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Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

Anarchistic articles in english and norwegian

Appendix 1: Anarchistic articles written in 2017:




Im sorry but forcibly taking away another persons labour via threats of violence to pay for things you think are important does NOT make you a decent human being, it makes you an aggressor and a THEIF!!!!
Violating other people is ALWAYS wrong. There is this STUPID meme going around that it IS ok to force people to hand over their money to others against their will to fund what you think is important, its NOT ok, that violates the freedom of others!
If you support this, you are NOT for consent or peace or mutual agreements between people and you are NOT for the freedom of others. You are for aggression, violence, forcing others into something against their will.
Such acts towards your fellow man will NEVER make you a decent human being no mater what you are doing it for, you are just another aggressor and worst, a coward for getting someone ELSE to do it for you!








"Sorry, statist but none of your pack-mentality, collectivist excuses will change what you are: a bunch of fearful, impotent state-worshipers, trying in vain to manufacture an excuse that sounds rational, in order to justify the empowerment of the ruling class and the widespread use of authoritarian aggression. You're just a bunch of fake-ass “libertarian” posers letting their inner scared, helpless wimps shine through."


The problem absolutely IS government. And, it’s time that we stop negotiating with these TERRORISTS! Keep voting for masters to rule over you, and you’ll always be a SLAVE!'


It seems strange that any thinking human being would not be naturally open and receptive to the idea that he owns himself and should be in charge of his own life, unhindered by any human ‘authority.’ However, the average person who hears such a message often lashes out at the messenger, insists that actual freedom, a world without masters and subjects, would mean chaos and destruction, and then vehemently advocates the continued enslavement of all of mankind, including himself.” what an crazy period in history to experience!




Government is a syndication of criminals that have organized themselves into specific branches of specialty, each with their own brand of brutality. This is called elitist technocrazy. The rule of a technologically superior elite. It`s their latest trick to soul-farm control. The trick to their sustainability is to convince those outside of government that they need government to protect them from criminals that would take advantage of their vulnerability. Even though most people in every country in the world,have trouble and fear their own government. This is also how they recruit useful idiots (non-criminals) to give their organization a believable front that the syndicate can hide behind. They make their own laws, have full control over enforcement and even the “right” to define the meaning of words.


Through mastery of the art of seduction and deception they provide a highway of diversified temporary pleasures that all lead to long-term pain and dependency. Not freedom. They don`t help anyone, they keep them in a forced marriage. They have even convinced themselves that they are doing “good” in service to the people by providing the opportunity for humans to predictably make the worst choices possible for them in their life, journey and spiritual evolution as they slowly learn through trial and error in a state of total confusion.


This institution cannot be changed from within because it was created and perfected in such a way that will always revert to its original intentions – to serve the criminals at the expense of the people. Exit from this matrix is almost impossible as governments on this planet have seized every competitive advantage available to them – even technology from other worlds. Technocrazy. As such, they have violated certain unalienable universal laws. This condition will be corrected by re-circulation of their souls back to the creator..


Their greatest weakness is their inherent fragmentation because they are singularly “rational” beings alienated from emotional intelligence. This is why they may seem very clever, while still functioning in a diminished capacity. Their love of fragmentation has created a condition where they know “everything” about absolutely nothing.


The Earth and life-forms on Earth are undergoing a period of intense transformation as adjustments are being made at a galactic level for restoring harmony to the planet....








Selling people what they already want is easy. Selling people what they really need, when they don't yet know it, is a pain in the neck.


It's a little like trying to give a dog a flea bath. It doesn't know that it will benefit from it; it only knows that right now, it's unpleasant and uncomfortable. The dog would rather go snuggle in its comfortable, familiar, flea-infested blanket.


That's pretty much the current state of human society: people tolerating being infested with parasites, because the cure seems scary and unfamiliar. Ignorance, superstition, and a willingness to submit to “authorities” are still prevalent in our world, despite a dramatic rise in literacy and technical savvy over the past several centuries. We must continue to push this new renaissance. Seemingly intelligent modern humans continue to permit profoundly dishonest clergy, politicians, advertisers, and other professional deceivers to control their minds and lives.


Have you ever sensed that our "leaders" and "authorities" are no better than the masses who prostrate themselves in submission? No better than YOU? Have you ever wondered why it is right to do as you are told, yet wrong to trust your own mind? Why you are supposed to comply with the whims of the elite, yet they are not obligated to bend to yours?


Modern humans are so conditioned to look outside themselves for guidance, even those who abandon the mainstream often become mere followers of a different drummer. We cannot change the world, much less ourselves, through obedience to a different master. Human beings tend to protect and cling to their illusions like desperate, battered lovers afraid to lose the security of a Toxic seductive abuser. The loss of a delusion is terrifying, the realization one has dedicated his life to BS infuriating. It is the same with statism as it is with Islam. Is it worth the pain to find out for yourself what lies outside your own personal bubble? Is it worth taking the flea-bath?


Mental Anarchy is the exploration of our world, and our minds, without regard for what we have been taught to think and believe. There is no need to buy into any specific dogma or viewpoint, other than the fundamental truth that every human being is free to think for herself, and decide her own destiny.


Mental Anarchy does not merely question authority. It hacks authority to pieces, then tosses its bloody remains from a cliff. There is no authority, other than the authority of your own mind.


--Mental Anarchy






Freedom demands that you stand. The state requires only that you kneel.
Support, sign up, stay out of the way, bitch about it, or protest and beg. Either way, they win. Only by use of counter force, to take back what was stolen from you, long before you were born, can you ever be free. Fear keeps the slaves in line, until they realize death would be more honorable. Fear says, "But I have a family! I can't get involved!", while honor should be telling you, "I fight, so that my children will never be bound by the chains that I wear.". That's real "love". Not some sheltering bullshit. Look around. We've got enough pussies. That's why the Age of Heroes is over. It's time to be your own hero. Save yourself. No one else will. The age of heroes has come!
If that pisses you off, then good. Use that. You're gonna need it. It's all down hill, from here, buddy. Aggression has been brought to you, whether you would have it, or not. It's your acceptance of it, reading these words, that makes you either a coward, or a hero. You have to become the change you want to see in the world and then, you have to fight. You're not accomplishing anything, if you're just going to eat what they're selling you, with a spoon.
Excess ain't rebellion. You're drinkin' what their sellin'. Your self destruction doesn't hurt them. Your chaos won't convert them.








"Aren't the concepts of Liberty and Anarchy diametrically opposed to each other? How do you maintain Liberty in the absolute absence of any laws?"


In the same way that Oligarchy is rule by a few, and Monarchy is rule by one, Anarchy is translated as rule by no one. In this case "ruler" specifically refers to those megalomaniacs who enter into the institution known as the State to vie for the reins of power. The nature of the State is inherently violent and forceful. It is not elegance, it is not brilliance, nor is it sparkling originality. It is an entity that deems it necessary to force its destructive ideas onto a population that becomes proportionately impoverished as a result. If the ideas were so magnificent they would not need to be forced onto anyone, rather the people would willingly embrace them voluntarily. Good ideas do not require force. If your ideas require force, they are worthless.


According to Google, the definition of Liberty is "the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views." Hence Liberty is entirely consistent with Anarchy. It is the freedom to live one's life in any manner one so chooses according to the Non-Aggression principle so long as one does not trample on the self-ownership or property rights of another human being. Liberty is the foundation of any truly civilized society. The extent to which it is hindered is the extent to which prosperity and wealth is destroyed. Free men and women do not ask permission.


"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind."










"Democracy" is the best tyrant scam in history.
It gives the illusion that the people have power, and so keeps them perpetually wasting their time and effort on things that have never and will never achieve freedom, instead of doing anything that might work.
And 99% of people worship "democracy" (rule of the mob) as if it is the ultimate salvation.
And they continue in that goofy belief, even when they admit that they really aren't happy with the politicians they have to choose from." soo red or blue?green?


The election means NOTHING.
It is a "dog and pony show," designed entirely to keep you distracted, and to keep you thinking and doing things (like voting in the occupiers political process thus granting YOUR consent to YOUR own enslavement) which will NEVER achieve freedom for you or anyone else."


Most people do NOT know who they are or where they are standing.
Not taking any responsibility to learn who they really are and where they are standing, and then to vote in their private corporation in which they really have NO lawful right to vote in, (in the first place), is pure ignorance.


"Wake up!


Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your higschool class is running the country.










Most people who support the god called "government" do so from good but misguided intentions. They think they are advocating GOOD "government," for good ends, to serve peace, freedom and justice. This is true of the political left, right, and everything in between.


That is why those who say that we just need people to be more compassionate, or respectful, or caring, or loving, are actually WRONG. A bunch of good, loving people who believe in "government" are still going to enable and empower a violent, immoral ruling class.


It is not enough to have good intentions, or to "love thy neighbor." People need to actually UNDERSTAND what is going on, and realize that being a moral, caring human being is completely antithetical to condoning ANY flavor of "government" or political "authority."


The would-be rulers of the world are experts at hijacking the benign, empathetic "feelz" of good people, and turning that into power for some of the nastiest people on the planet. So no, love is NOT all you need. To have a free, just and prosperous society, humanity needs love AND understanding.


I.e: Love and light.








Still there is time ...
"The arch pragmatist Machiavelli once wrote that, “If you watch the ways of men, you will see that those who obtain great wealth and power do so either by force or fraud, and having got them they conceal under some honest name the foulness of their deeds.” You couldn’t pen a better description of the relationship between the imperial corporate state and its supplicant media. Once the coffers of vulnerable nations are ransacked by American wars of aggression, it is the media that sweeps the crimes of state beneath a carpet of piety. The truth may come out in due time, although it is always ex post facto."


"So you're having a War on Terror, eh??" "That's right" "What does war create?? " "Ummmmm..... ummmm. Terror."   "Exactly. So you're having a war, against a consequence, of the actions you're involved in??? "Yeeeaaah, but this is good terror .... it's good, peace, freedom loving terror ....... sort of a diet terror ...... like a terror lite...... or a ..... can't believe it's not terror"






Plenty of anarchists have noticed that the media, and the politicians have been mischaracterizing, demonizing and condemning "anarchists." State-worshiping leftists--whether they are genuine but stupid people or "government" plants--are displaying the "A" symbol while being moronic vandals. And that is what the media covers, and how they portray "anarchists."


As frustrating as it may be for us voluntaryists, this is actually a very GOOD sign. We're at stage three.


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi


Actual anarchism (not the bomb-chucking, entitlement-mentality commie brats' version) has been growing by leaps and bounds, to the point where the parasite class knows they can't just ignore it anymore. So expect the slander and vilification to continue, and to get worse.


But expect the cult of statism to fall anyway.








Be cautious and vigilant. Always read between the lines, and beyond carefully chosen words when it comes to politics these days. It's important to know the difference between falling completely for total Marxism and just being a decent human being taking individual responsibility in keeping a free-and-open-society free.


The reason it is important to know the difference is because the elite disguise all of their agendas as "good deeds", to gain instant public support of them, and only roll them out when they are ready to send us to the dog house. Otherwise, they would have used the media they program us with to fight and push for the civil rights of all minorities (christians) back to when the technology to control us didn't exist.


They are only promoting it now because they are finally ready to bait the trap for our "checkmate".








How often does the mainstream media give attention and coverage to people who calmly and rationally explain the concepts and principles of voluntaryism? Answer: pretty much never.


And how often does the mainstream media give attention and coverage to "alt-right" types frothing and ranting about Jews, blacks, immigrants etc? Answer: as often as possible.


And how often does the mainstream media give attention and coverage to immature rock-throwing commies who call themselves "anarchists"? Answer: as often as possible.


With that in mind, which do you think the mainstream media (and the ruling class they work for) feel more threatened by?


The "antifa" and "alt-right" crowds with their protests, demonstrations, counter-protests, and counter-demonstrations, are doing EXACTLY what the political fear-mongers want; giving them conflict among the masses to exploit for their "divide and conquer" agenda. Yes, both of those movements almost certainly include "government" created plans and instigators, but also include large numbers of angry, insecure, useful idiots, serving the ruling class's narrative perfectly.


The ultimate irony is how often the "alt-right" claims that actual anarchists are helping push the agenda of the "new world order." Really? Then why does the media constantly SUPPRESS actual voluntaryists, while promoting and drawing attention to bitter, angry, violent idiots, "left" and "right"?


Puppets on a string. And they don't even notice.








I suppose it's a good thing that both the "alt-right" and the "antifa" commies are so incredibly bad at PR, propaganda and persuasion. Do they even realize that their emotional tantrums, while exposing and outing plenty of people who were ALREADY bitter, violent assholes, are "converting" pretty much nobody? In that way, authoritarian gang mentality--"left" or "right"--is similar to alcohol, in that it doesn't MAKE anyone rude, obnoxious or violent, but it does REVEAL those traits in people who are usually smart enough to hide them. So, as unpleasant as it might be to SEE all the stupidity and ugliness of angry, screaming imbeciles (on both sides), that's actually more useful than if they hide their true nature. Like most cowardly gang members, being surrounded by their fellow insecure members emboldens them to the point that they openly advertise what they really are, and what they really think. And that's a good thing, since their divisive, fear-based stupidity; when portrayed openly and honestly; still repels most of the world, instead of winning anyone over. So I hope the "alt-right" and "antifa," and any other mentally unstable, bitter, scared, violent statists show their true selves as loudly and as often as possible, so sane people can see what they are, avoid them, and if necessary resist them.








The "alt-right" is just another slightly different flavor of authoritarian collectivism, even while they froth at the mouth of "leftist" authoritarian collectivism. It's just a repeat of the pathetic spectacle of watching communists and national socialists (Nazis) argue with each other, as if they are diametrically opposed, when, in practice, they are the same damn thing. "I hate those leftists, and think we need a strong, centralized authoritarian power that sacrifices individual rights in the name of the common good!" Aak.




How long will it take people to figure this out, and return to humanistic love-light anarchism? When authoritarian powers are huffing and puffing at each other, and preparing for war, it is because BOTH sets of tyrannical control freaks--the ruling classes of BOTH countries--need their OWN subjects to be scared, so that the slaves on both sides feel loyalty to their supposed savior rulers. Never, ever, ever, ever, is it because either ruling class cares about their "own" people (except to the extent of keeping enough of their slaves alive to preserve their own parasitic existence as a soul-farm).








To any "law enforcer" who ever stood by, doing nothing while a fellow "officer" committed fraud, theft, assault, or murder, your fellow officer is a thug and a criminal, but YOU are also a coward, a fraud, and a criminal. You deserve no respect. And I dare say that that describes just about every "law enforcer" in the country who has been on the job for more than a week.


Even if all a badge-wearing coward does is watch as his fellow gang members commit the evil, he has still earned the contempt and hatred of the people. You wear their colors, you do nothing to stop your fellow gang members from acting like thugs, and you keep silent or help cover up their misdeeds, which makes you complicit in their crimes. If and when the victims of state thuggery lash back, and have YOU in their cross-hairs, your spineless silence won't save you.








When I uncompromisingly bash and condemn various flavors of statism, a lot of people complain, saying things like, "Don't be too harsh! You used to believe that stuff too!" That is true, but is also a part of WHY I now bluntly bash those ideas. I wish that, back when I was a statist condoning "slavery lite," someone HAD bluntly pointed out and criticized my authoritarian hypocrisy, inconsistency, contradictions and lack of principles.


Bogus, immoral and destructive IDEAS should be condemned loudly and often. That's not the same as condemning the individuals who believe them. In fact, it is doing someone a favor to point it out if bogus IDEAS are warping his perceptions and making him betray his own rationality and morality. Friends don't let friends condone statism










1) "Well of course, as a libertarian I would ideally want the market to handle everything, but as long as government taxes, regulations and licensing make healthcare so expensive, we can't give up Medicare and Medicaid!"


2) "Well of course, as a libertarian, ideally I oppose 'gun control,' but as long as there is the 'war on drugs' creating this gang violence, we can't repeal those gun laws!"


3) "Well of course, as a libertarian, I don't think people should need government permission to travel, but as long as the state funds and maintains the roads, we have to have a licensing system!"


4) "Well of course, as a libertarian, I would ideally oppose all forced redistribution of wealth, but we can't do away with Social Security unless and until we repeal all the taxes and laws which make it so hard for the elderly to be self-sufficient!"


5) "Well of course, as a libertarian, I oppose all the random stops, searches and interrogations, but as long as the government is doing its war-mongering around the world, we need such things to keep us safe!"


6) "Well of course, as a libertarian, I would ideally want there to be no borders, but as long as there is a welfare state, we need government agents using violence to keep people out!"


Moral of the story: You can try to justify pretty much ANY type of immoral state aggression by complaining about some OTHER example of immoral state aggression, and then say that we NEEEEEEED the one until the other is gone. Just know that, if you make such arguments, you are: a) immoral, and; b) a statist. And a slave to mass-suggession. You being scared, and using words like "realistic", "practical", and "survival" doesn't change that.








In one sense, there is no positive, active solution to "government." The ultimate solution is negative and passive: Stop advocating aggression against your neighbors. Stop engaging in rituals that condone the initiation of violence and reinforce the notion that some people have the right to rule. Stop thinking and speaking and acting in ways that reinforce the myth that normal people should be, and must be, beholden to some master, and should obey such a master rather than follow their own consciences.


The men who wear black dresses, wield wooden hammers, and refer to themselves as "the court" are seen as the madmen they are. Those who wear badges and uniforms, and imagine themselves to be something other than mere human beings, are not seen by the deprogrammed as noble warriors for "law and order" but as confused souls suffering from what is little more than a mental disorder.




Is philosophy dead?




What is 'philosophy'. Does it mean to ask for the purpose of life? Or does it mean to ponder the nature of things? And what if only one of these things interests me and the other does not? Am I then a philosopher or just someone who is asking a question? And what is the difference? And what if I only ponder one question very deeply, but pretty much skim over all others? Does that make me a 'bad philosopher' for not wondering about everything? Or does it make me a good one because I actually have answers to something specific? And if I pondered a lot and deeply about, say, how things fall to the ground and then wrote a book about it, would I be a good philosopher? Or would I then suddenly be a physicist? But before there was the label 'physics', would this not likewise have been a philosopher? And before there was 'psychology', was a person pondering the psyche not also a philosopher? Why does this one get his own label? Labels are a chapter of their own. One repackage an idea, and call it something else as with how f.i the right-wingers were the communists of nazi Germany. And then, why does the one who ponders the purpose of life not get the label 'purpose-ponderer' and the one who questions the nature of things 'nature-of-things-questioner'?
Of course, these labels would be a bit silly. Someone is not a purpose-ponderer just because one ponders purpose, is one? There is more to a person than just what that person wonders about. But then, is it even valid to say someone is a philosopher? Or would it be more valid to say 'this person often philosophizes'? But what would such a proclamation even mean? That someone asks questions or wonders about one thing or another? Who doesn't? Is the man who ponders how to make a lot of money not also a philosopher? Why not? Maybe to be a philosopher, you need some mystique and depressing aura? Or some belief about the working of everything, like Objectivism? Or you need to be abstract? Or orient yourself on ancient 'philosophers'?
But what happened to the person who simply wonders about something? When did it stop being about that and start being about 'being a philosopher', to carry it like a status symbol or medal of honor? So when you ask a question, sometimes somebody will say 'leave this to the philosophers, bro. They learned it'. Yeah? How do you learn wondering about things? By knowing how others did it? Plato? Aristotle? And why are those so 'important'? Maybe their angles are not interesting to me at all, so why should I read them? 'To be a good philosopher'?
Sometimes it seems to me that philosophy is not even about wondering about things. It seems to be a big 'Plato said...' or 'Aristotle said ...' kind of thing. And you can score big if you name-drop some obscure philosopher that has value only among the rare elite of the philosophy jerk-off club. Like some Ming vase that nobody even knows about, but you own it. And then you classify all their wondering into 'wondering systems', all those '-ism's. There truly is no need to differantiate in the political arena. Good is good, and bad is bad. Left, and right ideas work together. But since the powers need competition to keep the masses asleep through fighting, they`ve created political clubs. Anyways.
You end up asking someone a simple question, and instead of answering it, they will tell you what 20 ancient to modern 'philosophers' thought about this, along with the labels to their ways of thinking. Like this: 'Ah. This thought reminds me of Pletorius from 1924 BC who introduced this in his Suspicism, although your ideas also carry a note of Mendreck's Perfidism and, if I am not mistaken, have you dabbled into Mercidism, too? Because Mercid had some ideas that you would probably like!'
I mean, seriously, who cares what some people in the past thought? It basically just means that once a human being existed that happened to have an electrical impulse in his brain that translated to a few words in a book. Oh, it's important? Because they were 'great thinkers'? And what exactly is 'a great thinker'? What indeed is 'a thinker'? Someone who thinks? Someone who is intelligent? Someone who ponders questions? A philosopher???
What is 'philosophy' all about? Some kind of competition where everybody hopes to get on top and 'one day', be 'a great thinker', 'among the stars of philosophy'? To 'earn one's score'? An intellectual vanity contest where everybody showcases his botox brain on ancient-philosopher-steroids?
Why do people post memes with quotes by ancient to modern 'philosophers' instead of simply posting their own thoughts? To impress people through association with those people? How 'philosophical'!


It would be futile to claim the anarchist tradition is not originally and mostly socialist. In the same way as physics and psycology is a child of philosphy.
The main problem is the socialist refusal to think anew when new facts have been revealed."
Statists cannot accept the fact that it is not possible for them or any other human to have neither the right,
nor the competence to run other people's lives.




Appendix 2: Anarchistic articles written in norwegian 2017:




Våres liv i samfunnet er påtvunget deltakelse i et paradigme som støtter konkurranse. I så måte er det et ”spill” og det er derfor det brukes begrepet PERSON (aktør, maske, en som spiller en rolle) for å beskrive mennesket frem for begrepet ”essens” som hadde betydd evig åndsvesen i midlertidig kropp.


Uansett hvilken rase eller kultur du tilhører er du påvirket av miljøet omkring deg å leve fra utsiden inn som biologisk tilfeldighet med store begrensninger i forhold til intelligens og prestasjonsevne. Prisen det koster å forsøke å forlate spillet mens det spilles er såpass høy at det får de fleste til å velge å la være å forsøke.


Du vil nemlig bli avvist av din familie, venner og de fleste som før ga deg støtte. De som krever å ha myndighet og autoritet over deg vil straffe deg om du forsøker å leve fra innsiden og ut fremfor å leve fra utsiden og inn. De kan og av og til vil straffe deg med døden til følge fordi det setter et skrekk eksempel for andre som advarsel.


Likevel er den eneste løsningen for å ”vinne” i spillet å slutte spillet mens du lever. Det er ingen annen utvei.


Når du slutter å være PERSON og du begynner å være essens, oppdager du at forholdet er lik for alle levende vesener. Alt som har evnen til å være oppmerksom på sitt miljø har det du kaller ”liv” og det vil si ”ånd”. Det gjør at du føler deg koblet opp til andres essens – men også smertelig klar over all smerten som de har pådratt seg.


Smerten forløser seg bare i det øyeblikket at essensen forstår at alle andre spiller dette samme spillet og at det beste du kan gjøre er å oppmuntre andre til å forstå at det hele er bare et elendig spill de må slutte med. Ett
Møkka kjedelig spill! Mer kan du ikke ta ansvar for. I mellomtiden lever du som essens og du skaper din verden derfra – fra innsiden og ut. Noenganger vil det være musikk, bilder, skulpturer, bygninger, du verden.... du kan skape hva som helst.


Dette spillet vi blir tvunget til å spille er en slags skole. Skoleåret er snart slutt og snart ringer bjellen som sier at det bir en pause fra denne skolen. De som har forstått at de spiller et spill og har gått over til å være i essens – de vil starte på en ny skole for viderekommede sjeler. De som fortsatt vil spille PERSONSPILLET – vil starte om igjen på en ny skole skapt for deres utviklingsbehov.


Mens du ser at skolegården blir rasert, at det er mye uro i skoleklassen og at læreren er blitt sprøyte gal – kan du trøste deg med at det er slik det alltid er mot slutten av et skole år. Det er for at elevene skal ha lettere for å forstå at det er jo bare et spill. Klokkene ringer snart, Er du klar?








De fleste av oss antar at overtroen er minimalt til stedet i vår moderne verden. Det er så feil som det kan bli, overtroen er verre enn noen sinne. Denne troen på nasjonalismens kollektivisme,og statens suverene autoritet over individet, og ikke minst disse psykopat politikerne folk ser på tv. Dem tror virkelig at dem kjenner disse tv trynene på ordentlig. Dem har aldri møtt dem i hele sitt liv! Tv-en er en-veis kommunikasjon! Grise forer! Hypnotisør! Selger av dårlige ideer!


I gamle dager så var det jo til en viss grad forstålig at folk trodde på tusser, troll og trolldom da flertallet av menneskene på den tiden var uvitende om så mye. Vi tror ikke på nisser, vetter, huldra eller nøkken lengre, men vi tror blindt på mye annet som har erstattet den gamle overtroen.


Hvor mange er det ikke som blindt tror på det media forteller dem, jo flere ganger dem repeterer løgner jo sannere blir det? "Jeg tror alle i Norge er enig i hva VI sier her må gjøres med ditt og datt, "3/4 79% av nordmenn er enig med ditt og datt." Hvor mange tror dere som ikke forstår at det finnes noe som heter propaganda ? Og hvor mange er det ikke som tror blindt på konstruerte fiendebilder ? Hvor mange tror ikke på det reklamen formidler ? Det er en god grunn til at Reklame er en milliard industri! Hvor mange tror ikke blindt på politikerne? Og hvor mange er det ikke som har en fanatisk blind tro på vitenskapen, som ikke forstår at den har blitt en salgsvare som kan kjøpes hvis prisen er den rette ? Hvor mange tror dere forstår ordtaket: de som ikke forstår historien er dømt til og gjenta den?


I dag har vi en kunnskap og innsikt vi tidligere aldri har hatt, idag har en fisker tilgang på like mye kunnskap som en historiker for 100 år siden. Allikevel er overtroen større og farligere enn den noen gang har vært. Folk raver rundt som pappegøyer, sjel løse zombier, og kakler om dårlige ideer ifra gamledager. Som om å gå tilbake til kommunismen eller vikingtiden var noe vi ville om vi kunne det. Parasitten er øverst i næringslivet. Vi er degradert til en papir-fiksjon, en aksje på wallstreet! Media er blitt ett totalt se&hør sorgens sirkus kvakksalveri. Neo fasister marsjerer i gatene våre. Og politiet tillater det. Homser marsjerer nakne i gaten med små barn i hånden,og teddybjørner på tissen og roper Norge er verdens beste land og bo i.


Har det falt dere inn at høyre og AP er mer lik hverandre enn forskjellige? Innenriks og utenriks. Hvorfor samarbeider ikke dem? Jo dem gjør selvfølgelig det. Siden 1814 å brød mangel og dårlig sparkføre har dem snakket om tyske dårlige ideer som kintergarden og schule, politiet og militærets makt. Staten og kongens guddommelige autoritet. Spør Djengis Khan, Napoleon, eller Hitler hvor lurt det var å rasle med sablene imot Russland.
Det burde også viiiirkelig bekymre dere at Putin er den ærligste,klokeste, mest fornuftige og veltalende stats overhodet i verden idag. Det sier litt om resten av verden om ikke annet?


Denne troen på nasjonalismen og statens suverene autoritet er en kreft på planeten vår. Den er global! Hver menneske bonde gård tror dem har den beste bonde herren,den fineste kostymen og kuleste flagget. Og verden dør av kreft! Og dere statister er kreftceller! Staten er den verste mest grufulle døds kulten i menneskehetens historie! Og nå er den så tett til totalitær i Norge som aldri før. For vårt eget beste selvfølgelig. Trenger mere av våre penger,mer energi,mer kontroll! Jobb hardere, mer politi,overvåking og militær.
Og dere tilber dette monsteret staten, også kalt av våre forfedre; LeviATAN eller SATAN! Dere tilber denne religionen med hele deres kropp hjerte og sinn. En dødskult eldre og mer dødelig en svartedøden! Bare slutt med det, våkn opp nå før det er helt totalt for sent. Dere er frie gode mennesker innerst inne, med sjel og fri vilje, med evne til og føle omsorg, kjærlighet og tenke selv, tror jeg.








Av de tusen på tusenvis av artikler jeg har lest opp igjennom livet mitt så er dette den viktigste jeg har lest, så viktig er den at jeg MÅTTE oversette den for å gjøre den mer tilgjengelig for dem som foretrekker norsk framfor engelsk. Her snakker vi om hovedårsaken til hvorfor verden er som den er, roten til det onde.


"En annen av psykopatens egenskaper er hva Lobaczewski kaller deres spesielle psykologiske kunnskap om oss ikke-psykopater. De har studert oss på nært hold gjennom hele deres liv, de kjenner oss bedre enn vi selv gjør. De vet hvilke knapper de skal trykke på for å få den reaksjonen de vil ha, slik at de kan bruke våre følelser/emosjoner mot oss.


Og det kan også virke som om de har en hypnotisk makt over oss. Når psykopaten har fått oss i sitt garn, vil vår evne til å tenke rasjonelt avta, ja kansje til og med bli lammet. Det er først senere når vi er ute av deres grep at tankens klarhet gjenopprettes og vi begynner å lure på hvordan de klarte å trollbinde oss slik de gjorde uten at vi la merke til det.


Allerede tidlig i barndommen klarer primærpsykopatene å kjenne hverandre igjen i en folkemengde, de har med andre ord en bevissthet om at det finnes personer som er som dem selv. De er seg også bevisst at de ikke er som vanlige mennesker.


Tenk på konsekvensene av dette utsagnet: Psykopater er, til en viss grad, selvbevisst som en gruppe allerede i barndommen! Når vi anerkjenner den fundamentale forskjellen mellom dem og resten av menneskeheten, så forstår vi også at de vil være mye mer tro mot andre psykopater og deres agenda enn mot oss ikke-psykopater.


Deres forskrudde æresfølelse tvinger dem til å jukse og spotte oss ikke-psykopater og våres verdier. I motsetning til de idealer vanlige mennesker har så anser psykopatene det som normalt å bryte avtaler og løfter.


Det er ikke bare det at de begjærer makt og eiendeler, de føler også at de har rett til det de måtte begjære bare fordi de som individer eksisterer, men de får også en glede av å tilrane seg andre sine eiendeler, stjele æren for andres arbeide, svindle og drive med utpressing.


For dem så er dette langt søtere frukter enn det de kan tjene gjennom ærlig arbeide. De lærer også i veldig tidlig alder hvordan deres personlighet kan ha traumatiserende effekt på ikke-psykopater, og hvordan de kan dra nytte av denne roten til terror i den hensikt å oppnå sine mål.


Tenk så på hvordan mennesker som er helt uvitende om psykopatens tilstedeværelse, hvor lett det vil være for psykopatene å manipulere dem, og hvor enkelt de vil kunne tilrane seg makt i mange land ved at de utgir seg for å være lojale mot befolkningen, mens de samtidig bruker hersketeknikker der de spiller på rase, hudfarge, religion, etc.


Vanlige mennesker vil bli satt opp mot hverandre pga uvesentlige forskjeller, mens avvikerne i kraft av en fundamental forskjell fra resten av oss, en manglende samvittighet, en totalt fraværende evne til medfølelse for andre levende vesener, trekker i trådene og høster fordelene av det falske spillet de har konstruert og manipulerer."








Hvem i samfunnet er det som kan begå de mest grusomste forbrytelser uten at det får konsekvenser for dem ???


Dette er den sanne historien om det som er allment kjent som moralisme.


Hvis du var den eneste tyven i hele verden, tenk da hvor lett det ville vært for deg å stjele. Det ville ikke eksistert noen låser, ingen sikkerhetssystemer, ingen passord og ikke noe politi. Du kunne bare ha tatt det du ville ha og folk ville trodd at de hadde mistet det du stjal.


På den andre siden, hvis alle i hele verden var tyver, så ville alle ha sultet. Ingen ville ha skapt/lagd mer enn de konsumerte i nuet fordi alt ville blitt stjålet.


Så hvis du vil bli en dyktig tyv, den største tyven av alle kanskje, så ville den beste strategien vært å få alle andre til å slutte å stjele. Ikke fordi du synes at det er galt å stjele, du er jo tross alt en tyv, men fordi du ikke liker konkurranse.


De mest brilliante tyvene finner opp "eiendoms rettigheter" for å gjøre tyverier enklere og mer lønnsomme.


Hvis du vil bli en god forfalsker/svindler, (den beste kanskje) så blir ditt første steg å overbevise alle andre om at tyveri, svindel og falskneri er umoralsk, galt, ondt og at det må straffes.


Så må du overbevise alle andre om at din forfalskning, stjeling og svindling er moralsk, godt, dydig og må belønnes.


Dette er det George Orwell kalte dobbelttenking.


For at vi skal akseptere en slik galskap, så må våre sinn først forvirres og knekkes av indoktrinering. Det hjelper, staten, skolen og media til med.


Etikk, dydighet og moral ble ikke oppfunnet og påført oss i den hensikt å spre godhet, men for å avvæpne og slavebinde oss.


Sekvensen er alltid den samme - finn opp en universel standard for hva som er god oppførsel og skap så en usynlig untagelse for deg selv og dine venner ved å kalle det for noe annet.


"DU SKAL IKKE STJELE!" - Ok, all right, å stjele er galt! Dermed kan de med makt kalle deres tyveri for "skatt."


"DU SKAL IKKE DREPE!" - Ok, all right, å drepe er galt! Dermed kan de med makt kalle deres myrderier for "krig."


"DET ER FORBUDT Å KIDNAPPE!" - Ok, all right, å kidnappe er galt! Dermed kan de med makt kalle deres kidnappinger for "fengsling."


"VOLD ER GALT!" - Ok, all right, å bruke vold for å få det som du vil er galt! Dermed kan de med makt kalle deres voldsbruk for lover.


Ser du mønsteret ? Skap en universel moralsk regel, og skap så et unntak for deg selv og dine venner.


Det er veldig enkelt å teste ut denne teorien. Gå bort til en vanlig borger og spør ham eller henne om det er bra å bruke vold for å løse problemer. Vedkommende du spør vil si "nei". Si så til vedkommende at staten bruker jo hele tiden vold for å løse problemer. Vedkommende vil garantert begynne å forsvare statens voldsbruk.


Folk forsvarer moralske regler, for så å forsvare de mest åpenbare overtredelser av de samme moralske regler.


Slik blir vi kontrollert, slik får propagandaen makt over oss, slik dør friheten.


Slik dør vi.


Hvis noen gir deg en moralsk regel, så må du ikke først undersøke regelen, men hvem det er som er untatt for den. Hvem har lov til å gjøre akkurat det motsatte, hvem er ikke bundet av en slik regel ?


Det vil alltid være dem med makten - det er derfor moralske regler eksisterer. Enhver tenker som forsøker å anvende universelle moralske regler universelt, vil bli ansett som gal, bisarr og latterlig - fordi formålet med universell moral er unntaket, bruddet.


Regjeringer avvæpner befolkningen ved å nekte dem å bære våpen, samtidig som staten selv er innehavere av dødbringende våpen som betjenes av statens lakeier, soldatene.


På samme måte brukes moral.


Åpne øynene dine og våkn opp. Vi kan kan kun unngå feller som er synlige.




De som fremdeles håper å oppnå frihet via bønner, valg og regelverk er ikke bare å gjøre noe som ikke har mulighet til å lykkes, de er i hovedsak dooming selv ved å la tyranner og kjeltringer velge den, og la dem velge den.


Den filosofiske debatten om etatisme mot voluntaryism-autoritet mot selv, regjering mot ikke-aggresjon-er nå drastisk ensidig. Jeg har vært en i to tiår nå, og jeg kan bevitne at den siste eksponentiell økning i hvor mange mennesker faktisk setter spørsmål ved sine autoritær indoktrinering, ned til sine røtter. I alle slags fora og formater (utenfor den media, altså), vil folk nå forhøre seg og forlate den politiske mytologi de ble lært, og i stedet for å lære og omfavne prinsippene for ikke-aggresjon, selv og voluntaryism. Og hva gjør den kontroll med det? De har ikke noe logisk eller moralsk motsvar, så de prøver ikke engang å nærme seg det. Deres forsøk på å rettferdiggjøre sin egen makt, kom i to former: " hvis vi ikke hadde vært her, ville skumle ting skje!" og " alle vet at regjeringen er nødvendig!" men annet enn frykt og grunnløse sier, De har ikke noe imot å tilby den guddommelige rett til politikere. Fordi det ikke finnes en. Når det gjelder rasjonelle debatt og diskusjon, har den og politikere stort sett gått fra slagmarken.


På den filosofiske slagmark er autoritær collectivists ubevæpnede bajasene, som er grunnen til at de i makt ønsker så mye for diskusjonen om å handle om kampanjer og valg, ikke prinsipper og ideer. De er konstant og desperat prøver å dra kampen inn på deres sine: den sirkus, som er ", så lenge argumentet er over hvem som skal sitte på tronen, har tyranner ikke noe å frykte. Det er deres spill, spilt under deres regler. "politikk" er et system av den, av den, og for den. Det har alltid vært, og det vil det alltid være.


Det er derfor det er så frustrerende å se på påståtte frihet som ivrig på slagmarken, der de meningsløst og tafatt syt om hvordan tyrannen en kan være litt mindre ille enn tyrann b, eller at selv tyrann c har sjansen til å vinne. " hvis du ikke stemmer på min mann, er det som å stemme på den andre fyren!" så kort, prinsippløs dumhet er nøyaktig og nøyaktig hva de i makt vil ha. Hvorfor tror du "den" er så vanskelig å få folk til å stemme, til og med å snakke om å stemme? Ville de gjøre noe sånt hvis de trodde at valg var en trussel mot deres makt? - nei, selvsagt ikke. De vil at kampen skal skje på slagmarken for å velge politiske mestere, fordi de allerede vet resultatet. Som den sier: " hvem folk som stemmer for, vil regjeringen bli valgt."


Det latterlige skue av "demokrati" er det beste trikset tyranner har noensinne funnet på. Å tillate slavene å stemme er en utrolig effektiv måte å tømme selv pro-frihet folk av sin tid, penger, energi, entusiasme og håp, uten å gi dem den minste sjanse til å oppnå frihet. De er besatt av løpet, hyler på hverandre, og så, etter å ha knust hodet mot den brick en gang til, og etter et nytt sett (eller samme sett) av politiske dukker tar tronen - den ydmykt kryper tilbake Inn i subservience, utslitt og motet. " vel, du kan alltid prøve igjen om fire år." patetisk, de fleste av dem vil gjøre bare det, å falle for samme svindel neste gang, også.