Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

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Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!


Presentation of the People`s Army`s goals:

I call you out of the New World Order as a living witness of the Ressurrected Jesus, and the last of Israel`s line of prophets and Kings.

Those who have followed me must know that the shape of the Earth, most human history, evolution, Einsteinian physics, physics in general, and medicine are all lies. In other words: 100% of what you`ve been told at school are either a lie, or a half-lie. 100%. Including math, since math has all to do with sacred geometry, and the matrix reality.

This is my message: The global community of conspiracy realists must focus on direct, organized measures to defeat the Empire exemplified in rural home-schooling communities that are self-sufficient with food and electricity, and present a curriculum of the flat earth ¨etheric Tesla physics¨, true alternative history of giants and ante-diluvian civilizations, the Scientific Religion of the Sun (read my book) , and also presenting a media-outlet, and alternative cures to all diseases through frequency technology, and herbal medicine. The quackademic religion of all schools of ¨science¨ or all ¨schoolarly fields¨ MUST be reformed in an abovementioned community prior to nuclear-war, the alien false-flag attack, and the completion of the UN`s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. We have 5-10 years at max. This is the last war humanity will wage. All attention, and finance by all conspiracy-realists in the world MUST be web-organized, and united for the purpose of such a lighthouse community that will inevitably light up the entire cabal, collapsing their house of cards, as humanity has no free space, or future in any nation on a planetary basis. Focusing ALL on ONE nation is the People`s Army`s first step. Read all about this in the People`s Army, and Kingdom of God books. /end message.

We/I need men. I have tried starting three churches, I have written 10-15 books, and I have started THE ONLY scientific, and philosophically valid religion (read my book) along with a sacred code. I have tried befriending the Christians, tried befriending the Muslims, the New-Agers, the white-nationalists, the Jews, the alternative media (worldwide) , and even tried befriending the Illuminati. Yet I have not made any advance in 7-11 years, because all of community are bought and sold to the NWO...

My claim of Kingship.

I am Hans Holst Fleischer`s great great grandson, who was the Black King of Norway, a title which is mine by heritage. He was the cousin of General Fleischer, the greatest Norwegian war-hero of WW2, who was assassinated by the cabal, or else he would have overthrown the Norwegian monarchy upon his homecoming after the war. I am among his closest living descendants.

Who we are.

We are the People`s Army of the Allied forces of the First Federation of Freedom, and WW2 is not over. The war just begun. If you join me, and read my books, humanity will win. 100% certain. If not, you side with the reptilian Nephilim, and the NWO will reign for as long as the ancient Kings did according to the Enuma Elish. 500.000 years before the flood. The future of a million years is decided by if you join me or not, fulfilling my wishes as an apostle of Christ. Within 5-10 years. By 2030, it will be faaar too late. Darkness never surrenders. Neither will we! Nor will I, General Ashtar. 

I am the heir of General Fleischer. Your Allied allegiance lies with me. You will make me into the symbol of rebellion, and succeed with your mission 

We are God`s People of the Inquisition.

The goal is a complete surrender of the state to the Allies/God`s people. All lodges will be shut down, and the government surrender to the People`s Army. A new constitution the First Federation of Freedom (FFF), will be implemented, and secret knowledge, and medical technology will be freely distributed, along with a forced reform of all schools of science. (All curriculums.) We are an ¨inquisition¨ against paedophilia, cloning, child trafficking, ritual murder, and ritual torture in Kristiansand. An inquisition against usurpers of power infiltrating our entire system, and monopolizing knowledge, power and healthcare. Norway will be the first nation of the FFF`s declaration of independence. All ethnicities, beliefs, and religions are accepted under the common law of Source, Love and Light. It will be an age of law, not an age of wolves or fear, but respect, knowledge, dialogue, and high-civilization. Not the law of the jungle, or ¨Thelema¨, but a universal law of all religions that forbids secret societies. Period.

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The People`s Army`s Revolution - The Battleplan Against the NWO!

Happy revolution!