Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

1st century ministries unite!

Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

Anarchism explained by the best

Renowned writer Noam Chomsky explains the basics of anarchism: The natural governmental form of man: His own compass.

The Revolution of Christianity

My new two revolutionary books are out in their 2nd editions! Viva la revolution! 


TE 2018 Christianity`s Revolution of Independence


It`s content appeals to everyone, and not only the Christian. As we stand together!!!


I recommend you start with the above, and finish with the book below, which is aimed at those aryans, or Christians well-versed in CONSPIRACY.


Part 3 TE 2018 God chose the aryan minority - revolution


Long live Norway, and viva la revolution! 

These books are all about finding, and building the true church, society, and governmental structure on Earth. They are far from complete, but I`m happy to have it done.

With love and light.

Mr kind. Written by Thomas Eidsaa 02.09.2018.


All religions unite, and fight the Illuminati!

An Illuminati POISON has seeped into ALL nations of the world, and seek to establish a NWO. But it is in reality an OLD world order. Our lands are in peril!


We need a reformation revival revolution renaissance in in all sciences, and levels of society today - because a safe foundation for a future warm society can only come through ethical unity based on universal truths proven by science - the language of today! Some serpents hide under the guise of ¨judaism¨, and say whiteness is racial supremacy, and that the world can only be peaceful - one - through racial homogenity, because ethics will fail. Wrong. Conspiracy is the circle of hatred, not beauty of difference. And Babylon is forbidden by the Bible. Hatred rules the world, and loss of Heaven creates conspiracy. Judaism also creates conspiracy. When conspiracy is done away with; the world can be one. Noel Ignatiev is WRONG.


New-Age science of the spiritual contradicts modern ¨science¨ which has become a ¨scientific religion.¨ Our school curriculum are not ¨theories¨, but wrong hypothesis. Religion is only belief, and science must reform. As religion, and science historically walked hand in hand; Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific, philosophical, and humanistic validation test to be the spiritual backbone of new physics: To do away with the religion of history, science, and create a TRUE curriculum for future generations. Every person is responsible for changing the world, as everyone has the possibility though the internet.


What we see is that New-Age is fore-running Christianity in exposing conspiracy, zionist globalist jewry, and state-cover-up of spirit-science, and technology that could save the world if exposed. I will teach you how to awaken the masses later.

Break the circle of hatred, conspiracy, and secrecy through enlightenment/light and love/morale. This is our common human conduit of the Alliance. The law of the universe.


Science, and political norm has become a RELIGION. School curriculums must be rewritten. An alliance of alternative scientists, conspiracy-theorists, and hippies must be formed in a ultra-liberalist anarchistic village colony in the beautiful valleys of Norway! There we will have our enlightened private-schools, free electricity, and function after my state-model in Christianity`s Revolution. My book. 

This has been my dream since I was as young as I can remember. God would take me to the future, and show me all these villages I created.

A vile conspiracy of elderly narcissist, pedophile surveyers is aiming to kill me. And nobody has protected me in my life.

I have been perfect since the beginning. Perfect in meekness, selflessness, love and humbleness. The wisdom of the Kings.

But you would always beat down, sacrifice me in my dreams, and so I acted as such: A nothing.

But truly I tell you: I am Yahweh God Himself.

Pray about it.


How come religion is allowed to exist while not undergoing the scientific method, and validating itself? After all the people it`s killed! And we will discover: There is only one God, and all Abrahamic religions worship him.


After we have united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our multi-religious common banner of Love and Light, we will reed out the poisonous virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. Please read my books, and my eight-step plan in my book ¨Revolution¨. Stay blessed. All we need is one Thomas Eidsaa. The hero you so eagerly seek to eat, flay, clone and rape.


It should not be too hard to take back power to the people. The Illuminati cancer has taken over our economy, media, government, and ruin our lands from within. All we need to do is get hippies, and conspiracy-theorists together with knowledge and books.


1. Unite in families, and study-groups of love and light (morale and enlightenment/science).Cooperate to discover all conspiracies, secrets, truths, and technology hidden.


2. Start everything you can from businesses, to think tanks, to wellfare organizations to spread, and hoard the knowledge of truth. You must promote interest in hidden knowledge, and start unofficial private-schools. Exposing the state-virus, and taking back power must be the current zeitgeist. Organizations I applaud are the anarchistic anti-state non-corrupt organizations like the Anonymous movement, and Knights Templar Internation. I can think of no others. All right-wing political parties in Norway support Israel. We only have ONE option. The Alliance. And may God bless Trump. 

3 I have no other goal than victoriously singing, dancing, and parading the streets in rebellion having liberated the minds of the people, and given them truth; uniting all sectors of society for a coup-d-etat. This is the only solution. Why? For no other goal than utopia is worth living for. Create the idea of a society so good - a golden age of religious, humanistic, and technological breakthrough SO great it will set the template for ALL the world to infinity. I form an idea so good it`s completion is unaviodable. This should not be too hard. We only have to give Christianity to New-Age, give New-Age science to Christianity, and make the latter see the truth about the Jews. YOU must do this.


The current generation has no cause of rebellion, because for the first time in history; they do not feel oppressed, and live relatively happily. This is an illusion. Evil Illuminati think-tanks, and conspirators of Agenda 21 plan to destroy us! Raise your fists in defiance to technocracy oligarchy! The state is a freemasonic, jewish Illuminati soul-tax farm of false career politicians setting the political norm in service for the court of the racist, jewish masonic, and satanic King!


Books on jewish, and Illuminati crimes against humanity, the lies of the ¨scientific religion¨; the hidden technologies TAKEN from us; must be FERRORICOUSLY written on internet, in books, and in newspapers with GREAT rebellion and HUGE anger by ALL our members if we are to succeed! And we will. Non-tolerance against politicians must be the new political norm.

Technology that could cure cancer, and end world suffering is being kept by a satanic elite whose plan you can read about: Google Illuminati goals. Remember: We are the last agency of humanity.


Here is a plan. Start with 2-4 agents infiltrating different political parties, and sectors of society... When you gain ground; unite all factions you have infiltrated under the banner of either the ALLIANCE, or simply HUMANITY. Do clever stuff, and start the revolution. The Flat Earth Theory, and hidden technology will be PIVOTAL for our success, and in reeding out weed from wheat. For the simplicity of understanding the Flat Earth will show who is bought, and who is free. Hidden technology is even MORE important as the only way to incite revolution is either through starvation or suffering. We must people realize they are SUFFERING under a global dictatorship that prevents them from being happy, and conquering disease, cancer, starvation and poverty. Exposing secret technology will work to great effect on all classes, religions and ethnicities: Uniting them ALL. It is as simple as this: Everyone wants to be happy. Love, Light and Technology will be quintessential. The goal of much of the New-Age movement is a disclosure on technology, and hidden truths. This MUST be adopted by Christianity, and the lion will roar.

The entire state of school curriculums, false history, false physics, etc, must be reformed! It`s only based on lies of the satanic religion!


The newspapers, and politicians will HAVE to change opinion, and serve the PEOPLE. A people united with the aim of being the HAPPIEST!


Creating a warm, social society of equality, peace, technology, cures, care, and solutions to every world problem. This is possible with the information age of the internet: For the first time in history! And YOU are it`s creator! We need a revolution renaissance. Utopia - the golden age of a modern Davidic reign is possible, and I am his descendant! WE should rule politicians, NOT the other way around.


Regroup with me, and start families of love and light in every country!

Do EVERY step to make CERTAIN they get exposed. The military which is comprised of ordinary people will be our greatest tool in dismantling the state to create my governing model described in my book on Revolution. Jews own media, banks, industry, and politics. But the civilians, and army are waking up: Not wanting to fight for jewish profit anymore! This Alliance will CRUSH the Illuminati, and dismantle the American state! The greatest trials of criminals in history will follow with thousands of Illuminati members paying the ultimate prize. We will GET these LIZARDS.

Be MEN and FIGHT the Jews who want you DEAD, or die in your be - a long time from now. Would you be willing to give up all your life as a slave to travel back in time: TO TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM!


Infiltrate every level of society, and a golden age of flying cars, and eternal life will be possible.

Jews are not the chosen people! You cannot be a Christian, or messianic Jew, and still support jewry. Christianity is the anti-thesis to Judaism! For all people are equals through Jesus; not only 1%!


We will make a public outcry. Make banners today! Spread love, and light today! Unite the people tomorrow, and march the streets at the end of the week! Or die as a slave.

I am the Alliance (Alliansen) is a minor norwegian political party that is an umbrella for revolutionaries that supported the Trump campaign, and is against the political norm. Go out in parades of love and light, and never stop spreading the teachings of unity through common human ethics! Love and light! :)


Every Jew shares the common belief that peace cannot come except when Israel rules the world. This is a racial-imperialistic CANCER. Every Jew believe heathens go to Hell anyways, so the Talmud states that taking the property, money, and rights from heathens is accepted.


As I said. Christianity is the anitidote to Judaism, and the ONLY goal Christianity has is Christianizing the Jews. Read my book ¨What Jesus did on the Cross¨ on if interested. Israel is statistically the only racist state on Earth; with laws, and regulations to ensure Jewish supremacy. They are waring the rest of us; at war with humanity and use no ends to attain global dominance through secrecy. How many wars have they started? They were behind the French revolution, the Illuminati, communism, the Russian revolution, and financed two world wars. Every muslim knows this.


They believe they are God`s chosen people to bring about peace, and rule the world as they see themselves are superior to others through selective breeding, and poisoning the rest. We, the goyim want the golden age for OURSELVES, and don`t believe you RACIST jews are ¨God`s chosen people!¨ I believe Jesus was the messiah! We won`t let you jews enslave us in an illusion of peace while taking all technology from us to rule us like slaves! An age of peace, and futuristic technology is right ahead!


We want no more jewish-sponsored wars!

The enemy of humanity is REAL. FIGHT while the internet is still not censored. Write books ferrociously! Everyone has the human responsibility of writing truth in this age of the Internet: The first age of free information. If not: They you are an enemy to human evolution. EVERY person has the SOLE responsibility of saving ALL the Earth. That is the sole truth. Why? Because it is possible. If you are going to win: You must scream LOUD, and do it NOW. I recommend you start your journey at - search for Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock, and order his book ¨Source Field Investigations.¨ Please consider reading through the content on this website, or my other websites. Spread the law of love and light.


NOTE: I am am adopted messianic jew myself, and love my people. Not all jews are zionists, or support the Rothschilds. All I say is: Christianity, and messianic judaism is the ANTI-THESIS to Jewish belief, and racial supremacy.


G-d bless. Safe journeys! :D


All on this site was written by Thomas Eidsaa. Peace love anarchy.



Excerpt from my book


Christianity`s 8 objectives


Here I will name the objectives I see imperative for every Christian. I have carried these dreams as a prophet for 16 years; ever since I was 10, and came back from YWAM at Kona Hawaii. It took me a lot of work to get through my personal shoah of these last 6 torturous years, and I present these objectives in 2018 more seriously to you now that I am weakened. May you fulfill what I could not. Hear my words oh world! I have seen the blindness of the Christian world as the angel of Europe. I come to you with a burdened back to ask this of you for the benefit of all future Christians. These objectives were nothing but mere dreams I carried as I felt lonely like an alien. For 6 years did I fight, and I leave it now to future generations. AWAKE! REPENT! REVIVE!


First we need a library with all important books of all topics established at once. I have started in my own home. The spectrum of Christian knowledge should be the broadest, most evolved in the religious world taken into account that it incorporates Judaism as well as all comparative Christ-myths from pagan religions. It is THE religion. It incorporates spirit-science, and at LEAST 5000 years of history. Our library should be like the extensive, secret Vatican library, only that we publish a lot. It`s time break down, and reveal the conspiracyreality: To win back God`s world; globalized through love and light.




1 Affecting politics with the goal of a supreme nation.


We decree through our common christian beliefs that the need for a complete, (Thomas Jefferson) ultra-liberalistic, theocratic christian state (kingdom of God) is the only biblical form of government, and imperical in our biblical belief of this last age, and for our survival as we live in the fulfillment of scripture.




I don`t want corrupt career politicians to decide my life! Do you? I want to be ruled by the proven, miracleworking saints! There are no totalitarian, Christian nation in the world, (aside from the Vatican) not to mention a single church with theology according to 1st century adherence to the Bible. While Islam has many with totalitarian Islamic states; we just watch politicians selling our own countries to Islam; having ruined our national declarations, and our very cross covered flag!




We appeal to all world powers; for they have left the sacred balance! We cry, and cannot sleep at night! Crying:




Examine religion first before siding with the obvious false one! Ah how we know we are the right. Muhammad won`t come to our borders, and change our true 5000 year old tradition through ¨revelations¨ of what we wrote as history 1400 years prior to ¨the prophet¨ rewriting it! We cannot take this anymore, and feel threatened both as Christians and westerners. We feel our religion, human-rights, human diversity, western culture, and our liberty is threatened by radical Islam. This cannot be dismissed as senseless fear.




2 Monastic societies, or ¨Christian living spaces¨, simply put.


If we cannot revolutionize a country to our desire through revival of love and light, we will have start small, comply to laws, and build a miniature version of our ethically homogenous nation: a Christian monastic village. An ultraliberalistic, anarchistic, communitaristic, theocratic village as described in ¨Our ideal village¨. This will be our haven for a 1000 years of cultivating national-romantic and/or christian culture, soil and soul in a self-sufficient farm village with the saints as head.




How is Christianity dying, and not evolving? Is it because we only meet once every Sunday? Compared to the muslims who congregate 5 times a day; we are fourth times worse! Cultivating soul, and soil with life`s primary focus on the Heavenly afterlife should be every true Christian`s dream. But most are ignorantly happy in Babylon cities.


We will focus on christian enlightenment media of the Aquarian love and light mission, religious science, new farming technology, free electricity, private schools, and society development of Heaven on Earth as an independent village-society experiment for a future model of the Utopian Kingdom of God. Everything will be based on religion, just as it was in ancient Egypt. Religion, and science will be intimately connected, as they always have been; until the lies of satan`s replacement science came along. The church will serve as judical institution, religious institution, police, military institution, school, and social wellfare centre for the elderly and disabled. Food will be shared to the weak, and to the priests among our community.
It will work perfectly without crime, for all are humanistic christians.


It will be my miniature version of Eden where humans could live in peace with God and nature. We would obviously be called a ¨Christian, new-age village of anarchists, radicals, hippies and geeks.¨ We want to create protective environments for Christians to cultivate their culture, soil and soul. We want educated men write books on the crimes attributed to our nations, and to recreate true history, science, and school curriculum for missionary outreach to preach the Christian, Aquarian law to all humans. We will regroup in a village until we have all necessary proof, books, and educated men to release a global campaign of renaissance enlightenment.


Perhaps: When we have our private village, private school, and books documenting the crimes of the state: we will awaken the rising lion, the national patriots, and the vikings of Scandinavia to peacefully dismantle the state, or crave out own borders.


For: My village would be Christian, but the same model can be adapted by all ideologies f.i Buddhists, Hindus, Viking pagans, and especially new-agers. All villages should cultivate it`s own food, have it`s own electricity and medicine as is possible today. What are we waiting for? We don`t need the state anymore. Private concerns please help me reach this idea!


We need to create villages for the protection of the graeco-roman-judeo-christian-western-humanistic cultures. We want villages with monastries, and beautiful gardens in secluded sacred places to last 1000 years! We want to cultivate the hidden valleys of beautiful Norway!


I also believe it is every human`s right to cultivate, and deify their ethnicity with fantasy and religion, and express their ethnic, religious, national, and cultural pride! A fantasy-scape where elves live in the mountainous Norway!


God has given us a wonderful opportunity to live in such a monetary blessed, and beautiful country! It`s time we use our wealth, intelligence, and not succumb to ignorance. The world revival will start in Norway! Run with it Aquarian pitcher of knowledge, and the Light`s torch of flame!


That was a bit long. Part 3.


3 Spirit science. A Hospital/University of Spiritual Healing, and Religious Science. HRS. (Hospital of Religious Science.) We want to make a compendium of God`s miracles as a doctoral study with signatures, and medical journals of let`s say a thousand stunning miracles, and resurrected dead?




Making a private hospital-university on noetic science, the scalar-field, and physics of the multidimensional universe proves Christianity through the reality of miracles, near-death-experiences (whom all testify of Christ), and testimonies through spirit science. Some simple brain-tests, some electronic equipment, and a couple medical journals, and we are good to go. But we dream of a BIG university on the science of religion. It might however turn out to be corrupted into a Hogwarts, but this should be avoided. Just mentioning.


We are Christians and romans, and want to recreate the ancient world through renaissance. The forums. The temples... Perhaps some scalar-force-field pyramids, fusion-reactors, and curing cancer etc etc.


The goal is solving every problem in medicine, starvation, disease, and provide all Earth with all the sustainable technology they need.



Christianity should have been proven by the Vatican if she was not the false whore Circe of revelations which she is. We will do the job with out spirit science hospital.


The age-old question of which religion is true shall FINALLY be answered by science available today!


4 Our own private schools! 😊 And for that we need a liberal state. This should be easy to accomplish. Jews in America are smarter than us because they attend private schools, and learn true history in synagogues. Norway is but a compartmentalized corporation. Anyways..


Our schools will have our own TRUE version of religion, reality, history, and science; for the procreation of a universal educational reform of history, and scientific theories whence our schooled children enter the world with knowledge of TRUTH; all will revolt, and want our knowledge in their schools. A global awakening renaissance is thus guaranteed.


We can f.i have private schools at summer camps! 😊 Boy, I`d be a happy kid if I grew up in one of these. Beautiful Norway! God has shown me these camps in dreams, and visions all my life since I was 14! My Christian friends from back then can testify. We will be swarming around Norwegian campsites like pylons of light!


5 Media. Is the a most important mission God decrees. To affect media in all it`s forms, but most importantly: To write the second volume of the book of acts, and to write the Bible with it`s true names of God and interpretation. To hoard the living apostles together to create a testament to the honor of God through the validity, and proof of what God`s doing TODAY!!! We will write the Christian version of the jewish Talmud! The jews have continued their sacred texts. Why should not Christianity, a science of enlightenment have extra-biblical texts? You`re supposed to be like your master Jesus, but you never once continued writing parables, testaments, or any Biblical literature. All your writings are milk for babies; endless books about success Christendom, your personal life with God, or about this, or that verse. You must awaken. This Christian Talmud continuation of the book of acts should have been written a long time ago. Perhaps GodBook, we will either retake the Vatican with Christ`s descendant as King, or create our own One Christian World Government church ruled by the saints. Or as the Bible say: Prepare for his Kingdom. Or like Christ prayed: Be one!




6 Worldwide christian unity. World Church.


How do we achieve this? Let`s say I gather all the miracle-working Pentecostal apostles of today, and start a church??? A new Vatican.


Or perhaps I`ll have to stay with starting Church of Love and Light, or 1st century ministries, or something else. Perhaps a chivalric order? Primarily because an order survives time, and gives us more protection from savage muslim radicalists. Secondly because it`s fun, right, and thirdly cause it`s more serious, and deeper. And this is serious business. A silent war is being waged on Europe. Not by us. But by globalists, and muslims working against us. We should start as many labour-parties, think-tanks, and societies as possible. Not to mention families of light.


I don`t think muslims will ¨chop off our heads¨ if the majority of Christians become ¨secretive, en-nobled warrior-monks¨ in their eyes. And let all our members wear hats. I want to give the normal, purpose-driven Christian the opportunity to get the honour, respect, and protection an order gives.




7 The Outreach centres.


Centers of love and light. Not necessarily religious, and perhaps more interfaith. Why? Because the world needs Gabriel`s teachings of love and light to unite as a whole. The world needs heroes, and I will make them. I will unify the world with a new humanist revolution for every atheist, and religious person on Earth.


Outreach-centers functioning as roman forums, and socialist welfare in every city of the world is one example of ultra-liberalistic socialism. Private actors can do better socialism than the corrupt state! Why should the corrupt state have monopoly on social welfare when they only sell drugs made for agenda 21??? In a liberal state: The people have rebellion as option against a corrupt concern. In a police-state like Norway; you can`t rebel because of the police.


These Outreach Centers will be open 24/7, and serve all citizens in need of help, love and knowledge: Providing food, care, sleep and protection. We are demonstrating the Aquarian code of love and light. It will be a center for love, light, life, and joy in the community they are part in. We seek to be THE socialist forum for renaissance revolution, enlightenment, art, and exchange of ideas in every town. We build our vision upon the forums of ancient Rome, and Greece as we will have focus on cultivating of philosophy, talents, music, open microphones, and discussion of all issues, topics, philosophies and religions. All are welcome to these centers.




8 Peace on Earth. The result after we have accomplished the great commission of love and light. Peace on Earth through God`s son`s Kingdom of Heaven when his descendant comes to sit in our Global Church Governance, Jerusalem, or a new Vatican which we have prepared. Worldwide implementation of COLL`s humanistic laws of the Aquarian law of light as the eternal law binding all languages and ethnicities together will ensure peace on Earth. 

But first we need to end poverty, disease and starvation. We will do this through love and light: True knowledge, and enlightenment to educate, civilize, convert, and create a global renaissance leading to global happiness, and everlasting utopia circus on Earth through judeo-christendom`s western-humanistic morale, and the Aquarian law of Light. We will accomplish this either in utopian socialism, or rather in utopian ultra-liberalist theocracy; if all goes according to plan. Socialism implies having a state. Ultraliberalism involves dismantling the state into only police and military, preferably. The people will then have the power and responsibility, and the latter is much less dangerous. Biblical and natural.


The Kingdom of God


An ideal world.


You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers.


While you walk beneath the red leaves; you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic, artistic houses, with painting you have never seen before.


This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus. The people meeting you are of all races, yet greet you with norwegian cloathing; and preach a universal gospel. They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history.


It exists because the state is liberalistic, but here they`ve taken it even further; into anarchist-theocracy. A church spires above the little fantasy-town where the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes. The church functions as social-welfare centre, religious school and governance. Somewhere in the world is their headquarters.


Their mission spread fast across the globe; giving ethnic people pride in their heritage. In the valley bordering this one; there is a Viking village, and then a muslim quarters; all agreeing on the enlightenment philosophy, human values, common morals. If you read the books of Yair Davidiy; you will discover all are children of Israel! The Bible even prophecies they will return, and that the world shall be one shortly after! The villagers tell you how they created a revolution renaissance of liberty, love, light, knowledge, art and success; introducing the New Age of worldwide peace.


They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe; many christians have become inspired by their achievements to create cultural reservatories merging their individual nationalist culture with the global morale, and truths of Abrahamic faiths; thus creating a perfect globalist order! There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies! We only accomplished our goals through love and light.






The need for a new nation and governance!


We seek to establish worldwide consensus, worldwide distribution of secret knowledge, and thus make unity. We shall take responsibility as Christians – whom are stewards of Earth - and make the world into our garden where milk, honey, and the good life is without end; as we can fly on saucers, have free electricity, and sour between the majestic mountains of the Norwegian valleys in ufo`s. This would have been the aryan future had it not been for the satanic lobbyists of Arbeiderpartiet. A world of elves; beautifying, and rediscovering their magical origins to an extreme! We have always been a people of peace! No jews should go against this; but the jews in Norway are evil. Still; our good hearts will never give up; even if the nazi-jews, and Christians kill a million of their last descendants and messiahs! Even as Gods are raped by all; we will never give them up, and pray for them! A world where we take care of each other, and the Earth's resources.


To achieve all this, we need a new governmental structure. A theocratic ultra-liberalist anarchist system. We need a Pentecoastal World Church! We need a theocratic priesthood as the world`s unchanging foundation stone with philosopher kings, great saints, and scientists (an enlightened bunch of the world`s most loved, honest, greatest schoolars) as was customary in the antique. Our theocrazy is ordained by God`s word as the only viable governmental form! We need this state.. Just ONE state! Please! All will see and know how perfect it will work! All will want our education and system! Our newspapers, and media will broadcast miracles! Our idols will be saints! All will be harmony, and no violence when all are Christian anarchists! The world will recognize us, long for our success, and say: They`ve got it right! We want it as well!




Here`s how the Biblical government works.


The legislative branch will be elected from among the recognized, miracle-working, Christian saints of our Church belonging to the Priest class, and above; to act as biblical judges by votes among the members of the church/nation every 4 years. This will be the legislative branch or parliament. The executive branch will be chosen through job-application to the parliament, and those hired can serve uptil 8 years, wait 4 years, and serve another 8. The people are one under God, and Bible in fear of HELL, so as a libertarian person; I say the people, and the parliament can both thrash the government by majority of votes both of them. No feudalism; just love and light. Private actors will take care of the people. Hell, and Satanism will be so hated from school indoctrination (all they did through history) that rats in the system will be killed as is biblical. We are afraid of Hell! Roads, hospitals, schools, drug-stores, etc will be privatized. Our system will be void of idols (the spirit of Moloch) , owls, and the spirit of mammon (money-power-disease.) Our idols will be saints! The theme of a unified belief will of course be very socialistic even through this is a liberalist country. For all are the same! Rich will of course take care of the poor, for we are one people! The people own the state. And without a powerful state; the private actors must answer to the people!


An even better solutions comes to view through combining the thoughts of Christian Norwegian author, businessman, and politician Bertram Dybwad Brochman. He was hushed by the state as I was, but had pioneering ideas of the solution to government. The Bible has a system where all citizens get citizen-sallary from a government existing of political parties reduced of political status; rendered them labour-parties/groups that together compromise a council consisting of representatives from these earlier political parties, and scientists in each field; whom determine how all citizens shall serve the state in obligatoric work (as with the priesthood in Israel) f.i in farming during harvest to get their salary. All citizens get citizen-sallary; eliminating the lowest class. Remember; this is a biblical, theocratic ultra-liberalistic anarchistic system.


The parliament consists of elected saints from the church; whom have miracleworking properties; proof of their life being close to God. Aside from the national government; we advocate local governance through the church which functions as a mixture of school, and social-department; taking care of all socialistic welfare-matters. This will of course only work if all are Christian. Aside from the obligatoric work for the citizen-sallary; all are free to nurture their economic, political, and religious independence without group-contradictions; kept in peace by a strong theocratic church-police and military.


There is no people vs the state; for the people own the state, or as the Bible states; ¨give, and it shall be given to you in abundance.¨ Liberalistic ideology is maintained while eliminating the low-cast through citizen-sallary which all receive. This will become the freedom of a new world with more food, electricity etc due to technological advancements and robotization of work! We just have to be careful that the people chose no Barabbas over Jesus. The fear of Hell, and the necessary terms of sainthood in the parliament eliminate rats in the system. Obligatoric work removes taxes, and creates a brotherhood unity with a socialist spirit. This latter Brochman system will have a powerful state whose governance is only a council; ruled by the parliament. There will be no votes on government, and the church, and people votes in the parliament of proven saints.


The executive branch/government only abuse, and misuse it`s power, and is a governmental structure that does not work in it`s people`s interest! It must be reduced to military, police, and all above-mentioned positive ideas of socialism. None of these governmental forms need taxes, and obligatory work for citizen salary. There are also many other ways to fund a government like f.i by volition. The need to abolish taxes completely is to secure the great idea of freedom, and ensure that the corrupt government system never rises, and increases their taxes in the future again. The idea of an internet-democratic People`s State, where all can vote on affairs is also intriguing. We imagine the political parties (labour groups and scientists) have this internet structure that those educated can join. We decree this as free human individuals who have lost their freedom, nation, culture, pride, and the possibility of living to our religion`s requirements and ideals. We must get a Christian, biblical state!


Modern socialism doesn`t work since power is abused by satanist lobbyists that seek high positions! The evil elite will only become fewer, more evil, and be the super-rich. Communism has killed millions. The upper-middle class will disappear as in America. That is why we whatever the cost must establish a God`s Kingdom theocrazy somewhere on Earth as mentioned above; even if it is only a small village. We must serve God! How come nobody has seen this necessity before me?


To survive as a christian people and nation; we need a liberalist government as our scandinavian countries are over-run by satanic pretty-politic cultural marxists. Or else: Norway will end up like a police-state, soviet country where nobody dares speak of revolution or religion. Our riches, and oil-fond will simply disappear while IF we had had a homogenous society of liberalism; Norwegian patriotism, technological development, and society would have made us the best, most unified, strong, and peaceful nation in the world with a system that would be a template to change all other nations! This was God`s destiny with Norway, but the talmudian, satanic jews, and the Workers Party have completely eliminated the last trace of all last tribes of Norway; tribes who once were great nations of blondes, and redheads millenia ago! They wish to create religious war so that when mankind is broken down from war in the future: the situation will be so tense, and the emotional hate so strong between muslims, and christians that the police-state will crush every evangelist. Religion will be taught as the reason for war in history books. Most will agree Islam is the true religion. Europe will be lost! The primary target of the Illuminati_are_christians. This is no secret. AND..! The Illuminati rule the world! It would be hard getting our privatized village if we do not have a liberalistic right-winged government.



Socialist measures for the state of today


If f.i I took power over Norway today, and got a theocrazy with me as King, I would of course fix the country through socialist means. I would create a new Rome. There would be social integration centres where norsemen, and immigrants could hang out, teach, and share culture over an open mic! There would be open roman theatres, or ¨forums¨ at the heart of every city where people could drink, and do songs with theatrical shows on the scene, as well as having continous open dialogue where the people exchange philosophy, and ideas to solve societal, and national problems! I would rule as a king, and do all with support from the government.


But you see; such socialism is only a dream. Still; I would create a left-right government with the best from both sides so all minorities like ourselves could have private schools! I would build great monuments to human achievements like f.i the monument of peace, or the cathedral of human accomplishment to mark the milestones we overcame as a human species, and to settle with stone that we stand together against war for all time! I would build free work-out centres as temples of man to ensure good health! I would stop the toxic food import! I would use the oil fund to create inland industry. I would make Norway into the pallet example of an everlasting perfect society. But no such political opposition exists.


Stop this cultural Marxist-post-modern destruction of culture now! Start walking the streets as Norwegian clothing, playing with kids, socializing, playing guitar, singing national hymns, having all kinds of games, walking in nature, and going to theme park. All must be humanists with care for each other as Jesus is the examplaric man! Nietzsche must be destroyed!


If all are enlightened, moralistic, and have all truth: Why would not anarchistic ¨garden of Eden¨ society work? Yet first we need to destroy contemporary hip-hop culture. The culture, and music industry causing violence, rape, and a carnal slave-mentality.


I advocate an exodus out of the cauldron of globalist Babylon, and the first united rebellion against the corrupt state, and it`s danish King. All our Viking pagans, romans, greek philosophers, christian illuminates, humanist revolutionaries, biker anarchists, fascist nationalists, and national-socialists; RISE FOR YOUR CAUSE! In our country there will be zero taxes.. The statists shalt bloody pay for enslaving us, and creating wars for thousands of years! We christians deserve a land of our own after 2000 years of heresy, historical, and modern persecution from China to the Levant, Africa, America and Norway etc. They will NOT destroy the only hope for peace, or the messiah! The million voices of persecuted Christians cry out, as do the billions of muslims burning in Hell! They matter as well! And still you let the satanists rule our state while doing nothing?


When we spread our revival-renaissance revolution, and awaken all people of the world to the global idea of an utopian society, our state will be the glorious first democratic theocratic Empire, or ¨Kingdom of God¨.



We are anarchists

It is biblical, and self-explanatory. As the entire world is corrupt: Christian revolution in all western cultures is an ABSOLUTE must for the survival of freedom.