filled with pagan names. John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in MY NAME, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. His Fathers name is AHAYAH and His Son's name is YASHA! Reading a Bible with His Holy Names, will help in prayer! / end Ahayah Bible quote. Note: This is only half true. We know the Hebrew alphabet to be sacred writing as Ivan Panin discovered, as the spoken language probably had vowels. Or did they? I don`t know! Go ask the Illuminati! I`ve done this study from my boy`s room. Heck I never had a mentor. Whatever. You decide yourself.


Being ultra critical to names.


Adonai is not ok. It means “sovereign”. It´s the plural form of Adon, which means “lord”, in Hebrew. But it really come from Adonis which is an ancient pagan Bull-god! The heathens prayed to ¨Adonai¨ as well! This has continued since the Babylonian exile.


Elohim is disputable. It is plural Eloah, which means “strong one”. EL = Saturn, time. The powerful forces of the heavens – angels. Planets. The Old Gods. Archons. Whatever you want to call them.


In ancient mythology, the most popular goddesses ¨came to earth in a ball of fire¨. Meteorites were sacred to the arrival of the goddess. The ancient Nabataeans, and the Emesans revered a sacred black stone they called El-Gabal just as goes on at the Kaaba today where they kiss a black meteor inside a vesica pisces (vagina of the goddess Al-Uzza). El is the caananite word meaning God or Devil. He was the chief God of the caananites, and the father of Baal, and the Baal`s. He was himself a Baal. Baal means Lord. His consort was Asherah.


God comes from Gad the Syrian or Canaanite deitu of good luck or fortune. In Hebrew it is written GD, but with massoretic vowel-pointing it gives us ¨Gad¨. That`s why the jews of today are never allowed to write God, and always write is G-d. They are also not allowed to utter his name (Jehovah).


Gad is identified with Jupiter, the Sky-deity or the Sun-deity. The word ¨God¨ is a title, translating the Hebrew Elohim, El, and Eloah. However it is often used as a substitute for the Tetragrammaton (YHWH).


God is also the common teutonic word for an object of personal worship, and also applied to all superhuman beings of mythologies, and real-life. The word survived Christianization, and became the word we use for G-d today.


El Shaddai means “all powerful”. Shaddai also means female breasts. El Shaddai is described as having many female qualities in the Bible. It`s not ok.


Amen The scriptural Hebrew word that means ¨so be it,¨ ¨verily¨ or ¨surely is¨ is pronounced ¨Amein.¨


Christos The Greeks used both the word ¨Messias¨ (as in Norwegian) , and Christos for the Hebrew Mashiach (anointed). The word Christos was far more acceptable to the pagans who were already worshiping Chreston and Chrestos. Chrestos was a Greek name that meant ¨good.¨


According to Realencyclopedie, the inscription Chrestos is to be seen on a Mithras relief in the Vatican. According to Christianity and Mythology, Osiris, the sun-deity of Egypt was reverenced as Chrestos. In the synagogue of the Marcionites on Mount Hermon, built in the third century A.D., the Messiah`s title is spelled Chrestos. According to Tertullian and Lactanitius, the common people usually called Christ ¨Chrestos.¨


Church This is the word used in most English versions as a rendering of the Greek ¨ekklesia¨. The Greek word means ¨a calling out,¨ ¨a meeting¨, or ¨a gathering.¨ Ekklesia is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew qahal which means an assembly , or a congregation.


The origin of the word ¨church¨ is kuriakon or kyriakon in Greek. The meaning is a building. (The house of Kurios – the lord) Dictionaries give the origin of ¨church¨ as the anglo-saxon root, circe. Circe was the goddess-daughter of Helios the sun-deity. The word circe relates to ¨circus¨, ¨circle¨, ¨circuit¨, and ¨circulate.¨ Theos is the Greek word for God. That`s where we get theater etc from. Church is a theater. It`s all it is today. Circe was originally a Greek goddess whose name written, and pronounced as ¨Kirke¨ as pronounced in Norwegian. Using the word synagogue is better.


Easter Pesach in Hebrew is Passover, Easter is Ishtar, (Semiramis, widow of Nimrod, mother of Tammuz) the name of the bare-breasted pagan fertility goddess of the east who came out of Heaven in a giant egg (or meteor) , landing in the Euphrates river at sunrise on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, busting out turning a bird into an egg-laying rabbit. After that point in time the priest of Easter would sacrifice infants (Ishtar-pigs/Jesus/Earth-pig), and then take the eggs of Easter, and die them in the blood of the sacrificed infants. These eggs would hach on December 25th, and that is where those pagan holy day`s come from.


In essence.


You see there´s something very strange with religion.. It seams to be a computer program primarily from Jupiter and Saturn! Perhaps Jupiter represents creation/matter, whereas Saturn symbolizes time/death. It is probably these two opposites that constitute the entire visible universe. Ergo they made it into Yahweh Elohim of IsRaEl. Isis, Ra, and El were the prime Gods of Egypt. Ra was associated with Jupiter, and the Sun, Isis was associated with Venus and moon, and El was associated with Saturn. There we have the mightiest of the planets! We will soon discover the Hebrews went after something called the Heavenly Scroll: The Mazzaroth: The original Zodiac. Why do jews burn 7 candles? Because of the seven planets as we will discover in this book.


Some thoughts about our faith.. One could argue that we are all saved through belief, which is true, and that the ancient, israelite God Elohim, and Yahweh would be the same as our modern adaptation of the word God, which is used by many religions, nations and denominations. El, and Yah was the word of God they used at the time. So Elohim of IsRaEl, would be their same understanding of what we in modern days would call the “christian God”, the ¨God of Israel¨, or the ¨God above all Gods¨/ ¨God of Isis, Ra and El¨ which somewhat justifies its usage. I guess it´s ok as long as your heart is believing. Our word God comes from the germanic word for good; gott, which might trace it´s origins from the indoeuropean word “invoked one”, “sacrificed to”, etc, which is for instance used in relation to the hindu god Indra, God of thunder. We used the same word “God” long before christianity. Does that mean we worship Odin? Not so much. The persian word for God, “khoda”, is also quite similar to ¨God¨.


Is IsRaEl a composite word from Isis, Ra, and El, which were the prime deities of the time, as for instance with SolOmOn, which is a composite of solar deities? In peeling the onion: yes! This is not uncommon in religion.


The ancient israelites were helped by El – Elohim, the angels for thousands of years. All went according to the pyramid prophecy plan of the messiah that Enoch/Metatron: Head of the Elohim made. That`s why the jews ARE the chosen people, and why they emigrated to Israel, and defeated the giants. Because they knew the messiah would be born there. It barely worked.. But the Illuminati still has to be taken care of. The Elohim knew that Moses, and the law would all eventually lead up to the birth of Jesus, and that the world would be saved through Jesus completing it: Destroying the rulership of Saturn: King of the Gods, and creator of man. We are now AHAYAH`s children through JESUS the MONKEY-BOY!


Remember that we´re saved through FAITH. It doesn´t matter too much if you know about all the corruption, as long as your heart is true in Christ, as he is the perfect representation of the father, and the way, the truth, and the life – the way TO the father.


Is Judaism nothing more than another pagan religion assimilating pre-existing beliefs in comparative mythology worship of the Heavens, and stars/planets like Yahweh/Marduk, El/Elohim/Saturn, and Isis/Ashera/Venus? Astarte worship was very common in Israel, and never ended. No! Judaism was distinct, and believed in a Most High. A ONE God to whom ALL worship was directed.


The star of David


David's Shield: Is the Star Occult? By William Schnoebelen The Star of David (Magen David) predates Yah’shua Ha Mossiach (Jesus Christ the Messiah), six centuries the six pointed star has been used in Jewish architecture and as a religious symbol of victory and protection for over 2600 years. Additionally, Magen Davids were also used on synagogues, including Capernaum (where Yah’shua taught Mark 1:21, Luke 4:31, John 6:59), dating from the Second Temple period (in other words, from the time of Messiah). The use of the hexagram IN the circle as an occult symbol is only about 1400 years old at most! Years of Biblical research have proved that the Magen David, or Star of David, is NOT OCCULT. A hexagram is a six pointed star circumscribed by a circle. I know this from spending 16 years as a witch and ceremonial magician. In that form within a circle it is a highly toxic occult symbol. However, the Magen David is NEVER seen in a circle and has an entirely different history one of Biblical proportions! Nor is it portrayed within a circle on the Israeli flag, or in the vast majority of Jewish buildings or artifacts. EVER. Though attempts have been made by some to tie the Magen David to references to the “Star of Rempham” etc., there is no Biblical support to confirm these assumptions have merit. Because of the history of the Pentagram (5 pointed star), the wayward most certainly used this antiquated symbol of idolatry. However, this is what we DO know: Ezra the Scribe (the one who has the book named after him in the Tenakh) modernized the Hebrew alphabet into what we have today. Before he came along, it was much different. This earlier alphabet is called Paleo Hebrew. In this ancient form of Hebrew, the letter “D” (Daled in Hebrew) was drawn like a triangle. There is much evidence that the six pointed star was called the Shield of David because David’s name in Hebrew was spelled Daled Vav Daled. If you take the beginning and ending triangles (Daleds) of his name and interlace them, you have the Shield of David. Finally, just in the past decade, an emblem has been found carved in stone that's believed to be the earliest symbol of Messianic believers. It is a fish symbol (vertical head down) where the tail turns into the bottom of a Magen David. Then the top of the Magen David blends into the bottom of a Menorah. After over 12 years of study and research on this, I have come to believe that the Magen David is a fine symbol of our ancient Hebraic roots. Contrary to the Star of David's rich Biblical heritage, the hexagram was instituted more recently by occult Kabbalists as a further way of slandering and tarnishing the reputation of Jewish people who were at that time under heavy persecution from the Roman church. Yes, in recent times, it has been used in occult work and ceremonial magick, but almost always within a circle (for reasons too abstruse to go into here). There is NO Scriptural evidence identifying the Magen David with the “star of Remphan” (Acts 7:43) or any other evil symbol. The PENTAGRAM, being the number 5, is the number of death (Gen. 5:5, etc.) and IS incontrovertibly an occult symbol and is a much more likely candidate. It is universally regarded as a symbol of witchcraft or (in its upside down mode) Satanism. Everyone is free to believe as their conscience dictates. But as someone who has been a serious student of the Bible for over 25 years (and of the occult), I feel that fears about the Magen David being occult or cursed in any way are totally unfounded.




El was the God of the phoenecians and canaanites. The horned God EL of the astrological age of Taurus. Many Christians have argued that Allah is El, or that he is a moon-God of the Kaaba. But what about Yah of Gad in Philistine, the Yah of the Egyptians, Sin of Sinai, and Yah of the Israelites? Where not they moon-gods too? I always return to the conclusion: God`s name? It changed over time. Every tribe has their word for God, but we have discovered that the Hebrew/Aramaic words incorporate mysteries. As Allah can mean Goddess in hindu Sanskrit, and also because the word is similar to the Sanskrit word om, some Christians have said Allah comes from Sanskrit, which there is no scholarly, or historical evidence of. Allah means God, and Om is the emnation of the universe, and the sound of the source field. Former radio-host Bill Jenkins also say Great Pyramid of Giza was also built as a resonator through chanting the name ¨om¨ in the Kings Chamber. There is no reason to believe Allah is not the Arabic form of the ancient aramaic, and proper word for God. Allah is in fact a more proper word for God that ¨God¨. Most Christian Muslims use the name Allah for God. Why? Because Allah comes from, and originally came from the term Al-Ilah which translates to ¨the God¨ even when Muhammad walked the Earth. Wikipedia has this to say about Allah: ʾIlāh (Arabic: إله‎; plural: آلهة ʾālihah) is an Arabic term meaning "deity" or "god". The feminine is ʾilāhah (إلاهة, meaning "goddess"); with the article, it appears as al-ʾilāhah الإلاهة. It appears in the name of the monotheistic god of Islam as al-Lāh, translated, that is, "the god". Elahi/Eloi is the word Jesus used for God, and means ¨my God¨ in aramaic, whereas Elah means ¨God¨. The Greek new testament otherwise use the word ¨Kyrie¨ for God. With some vowel-points (invented in the 6th century by Masoretic schoolars) the word becomes pronounced ¨Alloh¨ according to some muslim-friendly jews; but hebrew dictionary says it`s pronounced ¨el-aw¨ today. It still sounds similar to Allah though. Also: Elohim in singular form is Eloah, meaning strong one in Hebrew. Eloah is pronounced Allah in Hebrew, and is a Biblical term used both for pagan Gods, but mostly the God of Israel. Some argue They only worship one of the aspects of our jewish God as God is Yahweh Elohim, or Yah-Allah as has become so popular. They worship an aspect of the Greater Deity. I worship Yahweh Elohim. Not Allah. But there is nothing wrong in it. I worship God as; God ABOVE Jupiter, Saturn, and stargods. The God OF Isis, Ra and El. Why do I mention stargods? The Bible is clear that we shall not worship planetary Gods, and only the Most High. Acts 7:43 You have taken up the tabernacle of Molek and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will send you into exile' beyond Babylon. The symbols, and flag of Islam is the crescent moon and five-pointed star, and is the sacred, ancient symbol of several evil Gods. Nambely Baal, Hu-Baal, El, Ishtar, and the Goddess at the Kaaba. Pagan Babylonian religion has survived both in Islam, and in Christianity. The El is king of the Gods, and Saturn, whom in Catholic demonology is the demon-prince Beelzebub/Baal. Hubal means ¨spirit Baal¨, and was the supreme deity of the pagan Kaaba. Allah was worshipped at the Kaaba as a moon-God. They offered human sacrifices to all these Gods AT the time of Muhammad, including Allah. They also worshipped Ishtar/Venus at the Kaaba before Muhammad as a trinity goddess of Al-Uzza, Manat, and Allat. The witchgod/goddess under many names. Muhammad stopped the pagan sacrifices, and brought the arabs under Allah, whom had previously worshipped 360 Gods at the Kaaba. Muhammad was in that way much like the arabian version of Moses. Islam is very similar to Judaism in it`s laws, but both lack the salvation through Jesus Christ. All Abrahamic religions worship God. It`s not so that ¨Islam worships Allah the devil¨, as some Christians say. But the sharia laws of Islam are distinct from anything in Judaism, and makes Islam a dangerous, and anti-humane religion – not suitable for the modern world. Unless it reforms. But Christians must look at themselves, and help their Muslim brothers. For Jihad started with the Christian crusades, and Sharia started in the Ottoman Empire. We must unite, and bring our Jewish, and Muslim brothers under Christ. They worship God, but cannot enter Heaven except through Jesus. This is a tragedy. Near-death experiences confirms this. The symbol of Islam is something you´ve seen in the sky many times, perhaps not thinking of it. Venus, and the moon. This should not be the symbol of Islam, as it is the symbol of Baal. The Kaaba is also as ridiculous as anything in the Catholic Church. All historical, and archeological evidence proves the symbol of Islam was used to represent Baal. That is a fact. The symbol also stems from the pagan Egypt, and is similar to the sun-disc, and horns the Gods had on their heads; particularily the goddess Isis as in the terror group. Sadly; Muhammad ruined the beautiful evolution of Judaism into Christianity. He also managed to twist all Biblical history, and scripture that was 1400 years old at his time: Inventing his own version of the biblical stories. All based on his singular imagination. The black cube of Mecca, where they kiss a meteor is definitely remnants of goddess-worship whose coming was symbolized by a meteor, or shooting star throughout the entire antique world. Furthermore; the meteor (said to carry the world`s sins) is inside a vesical pisces. ¨A vagina¨ so to speak. The symbol of Saturn is a black cube. Muslims walk around the (Saturn) square of the kaaba representing the rings of Saturn. The Kaaba is still a pagan Saturn-cult. Pre-Muhammad pagan beliefs in Baal, and El still survive in Islam just as Mystery Babylon has infiltrated Christianity and Judaism.


Regarding the trinity, monotheism, polytheism surrounding the God-head.


We believe God to be the all, the seven, the three, and one person: God the father. How can jews argue against us for being polytheists when they themselves have ideas like ¨God is all¨, and the beforementioned ¨shekinah.¨ As we touched upon: God is G-d of IsRaEl. The primary Gods of Egypt before Moses led them out, and reinstituted worship of Father Yahweh Elohim. But Yahweh Elohim is a singular plural! Elohim is plural, and they have two words for God. He is the God ABOVE the Gods. God is all ¨Gods¨. Yahweh of the Elohim. The ruler of the Elohim/Stars/Archons. God the all. That was what Judaism was about in the beginning. Bringing all worship of creation towards the Creator. IsRaEl= Isis is the moon and venus. Ra is the Sun and Jupiter. El is Saturn. God is the God above all Gods. The Mazzaroth, as discovered by Rav Sha`Ul was the very CORE of Jewish belief: That God is God of the Zodiac/Mazzaroth. God of the all. As we operate with a flat Earth: we are at least certain there are 7 orbital sattelites aside from this one. God`s spirit is described as 7 flames both in the old, and new testament. That`s why we light the 7 candles of the menorah – the Jewish lampstand. Revelation 4:5, see also 5:6. ¨And proceeding from the throne were lightnings and thunders and voices; and seven lamps of fire, which are the seven spirits of God, were burning before the throne.¨ So how can the Jews not believe in the Holy Trinity? It is an ancient concept older than Judaism. But is it true, and is it biblical? Isn`t it pagan? In the same way that I have two hands, and one head; God is both father and son like as in f.i Hinduism. Jews often say ¨all is God¨, but cannot understand that it implies God has a son. It would philosophically argue that he also has a daughter. There is no proof for the trinity in the Bible, and COL are not trinitarian. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, and/or probably includes the seven fires. Jesus is God`s son just like you are: Like how we are all part of God. Hear oh Israel! God is one! But that is when looking towards the beginning of the universe. Heaven. When all was, and is one in Him. Seen from an earthly perspective: There is both 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. We are also dualists in that there is God vs Evil, but see God as almighty still as his holiness is reflected in the minor being the Devil being an aspect of his righteousness. If there was no devil: God would not be just, and he would not be God. We see dualism throughout creation said the angler fish when he stared into his mate`s eyeball wondering why he wasn`t made according to sacred geometry.. I don`t believe in the trinity, but some believe in the Holy Trinity because it is reflected throughout creation, and proven through intimate relationship to ¨the persons of the Godhood¨. Some people unbiblically state the Holy Ghost is a person. If something exists; even as an idea; the it`s relatively, or certainly real. F.i like mother, father and son. Or Earth, Heavens and mankind. We are thus pantheists, dualists, trinitarists, and believe in the seven, eight and nine. All is relative to perspective. BUT! We are still ¨only¨monotheists in that we only worship God the father Yahweh Elohim either through worshipping Him directly, or worshipping His highest son, his Holy Ghost, or if we venerating the beauty of each others and creation, for we always seek to give glory to The Creator for all things.