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Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

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The faithful, and the cross




True christianity is not a religion. It´s all about relationship, which religion is a substitute for. Jesus told his followers that he is the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the father without through me. Jesus came to reinstate our personal relationship with our father God in the highest. He served the only, true God. The God of the prophets. He travelled the world, and found out about all the different saviour figures. He knew he was the one to fulfill the prophecies. He summed up all religion, and human faith in himself, and his story, being the perfect, blameless, offering, and fulfilled the law, and religion, as God needed a perfect human sacrifice to save humans, and there had been none before him. Thus he became the door, our high priest in the heavenly realm, interceding for us. Something spiritual happened in the higher spheres of our species, as He showed us what we could be, and made it possible for us, and through him we could be one, so he saved human kind.




We must stand up for who we are, follow our hearts, be true to ourselves, and then find the way to God, which is a plan written in the stars, where we learn from failures, learn denial, the freedom of freedom, freedom of God, and the peace of God, which is freedom from oneselves, and a peace not of this world. Through the crucifixtion we learn the unobtainable goal of humanity, and the purpose of religion, thus the meaning of life. Its crucified pride, a dying God, where we free ourselves from our ego, the five yugas, paths of Buddha, and reunite with the creator, and achieve enlightenement. The cross is an ancient symbol of many proportions, which with Yeshua on it gave me the solution to the riddle: The meaning of life, universe, and everything is cosmic re-emergence, altruistic recuperation, and hypnotic regression, which is somewhat greek-orthoxnostic.


The cross symbolizes sin. It is a symbol of the planetary God we mostly know as Saturn in many ways, on Golgotha, and christ is the redeemer. Some say the skull of Adam lies burried there. Its not true, but a part of myth.


The cross is the symbol of life, death, and rebirth, like the ankh, like the tau coming all the way from ancient Mu, and that of the babylonian son of God, namely Tammuz, the vegetation God, which they drew on each others foreheads much like today during his annual feast. If this wasn´t perplexing enough, they say that the mark of the tribe of Cain, the sinner, was that of a cross on the forehead, and one might also amplify the word where God forbids man from worshipping an idol in the Torah, whereupon St.John the apostle encoded chi xi stigma, which numerological value adds up to 666, and translates to: christ, on a tree, pierced. Do the rest of the math yourself, for the beast, which symbol is that of desolation, the whore on the seven mountains, the ten roman kings, where the pontif-state emerged, and the rest of the anologous retelling all are synonymous with the death, and rebirth of the roman empire as the mother church, which ended after 1260 prophetic days, when Napoleon took over the Vatican, but lets pray for her children, and do good to them whom are in control, as Christ is to be risen, and not crucified a second time. The time is now, when we understand our demise, and regress through problems, learning the teachings of religion, and history, as to face a globalized, unavoidable reality, where religions converge, and must do so in war, and peace, for the lesson to be remembered, and re-learned, something the humanistic west, founded upon greek-roman, christian principles has embraced, yet not actualized through unity, and the progression of a peaceful, unifying world religion through modern astrology, the tides of time, higher lessons of necessity in each time, people, and the understanding of comparative mythology, where the beauty of it all, and the threshold at where we are, must not be misunderstood, or interpreted as anything other than pedals on a global flower coming together through the autumn, and rebirth of a new era. We must stand against global terrorism, and adress this problem as one, today, in our community, through the teaching of eternal law, of what some would call religion, brotherly love, and thus creating common grounds for all people, where fellowship, goodness, and plurality can flourish in this unavoidable new world, so as not to miss_the_mark, or this great opportunity for the west to emerge as a world changer forever, at the start of a new era. Would you envision yourself , and your future prodigy for a moment. Not too far in the future, he is travelling safely across borders, knowing there is a code, and fellow cultural, and religious foundation of unity, so as not to create openings where opinion in its extremity can lead to direct violence, or loss of freedom. Picture yourself one more time in a post war scenario, where half the population of the country is of opposing religious law and culture, and the only wish you had was to travel back in time to where you could change the idealists, whom would not be happy, but for the future best, you would be willing to scream, and wake a common political barrier of the people, as to awaken the giant, which would be mighty possible, and of critical value to your future prodigy, and glory, knowing you did the right thing, and was there when it happened. Certainly. You would follow your heart, and fo the right thing.


Relax. Freedom is always relative to your surroundings, and we must live this life, and futuristic reality in as much of a peaceful balance as would be possible for all people, learning to sacrifice for the betterment of all, knowing that we are one. Are we graduating kindergarten, and becoming one with the cosmic brotherhood? Do not let your ideals, or fanaticism harm you, as we see in the great cauldront, where things doesn blend right. Be a pleasant offering to God´s great cause, and the consequence would be inevitably good forever.




Jesus was a great liberator, feminist, world teacher, and by far the best Godman after the deluge, thousands upon thousands of years ahead, and past of his time. Not only did he travel the world, unite all world teachings, and good-gods under his being, so as to create One World through Him, making every people the chosen race, and saving us in the times we now live in, as well as saving us spiritually, but EVEN after becoming a living God, after which he became a king entering Jerusalem, he went berserk in the temple, and DIED ON A CROSS FOR US INSTEAD! Like a criminal, friend of nazi/roman betrayer jews, zealots, dopeheads, and hookers. They crucified him. He took sin upon himself, and brought the establishment, and social classes to an end! He worked light! The greatest lightworker, and redeemer through all time! Nah.. Being a God wasnt enough; he would become an eternal God, achieve the greatest work, and redeem the planet through the opening of consciousness through sacrifice of himself on a CROSS! How painfull! Thus our father died, and death thought he had won, but it was not the end. He did something so unique nobody would ever outconquer him. He rose.. He conquered death, something I personally know is possible, knowing where He went, and now He remains everlasting in the third heaven, playing the harp. You might say he is a great Hero for all who wish the world a better place, wanting to cope with differances, looking towards a unifying, guiding light of TRUTH, WAY and LIFE! Only though Him can you come to your Heavenly father, becoming one with yourself. Well..! He did what he came for, but nobody understood him. AND HE CHANGED THE WORLD FOREVER IN THREE BLOODY YEARS, AFTER EVERYBODY HAD LEFT HIM, AND HE DID IT WITHOUT THE INTERNET!! :) Some say He looked like an androgynous monkey, and blended in with all the jews, although he could change his appearance, as on Mt.Hermon, or at least he does it now he is TRULY the great I AM! Everything and nothing. Jesus was PURE love, even though he was really hard with the jews. God taught us a universal lesson through the law of Moses, with his covenant, the reign of judges, and kings, in which he shows us his reign through His blessings of kingly promise, as to show us the seriousness of creation, and reality of principalities, sin, and heralding the way for the great SHIFT, our redeemer, whom gives us NEW LIFE OF SPIRIT, so as to redeem us on a cross after a jewish sentance, after which the disciples soon learned the ways of mercy for the heathens, knowing how the mantle passed to us heathens through the jewish sentence, giving us our few, blessed commandments of the NT, and the pure will of life in spirit, where the sin will no more be in those gone through the sanctification process of loss to oneself, following Christs example, thus making them the meaning of life. Some of those who loose their life will find it. Remember! Those who are loved by Jesus, will be hated in the world. Gabriel once told me to speak this to the heathens regarding the NT code: Follow your heart, but believe it, and honesty is a virtue, and if you find God, it is a great thing. (so do what you want, but upon finding law, and God, you will be judged thereafter, after your heart, for the law is eternal, and honesty should hold you true to yourself, and prevent the society from collapsing entirely.)




















We got a BIG God!




Just think of it.. Yeshua Hamashiach is everywhere, doing miracles, inflicting daily lives, and world history still, as He has done throughout the last two thousand years. Not only is he able to personally need a relationship with billions at once, but he also saves them, giving us the biggest gift one could EVER get through any means here on Earth! It also counts us as equals, giving us a higher purpose, identity, sense of community, and morale with life, leading to a more comfortable, and unified world. He tought the truth, and still does, giving us guidelines to nurture our Garden Earth through his example, and parables.




His relationship to us is no religion, no manmade church, no catholic church built on roman principles, and no form of money machine, system of control, or any other form of corruption. His relationship to us IS the TRUE man, giving us our true selves, our purpose, wholeness, unity and strength - a way leading us towards truth and life. It´s a divine pass to our true self, through the sanctification, and our life in the holy spirit, through Jesus - the way, to our real, true Father, who looks like us! Wow! He is giving us the wholeness, sense of self, worth, purpose, and true meaning of life through living as our true guide, idol, and example - our God, so that we can become more like him, and ourselves through him, growing towards his purpose for our life in being an example each day, knowing that our true purpose in life is going to heaven, bringing heaven to earth, and bringing as many souls with us to an eternity in glorious splendour! Thank you Jesus!


Think of it as a gift. A gift of forgiveness through his blood, which in a mysterious way opened the gate to heaven for our earth and species. Think how sad it is that many people are living their lives apart from their true identity, and father, when the way is opened, and the gift available.




He has physically appeared to thousands through history, and is working non stop for the betterment of humanity.




He is still doing countless miracles to every tribe and nation.




His heavenly host, and the spirit pouring out, are bringing new revival to the land, and everywhere true disciples go.














«The nature of a star is that of light becoming darkness, becoming light again, reborn beyond the wormhole.» What worms? 


Such is the nature of me, and my progenitor, reality. God willing.


Ahayah. Everything and nothing. 


Hopefully everything though.


Who were the Illuminati? Was Jesus the headmaster of the Illuminati in his age? He was the most enlightened one, well that´s for sure.


They were the Illuminati in their age? Will they have their revenge? 


The romans hunted them down, and kept their secret truths for themselves, but I am sure they died with many secrets, and burnt writings! 


Christianity was originally a very discreet sect of secrecy.


Can we trace back our origins throughout the timeline of church history, and find a red thread?




Who are the real interconnections to the original root-offspring of David, og God´s prophetic will on Earth, where Christ won? 


Those reborn in spirit, like that of the Holy Grail - his offspring. 


Whom is not as holy as you think, so God bless all sons, and daughters of Man, of which I am to a high extent a part of in both misery, lust, and utter failure. Thank you Lord, for showing the length of your mercy.


 Humbly - St.T




 I learned from failure. Will you be a rightouss, shining star that does what is best? 


Thank you. 










Modern christianity




What is the liberal freedom of truth, and God´s teaching to us heathens? What is the law of the heart, and connection to God through love, albeit through a sanctification process? Do what you want, said Gabriel to me one day. Teach this to the heathens: Do what you want, but believe it, and honesty is a virtue, but if you find God, it is huge. (Honesty: as to keep_everything_in balance and order - regarding yourself, and the outside world, but especially in regards to if you know there`s a God) What is the true stance of original christianity - the apex of the pyramid on a world of different religion - the great assimilating religion - in regards to our original religions, and did the church violently destroy our religions, beliefs, freedom, and right to retain truth about the original church, as to receive power from the devil, through the prophecy in revelations?


Was original christianity solely good, because of it´s undisputable truth shown through evidence of love, and powerfull magick, and did the catholic, and later protestant church, which was of course immediatly stagnated by their progenitors power, so as not to evolve into a storm enveloping the world, make all heathens their enemy, so as to win over one man - Jesus, as a unified global order of Rome, two thousand years after, because of the sheer magnitude of Christ victory over death?


The one God most revered by many sects, ancient, and modern, the great Hermes Thrice Greatest? Crucified on a cross?




Jesus was a communist! Yes, he did teach english quite well there at the base though!


Who was Jesus, and can one truly say he was a communist?


What lies in the future?


What would a right wing coalition bring towards a future goal for a new world order?


What would a desperate countermessure against rebellion, ISIS, and immigration result in, if we take one step into nordic, roman might?


We would get mighty, and reassured about the false fact that they have nothing to do here, which would, accordingly to Emmanuel Minos, the norwegian teacher´s prophecy, lead to even greater effort towards a counter-revolution of nazistic/new orderly means.


What would the cause of such an outcome be in the wake after a third world war? What would we achieve by enraging, and making slave states in the middle east, and controlling their population through a hierachy of post-modern technocratic feudalism? What would be the essence of world history, and the evolution of mankind through religions, if we do not emerge as a sainthood of priest invoked by God, so as to create mutual satisfaction through an apex religion of undeniable truth, furthering our culture of philosophy, and religion towards a stable next thousand years of peace? A unitarian, order of brotherly, global love, if you might.


Can you see the future? Can you hear the dancing from the streets of Egypt once again? Was Jesus an ancient, rooted in egyptian lore, and what temple would need to be accomplished for the world-man, the second coming, the golden one to emerge in all the world, as the cosmic christ?


What is the era of doom, Kali Yuga meant for, if not for rebirth, and would not all religions, political, and cultural seek comfort, and unity in the wake of a coming world crisis, so as to meet the demands regarding food shortage, pandemics, and would we not need help, and intervention from heavenly spacebrothers, through opening our hearts by embracing truth, solid facts about religious interaction, both past, and future, brotherly love, and how to change the world into a pluralistic, yet global fellowship of the new order?


Can you see the temples rebuilt, and a beautiful mankind, flourishing with love of knowledge, plurality, the spiritual, embellishing in the fact that we learned from, and overcame history, born as a new species, embracing our galactic federation, ready for interaction with civilized species, as we´ve graduated, and learnt our lessons on planet earth, becoming one with the cosmic christ?


Can you see it? Can you hear the dancing in the streets of tomorrow, and the fun we should bring through finally becoming ONE human, embellishing in positive, mutual energy, yet freedom of opinion? Can you see the glory of new inventions, and the fun of utilizing them as a civilized species.


Can you see us emerged through fire as one, and the glorious happiness of your decendants through ages? Will you not be part of the movement, in this age of heroes, laying groundwork, being happy about having life in this by far most important time of all our recorded history. We NEED you! To be the cosmic Yeshua!


Humanity needs you. Our space-aliens needs you. The only answer is a left wing, christian revival, as with the first church. We need them to start loving each other, for that breaks boundaries, and such a unified, social-political order of christianity is the last step in our progress. We are renown only through our unity, and love, which shows our human quality. A split church is nothing. We must feel cared for. Every problem must be solved, work-teams, and daily fellowship for every need is a must. I don´t care if it humanistic, or christian, as long as they catch the drug addicts, put them in work, have structure, and order for every need, through human love, our foremost asset.


A right wing coalition would bring the world into endless terror. This is a revolution that will sweep through Europe, and repay karma from the very tip of the north, back through the aryan lands, loving Israel, healing, and even stretching to India, as we have too many sins now, and must repay, as to show God we´ve learned. Or else our mother Gaia wil puke us out, and humanity may be replaced by some worthwhile the care which she needs.


The united nations was created after the second world war, and a global order of religion must be the outcome after the next, but if there´s no groundwork, it will be for nothing. We must, through the root of David, find hope in the prophets God has risen from the dead, so as to show us the validity, and importance of this final word. Religious dogmas, terror, and indoctrinating must be stopped. Every religion must face the truth that much of their teaching was relative to their age, as with war in Islam, founded by a warrior, whom created a holy book distorted with latter propaganda. They must see their brother, made of clay like themselves, and recognize we are all human, sharing the same origin, thus having the same God, on this tiny planet, or who the hell do you think you are? Religious despotism must be faced in a court, from the unified religions, under the new leadership of Rome, and the Temple in Israel, where truth, and reason based on the knowledge of similar origins, and comparative mythology will be a cure to our self extinguishing cycle of needless, childish hatred in this dune of sand castles, washed away be the rain, based on minor human powers such as hate, and not that of love, which is our divine spark, and source of God, that inspires true greatness, religion, which is a substitute for truth, hope, and first, and foremost the fellowship with each other, and every individual´s direct contact with God. A grassroot outburst of revolutionary, common rennaiscance beyond that of political, religious, and national borders will be the ace in the hold for the future, victorious new, roman empire, and the only safe foundation if we want to carry the mantle, and have God with us in the middle east. Nothing else will be a safe foundation. This rather communistic relation of common people would be our victory as a human race, and show superiority in relations to the east, giving a template for the furthering of our love, until we reach a one, global order of stability, and peace, which will happen, as it is only a question of when, and in which manner, so let´s start a revolt, be human, free, bold, and the loving self you`ve never been proud of, or dared share. We must give freedom, and courage to our youths, yet tell them that there is more to life than flesh, and internet porn, as we are living on the threshold of new spiritual era of great responsibility, positive outcomes, where being a hero, forever remembered, could be simple as f..., in this bottleneck birth of our civilized species, embracing the love of truth, through the search, and the truth of love, through spirit. Thank you.




I have gone through Hell to witness this to you, and give you the teaching, and final warning. I have been elected, and anointed as prophet for the end times, and challenge your faith to a duel, as surely as the Bible speaks through me, of the impending doom that awaits us, now that christ overtook the keys of Hell. We must learn to live in mutual balance, or equality, or ELSE suffer thousands of years in pain, and terror, having our elitist captors laughing at us, throwing wars, afte war, saying we had the chance, something our benevolent, alien interventionist could not disagree with, or at least so they think, these elites. For God took me up into the heavens, and gave me a vision of an alien intervention, where a mighty power of YHWH took charge over planet earth, in the wake of violence. I have a tendancy to see all. Nothing happens without God telling his servants the prophets. And such a scenario is plausible, as sure as most of Biblical prophecy is fulfilled, and as sure as the the fallen watchers knew their time would come to an end, this time, whence they waited to flourish in a new, fallen Atlantis, which is America, the empire of clay, and iron, that of Rome, which is today, which end is postponed by me/God, as it would have led to insecure depths, as we have not evolved, and they are led by the Vatican priests, and the jews, so as to leed you astray, through indirectly trialing you with the question of Israel, and her multitudes, while doping you with television, and porn, until the breakthrough will, and emergance of a global, humanitarian, civilized humanity would emerge, or no longer be possible, as we are weakened, and mutilated, reserved for extinction, through bad nutrition, and irresponsibility, even in this world of globalized communication, so as to be reserved for genocide, giving OUR rightous mantle to the Illuminati corporations, our alien captives, overshadowing our race as justificators from God, as they know God is realy, thus taking the mantle from you powerfull humans, destroying the lotus flower of the continous evolution of humanity`s history, and religious lessons of ten thousand years, before it buds, now embraced as truth, through our new chance, and the coming of christ i us, awaited, and fought for as a hope by your very ancestors, while they died of plague, plowing the farms for the crop craved by priests, and feudalists for thousand years! Hear me humanity! Remember your ancestors. The technological era came, and the Gutenberg press was invented a long time ago, yet you have not fulfilled the mission commandement of the true teaching of Jesus, and the masters, nor used our communication progress to seek this mutually beneficial end of new beginigs, as to evolve spiritually, but rather you´ve evolved 95% carnally, towards the impending doom of Kali Yuga. Thank you for your concern. Love yourself and your neighboor. You have not furthered the gospel of truth towards the jews, your captors, so as to change your reality of a prison cell, nor the Roman church, as you did not seek to learn of truth, keeping it to yourself, not embracing freedom, equality, and brotherhood, and not fulfilled the mission-commandment, so through our wise masters benediction, we have been regarded as worthy, much through the heart of my suffering, to the point where doomsday has been postponed several times, so that YOU can watch the news regarding terrorism, and act, thinking: What is this war, and why is this terrorism? Or rather: What is behind this «terrorism» label, and what are the news chiefs REALLY trying to tell? Is there a WAR on religious intollerance, and the stupidity of a human race not getting of their knees, and solving the problem through a revolutionary unity? Would you take care? Think of our possible future! Join the rightouss cause in whatever means, although I personally believe in One God, expressed in many religions, throughout all of the universe, in every culture, and religion, but primarily the main religions. So bless yourself with faith, there is goodness in man, greater things, of what you would call God! He is real.




Will you become a flower, or remain a seed, dying without contributing to the earth birthing a more cosmic humanity, or instead letting your future children live in a cell you had the chance to change? Would you not join my vision? Start media coverage in response to news, searching for, and spreading essential knowledge in this era dreamt of as being comprised of enlightenement. In the era of communication for heavens sake!


Will you remain a piece of coal, or become a diamond, through accepting the sheer magnitude of pressure this living, breathing jewel of the galaxy is going through right now. A time of abrupt change, and major difficulties, the eye of a needle, or the great center of the milky way, so to speak..


Will you rejoin with your enemies, and FIGHT with your flowers, for a liberal union of a unitarian, global idea, embracing your foe as your friend, and looking up, smiling at the sun of a new age, holding your friend, letting go of your armament, seeing how the sun smiles to all of us, shouting: I do not WANT to fight anymore, for I have fought, and seen enough death!! I know through his prophet, that God is crying with us, embracing us, saying I love, and stand for all, for I have many names, and live in deep in your heart, although you ma have forgotten me, my lower self.


Will you say, oh great warrior, or badged sheep, that on that fatefull day, I will shout: I have fought with them, learn`t, and know the pain, for me and history KNOWS that fighting breeds hate, so I will embrace my new humanity, and stand as ONE with my brother, who is me, on the foundation of ages, the promise of God, the coming of Jesus, the messiah in us, the promise of God, since ancient times, for I know that God would not leave us, for God has sent his PROPHETS to reveal himself to us, and teach us, thus I know that God is real, and can finally embrace that he is ONE for all humanity, and that there are no heathens, for we know through science we are all children of Abraham, and the same root. Will you brave, religious adherants believe, through the testament of your prophet`s trial, errors, and rejoining with the great I AM, that: We are humans, on this tiny fractal of the universe, and who am I to slam my brother, with the same mind, and emotion as I have, created from the same dust as I am, but having lived in another body, of another culture, shooting him, believing that his God is false, when throughout the ages, God has had many names, and we know through comparative mythology that we share a common ground, knowing that God is all, one, and good! Will you embrace a teaching that: Enough is enough! We will not let our children be slaves, and die, having nothing but war, because we did not listen to the prophet, and read between the lines in the news, and media, embracing, and facing the trial of God, his Watchers, and his prophet head on, that we are fighting towards a dead end, and that embracing peace, and a unitarian system of religion, and one humanity, is the only option for our survival, and our future strenght, in our coming days of glorious, brotherly peace. Can you see the beautiful furure? :) For the sake of sacrificial love, like that of Christ, our Teacher showed us, the forgiveness that makes us human, distinct from the mere care that chimps show. We will win, and prove to our heavenly brothers that we are worthy of keeping our planet, humanity, and religious, cultural dignity. Evolve! Graduate, and be birthed! The heavenly bridegroom is waiting, as in the Biblical parables. Our words are true. Have a happy new year, and take sweet care. Be loved, and rejoice about that which is joy! Live in it.


Thank you!




Add: I went through Hell, and came back again, desperatly clinging to His promise, and hope of a better future, only working to tell you this. Thus the earth was saved. I am a friend of the knowledgable powers that be, and want your safety, and future secured, or else the world might be assimilated, but we fear the prophet, and the wrath of God, and our intergalactic benevolences, if christianity does not change into a world changer, and embrace unitarian fellowship of peace, embarking on a new journey into as a cosmic, grown up humanity, in a new millenium, as the risen savior.


God took away much of my health, and power, so as to make me a humble vessel, like a peacfull offering, and a pleasurable odor for God, now that I wholly comit myself towards God´s plan for my life, and have absolutely no time for anything else than his work through me. Wholeheartedly living for Good.


I write this now in the time of urge, and need, for the rainsplatt up high, came down to fly, after meeting Ahayah, up in the sky, bigger than tyskeleland, Jesu kommer om han kan, el nojoni så ble han noki frelst i en fei. 




The only problem is that we need a coalition of a more sentralized, globaly ordered structure, or so would be the problem solving, paramythological priesthood of a global God, or so would be the physical reprsentation of what might be called hope once again, or the lost root of christianity, whom did nothing but hurt Him, nor did they hit Israel with a global, storming effort for Jesus, like they have no eyes that pierce veils, or heads that talk, which hurt Him alot. What is going on, an kind of absolute, in regard to cuntrol, don`t vathinktank? After a long time of post war suffering syndrome, where mankind, bound in slavelike shit, is longing after messiah, of the one kind that you will no be, so you might say it is a necessity, or root revival, but I`d want to restore myself as well, although I do this for you, so you`ll do it yourself, for the game is that you`re fooled into believing in the external messiah, but NOW, what will YOU do?


If Jesus was here, he would be most angry with the christians, and seek them out like targets for destruction, and one after one, they would fall for their endless betrayal, and inability to change, those incompetant, lukewarm, distant from each others, mostly disciples of Hell! They did the excact opposite of absolutely everything Yeshua tried to tell them! THEY ARE DISCIPLES OF HELL! They must be utterly decimated, eliminated, integrated, and centralized forever and ever, under lightening the rulership of the mantle descended from Gods to humans for the true remnant of faithfull intermediaries and saints. They have only perverted everything, and sit stubbornly on a mule, on a sinking ship, where they will never be king, sailing of limits, into blank infinity of a never pre-excisting timeline. Of doom. Falling of the edge. It´s sauce I tell ya.


They have done nothing but fail me from the beginning! I have died because of dogmas, and false pretences, christianity, and their hypocritical culturic happeningchristendom, where nobody cared about ANYTHING of what was preached, nor EVER went out, and did  according to teaching, and they DARE call themselves a SPIRITUAL!? pentecostal congregation?? Look at the GOYIM`S, STUPID SHEEPLENESS, yet see how I followed God`s word in perfectiblist manor, and was crucified, alone, as I searched for God, and by all worst means was made into a living hell, which I embraced in love for them still, as I accepted, and humbled myself like the lamb of God, EVEN TO DEATH, without ever attacking, yelling out, showing unthankfulness, or complain about anything, like a most humble, noble, servant jew in excile, preaching, and teaching through deeds, and love to the low, albeit being destroyed himself by the low whom thought they were high, when I was highness eternal, whom entered the world to help the low, but they killed me in the end, so everything I have is to fight for nothing but this. For love, and centralized rulership over the planet, through a red, unitarian, western-christian based rennaiscance of culture, technology, and law, if we christians could stand as one, instead of being the main culprit through our unresponsiveness to the LIVING CHRISTS agenda, for do think that way, as seen from St.Michael, and the vogon side, where our planet have been sheduled for death since a certain fall, but that´s not in your Bible, and the devil has fooled you all, and your inability to change will meet it´s certain end, through a loving God`s responce to what`s the best of two evils, believing our soul is eternal.. I will not take this rumourous hellgame anymore, just because I´m a pure, kind, and meek heart hiding through jokes, which they use to stab, turn into steel, and call halfie, just because they are sons of perdition, thinking of themselves as justified, being so puny as not to realize the gravity of my pain, because they´d rather be ignorant, and happy. They demonize, and kill their prophets, like always, for they are very evil heathens themselves, so they die, or perhaps I´ll find one, like as with Sodom, and Gomorrah, and make a country with a destiny, as they didn`t throw me out, but kept me here in prison, so thus I´ll roam here insted. Fools! They should have thrown me out! Na tene. Love and light. If the christians would start by follow the words of Israel`s chosen prophet, they´ll have a great, funny time every day they go to church. Hey it´s christmas! It´s better to give than take.  Have a good time!














God`s plan




The point of God´s plan is undoubtedly to make us seem like fools. God is the devil, and the devil is God, and vice versa, seen from our perspective, had it not been for intelligences higher up, which defiantly makes it clear that the higher the better. Thank God for his servants and prophets. God´s plan is not yet accomplished, although I´m working very close to him to make it happen. Bwahahaha. Nobody knows my secret war.


God´s plan with me was to show how one arises from slavery of religion through sanctification, and that his mercy is all encompassing, that he´s valid throughout the ages, and suceed with his plan. He wants to show the length of his hand, the divine wisdom, and test the integrity of the worlds leadership. He wants to show that if he wants to raise up a king, make a prophet, or put the wisdom of the world to shame, he does it, and his words always come true. Not once in my life has the word of God, and the Holy Angels not come true. They´re really mighty. Especially St.Michael, whom is a very good friend of mine. (oh you have no idea what´s going on, only the prophet knows) God wants to show me that all you need is love, and that religious prisons are abolished through sacrifice of darkness on a cross. I died out of lack of freedom. Now it´s time for you to carry the cross of shame, mom. Dad..? Walk Circe, walk!


He wanted to show that his wisdom is superior, and trials humanity, and their faith. He wants to show that he´s able to uphold his promise with Israel, in spite of all things, and do things out of His divine might. Or just humble me, and destroy me, making me a broken vessel, where his love can shine even brighter. He works in mysterious ways, and has given me alot of blessings from it! He told me of everything that would happen in my teens, and I felt heartbroken for a long while, until I laughed, and forgot it, pushed over the edge. I remembered it ten years after, having been down with my face in the pillow for a year, trying to rest my weary head from attacks, and I remember that he promised me I would come out somehow. He said the suffering could be for my betterment. Who knows! I would have changed the world by now if he hadn´t cursed me..? Which you can blame the devil for, if you want. Well. It ended with me coming out of this all with Godlike powers, something many have witnessed. At times he gives proportionatly. I´m the prophet.


I knew nothing of my family or history!




He shows that all you need is love, and that his mercy is forever flowing, and reborn through sacrifice of self, which is what makes us, and monkeys distinct, although Jesus was the missing link. ´ve been sanctified through sacrifice, and learnt from mistakes, it´s like going through purgatory, and God be mercifull, I believe that there is nothing but true will of spirit then, like Paul taught, when guided by your heavenly lightvessel. There´s no sin except in that of man´s heart, but that´s a loong story. So there is sin, laws, and accusers from that «fall». Especially because of humanitys bad conscioussness. Our hearts must be renewed, and the accuser conquered. Then one can reach ascension of the spirit through a life of truth. Through pure conscience of Jesus, although you should keep to the Bible, which then is like your natural desire, reborned of Heaven. Freedom from the freedom, and peace from the peace of the flesh. Thank you. Be blessed kid.