Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

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Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

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The quintessential deed of evangelizing:



 Evangelizing is the highest priority above school, work, and any leisure time. It`s your main job: Assigned by God.


 Psalm 34:1 ¨Of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left. I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.¨


 Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


 Romans 1:16 ¨For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. ¨


 Matthew 10:33 But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.


 John 15:8 This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.


To be a Christian, you have to evangelize every single day in the fashion of 1stcenturychristians. You are THE warrior. You have THE way. This is THE battle. The battle against the conspiracy of Hell. YOU are awakened to reality. YOU are a victor in a BATTLE. Christians are not victims. THEY need your HAND! Be strong, bold, and courageus like lions. Be loving, and meek like doves. As a lion to the world, and as a sheep before Jesus.


Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Don`t be too caught up in the joy of salvation, or the joys of this world! Feel the fires of Hell, and mourn for your past ignorance like I did!


Away with gullible, lukewarm, apathic ignorance! If you won`t find ways to reach to lost; then who will save them? Analyse the Christians you know, and ask yourself if their missionary behavior (or lack of it) corresponds to their statement of faith? Think of the dying children in Hell crying for mommy! And you say we are all one? Act like it. There are hundreds of ways to evangelize. This isn`t a playground! You didn`t come for vacation! If you don`t save them; Who will be their daddy or mommy? How then will God`s kingdom come to Earth?


And stop relying on prayer alone! You`ve prayed for corrupt politicians for 100 years, and they`ve only used your naivety to ruin Christian Norway! Deeds, and especially evangelizing is THE quintessential part of Christianity. Prayer, Bible-study, worship, and attending Church exists solely to build your courage to evangelize! What is a Church if it doesn`t grow or breathe? It is a stagnate moat, or a square hedge; manicured by statesmen of political norms; because YOU don`t act as men! Break the dam, and free the fish trapped in the moat!


Whenever attending Church service; it is OBLIGATORIC practice that you divide into your teams/cell-groups, and start planning evangelizing activities for the coming week. Every week. Before they take your human rights away. Particularily dangerous is the censorship of right-wing Christianity in media, and on internet: Pushed by dangerous anti-western organizations, and multicorps run by a mob that`s mainly Jewish occultists.

There is nothing more to Christianity than this: Evangelizing. All worship, prayer, and Bible-studies is only a means to help you reach the lost.


It is not in ANY way tolerable that ANY man goes to Hell because ¨we`re just a religious opinion, and the Bible tells us to be like sheep, and obey government political norm¨. Becoming a Christian because ¨it feels good¨, and ¨I want to be safe¨ is ok in the beginning. But where have you advanced from there? Are you still building your relationship to Jesus drinking milk, or are you sent on a mission to bring your master back? Not until the whole world is evangelized.


You say ¨God ordains every government, and granted man free will to choose Hell.¨ ¨We must respect their opinions. ¨LUDICROUS! Their souls are at stake! That was 100AD in persecuting ROME. And still; they fought more than you do! Wake up! If you have to respect their opinions, then prove it through a different language, f.i through science! Every true Christian is dedicated to apologetics, and must start missionary schools, and train his own disciples.


If you truly believe in Christianity; then I WILL JUDGE YOU if you do not save all souls from perdition! Or else: How can you say you believe in EVERLASTING torment in Hell? What is a human life worth to you?


With the internet, and the information-age: We have the power to present the gospel in ways convincing even to the scientist, and the Muslim! Yet you write no books on apologetics! There is scientific, historical, and testimony documentation of Christianity`s validity, miracles, and near-death experiences. No other religion have these proofs! I use it, and so will every Christian if my prayers are heard.


YOU are given Jesus KNOWLEDGE and POWER! Use it to reach them! Have you forgotten you are LIONS? You are not VICTIMS of an anti-Christian state! You let yourself be killed! YOUR God reigns! Your God made Heaven and Earth! THAT is YOUR God! HE reigns! You are not servants of the SYSTEM! You don`t have to OBEY! You are not the VICTIMS! You are KINGS! The Bible calls you a royal priesthood! You are the true JEWS! The RULERS! God`s chosen people! Your God MAKES the laws! You should be LAUGHING in the face of death, persecution and opposition. You are victorious whatever happens! THEY are the losers. Why fear for your life? Be LIONS! Show them the evidence! Teach them all knowledge, and apologetic proof! You are GOD`s kingdom, not the SYSTEM! Remember: YOU won`t give up until the entire Earth is Christian. Why? Because God won`t, and he owns you. You`ll have to do what you`re told! Or else you can quit being a Christian.


But things are looking BAD. Because of YOU. YOU are not a CHRISTIAN. Only when you becme God`s ALLMIGHTY HAND CONDUCTING EARTH are you a true SON OF GOD IN THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD! God has given EVERYTHING to you! Creation resonates, moans, and overjoys at your presence! There are angels all around you, loving you, understanding you, and cheering you on! But you have to FIGHT. YOU are given the right to own EVERYTHING on EARTH! You are conquering LIONS in this world, and lambs before Jesus in Heaven.


You won`t accept ridicule against Christianity online or in media! You are the world`s number one persecuted minority, and it`s time we act as ONE with our persecuted brothers in China, and the middle-east. It`s time to be as wise as serpents, and meek as doves. You won`t accept Christianity being taken out of school curriculum! You won`t accept how the politicians lie, or how they favor Muslims instead of you! You will spit on them, and throw evidence to their face! You are warrior MEN of ISRAEL! You are VICTORS! THEY are the victims! They don`t know better! It`s your job to enlighten them. Be as victimized, and zeaouls about faith as the Muslims. NEVER accept ridicule of the cross! If the politicians listen to Muslims, they`ll listen to us. If we can`t ridicule Muhammad, then none should ridicule Jesus. I know what you want to say. ¨But we are more adult, civilized, and modern with humor.¨ Well, it`s just my opinion.


If ANYONE teases you, conspires against you, overtake your country`s politics, attacks the Church, takes your rights, or puts you in prison, then you FIGHT for your rights to death! And there is PROOF of such conspiracy! Stand up, and be counted among the fighters in Heaven! Your life means NOTHING unless you actually live it! You`re already going to Heaven! Live your life as if Heaven is important to you!


But to all who read this. Know that our battle is one of love and light. Knowledge, enlightenment, apologetics, media, politics, humanism, diplomacy, peace, and passificm. For our Lord Jesus says ¨those who take to the sword will die by the sword.¨ Hallelujah, ain`t we living in wonderful times?! :D For the harvest is great! 😊


You`re KINGS without a crown! LOOK at what you have become! STOP being AFRAID! Learn, and teach what I discovered in my books, and the people will bow in respect. Then you will have dignity, and a crown of honor before God. YOU are the face of Christ today, and he was crucified as a criminal.


Yet the Muslims are those who war instead! YOU should be fierce; not the Muslims! Fierce with love, reason, intellect, and apologetic science. A slight hint of irritation perhaps. For they are taking your western countries, and I can prove it`s a conspiracy by masons such as Albert Pike, and Count Kalergi. And yet; Christianity isn`t even ¨a thing¨ anymore. It`s just personal. Yeah, ¨it doesn`t matter if they Islamize Europe, and kill our Christian brothers from China to the Middle-East worldwide.¨ Did you know? Media never reports on anything. The voice of the lambs will be heard through Christians uniting the Chruch, defending the mother-church, fleeing towards the sanctuary, staying together like the 1st century Christians, and engaging in media, and politics for our voice to be heard. This age is just like the first centuries, for Christians is being persecuted in the Middle-East, and Europe once more. I say we defend, and unite. If the enemy can divide your troops on the battlefield, or sow lies to lower morale, he can quickly flank you, and outdo you. Use your wits. Be strong as lions, wise as serpents, and meek as doves.


You don`t even speak of your faith. It`s your JOB to find ways of expressing your faith! Remember: If you deny Jesus, then Jesus will deny you in Heaven as is written. Yet you act like some foolish religious victim of political norms! ¨Can`t say this. Can`t say that. I`m just Christian because if feels good.¨ Have you forgotten who it is who REIGNS?


YOU have been given a gold-coin of eternal worth to every single person on the planet! What gold? Salvation. You are the RICHEST persons on all Earth! Earthly belongings mean nothing! 😊


YOU are the only viable FUTURE! YOU are the HOPE! YOU are God`s fingertips! Does the Bible not tell you to REJOICE CONSTANTLY! PARTY AS IF YOU WERE JEWS IN HEAVEN! LET THEM SEE YOUR GLADNESS, AND JOIN YOU! March onto the streets with parades of love and light! Love your neighbor! Be fierce as Muslims! Take charge over the realm, and create the utopia I describe in my book ¨Christianity`s Revolution¨!


YOU are his Generals on Earth. You are infinite, eternal, and all-powerful! YOU are God`s PEOPLE! YOU are the JEWS! You should CONDUCT human HISTORY! Not be the VICTIMS! You simply have the wrong ATTITUDE! You are taught to respond, or obey in a discreet manner! Drop it! Is that how you will enter Heaven? By obeying political norm? Or will you fight? Come JOIN me! Start roaring! You are the TRUE Jews! And yes, I believe in replacement theology. You are NOT victims. Did you ever think it was Jesus imagination that you would be his disciples without being Jews? Jesus himself says ¨God can raise up children of Abraham from these rocks.¨ I think it`s the only ironic joke Jesus ever told. XD But Christians don`t get it.


We have a battle to win. A battle of love and light. A battle of enlightening the masses. An ideological battle to defend all western values. Christianity. Humanism.


Furthermore: An evangelist embodies evangelium. An evangelist must learn the word, embody it, and teach it. The time has passed when all were of the same nationality and went to the same state-church. People have become seeped by ¨ political correctness¨, don`t learn Christianity at school, and fear the Muslims!


They are happy about living in a cage guarded by the police-men they think protect them. A necessary evil they say? It only creates a cold society. Unless we reach ethical homogeneity: The future of social Scandinavia will be a cold society. The west are afraid of Islam, but don`t know the cure is their own Christian legacy. Take them back to school, and learn them to stand up for their country! Start private schools! Show them the mountain of truth! Reveal the ice-berg! BREAK the norms, and stand out from the crowds. Do it extravagantly. Perhaps through parades of love and light? Awaken the natural defense-mechanism of any threatened individual. Realize: NO, things are NOT ok just because politicians say so. THEY are LIARS. Awaken the natural, national, primal, patriotic defense-mechanism of the indigenous Europeans! It`s our RIGHT to defend our land. Even the preamble of the UN human rights says so.


As society has changed, so must our methods. The internet is perhaps the most essential. We have three missions. 1 To preach about Hell to the lost. 2 To unify our church. 3 To build God`s kingdom. Race, and hair-color doesn`t matter at ALL! Why? Because you can`t tell the difference between a black, and white person burning in Hell. The only way it matters is as a symbol. A symbol of something western, civilized, humanist, and Christian as opposed to medieval Islam.


One vital field of harvest is being active at Christian forums, and the internet. Muslims are about 100 times as active on net; Judging from the forums in Norway. This is because Christians relax in their salvation in a personal relationship to God, whileas muslims stress with laws, never certain if they attain salvation. Muslims also act in group-mentality since they go to mosques 1-5 times each day while Christians do so only once a week. They are much better than us. We will sharpen up, and start teaching our children bread, and not milk.


The Muslims are uncommon with our culture, and more thus more on the aggressive front as so to speak. We feel obliged to make them feel happy, and integrated. Why? Because they are aggressive by nature. Statistics prove this. Because politicians told us ¨you should feel bad if you don`t follow unwritten rules.¨ It is ok for you when they take your country. As long as it makes them happy??? Or else they will get ANGRY! O_o For the Muslims are SPOILED on welfare money by a state who capitulated to Islam over night, and support them both in media, politics, and with arms in the middle-east. They believe Norway is theirs! Over my dead body. But if you question Islam, they`ll get defensice, and very angry, and then the Christian don`t know what to do, so they`ll just hand them our country, smile, and be their servants! Even though the Christians know they are right. Science should determine the true religion. How can religion be the only to escape the scientific method of the 21st century? Anti-human, anti-women, and medieval courts based on superficial belief (ISLAM) should OF COURSE be ILLEGAL in a modern world! Same with Christianity, if we can`t prove we`re right through divine intervention. A scientific, apologetic showdown is needed between Islam and Christianity.


People shall feel ashamed of being a Muslim; not the other way around! The political norm will be: HOW DARE YOU be a Muslim? You ruined our ENTIRE west, you KILLED MILLIONS OF MY CHRISTIAN BROTHERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, and led all Earth straight into WW3 with terror across the globe! You rape statistics are 10 times greater than native Norwegians! How DARE YOU be a Muslim, and believe in that medieval, unscientific MURDERER called Muhammad! I feel WORSE than the Jews after Holocaust, and I don`t have a single Christian country in the world to flee to!

THAT would be common sense outside the political norm.


We shall therefore change, and be twice as pride filled as Muslims are. ¨This is my Christian country, and I will defend my core-western values! The politicians have betrayed their nation, their people, the humanistic values, and WAR against us! They have de-Christianized the entire nation! But we will Christianize, and take back this nation twice as strong as before! Say: ¨I will defeat the medieval Islam that rapes our Christian daughters. I will defeat the cultural-marxist state, and carve my own nation! ¨ Amen. DEUS VULT! God wills it!


We shall flood the streets with national clothing, and display the colors of our flags. Our slogan of RAGNAROK, and DEUS VULT will overpower Allah Akbar! Music, drums, guitars, banners, flyers, dramas, dance, and choirs will be seen on the streets. Peaceful parades of conscience, enlightenment, renaissance, love and light! We shall have fun being proud and united! Islam will only make us stronger. We will march in a revival-parade of dance and celebration. We will retake the old church, and cathedrals with joy, love and light! We will create huge facebook groups; uniting all Christians to retake Christian Europe! Our revival will spread across the globe!


Being a Christian will become a national status symbol. No muslim shall rape your sisters based on racial-supremacy superficial religious belief! Throw them out of the country! THEY are the racists. I personally have never met a white supremacist. But I know Muslims who want to dominate all; believing they are God`s chosen, and that we Norwegians are dogs and pigs. Less worth than animals. This is reality! And you can accept it? Awaken the lion! We shall create Christian brands, and wear a clothes code. People shall feel ashamed of being a muslim; and not part of the resistance! We have the proof! We have the mysteries! We have tradition, history, and the science! The greatest mystical cultural-religious-historical tradition! All of it.


We will market Christianity on tv, and on streets! We will rejoice with worship, and never stop evangelizing! We will create companies, think-tanks, and the Kingdom of God! We will dominate the world! We will save Scandinavia and Europe. A huge revival will break out, and we will LIBERATE the Muslims from their unscientific, racist, medieval, anti-human superficial beliefs.


We will be as respected, and rich as in the catholic glory days! more listening to political bias! AWAY with the SPELLS of politicians! We will inherit all the riches in the world; for our God reigns! And, we will prove it through marketing our mystical, scientifical, religious, and miracle sciences over all the web and world! That the Christian religion is true will be unwritten law in Europe once again. As symbol of pride, and being civilized! Being a muslim will be laughed at as shameful; not the other way around! Fuck the police! Fuck the politicians! This is our land! And we will retake it.


We will display our superior intelligence proudly on the streets! All will recognize each other, and wherever two, or three are gathered: There shall be love, life, laughter, smile and warmth. We shall show these poor immigrants the love, and light of our country; giving them a warm welcome in the display of our land. They will integrate when we do our part. We will save them from themselves.





Our fields of missionary work consist of two, and 5 things:



1. Uniting the Christians.

2. Writing, marketing, and evangelizing about our apologetic discoveries.

3. Cultivating christian, and national culture through exploring new forms of Christian expression through art, music, parades, parties, camps, fun-events, and doing as much as possible to evolve.



1. Helping the poor. Finding orphanages, and Christians in poor countries with perhaps a poor currency like f.i India where I support, and know of several orphanages.

2. Preaching the gospel to the unreached. Examples: Make your own websites, and get flyers with Christian apologetics, or the law of love and light to reach both Muslims and atheists etc. I did that. Just ask: Do you want to know more about life? Muster prophets on the streets in white: Shouting ¨repent!¨ Girls giving free hugs on a pub saying God is love. Musicians on stage. Disciples doing their duty of going door to door. Media-men setting up websites, and putting up posters of such. God-book as a christian facebook. Uniting the alternative Christian newsmedia under our existence. Funding, and helping those who have a dream, and want to reach the masses. Etc.

3. Promoting the morale of western-humanistic values, and human rights.


Every Christian MUST preach the gospel, and the valid truth on the streets every day, every week, or all the time; giving out flyers, and exalting God wheresoever he goes. As long as it is permitted in regards to workplaces, foreign countries etc. UN human rights demand we can preach! The reason there is no revival is because we have decided so! If a leader decides to create a revival, it`s simply:

1 Getting enough people.

2 Having the right new message/revelation. (For instance love and light.

3 Having the right culture.

4 Having the right media outlet.

5 Having the right funding.

6 And most importantly: Staying together in worship long enough, like an every-day Church – for the power of the spirit to start maniefest and heal. It`s not up to God. He`s available all the time. It`s up to us.


Every Christian must always document all miracles in a notebook, or preferably on videocamera with documentation. Show God respect, and that you mean business! The testimony might heal someone through faith! Give glory to God so he notices you received your gift! Then God will be faithful, and pour out more. I guarantee! 😊 Show yourselves to the priests as is biblical! It might convert someone! Show the people how many are raised from the dead each year! Convince them to convert! We will convert everyone who is not a Satanist, and then go to war. If/after we have Christianized the entire world, only the elite will remain. By then: All will know they are Satanists. Then we will hang them for betrayal against humanity. We will Christianize Europe NOW! Or else we will die.


Keep record of your Christian life, the miracles you witnessed, your evangelizing, and who you have saved for both themselves, and future generations. You must give the record of the miracles to your Church. Every church MUST keep a log of every miracle if they want the Church to survive. When you have done so: You must make a movie about it, and go preaching the good news of Heaven!


The knowledge of Christ`s superiority must be spread to every corner of the internet, as the time of spirit-science has come. We are way behind. The devil has bunkers with ufo`s, and cloning facilities. And we haven`t even discovered the source-field/torsion-field/scalar-field of evolution! The devil rules government, media, economy, military, entertainment, culture, idols, puts chemtrails in the air, and creates his own lies into education. In this century, it shall be proven who is the miracle-working God forever through the scientific method, or else we be stupid sheep run over for another Vatican dark age. This time under Islam. We must rise: for God has given us all Earth, all wealth, and all power over disease.




AMEN! Alleluja!