Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

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Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

Love and Light!

Prepare to receive the Light from the master.

The Law of Love and Light - A New Gospel from Jesus Christ!

Love and Light – A new gospel from Jesus Christ.


By Thomas Eidsaa. 11.08.2018


I am a liberal Christian, and a patron for the west. This book is the follow-up of my previous book ¨How Jesus was the messiah.¨ Read it first, then read this book from start to finish. Thank you.


My teachings of love and light applies to both the atheist humanist, and the religious. (Particularly the Christian or Buddhist.)


Dedicated to my Jesus, my heavenly high priest. I hope this clears out the mess.

Dedicated to my irreplaceable late grandfather Hans who always sun gazed.

Dedicated to her majesty ¨Catherine the Great¨, my beloved patriot sister in the Lord.

Her love alone made this work come through.

Dedicated to my dear Geir, brother Rune, and Åslaug from the local prayerhouse.


I believe in something called ¨spirit science.¨ We believe God`s primary emanation in this universe is the sun, and planets called stars. Scientifically speaking: There is a relative creator: The sun, and the force of pro-creation/love. The ¨God¨ has if so to be: Love and light! Which is my favorite catchphrase.


Friends have asked me to start a church, and call it ¨Church of love and light.¨ I was thinking of simply ¨ love and light education¨, or more profoundly ¨Templars of Love and Light.¨ I don`t know if this is a new, perhaps even THE true branch of Christianity, but it would be cool if the law of love, and light could hit the streets either in it`s Christian, New-Age, or humanist-atheist form.


Be cool. Join the ride! And be as eternal as the sun.

I`ll go for the ¨Church of Light¨. Or COL. Be cool.


Chapter 1: Spirit science.




We have discovered our origins, and how Jesus freed us from the law in my work ¨How Jesus was the messiah¨. This is a new age of Aquarius promised to be an ¨age free from sin¨, and I could easily call this book ¨The Kingdom of God¨ as it illustrates God`s wish for how  to get there. An age which was to come about by now. This book illustrates how we can achieve global unity through the Holy Ghost mercy covenant: freedom from sin through living in your love-and-light higher self. I explained the covenant in my book ¨How Jesus was the messiah.¨ You might argue, and say this is ultra-liberal Paulian theology. Yes, Christianity only have a few laws, and Heaven`s gate is wide. If you want to read some of my more orthodox views, read my Church Theology and Practice in the 21st century. Yet I include a chapter in this book called ¨The noble path¨, which is traditional conservative.

I just want people to really grasp the beauty, and possibilities of this new Christ gospel, because I believe it can really change society, and is the next step of evolution towards a better world.

I present to you keys for a peaceful new order of thinking. I present to you long lost knowledge, and philosophical keys to well-living. I will rediscover something very ancient.

I have constructed an eternal, universal philosophy for perpetual world peace. We will base this entire book upon scientific observation: Love and light which is the sole creative forces in the universe. This is also the universal law of universal brotherhood. The Aquarian law of Love and light.

Love is akin to the word law, and created all human morale. It`s word implies respect, compassion, social kindness and care. Light means truth, enlightenment, fire, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace and order. Together: Love and light create all visible life in the universe. (except from deep-ocean volcanoes, but they are created by fire, so I guess our theory is valid.)

Who is God? The definition of the monotheistic God is the Creator. The creator must therefore be love and light. For the sun, and sex create all life!

Furthermore: Love, and light are the two divine qualities of man that distinguish us from animals. Our morale compass, and our enlightenment/intellect.

Let`s therefore make it the law: A language all religions can agree upon. An ethic that unites, and traverses all borders and tongues. A law all ethnicities can understand. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Love is the lesson for humanity to graduate, and drop their weapons. The world has never been one before, as through the internet. The possibility of world peace is within reach for the first time in history. Stop everything you do, meditate upon love, fill yourself with light, and rise as a new man. You are now a child of the future. Leave the past, and look to the horizon. We are the new dawn.

For, the world can only be one through common humanistic ethics. And the answer is. Love and light.

The catchphrases ¨peace love anarchy¨, and ¨peace, love, and understanding¨ are simply children of my philosophy. For how can there be peace without enlightenment?

Light to the people! Love and light= all life. Life= laughter, lust and more love. (And Lucifer, just kidding.) Remember the 6 l`s.

Basic beliefs summary.


I believe that I have founded a scientific religion believing most prominently in humanism through love and light as the universal path.

I believe that the Gods/aliens created mankind.

I believe there are several dimensions of the universe which we have proofs of.

I that there might be a Heaven, and might be a God, but we have to prove it though science.

I believe Jesus existed, and have explained his magic on the cross. He was somewhat an alien. The curiosity surrounding Jesus becomes fancy when science proves supernatural miracles done in his name.

There might therefore be something to Christianity, but Buddhism have similar proofs of ascension such as seen in Near Death accounts of Christians.

I think belief in what you can`t see, and fruitless worship and ¨praying to the clouds¨ should be illegal, and a thing of the past.

I believe religious bondage through laws of strict religions like that of my Christian childhood is foreign to the human, childish nature, and should be illegal.

I believe that love, and light is the fundament of all needed morale, and that every child of mankind must decide for himself.









The Source Field theory of evolution.


Let`s move into physics. Is God a field? Can you measure life force? How much spirit science is kept hidden from us? Scientists operate with 4 primary forces.


The discovery of this “fifth force” torsion, ¨Source field¨, or ¨God-field¨ is generally credited with the first research that was done in the late 1800s by Russian professor N.P. Myshkin.

The other four forces being:

  • Electromagnetism
  • Gravity
  • Strong (nuclear) force
  • Weak force (in nucleus)

Russian scientists are reported to have written around 10,000 papers on the subject in the 1990s alone.  However, shortly after the USSR collapse in 1991 at a meeting of the Committee on Science and Technology at the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the research program was identified as pseudoscientific and research funds were stopped.


David Wilcock`s Source Field Investigations stunned me the year it was gifted to me by a kind Hippie at Hawaii in 2012, when it came out. It is the greatest sci-fi-spirit-science book, and nothing comes close.


Dr. Luc Montagnier, a noble prize winner, proved that DNA can electromagnetically teleport itself.


He discovered that DNA emits electromagnetic signals that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal, replicating itself. He had one vessel of DNA water, and one with sterile water. He zapped them with 18 hours of zapping, and then the sterile vessel had all signs of DNA being there. This was all over the science-news in 2011.

But it goes beyond even that.

Professor Ignacio Ochoa Pacheco put sterilized sand with regular water into a sealed tube, sterilized the tube. Then after 24 hours: Hundreds of complex, microscopical, biological lifeforms emerged!!! Plants, cells, and plankton emerged. The question is then: HOW DID THESE PLANTS RECEIVE THEIR GENETIC CODE? They got them from the source field. Is God consciously creating biological life continuously through his source field? And can we manipulate it?


A mechanism of true evolution was discovered by Dr. Peter Gariaev who discovered that you can put salamander eggs in front of frog eggs, and beam light through them with a laser to magically transform the frog eggs into salamanders! Should explain why couples who are married for 50  years start looking like each other. Now we`re talking magical alchemy, and are perhaps onto shapeshifting!

The salamander thrived.


The source field is the source of life. Charles Darwin was a 33`rd degree mason that removed the idea of a higher power through his ludicrous theory of evolution through random mutation. DNA is a quantum emergent phenomenon.


David Wilcock concludes in his book that. ¨Space, time, matter, energy, conscience and biology is being created by a (God) universal conscience. And it`s main script is love.¨  Which fit into our love, and light theory, ey? This is science being withheld from the general public, as it would shatter 150 years of theories, and awake the public, and Christians to the reality: Is God a scientific reality? A force that holds all things together? Something we can measure?

David also states:  ¨Might we believing in amnesia- going through experiences that will eventually guide us through a full awakening into the vastness of this infinite consciousness?¨ In other words: The Kingdom of God. A world tuned into the source field of love and light.


The meditation effect was proven by Maharishi Yogi in the late 1960. He believed that if 1% of the people of Earth together in one room; you could effect the whole world. 7000 thousand people meditated peace together. And terrorism rates worldwide reduced by 72% for the days of meditation! This effect has since been proven in 39 attempts, with a chance of billions to one that the effect was a random happening. Just think of the implications of prayer!

This proves that within the source-field conscience, our natural blissful, loving happy selves, have a radiant effect. David Wilcock also proposes that every species has their hive-mind telepathy - to a stunning degree as seen with how historical invertors did breakthrough simultaneously. We are all one! Our brainwaves, and mental states affect each other, which I am certain you will agree with. For instance when a depressed person comes into the room; and the vibes suddenly sink.


Pyramids funnel the source field.


The Russians, by scientist Alexander Golod built Pyramid to harness the Source Field. These pyramids have become famous, and are tourist attractions today, but few know of the ENORMOUS benefits.

They built one over an oil well. It became 25% more productive, and the oil was 25% more pure.

They would make poisonous chemicals less poisonous.

Diseases would be cured: Even cancer. They had white underbred mice, and injected them with toxins that would normally destroy them. 60% of the laboratory mice died, but only 6% of the pyramid-mice died. Why? Because f.i cancer cells are a frequency phenomenon.

The Russians discovered up to 400% increase in production of agricultural seeds stored in the pyramids. The taste was better, the fruit larger etc.

They discovered a strong electrical activity atop the pyramid, and they could generate electricity.

They discovered a significant reduction of earthquakes around the area of the pyramids. Many small ones instead of one large one.

They discovered a huge column of energy hundred of miles wide around the energy. This conscious, benevolent, loving, DNA-creating ¨God field¨ Mr.Wilcock calls the ¨Source field¨ is termed differently throughout the hidden scientific worlds. The Russians calls it torsion-field, or time-field. Many americans call it the ¨scalar field¨, and some relate it to the popular orgone effect discovered by Wilhelm Reich. I have myself made LOTS of orgone pyramids in miniature dimensions of Alexander Golod`s pyramids with four 72 degree planks. I also built one half-a-meter Golod pyramid with a quartz crystal top. All this took me quite a while, and I discovered food rots faaar less around my pyramids, and that plant growth increased significantly. (I put my cannabis seeds inside the pyramid, and for the first time in my life; all of them became resistant to fungi, which was a MAJOR increase as the best results I had had so-far was that 50-70% of my seeds survived the early growth stage, and the experiment repeated itself 3 times with only one seed ever dying. It seems this field is conscious somehow.

The russians discovered severe weather activity would deflect around the torsion-field of the pyramid.

The Russians took giant granite slabs inside the pyramids, and built prison-cells for 5000 prisoners, and discovered substantial increase in addiction recoveries from alcohol and drugs i.e better health, as well as better attitude and behavior. How? Because Alexander Golod had confirmed that all crystal stores torsion energy, and that pyramid charges molecules to the degree that red granite slabs would physically get white stripe-marks from the torsion-field epicenter after being placed on the pyramid floor for a few months. White circles inside the pyramid so to speak. The source field when harnessed through a pyramid works just like the magnetizing effect; as how you can magnetize an otherwise non-magnetic iron nail.

So the energy that makes you who you are can be harnessed in a pyramid. Alexander Golod discovered that any metal in the pyramid disturbs the source-energy flow dramatically, so  all his pyramids were made of fiber-glass with NO metal inside, or around it. If we built an oval structure, or any other structure, it will have less effect as the pyramid acts as a funnel for the source field. It is very simple. The source/force is all around, and the pyramid is a simple funnel: Strengthening the energy emitted from the Earth. The Source Field would make extinct plants come alive through DNA change caused by the nearby pyramid. Could evolution be energetically driven by the source-field? By God?


Are we walking in a state of trance?


Some people have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy etc. How?

Dr. Cleve Backster worked for the military, and hypnotized the secretary of the commanding general of the counter-intelligence corp, and told her to give her a top-secret document, which she didn`t remember giving him afterwards. We must conclude that some part of the brain just obeys command!

A lot of CIA mind-control technology started with Cleve Backster.


Dr. Thomas Garrett hypnotized people into a state of deep trance. He would then tell them they could see through objects, go through walls, fly, and teleport to anywhere in the universe. I experience similar realities in dreams, which I call the TRUE reality. I can do all these things, even copy myself, change form, grow wings, and meet people. I once spied on George Bush Senior who was sick, praying for Lucifer to return soon. I woke up, and without my knowledge: It was Obama`s inauguration day. They stated. ¨The Bushes are not present as Senior is very ill.¨ I have had this ability all my life, and lived my life in my dreams, not in my body, where I have a fraction of deeds, and memories compared to my dreams which I always remember.



The Backster effect: Plants talk to each other!

From hypnosis, psychics, lucid dreams, and astral projection, we learn that consciousness is not strictly limited to our own brains and nervous-systems. 



By 1958, Cleve Backster had developed the first standar system for numerical evaluation of polygraph charts – which is still being used today. Or simply: A graph used to measure electromagnetic response when connected to the human body, which he had worked with for 18 years at the time. In 1966 – Backster had an idea. He had never owned any plant, but decided to connect his new Dracnea plant to the polygraph. Much to his surprise; the plant didn`t have a smooth, flat pattern of electrical activity. It jumped around like that of a person! About one minute into the chart recording, the tracing exhibited a short reaction similar to that of a person who experienced the fear of detection! The plant realized it was being monitored.

In other words. It reacted just like a person who was hiding a lie. Backster, stunned at this discovery, figured that he would find a way to threaten the plant to get a reading on the polygraph. What happened next would change the world of science forever, and still has not reached public awareness. He was fifteen feet away at the very moment he got the idea of burning the plant with a match; the polygraph recording pen JUMPED to the top of the chart! No words were spoken, no touching the plant, nor lighting the matches, just Backster`s clear intention to burn the leaf.





The plant had an enormous panic-attack! Author David Wilcock arranged a repetition of the original experiment 40 years after it`s  discovery, and caught the same reaction on camera, with a different plant of course.

Backster writes ¨after returning the matches to the secretary desk, the tracing (finally) returned to the calmness displayed prior to the original decision to burn the electrode leaf.¨ When Backster`s associate Bob Henson came to work- and cheered at the magical discovery, Henson repeated the experiment, and the exact same reaction occurred.

Backster now felt sympathy for the plant, and decided not to burn any of the leaves.

Backster used synchronized watches, and discovered that when you start caring for the plant, it seemingly track your thoughts. He writes: ¨I found that the moment I decided to return to where the plant was, the plant often showed a fairly significant reaction-especially when my decision to return was made in a spontaneous manner.¨

Then Backster got more plants, and connected them all to polygraphs.

Backster first discovered that all living matter is in constant conversion when he poured boiling water down a dirty, bacteria-overgrown sink in his lab –had a huge panic-attack.

He started experimenting with dropping living shrimp  into boiling water, and Backster says ¨the plants reacted strongly each time he dropped a shrimp.¨ But it only worked at night when there were no humans in the lab, or else, the human energies would be more interesting to the plants.

Backster performed hundreds of more tests, even on American, and Russian tv-shows, but the scientific community was not amused. Russian scientist V.N Pushkin replicated Backster`s experiments in 1972 using EEG instrumentation, but

Dr. Otto Solbrig of Harvard University`s biology department wrote:

¨This is a waste of time. This work is not going to advance science very much. We enough already about plants- so that when someone comes up with something like this, we say it`s quackery.¨

Backster also connected yoghurt bacteria, ordinary chicken-eggs, and even live human cells to his polygraph- and continued to get stunning results. He discovered all living things are constantly tuned into their environment so that when one living thing suffers, all other living things react. He put eggs inside a lead-lined box, and dropped an egg into boiling water. The other eggs ¨screamed¨, but since they were inside a lead-lined box, their communication could not have been electromagnetic. How does all nature conversate? Through the (God) Source Field. Backster also discovered that distance matters not, and that cells from the a test-person responded to his daily stress-moments even 300 miles away. Think about thefor when two beings are intimately connected, they respond to each-other even at the other side of the globe! And it`s made of love. <3>

From reading Wilcock`s book, I got new proof of the ¨circle of attraction¨, and ¨think yourself healthy.¨ Think of the amazing, dormant human potential when we synchronize our thoughts through love and light! That is why I wondered if: Should I call this book the Kingdom of God? I, like Jesus, and Isaiah believe in we can eliminate sin, and suffering for a future golden age! Perhaps you now start realizing how much sacred knowledge is hidden from us. If good humans ruled the Earth; we would have declassified technology to end disease, starvation, poverty, electricity crisis, aging, and transportation. Russian Dr.Victor Grebennikov discovered that when fabric made of microscopic hexagonals are placed upon each other: They levitate. This is the secret to understands how the Bumble-Bee flies despite it`s weight. It is antigravity levitation! Grebennikov used bug-wings to build a flying platform. Think of the implications… We could transport material to live in the beautiful, secluded valleys of Norway, build pyramids, heal ourself, have free electricity of which there are a hundred options. Although Keshe`s newly invented ¨plasma generator¨ combined with solar-cells would do the trick. I remember I researched anti-gravity for weeks, and there are lot`s of possibilities; especially with nano-technology. I wondered if I should not try cultivate these beetles, and make myself my own flying platform, which was called ¨flying carpets¨ back in the antique. Considering the 1000 ton blocks moved by the ancients, it`s no secret they had anti-gravity. Yet we do not. My dream was always to fly. I fly in all my dreams, and am a natural born angel. Mankind was MEANT to fly – and fly MUCH faster than jet-airplanes.

The ancient Greeks, and Druids believed that especially old oak trees mature into spirits called Dryads in their old age. These dryads are humanoid children like fairies that play in the astral realm of the forest, and live inside their respective tree. I have met thousands of these dryads, and all other elemental creatures in my astral-travel-lucid dreams. I once met Lord Ashtar, my clone, and he taught me how to summon all the elementals when I am in my dreams. Lord Ashtar lives in the Heavens, or in a ufo, and is an ascended Master, not to be confused with the descended devil Ashtaroth of catholic demonology.


Let`s have a thought experiment. Let`s say I have tortured clones, and had aware, telepathic contact with them since I was 9. Or. Let`s rather not. But think of it as how such evil would ripple through the Source-Field reaching me, and greatly suffocate me to the point of physical death – changing the vibrational field of the entire planet! That`s why historical dark magicians like the Aztecs, or Druids use sacred spaces like pyramids, Churches, or altars when doing evil; because the effect of evil intention devastates the conscience of the sacred Source-Field to a higher degree. Creating ripples of fear, stress, anxiety, and depression that could keep a child running an entire night with desperate tears in his eyes, as I did most of my childhood.

Any magician would tell you that the source field is real, and that those who have a higher intellectual, loving, or artistic conscience make better magick. Because they a have a greater force, or influence on the Source Field. The British occultist, Aleister Crowley defines magick as ¨making change from a distance in accordance with will.¨ I have been a victim of black-magick voodoo myself, and whenever I facilitate fear, or think of the person attacking me; the astral body of the demon gets ¨force¨, and can affect my with physical damage, like f.i raping, or stabbing, which eventually led to my slow, horrible, and most painful death. And here I was trying to be the God-conscience protecting the universe! It seems the neighboring astral dimension is somehow bound to time, but not as much to space.

It would be interesting to start a Christian spirit-science university, and rewrite the sciences, especially Darwin`s theory on evolution. Someone HAS to measure torsion-field energy (The God field) in a Christian congregation, preferably on someone that gets healed. I leave you with it, and would rather invest time to write an entire book on the subject, as I believe Christianity has reached 1% of it`s potential.

Do you now understand how sacred all life is? I once grew magic-mushrooms, and could talk to tree-nympfs, plants, and see the aura of all living things, as well as guardian-animal of the people I met. Now I know what I experienced was real.

We must joyously dance, sing, meditate, and love in nature, and at home; filling ourselves with love and light; which facilitates the Source Field! Perhaps I should upgrade the saying to Source Field (God) , love and light! We have now discovered that love, and light is intimately connected to the source-field, and that photons carry DNA-codes from what it`s been in contact with!


Regarding the soul.


It is said that the soul (emotions) of a man stays the same throughout his life. I agree, but the colors of the soul change with darkness and light. Everyone has a light, and dark aspect. An angel, and demon so to speak. A saint, and a sinner. The greater the angel, the greater the demon. This is a metaphysical law to me. Man consist of many bodies in different dimensions. Most religions operate with body, soul and spirit. The spirit is in continuous fluctuation through interacting with other spirits in the higher planes. The soul is your emotions, and your lower etheric being in this plane, and it`s immediate neighbours.

Then we have your angel, and your demon, which strictly are both a part of you, and part of an eternal circle. Most people who remember incarnations do so from memory of spirits. When you die, your spirit is trialed, and put either in the ascended, or deleted folder of the matrix. But the soul-body of your lower self will continue to exist like a ¨ghost¨ for 1-3 months on this plane before vanishing, as most wizards, and astral-physic books will agree upon. But these are not your conscience. These are unconscious thoughtforms you`ve created. These are the energies you produced while alive, which takes time to be deleted. Let me give you an example. Scientists, as proposed by David Wilcock, know that your dna stores photons. Your thoughts create photons wherever you send them. And photons will be stored in a trail of your movement up to 3 months after you`ve been there. Is this a coincidence? I think not.


The clever Egyptians believed in 9 parts of the ¨soul¨, but I believe there to be mainly 3. Spirit (you) , soul (your emotions-energies) , and your angel/demon or ¨higher self.¨ Esoteric scientists, spiritual practitioners, and I myself am certain that the seat of the spirit is the pineal-gland. I once had a near death experience. I was dying, lying in my bed. I lost feeling in my feet, then my hands, and all my body until only my head was left. I felt dragged out my body, and then let go. I flew through a tunnel, and immediately ended up in a boat floating down a river in Alvarheim, a portion of the Heavens that is local to Norway. (…) I was wild awake. The scents, the light, and the tree! I stayed away from the Sirens, and the cave of temptation, and paddled onto the shore where I found Idunn, and her apples, comparative to the garden of Hesperides. This is not the only time I have consulted the Gods. I am well known, and know well the spiritual layouts of the seven heavens. All spiritual practitioners I know of see the pineal gland (or simply brain) as the seat of the soul. I often wonder if those debilitated, and retarded might experience more than even we do!


The nature of the universe:


I have experienced hundreds of different dimensions and places. A dimension might be frozen, unfrozen, stable or unstable. It might be a future dimension or ¨timeline¨, or a dimension of something frozen in time. Every person have the ability to create dimensions, and have their own inner dimensions you can visit.

A dimension might be relative to the location of the dreamer as f.i I have been to mostly the druidic, and norse-belief planes of elves. Most of us divide the dimensions into 7 heavens as described by esoterics, and f.i Catholic cosmology. I doubt if there is anyone good enough to categorize the planes where fantasy meets matter. Each dimension can have thousands of inner dimensions and sub-categories. The lower dimensions are more in tune to Earth layout and happenings than the higher who are mostly archaic, and contain essences of ideas, a species, etc – where every idea sort-of solidifies into it`s own kingdom f.i the Kingdom of Mushrooms which I`ve been to wild awake, which is SO real, and definitely NOT in the astral realm, but higher up. To my experience, we have the spiritual realm of this realm, which many call the Astral realm, and then we have the second Astral realm right over it, which is a beautiful summerland of elementary spirits, fairies, elves etc. Then we have the realm of ideas and fantasy (Like the Mushroom Kingdom) . I mostly cross into the Astral layers, but am always able to travel through time – and I travel back, and forth through time, and have been everywhere, and seen everything.

But I have crossed all Earthern dimensions, and entered the afterlife plane. At this highest plane, you completely leave dimension Earth as an ascended being, which is very rare. Earth is nowhere to be found. There`s an everlasting grassy field of archaic rocks looking like Stonehenge on top of a eternally high cliff that surrounds the entire universe in a circle. Here: Your eyesight is changed so you can zoom in, and see every star, planet, or system in the universe. All knowledge is also immediately revealed at the first glance in this ALIEN plane of non-terrestrial Gods. To the right are seven mountains of infinite height in seven colors. This was the original Kingdom of Lucifer before he fell. His fall created the abyss that stretch from it. Remember: All the universe floats in an abyss. The abyss itself is filled with a netherverse of stars and systems. From Lucifer`s fall arose a mountain in the abyss, called the mound of the Gods, Mt.Doom, Mt.Purgatory, the Omphalos, Ymir etc. I found out I had ascended, and become an angel, and that I now could grow wings. The inhabitants of this realm greeted me as a Deva before I flew of to Mt.Purgatory. What I discovered is so sacred I cannot tell you. For the mountain is snow-covered, and hollow on top, wherein lies a garden of DIVINE POWER where you find the sacred monuments of Creation. The so-called fiery stones of Lucifer are to be found there. It is from this place that God rests with his spirit, and continuously weave all souls and fates. The center of the lesser universe. You see, you can enter Hell from this place, but Hell cannot enter up, because the top is holy. I bet Jesus used this path. I went to Hell, and rescued a friend who had just become a Christian two weeks earlier. He died two weeks after I had this out-of-body-out-of-Earth-dream.

Note that Heaven is ABOVE this Mt.Purgatory , and unreachable by any means. The only way to enter Heaven is to first DESCEND into the lowest realm, experience the trials of Earthly life, and be judged by God. Heaven is for mankind, and for angels. But when an angel falls, he can never get back. It is beyond impossible to get to God`s domain. (Heaven) How Jesus did all that is an absolute miraclework by God.

And that is the nature of our universe.  There_is_absolutely_no_way_the_ancients_could_have_learnt_of_Heaven`s_existence through out-of-body experience, Lucid dreams, and shamanic trance. It does not exist to any eye in any dimension. We had never known of it had it not been for Moses, and the Jews. Praise Ahayah. Furthermore: Our cosmology is close to the Norse, and Egyptian cosmology. Especially the Norse, if you understand the texts.


Scientists like Dr.Bill Deagle, whom you should listen to operate with a 13th dimensional universe. The 5 dimensions of this physical world, the seven Heavens, and the thirteenth eternal realm. All I know is that there are THOUSANDS of dimensions with BILLIONS of gateways related to this Earth, and that once you leave the highest after defeating the demons, angels or guardians: You enter the UNIVERSAL plane. Basically: I have not read any viable source of information on the planes. It sounds like those writing books on it lack experience. If I should make a tree of my own, it would be quite interesting.


The flat Earth Theory


We are living in historical times boys. Since 2017, the flat-earth movement has exploded on internet, and gained popularity among conspiracy theorists. The Bible, and Quran states the Earth is flat. The Bible says there are four pillars supporting the Earth, that there is a dome/firmament above it, and equate the stars/planets with heavenly powers. We will get to that shortly.

The flat-earth theory has gained popularity among Christians and Muslims. Even New-Age conspiracy theorist David Icke questioned in the Earth was flat. While the flat-earthers believe there is a dome, like in the Bible, they are not however so sure about the rest. The hindus believed the Earth was flat, on top of an elephant, on top of a turtle swimming in an ocean. But these are probably metaphysical concepts.

I believe the Earth is flat, and that Earth is the center of the solar-system, and so-called ¨universe¨.


The flat Earth theory exploded last year with this picture of the Chicago skyline was taken from 60 miles across lake Michigan. The news-media claimed it was a mirage, but there are literally thousands of pictures. If the Earth was round; the entire city should be WELL below the horizon. The flat-earth theory cannot be debunked, but there are still questions.

What explains the phases of the moon? Answer: An unseen object between the moon and sun.

How do you explain northern-lights, and the meteorites? No answer.

What about the planets? The planets as seen through hobby telescopes are not what they have been presented to us as. F.i Mars has a ring around it.

Flat-earth psychonauts that experience astral travel like myself have always seen the Earth as flat in my dream-journeys. And the planets I saw were different dimensions – inhabitable worlds just like ours. I will leave you to figure out your own opinion. Google: 200 reasons the Earth is not a spinning ball.

The Pyramid of Giza is built where the center of Earth landmass, and incorporates the mathematics of our orbital satellites in the mathematics of it`s construction, as does the mayan tzolkin calendar as you can read about in David Wilcock`s ¨The source field investigations.¨ My point is: This world was once ruled by Satan who appeared as an alien God from space. Yes. I believe in reptilians and shapeshifting. I have seen it myself. This is Satan`s plan outlined in the Bible ¨to put his throne higher than God¨ through the ¨universe theory.¨ That Lucifer is Lord of the universe. (Which doesn`t exist.) Ufo`s are however real, and was invented by the nazis in an Austrian bunker which christian author Jim Wilhelmsen writes about in his book ¨Beyond Science Fiction¨, which documents how 200.000 nazis escaped with submarines to Antarctica for their space-project. He claims the nazis inhabited space, and are the cause of much ufo-sightings, which ironically started right after the war with the Washington ufo-sighting– where the ufo`s flew in a german flight formation, and escalated. I have seen hundreds of ufo`s myself. They are watching. Will they come back as aliens, and rule the world as Gods from space? Not if we claim the flat-earth theory. The United Nations symbol depicts the map of the flat Earth, while I believe NASA, helped, and co-founded by nazi-scientist Wehrner Von Braun, who came to the US under operation Paperclip creates the illusion of the univserse-theory.

As the Jews are destroying the west, the white nations, and the flat-earth theory has exploded: I think there is little hope for a ¨nazi intervention¨ into Earth politics. The elite has taken plan B, Islam, now that Christianity has failed, and operation Millennium is over. (Operation nazi space-brother Jesus.) It is like Uzumaki Naruto vs Uchiha Sasuke (UN vs US) if you are into masonic predictive programing.



Astrology is real!

As we have discovered that all things have energy (life) through the Source Field. Why then should not the planets affect this field? That is the truth behind astrology – how the planets affect our lives on Earth. Through the Mazaroth, or Zodiac which was common accepted belief in Judaism, and all the antique. The God of the Hebrews was a the ruler of the planets! The God of the Elohim/the stars. Elohim are the seven spirits of God, or the seven candles of the Menorah. (Jewish 7 lampstands.) How? Yahweh (trans: the I am) of Elohim (trans: strong ones) of IsRaEl (Isis, Ra and El). Who correspond to the Moon and Venus, Sun and Jupiter, and Saturn. Remember the Jews followed a LUNAR sabbath. Yah, and Sin were originally moon-gods. Sin lived in Sinai, where the moon arose each night. The 12 tribes in the desert symbolized the 12 signs of the zodiac, called Mazaroth in Judaism. The Mazaroth was depicted through mosaic on the floor of antique synagogues as the cornerstone of Jewish beliefs. For more on this; read my book ¨How Jesus was the messiah.¨



Christianity as a sun-cult.


When I first started on this book, I dedicated it to the Sun, and Venus, which are the planets of Light and Love in astrology. Jesus himself identifies specifically with these two satellites.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”



Above: Jesus as the sun-god, and the three wheels. Surrounded by the 12 zodiacal/mazzaroth signs, often later represented as the 12 apostles throughout Earth history. We covered this in my book ¨How Jesus was the messiah.¨

Jesus identifies as Venus in Revelations 22:16

"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."



Pope John Paul holding a sun-cross in the sun-square of St. Peter’s church.

Christianity is a sun-cult, and grew in Rome alongside Mithraism which was another sun-cult. This influenced the occultism of the Roman Elite, which further influenced the sun-fixated artwork in the early church.

I love it! The Church is the best thing in the world!


To get you thinking:

Is this a Matrix? Is there a God and devil? If good/God created evil, then isn`t God evil? No. He wouldn`t be creator if not. Nor would he be good, holy, or judge if there wasn`t evil. It exists to be judged. But do we end up in a deleted-folder after death? Is mankind philosophically speaking the only innocent true God? Yes. For we never chose to be born or burn. Who shall judge me?! The devil chose to fall. God chose to create. Or did he? Life had no purpose after the Garden of Eden. Lucifer had granted us intellect, and owned us in his soul-farm universe. Jesus himself says Satan is the God of this world. But if God is all-powerful, why didn`t he intervene? Why did so many souls have to be lost??? Because God hired carpenters: The angels/Elohim. Which Genesis tells created our world. They built what would later become our prison. Can a carpenter magically control his house? Only through following the laws of physics. Even though he built it. We will discover everything and more. We will discover what Jesus is, and how he gave life purpose through his sacrifice, ushering a Golden Age of the eternal Holy-Ghost mercy covenant. We will discover where this leads to in the age of Aquarius. Jesus was the second Adam, son of God. And now we are Gods as well. Redeemed children of God. Why do the Christians call themselves reborn? A new creation? Not under the law? We will discover all this.

But is there more? I say like Moses: There is a God above all stars and planets! There is a Hell, and there is a currency called souls. There is more than I can see?

Let`s therefore research the real religion together! It`s not boring Sunday church-service, or your regular book. And it`s certainly not the hardest, or conservative religion. Religion.

So I believe science lies proof of a creator through love and light that even an atheist could believe in. The sun, and the magical love… But is there more? I say like Moses: There is a God above all stars and planets! There is a Hell, and there is a currency called souls. There is more than I can see?

What is the starting point of religion if not the stars, and orbital sattelites; moon, sun, Jupiter and Venus; our most beloved, visible planets? Going back to the earliest known human tribes, we see that they adored the stars, spirits and animals through petroglyphs. The earliest civilizations in the indus-valley, and in sumeria worshipped Gods both male, and female who were giants present among them. They associated these Gods with the planets sun and moon. Through the study of comparative mythology, we see that the ancient religions of all continents have much in common; as if they originated from the same location. Was it Atlantis, or did they just observe the stars? They all tell of a giant flood that erased mankind aside from a few. Was that when Atlantis fell? And who were the Gods of Atlantis? Were they blonde, or redhead?

We will discover many things, but focus on liberal Christianity.



Egypt and the sun. Love and Light.

The first major step towards the Abrahamic religions of today happened 4000 years ago with a person named Moses. He was a great prophet. While civilizations, religions, and ethnicities come and go; the people of Israel endured.

From ancient times: Only Israel survived! Can you believe it??? And who owns, and rules the world today? Jews. All ancient cultures have died out. And saddest of all; even the sun-cult. Of all civilizations, and mythologies in the world; the Egyptians were the greatest because of the rich archeological finds. They were led by a priest-elite, and were the most spiritual of all ancient cultures. It goes without question they must have been very knowledgeable, and scientific about the spiritual, and they were more concerned with the afterlife than any other culture in history to this day. They even mummified their dead with spells painted inside the coffin; how to survive the passage to the netherworld! We will discover the greatest Egyptian hero of all times: Jesus the messiah who saved us from death. Remember: From Egypt came Judaism, and from Judaism came the messiah and Christianity. It is all part of an ancient mystery cult, and Jesus was the headmaster. More on this later.

The Egyptians built history`s greatest religious monuments. They had technology that baffle scientists today like f.i the ability to create gold-paper, and cut limestone-blocks with saws. But the greatest civilization in the antique vanished completely, and nothing remains of their religion! It was not until the 1800th century we could read hieroglyphs through the Rosetta Stone, and it took over 50 years of deciphering. Throughout Rome, and until the colonization-era; Egypt was SACKED for it`s iconic obelisks and relics. Over 8 obelisks weighing several hundred tons each were transported to Rome as you see with the obelisk in St.Peter`s square. Thieves robbed the pharaonic graves in the Valley of the Kings. French, and English colonists later sacked Egypt, and dug out it`s graves during the colonization era. You will find thousands of Egyptian artifacts in the museum of London. Why did the elite want Egyptian artifacts? What were the Egyptians onto?

The Egyptians were the only religion in history where the sun-god/gods was their prime deities.

Although some would disagree, and say the Greek-roman culture highly valued the sun; and do so still to this day in the guise of roman Catholicism. The Greek Helios, Apollo, and Phosphorus/Lucifer are examples of this. Especially popular in Italy to this day, is the cult of the Persian sun-god Mithras who was introduced at the same time as Jesus, and often intermixed with Christianity. Roman-catholic worship of the sun continues today among the masonic lodges. The lodges in Scandinavia have also recently adopted exaltations Germanic gods like the sun-gods Sol, Balder, and the druidic Hu, an Osiris archetype. Christianity is traditionally seen as a sun-cult while Judaism, and Islam are considered moon-saturn cults. These are the two ancient religions of the Illuminati, and I am here to keep this balance in a time of RAGNAROK.

In Egypt: The father of the Gods was worshipped as Amon Ra/Atum Re during the high-culture of Egypt. The creation-stories varies from the differenct Egyptian cities, as all had their prime deity, but he is generally considered Atum Re as he was worshipped in Heliopolis; the city of the sun. He fathered the universe, and lesser Gods; many of which were associated with the sun, it`s phases and the planets. I have worked closely with him, and he is Lucifer; the great architect of the universe in masonry. Only a God can awaken his power. Lucifer only uses this name to those who know him deepest and personally.

What philosophy, and science backed their beliefs? We will discover: Science, Christianity, common sense, and philosophy tells the sun is the God of Earth! Upon studying the circle of life, nature, the sun, and the creative force of love; I came up with a true, universal golden rule for all. The Aquarian law: Love and Light which is our simplest gospel, and catch-phraze.

Did the Egyptians live by my ideology, or am I the first to realize this? Was such beautiful arcane nature-philosophy lost in time?

I believe so. It was lost for thousands of years. And that is why I write this book. I believe we live in a New Age. This might be the best sun-philosophy since Egyptian times. And sadly: There is no sun-idolizers, or sun-philosophers alive today! Nor is there any sun-temple, religion of Ra, or the sun-gods in any mythology! While Set/Satan-worship was banned throughout all major Egyptian history, Satan or what was originally ¨night worship¨ of darkness; has many idolizers, philosophers, cults, and even huge churches like the Church of Satan in America.

The sun resembling his highest holiness has watched us waiting for this book to be written. And it is about time! I think the mummies have been weeping in their graves for long enough!

I have searched the internet, and there is none. We will re-discover that Christianity originated as a sun-cult-philosophy, and that Jesus was acted as the ¨sun-god Lucifer¨ to pay for all sin on the cross! Wow!

The evolution started in Atlantis, continued to Egypt, and made it through Judaism aaall the way up here to Norway through Christianity. When Jesus was introduced to the Vikings, he was clearly presented as a white, Luciferic archetype sun-god. Historical sources say he was introduced as ¨Kvitekrist¨ meaning ¨Whitechrist.¨

I am honored to continue on his work in this new age of Aquarius. An age of Ragnarok for the western world; where the intellectual sun-cult, and humanism will crash with stone-age sharia Islam; inevitably. I thus am a prophet of the time yet ahead.

I personally am a Christian, and believe that there is one supreme abrahamic God in Heaven above all Gods, and that Moses was his prophet. Moses was led by angels, and the judeo-christian faith is valid through miracles of God`s presence. It is also very rich in mysteries. But the REAL reason I believe it is the real-deal is because unlike other religions; God made a PACT with them. A pact of blood. And we magicians know that power of blood-pacts. God has a pact with Israel`s people, and today; that people is YOU the Christians. Not through the old-covenant, but through the Holy-Ghost mercy covenant, or the Yeshuaic covenant.

We will soon move on to clear up religion, and give Christianity a much-needed good name. We live in an age where theories, mysteries, and the occult flourish on the internet; available for teenagers. Most of the Christians I meet on the street have researched f.i Freemasonry, and many of them believe Christianity was repackaged Egyptian beliefs; pointing out the mythical similarities between Egyptian Gods, and Jesus in the new testament. A work to clarify our ancient origins must be done. Why are there similarities? Was Jesus Lucifer Horus? We will discover the reason, and origin of this controversy! I am baffled that while knowledge about Christianity evolves on the web; Christian preachers, and churches remain the same as 100 years ago! I think it`s time for a new, true 1stcentury Christian church! For much of this internet teaching falsify history, or discredit Christianity. We must be conscious beings evolving in time, and not stagnate in 1000 year old churches! I pray for a future church where all hidden truth is finally preached from the pedestal. Let`s go straight to business.

God name is Ahayah, and also Yehuah. Jesus name is Yahusha. That is the true pronounciation of most-high God`s names, and his son. I did thorough research. But it`s not as much what we call him that matters. Our hearts is more important. For the sake of ease, I will still very using the names Yahweh, and Jesus in this book.

I peronally believe God created Lucifer, and that angels were God`s first creation. The Bible cleverly tells these Grand Architects/angels created the universe and mankind, or as the Bible tells; The Elohim created the universe. Elohim are the sons of El; the highest God in ancient canaan, equated to other supreme Gods as f.i Anu in Sumeria, or Ahayah Yehuah in Christianity. The Bible tells the Gods in plural created the universe, as is gnostic belief. These archons as they are called; are the planets. We will discover the Jews, and Christians strongly believed in astrology, and centered their faith around it from the very beginning. They did however NOT make charts, and/or fortunetellings as is Biblical.

God is the idea of a universal, supreme, one, infinite, good creator being. What you call him is not of such matter. Still; there are linguistic similarities between the names of God in the abrahamic religions and otherwize.

So I believe science lies proof of a creator through love and light that even an atheist could believe in: The sun, and the magical love…

What is the starting point of religion if not the stars, and orbital sattelites; moon, sun, Jupiter and Venus; our most beloved, visible planets? Going back to the earliest known human tribes, we see that they adored the stars, spirits and animals through petroglyphs. The earliest civilizations in the indus-valley, and in sumeria worshipped Gods both male, and female who were giants present among them. They associated these Gods with the planets sun and moon. Through the study of comparative mythology, we see that the ancient religions of all continents have much in common; as if they originated from the same location. Was it Atlantis, or did they just observe the stars? They all tell of a giant flood that erased mankind aside from a few. Was that when Atlantis fell? And who were the Gods of Atlantis? They were blonde, and redhead giants.

And now we will take religious science, philosophy, and scientific observation further in a NEW gospel revealed to me by Jesus Christ.











Chapter 2: The Aquarian Law of Love and Light. A new gospel from Christ.


The basis for a New Law


Love is what defines us humans; the strongest weapon we have. And all have it. It is the innate god-like human quality of morale that surpasses all creatures in the universe, and trespasses all borders, languages and religions. All morale stem from the human heart capable of love.

The dream of utopia is at hand: If God is Love, and Love was the law: We should burn our differences on the pyre of peace. I assure you all war would stop, and the world be stable forever. Therefore;

Let us drop everything we are doing, and become prophets of the new age peace. For the modern world`s potential can be too good, and eternal to miss. Think of it… Think of the eternal circus we could create! We CANNOT miss this! Therefore we must keep this current peace for as long as possible. Mankind has never been more healthy, and the world has never been more peaceful. We must continue to evolve. Mankind need a huge leap in the right direction. Man has travelled to the moon, but still can`t fathom love. Through loneliness comes pain, and all the devils. The path to hatred. The world is ruled by hatred, but we will replace it with love. Europe must take on radical Islam, and humanism must continue to evolve. We must prevent war, and read books instead. Unite the revolutionary flames of conspiracy-theorists, alternative-media, philosophers and liberalists; For a western alliance of love and light. The Jews, and satanic elite have long ruled us through dividing us, and putting us against ourselves. But we are one through light, and need their protection no further. We denounce the Old-World-Order of evolution through war and suffering. The age of deceit, and rule through lies, and chaos is OVER!

We are love and light! We will prevent a cold society ruled by religious fear, and polar opposites. We will unchain humanity so no individual grows up in a cold environment. We will complete the heart of the children, and be the backbone of all levels of society. We will integrate the outcasts, and never birth half-hearted youth and children. Through our codes and laws; all will be accepted. Humanity has learnt to stop racism, the cold-war and terror. The people must make a stance through love and light. Today: Mankind learns of love, and graduates from the school. Love is the glue of the universe that keeps us in form. Light gives us form. Combine the two.


Let me give an example at first to make you see the outlines of the future, and the problem I`m solving. I hate, and love jews. I was invited into jewry myself! They even wanted to circumcise me. And I have had many kind muslim friends with dozens of opportunities to convert to Islam. I was even invited to travel to Pakistan, Iran, and other countries to meet Imam`s, be circumcised, and marry a Muslim woman! I love Muslims. But I hate radical sharia muslims.

The problem with religious laws is that it creates supremacy, division and racism. It is the very origin of these: The heart of evil as to speak. Religion. One man, f.i a rabbi, or iman crucifies his ego, and natural habits. It is unquestionable that this results in anguish and pain. The religious mind will justify this pain, and say it is good. His pain will eventually turn into pride, and then into hatred towards the non-observing. This creates a circle of strife, dominance and pride. Supremacy is the children of these. There was nothing wrong with nazi supremacy. (But they should not have gone to war. The war was started by the Jews.) Why do I say this? Because they were scientists. They weren`t mumbo-jumbo supremacists. Their supremacy had a basis in reality. They WERE better. They ARE more beautiful. Statistics proves this. Scientific, national, and cultural development of all modern Germanic history proves this. The way Germany has positively influenced the west is greater than any other country inc. England and France.

The Jews hate the whites. For they know they are God`s chosen people.

It is time enlightenment, and knowledge becomes free for all!

Let me give an example of how religion, and secret knowledge corrupts a man.

If I was a reformed-jewish, elitist oligarch: I won`t deny I would let the hate of orthodox religious superiors against sinful man define how I shaped a world where only the elite have access to love and light: Enlightened knowledge of freedom, liberty, money, sex, and enjoyments of life, as the goyim don`t deserve anything but to be ruled cause: ¨We are God`s hand, humanity is evil, deserves suffering, and can only learn by it, for it has always been so. They can never embrace love.¨

This is the main archon we are attacking. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

If I was a super-powerful jew with all the joys in the world; I`d like to rule over a world of two classes. Ourselves; the super-rich jews, and the poor-middle-class heathens. It is vital that we divide them into classes under a strong police-state, so they never see their potential, and start enjoying the life-philosophy of us elites. Only WE have the hidden knowledge of love and light. Homogeneous society always rules the government; while a divided population needs the government for safety.

The only homogenous society working in the world is the axis of evil, and they rule! This is Satan`s master plan. Dividing us into an anti-social, cold world ruled by fear. A world where fear of the fanatic Islam is the main catalyst to cold social behaviour. They will create a nervous world where you cannot say what you mean or feel. Despotic religion serves to imprison human development, and the peasants will simply obey.

Therefore I say: KNOWLEDGE TO THE PEOPLE! We need a new magus for a new age. We need the True religion, and the eternal moralistic code: Love and Light. A religion for the people! It is the stepping-stone for tomorrow. The task of a century. The school of evolution. For without this law; no life would exist. Surely God is love and light! Love bridges all nations, ethnicities, and is in whatever way you put it: What we are made of. The quality of God. Light enlightens so we achieve an ethnically homogenous society through humanistic reason. This is VITAL for Christianity`s future. Therefore:



The eternal law of the universe: Love and light.

Jeremiah 31:31-34:

“The days are coming,” declares the Lord,
“when I will make a new covenant
with the people of Israel
and with the people of Judah.
It will not be like the covenant
I made with their ancestors
when I took them by the hand
to lead them out of Egypt,
because they broke my covenant,
though I was a husband to them,”
declares the Lord.
“This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel
after that time,” declares the Lord.
“I will put my law in their minds
and write it on their hearts.
I will be their God,
and they will be my people.
No longer will they teach their neighbor,
or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’
because they will all know me,
from the least of them to the greatest,”
declares the Lord.
“For I will forgive their wickedness
and will remember their sins no more.”


The creation of life, and goodness in this universe can be summarized in one paragraph to meditate upon.

¨Love, and light is the creator nothing would exist without, and the lesson for all the universe inc earth. Light makes flowers spread new seeds of love for a reborn sun next year just as God is ever merciful with his light. So should we be. Light is knowledge. Love is morale. The divine attributes of man that distinguish us from monkeys, and the civilizing factors in the universe. The eternal law of happiness is the very circle of life. This has been lost for 2000 years since the Egyptians.¨


How did I discover this? It was Jesus who led me, and told me to write this book. Consider my teaching love, and light sacred as a new gospel of Jesus. I won`t tell you my whole story, but I was a very devout Christian. Things happened that shook my life. I would go through journeying half the globe, and converting to Judaism before ending up at a mental asylum. Attacked by the Illuminati Mk-Ultra. I journeyed between Heaven, and Hell for 3 years of intense spiritual struggle. It was there he came, like a ray of light between all hopelessness: Gabriel, my Holy Guardian Angel which I had not seen for a long time. When all hope seemed lost, and thought I wouldn`t last a year, he spoke hope, and helped me mightily the next 3 years; eventually leading me into freedom from mental illness. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

I will never forget it. I was lying in my bed thinking of how all my dreams, and hopes were gone, when a ray of hope lit the room, and I saw Gabriel descending from Heaven. His few words will change the world forever. All was revealed, and in such an instant and simplicity! I have split the law in two as it applies both to the humanist atheists, and the spiritual concept. (The religious)

This is the eternal law of the universe for all humanists (all the world), and for all time: To create a perfect world. Ok?

The law for pagans: Love, and light.

I call it ¨the law of the Aquarian child.¨

Furthermore, the Aquarian law of light for Christians:

¨The Creator of this world is love and light. Together they make life. Love is morale, and light is truth. The intellect, and heart of humans, what distinguishes us from monkeys. Unite them, and create life. Love one another. Also: Be honest and true to yourselves, God, his laws and others. You can only accomplish the Christian life through following your higher-self which is revealed through the will of the Holy Ghost!¨

This is how I understood it. What Gabe actually said that FIRST encounter was: ¨Go tell this to the heathens; live freely, and do what you want, but honesty is a virtue, and if you find God, it`s great! You find love and light. You find what you lived for.¨

That was all Gabriel said. I shall not add to it. I was lying in bed, and could clearly see an angel whom identified as Gabriel. Since then, Jesus has poured his revelation about love and light, and helped me give his word for the new age of Aquarius.

I mention honesty. Honesty is a part of the law. You must BELIEVE what you do, or else it is a sin. I will explain later.

Light is the intellect seeks universal equilibrium of understanding through research of truth shedding lies.

Love compassion, care, respect, and the heart.

Combine them, and you create morale. You also create life just like the light of the man impregnates the womb; creating a God. Through utilizing your mind, and your heart: You become according to the nature of your father God, who is light and love. You become like Gods, but not in a bad way.

I mean: You become like children of Heaven. Does not Jesus say you will not enter Heaven unless you become like children? Does he not tell you love is the greatest command? Does he not say: ¨do to others what you want others to do to you.¨

Added to the law is the proclamation. ¨I am God for I am his son, and my Heavenly Father is my higher self, and He is my true will through the Holy Spirit.¨

Jesus testifies this is true the only time he prays for us in the Bible. That we shall be one like he, and the father is one.


Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Against love in the spirit; there is no law

It is mankind`s job to seek the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit to make us free from sin. We cannot accomplish this ourself. Freedom is not freedom to sin, but freedom from sin. Through a deep relationship to Jesus comes salvation, and through the strength of salvation comes love for holiness.

Jesus says in John 13:34-35

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."¨

Pope Francis, the current pope; is called Peter the Roman. He preaches a gospel of love.

 Matthew 16:18

¨ And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.¨

We are that movement the Pope envisioned. We are the rock of Peter. What rock? The Great Pyramid is the rock in question here as we discovered.




The mysterious road to Heaven

The greatest mystery of magick is the Holy Ghost. What is it? It is the sacred aspects of all that exist. God - spread into the traditional planetary spirits (7 fires before God), the spirits of mankind (shekinah), Jesus and God. A trained sensory magician, or a trained seer will have a difficult job determining which of the 7 Gods the Holy Spirit is. It is simply all of them, but the spirit of the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter is most prominent, whereas f.i Mars, the Moon, Venus, and Saturn is most prominent in the ¨Allah spirit¨ of Islam. Compared to the powerful, energizing spirit of Lucifer, and other angels; the Holy Spirit feels weak. While Judaism, Islam, and Jehovah`s Witnesses have much of the ¨Father Spirit¨ of law, which is a more energizing spirit than the Holy Ghost, this is mysteriously not the road to Heaven. Of the spirits comprising the Holy Ghost, the one of the Queen of Heaven is the most prominent one. And is it not funny? This weak, warm, secure, strange spirit that fills you, and almost dumbs you down is actually the single, only road to obtain eternal life in eternal security. WOW.

For we can only come to Heaven through ascending into Heavenly consciousness through living in a deep, personal relationship to Jesus, God, the HG, and the divine saints. Not through laws alone. Only through intimacy through this strange weak spirit… One out of the thousands of powerful spirits there is. I find this to be beyond mind-blowing and: I can guarantee it is true as I am the greatest sensory ninja. This HG relationship was opened through Jesus: Lord of the Holy-Ghost mercy covenant. We are a new creation.

Jesus became the greatest example of love: ¨God sacrificing himself for us¨.

It is said ¨God`s ways, and wisdom is stupidity in the eyes of the world.¨


The nature of sin explained

Is there sin? It`s all about conscience. When you know something is wrong, and still do it; you are a descending conscience. It`s all about conscience in this multidimensional multiverse. Either you nurture positive emotions and conscience; creating ripples of light, or you nurture the demons who rule this world. These are the reptilians, and they feed on every negative energy. Without negative energy; they don`t exist. Earth is a soul-farm to them. Will you prove them wrong?

Gabriel mentions honesty which left me pondering for a day. What did it mean? Honesty is a very important subject when it comes to sin and holiness. Honesty means staying true to yourself: Your True will. It means staying true to others, to national law, etc. Do what you want is the freedom St.Paul writes about. The freedom we receive when IN the Holy Spirit, or as Paul writes: There is no sin. Both the atheist, and Christian should do what they want, but the Christians do it because their will is reborn in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit thus acts as your higher self or ¨true will.¨ The Christian life is therefore as simple as possible, for this is an aquarian age of mercy. When intimately connected to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in your heart; God will reveal to you what is sin in your life. We are in this sense gnostics.

Honesty is so important because true sin is sinning against your own conscience. If you are convinced something feels wrong, or if you know it is a sin to you; the devil will sue you for know: There is an angel, and devil recording every thought, and word through all your life. This is an absolute fact I have established through my work on magick. For I sinned a lot.

Being honest doesn`t necessarily mean saying rude things. Being honest also implies being honest to the law of the country.

And why does Gabriel say do what you want? Do what you want means being yourself! And if you find God, it`s great! You find the truth of what you are! Mission accomplished at the bossom of you’re your Holy Father! You find what you are! Love and light! Morale! Loving one another means never inciting violence, not bullying, slandering, beating, killing, but coexisting, encouraging, socializing, and saying good to one another. Especially those who have low self-esteem.

The first interpretation I got after the heavenly revelation was that honesty means: When you find God, you must choose to convert as certain as the spirit yawns for it inside of you. That is honesty. For if you know something is truth, how can you not be a believer in it? It also means not to change religion whence you have first started your Christian course and received the Holy Spirit True Will of the sanctification process.

Only when you stand true to the Law, and your True Will of the Holy Ghost Mercy covenant of Yeshua can you Truly be freed from sin, and live like children in a world free from sin. There is no other way but living in the relationship to Heaven through the blood-pouring of the Holy Ghost. After receiving Christ: You are saved even if you sin! But you will grow closer to a sin-less nature through the biblical sanctification process. For your yearnings becomes the yearnings of a Holy God. And when reborn in Christ: You are God, and no longer Satan creation as we covered earlier. And your true will is now God`s. God is your higher self, and co-exists in everyone around you until you all reach co-herent belief, mass-equlibrium, and the Earth returns to God`s garden of eternal happiness; ending all sin. But how can happiness end all sin? And is not fornication a sin? Sinning against the Holy Spirit, and fornication is the only thing aside from dietary laws (not drinking blood) that is mentioned as a sin for non-jewish believers in the entire new testament. Fornication is the word Peter uses. But what is fornication? History, and the New Testament tells us the early Christians were quite loving..! Unholy sex is fornication. But some sex is healthy! I can confirm this. Sinning against the Holy Spirit must be why Gabriel always stresses honesty. We will discover the Bible teaches we are judged by God after our own thoughts, so that one thing is a sin for one man, and not for another, and thus there is in reality no sin which Paul attests. So WHAT IS SIN?


It started when emotions of pain; sadness, anger, discontent, envy, seven desires, etc came into the world. The devil is a thoughtform, and does not exist in reality. His only existence for a Son in the Holy Ghost is when that person have these emotional scars. The devil can only exist if you have these pains in you; as it is the only food he has. How did this happen? Because life in the world was painful until now! Until we soon in the future create a life without poverty, sadness, disease, famine or starvation.  the other seven desires became a

But let`s jump back to the law.

The devil took mankind`s guilt because he wasn`t honest to himself; honest to God. The devil was awakened by that guilty pain, or lack of love, and possessed mankind; finding life in mankind guilty conscience; and thus sin is birthed. For when that devil finds possession in your pain is when he creeps inside your wounded heart, and you sin; for you are possessed by a lower-dimensional thoughtform. A demon takes part in your soul, and attests your sin to own you! The devil (who is all things painful) starts owning, and affecting your soul; as the devil is a disembodied spirit without form unless we give him room. But when there is no pain, there will be no room for disembodied spirits of Hell. That is the future Kingdom of God. A world without sin.

But the devil haunted the people of old, like Moses, because of his sinful life, and mankind desperately sought the impossible: A reunion with God whom they could not reach. Moses thus created an Abrahamic law for themselves and others; to protect themselves from the devil. But the law became the devil`s best friend. For: Are we all Moses? No!

They lived in a world of pain, but we have the opportunity to live millennia through technological advancements! The devil will find no room when homogenous ethic belief in L&L is global, and everyone are constantly happy; filled with the Holy Ghost.. For no thing is a sin in itself; except the few things mentioned by Peter. Sin is evidently defined by in what emotion or spirit the deed is done. Paul writes on this. How else could you explain Christianity?

The new-testament says sin came into the world through the law. The jews became slaves of El-Saturn-Death-Law-Time, and forgot the law of children. All were under the Mosaic covenant. But Jesus says quote: The law was made for man, not man for the law. Can you say Jesus taught the law was relative to person and situation?

Jesus lived by the entire Judaic law, and undid it through a ritual on the cross; taking the keys of death from Saturn through his ascension. Saturn`s symbol is the cross. We were no longer Saturn`s creation having to complete the law to become born again as God`s creation. For Jesus had fulfilled the law as the second Adam, and God was so pleased by his sacrifice; A new covenant was made. A covenant with entities is made by blood, and his blood set us free. We are thus born again to live in the Holy Ghost Mercy covenant.

Understand this:

Moses created something so impossibly holy only because of his occult former life as a sinner in the house of Pharaoh. The Bible says the devil was after Moses soul. It is the same with me. I know the devil, and because the astral demon takes part in my broken heart when I commit the sin of love; I am no longer holy enough to love freely. If I never experienced pain in a perfect world, and had loved as an innocent child of the Holy Ghost since birth, and been happy all my life; the devil would not have been able to be inside me, and ¨own me¨. The devil is DEAD! The devil is FORMLESS! The devil is NAMELESS! The devil is an astral thoughtform awakened by every painful emotion. Acts you do when acting through that pain gave the devil room. That`s what sin is. But you have to be in Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. In him: There is no room for the devil, and there is no sin. The devil only exist because people are burdened through life. Got it?

In retrospective: We see the law was the devil`s best friend; and yet was instituted by God to dethrone Satan through Jesus completing it as foretold in the pyramid prophesies, and in the Mazzaroth. As we covered earlier.

The second Adam re-instituted the law of the children through being perfect in the eyes of the lawish accuser. Lucifer died for man to be his, and Jesus Lucifer died for man to be God`s. Mankind was ¨birthed¨ or a ¨new species.¨ Satan could not call a sheep with wings a sheep anymore, or judge them by the same law? No! The law was undone. We were free. A new species.  

The devil is a lawyer, and mankind was free to walk to Heaven after Jesus whom we are saved through. Since the fall into sin: Mankind had never been free to take the keys of Hades, and rule Heaven for themselves until Jesus took them; and mankind was thus birthed as their own ruler; and dominant species of the planet. Before Jesus: We were basically ruled by another set of Gods. The old, and the ancients. The evil ancient reptilian archons who do not possess love. We were ruled, and owned by the reptilias as a soul-farm. Satan was the God of Earth, and they were the hidden keepers of our planet; our creators. Hiding underground since primordial times to this day…

But we have a heavenly lawyer in Heaven now through Jesus.  Jesus took the place of Lucifer in Heaven on the mount of ¨the fiery stones¨ where I have been! I know every corner of this universe. Jesus thus became ¨owner¨, and lawyer of his human children whereas Lucifer had previously had that position, and took it with him after falling from Heaven. Jesus became the death-angel whom Lucifer once was, and mankind was his; worthy before God forever-more.

It is pivotal that mankind stay at Jesus hands, and never corrupt their dna to undo the salvation through Jesus.

Compare Exodus 13:16 to Revelations 13:16. I told you the Christians saw the law as a disease, and a growing cancer! The antichrist Islam, and Judaism seeks to bind humanity to law once again. A child burdened by the weight of the law all his life becomes bitter, and creates even heavier burdens for his children out of pride. Law is useless. Salvation isn`t. All comes through salvation. There is no need for law outside of the salvation of Jesus Christ. And even in Christianity; there is little need.

God promises us a world free from sin; in a future time where all have evolved to a utopian haven. How can we evolve to be free from sin? When all have been enlightened Christians through our spirit science. When all have had uniform ethical ideology for decades. When all have lived through the Holy Spirit Covenant of mercy through decades. When no soul has fallen, or any unclean broken emotions have given room to the devil through decades. There will be a time when the astral thought-form; the devil; of sin, and law has no room; for there is no crack in any heart for him. There is no pain on Earth to be found. I am a prophet of that age.


The chosen people of Light.

All are God`s children through Jesus, and there is no chosen people as Jesus humorously says. Quote: ¨God can raise up children of Abraham from these rocks!¨. If anything; the civilized Europeans should be the chosen people because of their holy beauty, pink skin of love, intellectual blue eyes of light, and angelic sun-light hair. The goodhearted, intelligent, orderly, civilized, non-aggressive people of love and light. The people of Atlantis. This book is an ode to the sun, and the Morningstar. And don`t tell me the aryans aren`t statistically superior in accomplishments and crime-rates. Since there are people on Earth like Jews who believe some are superior to others: What are intelligent, peaceful aryan blondes then? Inferior? And if Islam is the religion of peace: What is the religion of Christianity, or f.i Buddhism: The religion of non-peace? Moreover: Whites have created all modern society, industrialization, and cultivated Christianity for 2000 years. They greeks, and romans created the military, philosophy, politics, and the germans, and French created the school-system, science, universities, etc. Europe created high-culture, music, the orchestra, etc. We were behind the shipping era, and colonized half the world; bringing Christianity. England led the industrial revolution. But most importantly: Europe created the unwritten worldwide philosophies of humanism, equality, and liberty which we have today. Not to mention Scandinavians are the most intelligent people on Earth. (And the most peaceful, non-aggressive, civilized, beautiful and divine.) Askenazi Jews are more intelligent, but they don`t count as a people. They`re a mob. Blonde whites should live like the angels they are, and civilize this second Atlantis. We once ruled, and our time has come again. We`ll get to that in part 2. Whileas Judaism, and Islam believe in racial, and religious supremacy through outdated sharia laws; we are enlightened civilizers believing in love and light. Don`t compare me to them. They are racists. I am not. I am simply better, for I know I am right. I cultivate my love, and my light. I`m positive for Earth. They are negative. But all are of equal worth, contrary to radical muslim, and jewish belief.



Can you really bring yourself to believe a human God created mankind in His image with the purpose of judging us to Hell after these impossible Abrahamic laws? No. We were Satan`s creation until Jesus set us free. The law existed so we could become God`s creation through Jesus.

Once we were apes.

Yes. When we were in Eden; we would jump at each other, and instantly have sex on a crush. The feelings of lust, bitterness, and perversion stem from the fall into sin; when we got our intelligence from Lucifer Adam in the story of the serpent in Eden. This is why Jesus acted as Lucifer Adam on the cross of Saturn/law to unbind us from the law, and fulfill humanity. For this world is a school, and Jesus was the first graduate. Today; the school is love and light. Jesus intercedes as our high priest in Heaven having overcome death. I have personally been visited by Jesus who confirmed he was Adam from the garden Himself. This is a great secret the devil fears, for it confirms the grandeur of God`s plan.

F.i whenever I want to fuck, but condemn myself; those feelings awaken the astral-demonic-thoughtforms of the devil and law. The longer I flirt; the stronger the sensation of the demonic becomes, and when I`m finally in the act; I simply can`t have sex because of my religious conviction. If I do have sex; the devil will jump right inside me, and judge me on behalf of the law. It is the law of the devil; not the law of God!

Whenever I have spontaneous sex; I feel a pure conscience, and believe me; for the devil continuously haunts me. For I am like Moses, or the devil. I know all that is sin or holy. I can tell who is a religious person from the moment he enters the room.

Christianity has a total of 4 laws given by St.Peter. Not to drink blood, not to eat what`s sacrificed to pagan Gods, not to eat meat from suffocated animals, and the one that matters: Not to fornicate.

Fornication. Are we not all one in the body of Christ? The Bible says that all is allowed in love, and that I can do everything, but not everything is beneficial. We interpret this as not to have sex, or orgies in unclean fashions unworthy of salvations, or with non-christians, the wicked, unclean, and the possessed. Stay pure in Church.

So I say you can have sex? Well.  

1 Kings 11:3

He (Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.

I guess it depends on your relationship with the lord, and the will of the Holy Spirit. That is also the answer I most often get from pastors, and I have asked everyone.

It was ok for the King to have 700 wives. The royal birth tale adds to this being the most unbelievable bible verse in the entire Tanakh. Several wives AND concubines were common for Israel ever since Abraham. Wives are more sacred than, oh but wait; 300 concubines? 300+700=1000. Ok…! Is God a sex-god? Did Solomon erect a temple to Ashtaroth next to God`s temple? And did the respective temples symbolize the male, and female form? Is religion interconnected with the sacredness of sex and marriage, and is there hidden truths in the Bible?

Various reform-jews, and orthodox jews differ wildly in opinion. As of today; some Rabbi`s say it`s ok to have sex f.i before marriage, while others prohibit even touching your genitals at all when peeing.

Shia-muslims have a practice called temporary marriage called ¨pleasure marriage¨ where a pair of unmarried same-faith adherents can have sex through verbal contract as long as the duration of the marriage is agreed upon in advance.

Buddhists monks believe abstaining from sexual intercourse is a way to reach enlightenment as recorded by the Buddha in the eightfold path.

Branches of Hinduism, and all pagan religions of the antique including everyone from Sumer up to Rome (!!!) practiced sacred prostitution to the honor of the fertility moon-Venus Goddess under many names, whom was demonized by the catholic church as a male prince of Hell, and known to Christians today under her caananite name Ashtaroth. The aryan Hinduism, and the Nordic-druidic religions of Europe had the practice of deifying the ¨may-queen¨ in common.

While the Vikings of Norway gave women right of heritage, and equaled them with men past middle-age standards, there still existed sacred prostitutes, but little is known. During spring; the Virgin Fertility Goddess Frøya would have sacred sex with the corresponding Frøy on all open fields to impregnate the land. I am the first scholar connecting these dots, but: I conclude that since the most important Viking grave-ship (common for the celtic redheads of Atlantis) discovery in Norway was to a woman, a priestess, who was a foreigner from the Balkan region, that this discovery was that of a cult to Frøya, of which there is considerable proof, that some women had goddess-like status, and that the Vikings – the greatest explorers in the middle-ages - were extremely knowledgeable of worldwide religion, art, weapons etc, some of which we will touch upon in pt.3. F.i: cannabis seeds were found in her grave-ship, and the plant is associated with the goddess cult, f.i the Isis cult of Egypt, and through all the antique world. F.i in Genesis as the fruit of knowledge (cannabis the goddess of wisdom) the goddess Eve (Hawah) ate in the garden of Eden. Also other global myths correlate Cannabis to the arrival of the serpent, and it associated with the feminine goddess, Virgin Mary, sex, ¨dragon-weed¨ globally to  this day. It`s consumption, and smoking (as demonstrated on Aztec carvings) was global even in the antique. As was the use of cocaine, as found in Egyptian mummies. Cannabis was further described as a component of Moses sacred anointing oil, as popularized by cannabis churches of today who still use it. The first medical text; that of Zarathustra contain cannabis as the nr.1 ailment to disease. That Jesus ever consumed cannabis is controversial, although the very name we use for him today; the anointed one; meant just that. One who had consumed cannabis.


Freedom from the law.

Through Jesus as Lord of Earth; the Bible promises a world free from sin through the Holy Ghost mercy covenant. God is revealed as a human-friendly higher self. This is the mystical interpretation of the sybelline prophecy: When the golden one returns in all the Earth, and Gods, and men comingle.

God is the all. He is you and me. How can we possibly sin?

Only when following the Aquarian law of Light will you be free from sin. Only when living without the self-condemning knowledge of the Abrahamic laws will you be free from sin. St.Paul writes about this. Prove me wrong with the Bible. Remember: St.Peter lists only 4 sins we have to follow, and that was before the age of Aquarius in which duration; the kingdom of God will come if you heed these words! Follow the law of Light! For the Bible promises us a world without sin both in the Old Testament, and New Testament. Jesus understood the Bible in relation to the greater mysteries. The jews didn`t. But this book might help.

Disagree? Just read the book of Romans.


Romans 7:7-11

What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? Certainly not! Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet.” But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead. Once I was alive apart from the law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died. 10 I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death. 11 For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death.


1 Corinthians 10 23-33

 “Everything is permissible,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible,” but not everything is edifying. No one should seek his own good, but the good of others.

Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.”

If an unbeliever invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat anything set before you without raising questions of conscience. But if someone tells you, “This food was offered to idols,” then do not eat it, for the sake of the one who told you and for the sake of conscience—the other one’s conscience, I mean, not your own. For why should my freedom be determined by someone else’s conscience? If I partake in the meal with thankfulness, why am I denounced because of that for which I give thanks?

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God. Do not become a stumbling block, whether to Jews or Greeks or the church of God, just as I try to please everyone in all I do. For I am not seeking my own good, but the good of many, that they may be saved.


Understand now? We are born again! Jesus did it! We have become heavenly citizens, or as Jesus says:

Matthew 11:12

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence, and violent people have been raiding it.

This verse is amazing. Jesus really was a God… The conquering lion of Judah…

Here; Jesus is basically likened to a conquering, ascending ¨Lucifer¨ who took Heaven by force. The work of Jesus on the cross is often called ¨The conquest of paradise¨ by mystics. Why? Before him: There was no heaven for man! The Bible says Jesus is the firstborn son of God, and that we are a new creation in Him. It tells Jesus literally ¨took the keys of death.¨ The Bible says he ¨prepares a room for us¨, and ¨interceeds for us as a heavenly high priest.¨ Jesus is our hope!!!


But let`s go back to Paul, and clear up some theology surrounding the Holy Ghost mercy covenant. Paul goes on to say that one thing can be sin for a jew, but not for a roman.

Romans 2:29 ¨No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person's praise is not from other people, but from God.¨

There are many verses like this. Here, Paul who was a lawish jew himself says that Christians are the real Jews!

So is there any point in Judaism? Yes. Some chose to be messianic christians (Jews for Jesus) , and circumcise themselves to get the blessings of living by what laws still counts for them in the Mosaic laws. Why? There are laws still valid, but they don`t save us, philosophically speaking. Jesus also says that all laws are still valid. There is a blessing for those of the Mosaic covenant, and for those of the Yeshuaic covenant. BUT! Only a personal relationship to Jesus in the HG, and a clear conscience of joy, laughter, and love can save you. Remember this! It`s all about ¨living in the heavenlies with God as a higher self.¨ It`s all about having a higher, clear conscience, and invading Heaven through personal relationship to Jesus our Savior. Mighty king.

Yet we are civilized? St.Peter made sure we don`t completely fall of into hegomoni, and gave us 4 laws, or basically one: Not to ¨fornicate.¨ Let`s be respectful of Heaven and Peter. Heaven is without sin, so salvation implies following some rules. Why? Because you should prepare yourself so you can get in, and get a reward!

Basic meltdown: The law is undone, and we are saved by a relationship to Jesus.



A Christian gospel of Love

The Aquarian law of Light is the only necessary morale; if one understands what the word love implies as in Corinthians 13

Corinthians 13:1-13


If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.¨

All is a story of love vs hate. The Bible. Everything. The shekinah. Love tells a man`s character, and where he puts his faith.

I had lot`s of love in my childhood, and I tell you I needed it: For I have persevered. Love can bring peace between religions, people and countries. Not because we agree. Not only because we make compromise, but because we use our brain, and our brain points us to the heart. Because of Love and light: Because we love each other. Because God is love. The heart holds God`s law. Law is faith. And the law is love. Endurance. Will. Tolerance.

Love is light! The sun that gives life, so all things multiply! Jesus is the sun! And the bright morning star. Love is the core of our belief: Jesus sacrifice. It`s as distinct as from crawling on all fours! Love, and light is the beauty of man. I am certain of the world becoming one. For I have tasted love, I know how it multiplies, and that everyone has it. The Bible says we become children God through love! You are his child, and love is our future. Our hope.

Christianity is love. And Christianity made morale. Christian morale evolved into human-values popularly called the Greek-roman-judeo-christian humanism. It came out of Jesus teachings!

This is the essence of all Christianity, and at the future core in all morals.

NOTE: Christianity, and Islam have differing teachings on God`s mercy, love and salvation. In Islam; you never know if you`ve obtained salvation as you don`t have a personal relationship to Allah. Although Islam has many laws, Allah is frequently referred to as ¨the most merciful.¨ Another of his name is ¨the light of the Heavens, and the Earth.¨ Another of Allah`s names is the ¨all-forgiving and all-loving.¨


Chapter: 3 The mysteries of love and light.



But let`s jump to science. It was in the dark primordial soup, or surrounding deep-sea volcanoes that life first begun, according to Darwin`s Theory of Evolution.


The science of love and light.


Light created all lifeforms. Light also reveals the form of lifeforms to the eye. The light from the scientific creator/the rays of the sun traverse through ether and is transformed into chemical energy through the photosynthesis in plants.

Photo means light, and the synthesis of light is circle of life. What circle? Plant-eaters get eaten by carnivorous animals, etc, and we are on top the food chain. The light synthesis. That creates all form.

The ether, the so-called scalar-field, the vril, or simply ¨the force¨ is a form of light that surrounds all things. Jesus used this force. The Greek word for carpenter/woodworker also translates to lightworker. And there was no Nazareth. Only Mazzaroth. This light is what drives evolution. It`s the mathematical construct of the matrix behind all matter so to speak. Research noetic science, and the book Source-field-investigations by new-age author David Wilcock.

The scalar field has a conscience. It is the combined conscience of that is. All planetary archons, and universal matter co-create evolution. God in the all, or God in the 7 lamps of the menorah. We are our own creators, so to speak.

And you are God; on top of the food-chain.

Light shined upon the world, and created minor lifeforms. They evolved until we came along. Mankind is the beauty, and flower of evolution. Why? For we possess the moralistic intellect capable of judging right from wrong. That is what makes us more than animals. Once again we see that God is love.

Love binds life together through the sexual act of procreation, and it`s the binding ingredient. The continuation of, or receptor of the form given us by light. A flower. Love also makes life interesting. There would be little point in life without love. Without a heart, morale, compassion, or good emotions. Scientific studies say that all men seek two things: Love and acceptance. While some disagree, and turn to hatred, we know better. For even evil is a child of love. A child of God. And without love; there would be no hatred, envy, ego, or other dark aspects of the human nature. Science determines that love is the continuation of the form given to us by light. Love is the egg to our cake as to speak.. Life without girls, or boys would be boring. Love is the binding ingredient to all form.

Someone comes along, and argues ¨death, and darkness is just as much a power of nature-philosophy as love.¨ How? There is no death without life. The two are thus children of love and light.

In general, we can scientifically conclude: Light provides us with form, and love keeps us in form. As simple as that. You should keep that in mind when greeting someone with love and light.

Greeting a person with love and light can also mean ¨may the light of the creator fill you with form/life, and may unconditional love (agape) keep you¨ through a religious context.


For Christians, it means that the light of the ether, Jesus, and God will permeate you, enlighten you with joy, and fill your heart with love through the relationship to the divine.

Jesus knowledge about creation, magick, and the Egyptian sun-cult mysteries was very extensive; also considering the references to God as ¨the scalar-field universe¨, in Our Lord`s prayer as it was originally spoken by Jesus to the disciples, translated from Greek into 1st century aramaic:

Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes, who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.
May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.
Your Heavenly Domain approaches. (the Mazzaroth)
Let Your will come true - in the universe (archons/planets all that vibrates) just as on earth (that is material and dense).
Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need, detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (unforgiveness) like we let go the guilt of others.
Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations), but let us be freed from that what keeps us from our true purpose.
From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age. (the zodiacal age)

Sealed in trust, faith and truth.
(I confirm with my entire being)

Heaven is here likened to a sound emitted from the energies of the vibrating universe. (Mazzaroth)

Jesus was a so-called sage. He was said to be the smartest, and most powerful magi of his age… A man with such knowledge of the mysteries he could even escape death, and become immortal. Knowledge sets us free.

Yet he took all his secrets to the grave, and King Jesus would laugh at the lack of spiritual knowledge of Christianity today.

But he would certainly marvel at our machines. It is said he was especially good at mathematics. An art lost in time.



Ascending into Christ-Conscience


Ascension was made possible through our Heavenly High Priest Jesus the redeemer. He was the first to walk the path to the Highest realm. But the more who tread a path – the more will follow, for a path becomes more easily visible the more who go there. Going towards Heaven.  Taking into mind that what exists above solidifies below (on Earth) , we conclude that the more who reach Heaven – the more will a greater Heavenly Conscience spread among Earth as well. Until sin is no more, and Heaven comes to Earth. Our ascended brothers also intercede for us in Heaven you must know.


Christ Conscience, universal conscience, and ¨we are all one¨ have become new-age terms while they were originally Christian! Jesus preached a nature philosophy of parables. It is evident he trained himself to see mysteries of wisdom in nature, and society for the art of making parables. As we are his disciples; should not we do the same? But when did you read a Christian book on parables?  You have been bad disciples. I train myself everyday. Wake up with the eyes, and heart of an innocent child every morning. I have always believed that seeing something new each day is what makes people happy.


So how do you reach Christ conscience? Be like a child, and see God in everything! In the parables of nature, in your neighbor, and live responsibly. Don`t be ignorant. The lion has risen.


When waking up in the morning, do the shema, and invite God the All through the Lord`s prayer. Give honor, and thanks to all life, society, good friends, and people around you. Forgive those who trespass against you, and walk straight, unblemished, and with all that you are. Smile, and aim for the sun. Fill your aura with light of God every morning, and meditate in nature, and under the magical stars often. Live by the philosophy that life is new every morning, and that you see something new every day. God creates something new every day. Train yourself to see this, and rejoice in God. Be kind, and happy towards those around you. Two universal laws that accompanies the mystery teachings of the Mazzaroth is ¨above so below¨, and ¨what goes around, comes around.¨ This is called the law of Karma in Hinduism, and the ¨law of attraction¨ in the west. It stresses the importance of forgiveness, and positive thoughts. Living by the law of positive attraction is very close to Christ-conscience when other warm energies will be attracted to you likewise. This is the law of attraction, and the key to manifest a good life. The law of Christian magick. Love and light. Fill yourself with it. And live truthfully to your heart. Always be honest to yourself, and respectful to others.


The heart-mind.

For nearly five thousand years, attention has been focused on the brain as the seat of human intelligence and even consciousness.  But is the brain really the most powerful or influential organ when it comes to these most basic and essential of human qualities?

Since 1991, the Institute of Heartmath located in Boulder Creek, Colorado, has been studying the power and influence of the human heart upon the brain and body.  What they discovered goes against what most of us were taught to believe by our schools, families, and society.

Scientific research reveals that the human heart is thousands of times more powerful and influential than the brain in sending signals and information to the rest of the human body.  The human heart communicates with the brain and body using hormones, the nervous system, and an electromagnetic field generated by the heart. The brain also generates an electromagnetic field, but it is much smaller and much less powerful than the heart field.  The heart field envelopes the entire body and extends fifteen feet or more out into the surrounding environment.

It has been proven that our emotional state has a direct and powerful impact upon the heart, and this impact influences the quality of information sent by the heart to the brain.  When our emotional state is one of inner peace, gratitude, contentment, or other positive feelings, the brain receives signals that promote the ability to focus, solve problems, perform physical and mental feats, and that enhance creativity, intuition, and even spiritual awareness.

So what does all of this mean for those of us seeking to enhance our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being and performance?  Perhaps it is time to shift our attention away from the brain, or "Head Mind", to the heart, or "Heart Mind" for a little while and start integrating new knowledge into our awareness of who we really are!


The intelligence of the Heart is something that has been intuitively sensed in religious, spiritual, and philosophical societies throughout human history.  We are all familiar with the saying, "Listen to your heart".  Deep down we all know that the place to look for "inner guidance", "inspiration", "intuition", and "inner peace" is "in the Heart" - not in the head. When we seek connection with a Higher Power, God, or Source, we take a deep breath and focus on the Heart, again not the brain.

What does this say about the true nature of the human Heart?  Is it really just a pump that moves blood through our veins (granted, a vitally important role!), or is it really more, even much more?

It turns out that the Heart pumps much more than just blood.  As we mentioned earlier, it also pumps hormones throughout the body that regulate many functions, including thought and perception in the brain.  The electromagnetic field that envelopes the body creates a kind of localized environment that has been proven to influence the behavior of DNA in our cells. 

Most unusual of all, however, is the ability of the Heart Mind to convey actual ideas, information, and images to the brain, where these signals are converted into words, pictures, sounds and other forms that we can use to communicate, create, and relate to each other and our world.

How is this even possible?  What is the Heart Mind doing when this occurs?  What could the Heart be connected to that it is able to access never before ideas and inspiration?

That, of course, is the Big Mystery - the question that perhaps has no tangible, objective answer.  At least, not yet. 

Each of us, as we access the Heart Mind and receive this mysterious inner guidance, can experience the true nature of this very real and tangible connection.  What is it that we are connected to?  We all "know" what it is by direct experience.  It is an infinite intelligence, a source of unlimited energy and abundance, a reservoir of so-called "past" experience and knowledge - all waiting for us when we take the time to focus on our Heart and open the gateway to Infinite Awareness.

Theoretical Physics - especially Quantum Physics - is beginning to help us understand on a mental level that this infinite field of energy and information really does exist.  It is not just an idea, fantasy, or fairy tale made up to explain some personal mental and emotional experience.  Using math and technology, scientists are beginning to form measurable hypotheses that can be tested, confirmed, and shared amongst colleagues and the greater population. Much of this research is being conducted at the
Institute of Heartmath, but it also taking place at the Resonance Project in Hawaii,  The Monroe Institute, and elsewhere.

The discovery of the Heart Mind could be the latest and greatest adventure into the study of the true nature of reality.  If we can prove that the Heart is connected to a field of infinite energy and information, inner guidance, wisdom, and even inner peace, then just as most human technology has been inspired and shaped by examples in the natural world, the technology of the Human Heart could lead to a new level, a quantum leap, in our technology, our society, and how we live with each other and in our world.

Hinduism knew this long before science verified this thesis. The hindus believe in the 7 chakra system. That is to say; 7 scalar energy vortexes within the human body.




The philosophical definition of light and love.


Light and love. Truth and emotional responsibility.

Love, intellect, willpower/hope and faith. These are the divine attributes of man in the Bible. Hope is connected to the heart, and to love. Faith is connected to both, and thus dangerous. If faith is only in your mind, you might become narcissistic and egocentric. If faith is only in your heart, you might become misled, one-eyed, and a dangerous radical believer.

Galatians 5:22-23

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

It seems to me that the Spirit itself is love. Christians can confirm this. God is love. For love creates all these things. Go to source.


Light is enlightenment, truth, fire and life. The fire Lucifer stole from God. That intellect within you. The everburning flame. Passion. Light also means opening your third eye through training your auras, and working your lightbody. For light is enlightenment. Jesus says: "If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light" in Matthew 6:22. The spiritual eye is a gland in your brain that baffles scientists. It`s made of piezo-electric crystals that catch waveforms, and emit light to a sensor so it functions just like an eye. The so-called third eye. It`s called the pineal-gland, and is awakening through meditation and prayer. If we are disciples: Should we not also be lightworkers like our Master, and seek to exercise our bodies, and minds to obtain pure bliss enlightenment??? 


To the question if willpower/hope is a divine quality of man, or if this is a combination of heart and intellect, I say yes they are.

Lord Krishna lists the divine qualities of man in the Baghavad Gita.

¨The divine qualities are: Fearlessness even in the midst of sorrow. Purity of mind; discriminatory knowledge; doing yajnas without aspiring for the fruits thereof; study of the Vedas; penance and meditation; non violence; speaking the truth; not getting angry; casting away that which is not good; controlling outward senses; not resorting to backbiting or slander; compassion; desire-lessness for inappropriate objects; gentleness; feeling a sense of embarrassment in doing wrong; splendor; patience and forbearance; steadfastness; purity; not harming others; and absence of pride.¨

Christianity lists the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit as ¨divine qualities of man.¨ But I say all of the above is a result of love and light. It is proven by science that there are two major differences about humans and animals. Our complex brain, and our moralistic compass: The ability to discern right from wrong. Our sense of justice and righteousness.


Love, and light are the two main ingredients for eternal safety on Earth; which the great architect put in place visibly as Venus, and the Sun. Our most beloved stars, venerated by the Egyptians.

Light is the sun of life that warms reserved coldhearted mindsets. Meditate upon light, and try to become it. Be more social and optimistic.

God was our first lover: Light who created man. He never ceases to love you. For he is Love, and shines his merciful forgiveness every morning. So must we also forgive.

Of all we see in creation, love stands out more than anything. For none of it would be was it not for love. Beauty is a result of receiving love. Receiving light=beauty. Life is thus beautiful. And being beautiful is praising light through acting love; honoring the creator.

Life itself is an act of love. How can you deny that love is our life? Live it then! None of you would be here if not for love. Humanity is the flower of beauty. Love in it`s ultimate form. Also through hatred. For love is the origin. The heart of the Child. Love is the creator, and the divine spark inside you.

Love includes, knows no borders; and has no shame. It is wild and free.

Love is life. Life is eternal. Love is eternal. Darkness is also eternal, but love overcomes darkness.

Love flows; multiplies, overcomes mountains, nurtures; and is the spring rain of life. This is the message on the internet. This is the new man. It is the core behind the hippie generation of conspiracy theorists. This is the mission of anonymous. This is the mission of the New Age. The mission of Christianity. The mission of Hinduism. The mission of paganism. And the mission of humanism. The human exam now finally formulated and summarized! Love will break envy! And individualism! And nietzscheism! The egocentric version of the humanist philosopher based on Nietzsche will break! For too long have my people been frozen!

Psychologists, and most religions say that there are two main things that every person on the planet seeks innermost:  Love and acknowledgement. Love is safety, and acknowledgement is praise, respect, and being accepted. The desire of love is lifelong, but the desire of acknowledgement comes when a person defines his identity reaching conscience during childhood. It most often involves getting praise from your parents, but might be f.i a disadvantaged person, or a person who suffers from racism, or other oppression. These two desires continue with us in the adult life where acknowledgement from work, by your kids, your wife, or your God is the prime, underlying motivation that drives the individual. Love, and light is the needed methodology to fill the hearts of what all seek: Love and acceptance/confirmation/acknowledgement. As our loving hearts, and intellectual minds define morale; how can f.i a disadvantaged person find acknowledgement unless on the humanistic basis of morale as exemplified in ¨love and light¨? The search for acknowledgement is identical to the search for identity, which all have; especially in the information-age. This search often defines what religion, race, political stance, and culture the person belongs to. Thus we can also say that every person seeks light/knowledge. Love and light is what every person seeks to uphold their identity. Especially intellectual people.


Love must be the new humanistic morale of care; with Jesus replacing Nietzsche`s philosophy of egocentrism, and survival of the fittest. Remember; Those who are strong of you must embrace the weak! For all are equal in God`s eyes. Break the spirit of reserved coldness. Break apathy! Break slander! Break fashion pressure! Love love love! All we need is the law of love and light! Even  if they don`t believe in Jesus; they will believe in love and light.

Love is eternal, and everflowing like God. It`s the beautiful circle of life.

There are those like myself that has love in their hearts, but find no love in a cold world. They are like slow-growing, enduring oak-trees that shoot through the forest; STRETCHING towards the light. All the others trees grow more rapidly, and the oak stops growing. But when the other trees have lived their short lives is when the oak`s life really starts. They finally reach the top of the canopy, and stand crowned with light for perhaps 400-500 years after all the other trees are dead. So it is with those who die for the sake of love, and enter Heaven. They get their reward in the afterlife. I endured, and so must you.

Love is like the perfuming flowers of trees blossoming; it`s the scent in the wind; spreading sex to the neighbors; impregnating the trees. It is wild, free, animalistic, and like the wind. Such is the nature of God: Kissing us like rain and sunlight. Like a sloppy wet kiss.

When you find the way of love and light; you find the path to God in his ultimate form. The love that flows through all creation`s beauty, and all you see around you everywhere. Source. Return to source.

When you find true love; you find your True Will. God. Only he can create peace in your heart. For he was your first lover. Some people love power... Some have lost their first love. Keeping our childlike love, joy, and nourishing deep relationships is true growth. For it is standing under the sun like a tree. A follower of L&L should always nurture his friendships deeply.

Love knows no boundaries. Love trusts. Love hopes. Love perserveres.

Like the dandelion growing through the cement.

Love forgives. Love is a decision. Love is a trainer. Rejoice when forgiving; for you build a stronger character of love. Love is being faithful. Sometimes like in a relationship; love must defy logic for the betterment of Children. But generally speaking: Love shall not compromise with idiocy. For intellect; light; the brain is the organ to guide your heart, not the other way around. If not: How can we confront blind faith? Light is thus the greatest of the two.

But true love overcomes. For Love is eternal - is life. Like God`s son`s light of mercy is new every morning. Shining on sinners, and saints alike.

The heart is many things. Emotions, love, will and faith. But will, and faith walks hand in hand with the brain. Still: The definition of religious faith is ¨certainty of what cannot be seen.¨ Until now. We base all our believes on nature-philosophy, like Jesus. Some say faith is the core of man, either man realizes or not. With our faith being love; what solid hearts we will make.


I claim that love is the natural human compass that created all moralistic views. These natural human tendencies are attraction, compassion, respect, kindness, meekness, selflessness, and helping others grow.

That is what it means to be loving. It is praising others, caring for the weak, being social and acknowledging. Love is not slandering or bullying. Love is giving compliments. Love is including everyone. Love is serving others, and feeling good about it. God is love. Love can be making dinner, or putting others higher than yourself. This is a nature only humans exhibit in all the animal kingdom. It breaks the evolutionary model of survival of the fittest, and sets us apart as wholly divine. Love is a divine attribute just like intelligence! When mankind learns love and light; we will have graduated out of the feudal nature of the stone-age man. We will graduate into unity conscience, and leave war behind. But not through compromising ignorant others. Through making all enlightened.

Love is beauty. Life is beauty. The most beautiful art, and heroic deeds were made out of love.

Love is giving hugs. Love is smiling, and spreading life. But most of all: Love is a choice. A choice that becomes easier when we will our minds with joy. Joy is the fruit that accompanies love. The Bible tells that living in the nature of the Holy Ghost fills us with two major components: Love to others, and exceeding joy. It is my wish that all people would ascend their conscience above primal instincts like the sinful lusts of greed, envy, lust, and hate. It is time we reconnect with our creator through Jesus-conscience who exemplified the very personification of love. God dying for man, and not vice versa. Through connecting with God, we get the very source of life: Which is love and light. Joy is the fruit of enlightenment. Bliss. Joy follows in the footsteps of love.

Light. Light is truth, intellect and enlightenment. I promise that when all are enlightened; our common knowledge in science will one day bind the world together. Light is being open and truthful. Just as every day sheds new light, so must we also science never stagnate. This is the major lesson of humanity. For medieval, unscientific, stagnate beliefs such as sharia Islam must be dealt with by science.

Light is also connected with love in so many ways f.i through helping others through sharing knowledge. As both light, and love is the nature of the creator: It is only natural that they accompany each-other.

Jesus was a Jedi, and a sage teaching sun-philosophy. He says you are the light of the world.


Matthew 5:14-16:

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.


From my study of the REAL meaning of Genesis, and comparative mythology, I concluded that God granted mankind love while Lucifer granted mankind intellect.


From my study of the REAL meaning of Genesis, and comparative mythology, I concluded that God granted mankind love while Lucifer granted mankind intellect. Lucifer ruled over us, and created a race of co-rulers that were damned from the Heavens like himself. He upgraded man, and kept them like a prized asset, as they still resembled God himself. Then the giants died in the flood when St.Michael did battle. The pyramid of Giza was erected by Enoch as a prophecy to when the curse of Eden would be broken. Jesus the second Adam was born from a pure seed, and freed us from karmic sin on the cross breaking the cycle, and sent us home to Eden. Humanity had fulfilled the requirements of the law covenant, and was re-born in Christ through the Holy-Ghost mercy covenant. A covenant of love.



All things have a male, or female nature.


We covered the Mazzaroth, and the Orion mystery in part one. Worship of the planets, and pantheism is the most ancient of religions. But what do  we know of their cosmology? While modern scientists think in terms of distinction, our ancient ancestors often mixed many sciences into one mythological story. They often mixed history, philosophy, physics, metaphysics, and the spiritual into one story of many layers where the deeper meanings were only for the initiates. Norwegian author Maria Kvilhaug discover such traits in her books, f.i surrounding the norse creation where you have to look at everything from concepts of words, gender of words, runes used, and their connection to  find the whole picture. But did you know that all the antique had a coherent cosmology where everything in creation was given a male, or female nature?


The secrets: Zeus, Yahweh, and Allah are described as hermaphrodite beings. It makes sense since the creator is the origin of the whole. Earth is given a female nature since it is the womb that creates life, most often called Mother Gaia.

Moreover: The gnostic christians, and antique middle-eastern religions explained cosmology/creation through interpreting that the female, creative power aspect of God (Sophia in Gnosticism, shekinah in Judaism, and Holy Ghost in some Christianity) had fallen to explain the creation of life on Earth. God sent his angels so to speak, and this is the magical force within us that seeks reunification with God/source. Through bridging the male and female. The antique middle-east had one Goddess under many names who were either the wife of God, or his daughter/son like f.i Attar. The most prominent was Ashera Queen of Heaven, wife of El/Allah whom Solomon the sun-king sex-addict worshipped. The Bible reads how the Israelites erected Ashera poles on every hill. That`s because all things in the antique was seen having both a symbolical nature, a spiritual nature, and a gender, as written in Symbols, Sex, and the Stars by Ernest Brusenbark where he outlines the origin of religion often called ¨that ancient religion¨. Our  religion of Atlantis! Hills, mounds, etc were seen as female breasts, and rivers in valleys, fountains, etc were seen as the female sexual organ in all the world of the antique raging from American Indians to South America, to China, to Scandinavia, to Egypt, to England, to obelisks in France, to ancient Israel/Canaan, and particularly all of Mesopotamia back to our first historical civilization: Ancient sumer. I have personally been to the temple of Astarte in Eriche Siciliy which is on top of a giant hill, and visited other temples of her as well: One was situated on one of two ¨breasts¨ right next to a river-valley ¨vagina¨. I have also been to the Roman bath in Baath England which was a hot spring sacred to the goddess Sulis of the natives, and Minerva of the Romans. ¨The hot womb.¨


And then you have the masculine. Pyramids, columns, Churches, and Egyptian obelisks symbolized, and still symbolize the male phallus, and this isn`t even a secret. Sex, and worship of the Heavens is the oldest religion also seen at f.i Stonehenge. The temples to Frøya in Scandinavia were also at fields atop hills like at Tønsberg. The most ancient symbol for male, and female united is the cross. The vertical line symbolizes the male potency, and the vertical symbolizes female. The Egyptian Ankh, close to the Venus symbol, is the perfect symbol of male and female coming together. Here we have the cross, and the circle. The circle is the womb. Or you can use the vesica pisces which is the form of the vagina.

The two standard male-female symbols are the Mars symbol ♂ (often considered to represent a shield and spear, or a phallus) for male, and Venus symbol ♀ (symbolizing the female vagina and womb) for female, derived from astrological symbols, denoting the classical planets Mars and Venus.

The ancient world not only applied sexual characteristics to all buildings, but also to all trees and animals. F.i the bull, elephant, lion etc symbolized the male. That`s why the chief god of Kanaan was ¨Bull El¨. If a man was strong, he was called a ¨God-man.¨ The goat both provided milk like a cow, and had horns like the phallus, or male God. Both male, and female goats have horns and beards. The goat has therefore symbolized the androgynous since time immemorial, most recently in the form of the hermaphrodite Baphomet. The cow, the cat, the dove, the rabbit, and the deer symbolized  the female. Especially the cow. Take f.i the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, and Nuit who`s symbol was a starry cow covering the Heavens. This is f.i reflected in norse mythology as well with Audhumbla, the cosmic cow, who eats the ice of Nifleheim (death) – transforming it to life - milk. Here we have strong metaphysics, and comparative mythology once more. Our ancient ancestors had clever ways of explaining physics, cosmology, and the circle of life through myth.


Furthermore. Waters symbolize the womb of Gaia, and lava symbolizes male. Together: Love, and light crashed, and made life on Earth possible! The universal metaphysics of love, and light are astounding. This also happens whenever a child is born. The male torch, semen, or fire impregnates the polar-opposite – water – and miraculously creates a new life.

Wow! Love and light is female and male! And applies to all spiritual philosophy and metaphysics. It really is the universal code of creation!

The clever Egyptians had a very scientific religion of love and light. Their prime deities were the Sun and Jupiter (Ra – male) , and the Moon and Venus (Isis – female). These correspond to light and love. I am not saying we should worship Egyptian, or Nordic Gods. I am only outlining the omniscience of love and light.


The gospel of St.Thomas writes how ¨male and female becomes one¨ in this New Age of Aquarius where Attar (Ashtar) is the new Maitreya. Why? Because Aquarius is a hermaphrodite like Attar. No man carried water in the ancient world.




Bridging the opposites


That man has travelled to the moon, but still battle with loneliness deprived of caring, compassionate love, and sexual stimuli is strange, considering how much more enlightened the ancient were. This births prestigious, shallow individuals seeking acknowledgement. Through what we discovered of love and light:

1.    The Abrahamic God is androgynous.

2.    Creation is polarized in male-female opposites.

3.    And the purpose of life is becoming whole again (through love)

4.    And thus creating new life.

Being loving, and having sex for the creation of children is thus reuniting the God-spark of female, and male to become GOD in the moment of orgasm: When God creates a new life in the womb.


The law of love, and light teaches us that sex is the most sacred act, and must not be defiled. It is the act of creation, and in it we thus metaphorically become Gods again through uniting the divisions in creation. It can lead to mystical union with God.

A human`s lust is directly proportionate to once power, creative ability, and power to do good and care. Love must always be connected to lust. It must be utilized, and expressed to create a healthy, respective environment. If chained, one looses ones power, and that is what happened to me.

All humans need human contact, love, and also sex. It is most sacred, and must be kept within the sacred morals of love and light. Compassion, freedom and acceptance. One should not have orgies!!! Nor sacred prostitutes. Sex is however therapeutic, and can heal ones aura, broken heart, and damaged emotions. Love, and sex is healing, and scientifically very healthy for you, but must remain connected with the divine aspects of love like romance, care and liberation. Can you argue for the existence of sacred prostitutes? Not in a Christian theology, but seeing the depraved lusts of the sex-hungry world: Life-giving, sacred, aura-healing prostitution is the best of two evils, and an inevitable, needed evolution. With a culture of pornography: It is un-natural for humanity to not have teachings on the sacredness of love and light. The teachings of this book is necessary for the mental health, happiness, and well-being of future humanity. Doesn`t everyone want to be happy?


For the Christian who do not watch porn, or the monk who lives without the internet: I say it is better to abstain from sexual relations, like myself and Paul. Some have come so far that God provides the comfort, healing, acknowledgement, and love you need. I personally feel these revelations is of vital importance to both the religious, and the humanist atheist. A universal law the applies to any religion and ideology. A law that traverses all borders of nation, ethnicity or culture.


Sex Magick


Sex is magick in all it`s definitions, perhaps even the greatest, most powerful magick – opposed only by the circle of loneliness, which we will touch upon soon.


Magick is simply put the art of creating change in conformity with will, but we will focus on positive manifestation, and here I will outline the 6 widely practiced forms of so-called ¨sex magick¨, just because it saw an uprising in the last century.


1 Regular sex. Sex IS magick, as are almost all deeds. We live in a magical universe. But sex involves the merger of souls, wishes, and spirits present during the ritual. It also involves satisfaction, liberation, and healing your chakras.


2 Eastern sex magick is an ancient art called tantric sex which you can look up for yourselves. They focus on the bliss of sex. Other Indian sex-practices involves becoming one with the Gods of sex, particularly Shiva, whereupon the practitioner will scream ¨I am Shiva¨ during orgasm for personal empowerment.


3 Sex for manifestation of desires. This is like any other typical ritual. The practitioner will fill his trained mind with his Higher Self, and clearly envision the bliss of accomplishing, and gaining his uttermost heart reaching orgasm, and stating ¨it is done!!!¨ Filling himself with a motivation, and preserving the energy gained.


4 Sexual vampirism. This is widely practiced, and a lesser form of it is simple masturbation which is a lesser form of vampirism either you like it or not. As all have energy, and project, give, and take energy from all living things of their surroundings, it`s no wonder  that sex can be used for bad. The practitioner focus on the carnal form of lust, and often invoke the gods/goddesses of sex, either good or bad depending on his/her`s religious stance. A light-magick practitioner will focus on loving colors of white, yellow, green etc, while the dark practitioner will focus on the red root-chakra (aura) , or even a black aura or death-cloud. This does however manifest the evil God/spirits over both persons. Envisioning the person you lust for during masturbation is a powerful spiritual tool for better or worse, that might greatly affect the target.

The victims of sexual vampirism will often loose their spiritual energy and lust.


5 Sex magick rituals. This involves a group of witches having ritual orgies to create energy for the invocation, or evocation of spirits either for summoning, or for manifestation of their will. They will often utilize sexual fluids on an altar of the God, on the living female altar (or boy) . They may also consume the sexual fluids to gain power of manifestation, or put them outside their bodies to consecrate themselves, or heal pain. Some will also consecrate wands, personal objects, and crystals with the sexual fluids.


6 Sacred sex. This form combines love and light teachings with the abovementioned tantric, healing sex with the philosophies of the sacred prostitute of the antique. Sacred sex is internal sex alchemy for transformation, and healing of soul-fragments/aura-healing/energy-healing. The treatment involves not only sex, but consultation, comfort, romance, crystal healing, and healing of pain, loneliness, and broken-hearts through healing chakra points through massage, kissing, sacred oils, and banishing evil spirits through insence. It is the art of circulating the high vibrations of sexual energy called ging-chi/vril/orgone/etc throughout the body to stimulate healing, and vitality through positive vibrations, laughter; removing depression. It can also involve romance, confession, tears, and the professional sacred goddess acts with unconditional love. This was practiced throughout all the antique, but was outlawed by Christianity and Islam. The Sumerian love-Goddess Inanna would open herself even to elderly men as an example of this ¨unconditional love.¨

This tradition was loved, and hated throughout the ancient world as the Greek historian Herodotus (450 bc) writes:

The foulest Babylonian custom is that which compels every woman of the land to sit in the temple of Aphrodite and have intercourse with some stranger at least once in her life. Many women who are rich and proud and disdain to mingle with the rest, drive to the temple in covered carriages drawn by teams, and stand there with a great retinue of attendants. But most sit down in the sacred plot of Aphrodite, with crowns of cord on their heads; there is a great multitude of women coming and going; passages marked by line run every way through the crowd, by which the men pass and make their choice. Once a woman has taken her place there, she does not go away to her home before some stranger has cast money into her lap, and had intercourse with her outside the temple; but while he casts the money, he must say, "I invite you in the name of Mylitta". It does not matter what sum the money is; the woman will never refuse, for that would be a sin, the money being by this act made sacred. So she follows the first man who casts it and rejects no one. After their intercourse, having discharged her sacred duty to the goddess, she goes away to her home; and thereafter there is no bribe however great that will get her. So then the women that are fair and tall are soon free to depart, but the uncomely have long to wait because they cannot fulfil the law; for some of them remain for three years, or four. There is a custom like this in some parts of Cyprus.


This was common throughout the entire known antique. The Egyptian priesthood of Isis had this exact same practice, as did the Babylonians of Ishtar, and probably the Sumerians too. The Romans had their Bachanalia orgies, the English had their orgies at Stonehenge, the Norse had their cults of Frøya, the Israelites/Canaanites had their worship of Asherah, and the Christians had their gnostic cults where the Agapea is most notable. This latter involved sexual orgies, and consumption of sexual fluids believed to be the bread (semen/body) , and blood (menstrual fluids) of Jesus Christ, or what they called ¨secret teachings.¨ Their cult existed in the first centuries, but was soon outlawed as heretics. The Muslims had sexual rites, and orgies for the veneration of the triple goddess at the Kaaba prior to Muhammad. These three were the daughters of Allah, who was called Al-Illah, and Allah at the time. She was Al-Uzza as young virgin goddess Aphrodite. Allat as the mature sun-goddess, lilly-goddess, to whom they erected Asherah poles, and Manat the elder goddess of wisdom who also was the chief of the three, and consort of Hubal (meaning spirit-Baal) , the chief deity of the 360 Gods at the Kaaba.


Questions: Is it not sickening that mankind has travelled to the moon, but still wage war, and do nothing about starvation, and sickness in third-world countries? Is it not strange that we know all about science, yet still have not found the Law of Light which is the basis for all the universe? Is it not strange that we have the internet, yet are still not one? Is it not strange that more, and more feel burnt-out, depressed, and become thwarted individuals? It is because they lack sacred love, and the philosophies of love and light.



Chapter 4: The darkness of light.


Scientific, and philosophical thoughts on darkness


Why is love and light the essence of the universe and existence? Because of the big bang, according to science. First there was darkness! But in the universe today; darkness is nothing but absence of light, as there is no ¨darkness particle.¨ Light does however not come into view unless there is matter for it to be seen. Interesting? The vast vaccum of space is darkness and light, but you only see darkness. Dark unseen matter, according to the quantum string-theory of multidimensional universe, constitute 91% of our universe. This is matter existing in higher dimensions, furthering the expansion of the universe. These scientists operate with 9-10 realms, which is interesting as the Hermetic legacy of the norse tree of life, the Kabbalah, and the Catholic seven Heavens has known this for centuries. Muhammad also says there are seven Heavens, although their view is different in that they are God`s Heavens, and not simply dimensions, which any lucid dreamer can confirm. Other scientists claim that a black hole draws energy into itself, and spits it out through a wormhole creating a sun (or suns) elsewhere. Connecting darkness and light.


First out came the darkness, the brother, and opposite of Light. (As in Set-Osiris/Horus) In darkness we contemplate, and rest in the night. Night gives us dreams when our brains process the vast information given through the day. It can be said that darkness works with light like with yin-yang in Taoism. Light gives us bodily form, while darkness provides us with soul-form. Scientists robbed mice from dreams, but gave them sufficient sleep. What they saw was stunning. The mice were useless! It is concluded by esoteric scientists that our DNA-memory, our subconscious, AND the ¨soul of our species¨ is downloaded through dreams. Basically: Dreams teach animals what they need to know regarding how to hunt! Wow! Dreams are as (relatively) real to you as anything else, and teaching on how to control your dreams (Lucid dreaming) , and ascend higher dimensions through preparations before sleep should be a part of every school of the spiritual. We conclude darkness, and pain gives us wisdom. Religions, wisdom, and mystery was passed down in the light of the fire, or mantlepiece through countless generations, giving us what we know of our ancestors today. The moon has been associated with wisdom from pre-history until today. Saturn, the planet of Darkness, is also the creator-god in almost all ancient antique religions. El, Allah, Anu, Saturn, Chronos etc. It is said that since this is the dimension of decay/death – where life dies, unlike higher dimensions, this Earth is astrologically ruled by Saturn – the Death-Star, or ¨Lord of the Rings¨.

Is darkness ugly? Deep sea fishes like the angler fish once looked into the mirror, and wondered if it was God`s creation at all, if not Satan`s creation. Sacred geometry, phi, and the golden triangle is seen in all of the animal kingdom. But where is sacred geometry in the monsters of the deep sea? We conclude that darkness is ugly. Furthermore; the world of scientists, and psychologists concede that the more positive thoughts, and emotions you have: The longer will you live, and the healthier, and more beautiful will you become. Positive thinking, and happiness, f.i orgasm - releases endorphins that are good for your body. It also supports healthy chakras and auras, which the Hindus have known for millennia.

Darkness, depression, and lack of love can kill you. Science has proven that lack of emotional contact, emotional outlet, physical contact, and even love can all make you sick. Babies actually need love to survive. Jewish babies Hitler nursed away from their mothers died seemingly supernaturally from lack of love even when the physical conditions were met.

Darkness must be dispelled by light which is truth, sincerity and warmth.




The Lucifer effect, and the problem of evil in regards to love and light.


The Lucifer effect is a term in psychology determining how very good people become evil.

In general, if Lucifer is ascended like Christ, then Lucifer =Love and light= life = lust= laughter/bliss= love and light. Continuing. 6 l`s of Lucifer. This is the circle of life. The opposite of the law is the circle of death which is ruled by loneliness, and is Lucifer falling, creating the circle of death. The Egyptians were the first to figure this out, and banned Satan worship throughout it`s history. Lucifer fallen is Set/Satan of the black sun, whereas Lucifer risen is his brother Osiris or Horus of the day-sun. This is the earliest religious example of the so-called Lucifer effect.

The circle of death is Lucifer falling, which I copy from what happened in my personal life. Lucifer / fallen from Heaven = loneliness and shame anger depression = hatred and revenge = helplessness = emptiness = sloth = poverty = despair = success = envy = pride = greed = further revenge = unnatural lust, and all evils in the world: Darkness and death. Death is absence from God. Sin is in it`s ultimate form: Decay. Anything that leads us away from the circle of life; Love and light is death. Satan is called the father of sin. Sin is exemplified in the seven deadly sins ruled by loneliness. We conclude that the opposite to love and life is death ruled by loneliness. If we eliminate loneliness, and the resulting pains from the world, then we stop the Lucifer effect, as we discovered earlier. Love and light can heal  the world! And that is the mission of the high-tech civilized age of Aquarius. The mission of love and light is ending world poverty, famine, starvation and disease. And bringing unity conscience. For if we end all pain, then we end all that leads to sin. That is the only way to fulfill the Biblical prophesies of a world without sin. Let me explain the Lucifer effect in further detail.


As of today, the circle of loneliness (otherwise called the circle of hatred) is fighting the circle of life, and rules the world. It is Lucifer fallen. It goes like this:

The innocent child is born. The desire for peace, truth, love and justice. Then everything goes wrong. You lose all that is dear to you, and you loose your life, soul and source: Heaven. The inner heart, and longing of the child does not change, but the way of obtaining these goals are distorted. Instead of obtaining peace, truth, love and justice through love; an inverted philosophy of Hell replaces heavenly logic. A circle ruled by vengeance, bitterness, hatred, pain, greed and strife. An example would be how the Jews seek peace through a mixture of demographics as revenge for WW2. That is the perfect example of the circle of hatred. The inverted logic of the dark side where bad is good, peace is an illusion obtained through war, and love only leads to hate. The antagonist is born from a pure-hearted child loosing his faith in God and humanity through ¨falling from Heaven¨. His previous dreams of peace, truth, love and justice become distorted by his fall to Hell. That my friend, is the age old problem of evil in the school of philosophy. The problem of evil is Lucifer falling. Good becomes evil, and evil becomes good; through distorted perspective. All becomes inverted. Through lack of love and acknowledgement. Love becomes purely sexual, selfish, perverted and carnal (without a God). It is as simple as that. But there is an even greater circle. The (sometimes called sacred) balance. The circle of good vs evil. Yin yang. Karma. And from this primordial war of brothers: The story of our universe unfolds. The Egyptian tale of Set vs Horus is used in almost every movie-script. We see that morale is born through good men observing the effects of the negative circle. The law of Light is the universal code written in the stars for all civilizations to obtain coherent thought (and ascension). Can good or evil exist without each-other? That is Heaven come to Earth. Yet there are still concepts of good, and evil in Heaven; contrary to popular philosophy. Thus in a world where the circle of life rules: Morale will still exist; even if only a self-explanatory unwritten law on the heart of a child. Why? Let`s look at metaphysic philosophy, and be smart like Master Jesus. I argue that darkness is nothing in itself. There are no particles creating darkness contrary to photons creating light. Darkness is simply nothing: Merely absence of light. We can draw parallels to our love philosophy. Hate is the result of imperfect love. There would be no hate if not for love. But wait a second. That also means there would be no darkness without the light? Exactly. Lucifer falling is a natural by-product of God`s creation called darkness. So I go by my law of Love and Light. And ask yourself this. How could God be Holy, good, and righteous if there was no evil to judge???

In this lecture we learnt that loneliness; Satan/Set; is the father of all sin through falling from Heaven. But is has a deeper meaning that answers the question above. Matter, death and time are intervowen composites of this dimension related to it`s ruler: Satan who fell as a result of God creating the universe. Is thus God evil, and is there no morale in Heaven? Absolutely not! Satan fought the enemies of humanity, and was later trapped on Earth through falling in love with this realm. He, and his angels chose  to stay here to rule us as their slaves. Is evil the result of goodness then? Yes. But at the same time: It is still only a choice. These polar opposites rule – awaiting Lucifer ascending. The pyramid prophecy completed, and the capstone of Giza completed. We will soon discover why Satanism is dead. An evil hierarchy has covertly stolen Christ`s pyramid-emblem, and built an inverted pyramidal power-structure based on the circle of hatred/loneliness. They have recently in history started calling themselves the Illuminati, from the Latin ¨lux.¨ It means the ¨enlightened ones¨, but they believe in the light of something called the Black Sun which is Lucifer fallen. The old God El/Allah/Saturn.



The Illuminati


Secret societies originating in the middle-eastern mystery schools where science, and religion was united in the elitist priest class have survived in the Swedish, Scottish, and York Rites of freemasonry: According to themselves. Although conspiracy-theorists claim the 3 gears of French masonry were added to by the 18th century Illuminati, it is however certain that the influence of the renaissance, newly-discovered ancient texts (like the book of Enoch) , the disbanded Knights Templar, and Rosicrucianism played a pivotal role in the formation of the higher royal gears; inspired by the noble courts of Europe where ancient symbolism takes a great part. But what of the Illuminati? Jewish Adam Weishaupt had a life-long passion for occultism (which means hidden) , and became of interest to the Vatican`s Jesuits, Jews, and royal court of Switzerland. He was inspired to establish the Illuminati in 3rd of may in Bavaria 1776. Their goals were originally of a noble kind, and included enlightenment leading to uniform ideas; leading to anarchy, and impeachment of royalty, and state power, although one can question this as they were a secret society with members from the high-cast of central Europe up to Denmark, but not Norway or Sweden. Sweden has an ¨Illuminati¨ of their own, most notably the Seraphim Order (Serephim/fiery serpent – an order of angels (ET`s in the Bible)) which mostly compromise heads-of-states and monarchs. I learnt of their existence by discreet invitation. They are the lion-head of Judah, and correspond with the royal arch of most notably England. But back to topic. The Illuminati was seen as a threat, as they gained 2000+ members of major influence in approximately 12 short years after which they were outlawed, and thus officially disbanded. Did this defeat change the facets of the Illuminati, and do they remain unchanged to this day?

I won`t go deep, but let`s examine. Illuminati is latin, and means ¨¨the enlightened ones.¨ Whileas conspiracy-theorists claim their existence predated the Bavarian Illuminati through bloodline Luciferianism primarily from the Davidic bloodline (Priory of Zion), royal Phoenician-Roman descent, and descent from Vlad the Impaler; and that the main precursor of the Illuminati were the egytian priesthood of Amon Ra (Lucifer`s red brothehood) , and the Sumerian priesthood of Enki, (Satan`s black brotherhood) , there is little proof. Whereas it is impossible to trace them with proof, the Illuminati I have met do however claim descent from the hanseatic league, and the pre-christian religion of druidism. They proclaim a philosophy of transhumanism/superhumanism (becoming more than man), and apotheosis (man becoming God) . This is coupled with a Nietzscheistic philosophy that man is God; superior to other humans through their knowledge, and belief in survival-of-the-fittest, although they secretly do not support Darwin`s theory of evolution. Atheism is just a guise. Other darker philosophies of the Black Brotherhood of the Illuminati, which I have heard from their own mouths is primarily: Evil is good, order through chaos, and divide-and-conquer. This contradicts Weishaupt`s ideals. Their modern religious beliefs vary depending on what cult you ask. There are hundreds of secret societies often polarizing each other in opinion, who claim they are the Illuminati, and see themselves as brothers anyhow. Why? For they believe in yin-yang, or what they call ¨the sacred balance.¨ The dark brotherhood that I met do however not agree to this, and claim they (Satanism) is the only real Illuminati. They thus exist as the moon-night-saturn-death cult of the El Luminati, and the sun-jupiter creator cult of the Illuminati, often called ¨the builders of matter.¨ The latter is judeo-Christian, middle-eastern, Egyptian, and druidic in origin, and claim they are the protectors, and heirs to the Giza-pyramid`s spiritual hierarchy and mysteries. God on Earth as to speak. They claim the red, and black Illuminati`s existence goes back at least 70.000 years, which is absolute rubbish from a historical basis. Common for both is however their belief that we are the sons of the fallen angels, that Lucifer was the lightbringer, and that ¨knowledge is power.¨ Author, and Illuminati expert Leo Lyon Zagami writes extensively on how the Ordo Templi Orientis have tried to monopolize control over the Illuminati, and also claim they are the real Illuminati. Their influence in deep state affairs like intelligence-agencies, and even popularity among the public is quite frightening, knowing the illegal, murderous doctrines of their diseased prophet Aleister Crowley. The roman-christian sun-cult of what I personally claim to be the real Illuminati is statistically dying out, and it seems the western elite has capitulated to the dominating black brotherhood of the jewish Rothschild who was in Weishaupt`s Illuminati since the beginning. The Rothschilds are according to themselves the main bloodline of Lucifer the lightbringer, as I have actually corresponded to some of their family members through the internet. They believe Rothshchild is the dragon, the others are the wolves (beasts) , and that the Abrahamic religions is the whore working in an unholy triad. Other claimed factions of the Illuminati include modern-think-tanks (especially surrounding newly diseased David Rockefeller), the Knights of Malta (St.John`s hospitalers), the Jesuits, and the mysterious druidic orders. I have talked to Tom, an english druid in Baath, and also to English ex-Illuminati witches in Norway who claim descendance from Egyptian royalty who immigrated to England approx. 3000 years ago. They too claim they (the English nobility) are the real Illuminati; functioning as lineage royalty higher up the pyramid of the Black Brotherhood, but I won`t exemplify that subject of druidism. The Illuminati are religious practitioners of re-enactments, and what they call magick. Depending of location; cults vary from worship of Nordic gods, Hindu Gods, Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Canaanite Gods and Babylonian/Sumerian Gods in rising order. The satanic trinity is however common for all the Illuminati, and stem from the egyptian Isis (Ashtaroth), Horus (Beelzebub and Lucifer) and Set (Satan, Ahriman and Leviathan), corresponding to Canaanite names. Other common deities are Lucifer Shiva, Allah/El, and the demon prince Azazel and Asmodeus. While the red brotherhood worship Lucifer as sun-air Gods : Amon Ra, Shamash, Azazel, Beelzebub, Horus, Mithras, and Enlil etc, the black brotherhood worship Lucifer as death-earth-Gods like: Samael, Set, Enki, Geb etc. Their philosophies vary from the circle of life vs the circle of hatred; Lucifer ascending, or Lucifer descending. Let`s not emphasize on that. For druidism: Check out Jordan Maxwell, but take his sayings with a pinch of salt. There is however substantial similarities between the druidic Osiris archetype ¨Hu¨ with ancient Egypt, as well as similarities between ancient moon-sabbath astrology judaism, and the secret druidic religion of astrology-sacrifice, sacred days etc. This Nordic Israelism is called ¨the serpent trail¨ by authors like Yair Davidyi,  and present linguistic, and substantial historical evidence that primarily the northern tribes of Dan (the serpent tribe), or more commonly the ¨10 tribes of Ephraim¨ emigrated northwards throughout Europe into England and Scandinavia; bringing their (Jewish-Egyptian) druidic religion with them, leaving behind certain linguistic, and religious clues like f.i the name Dan-mark. The people of the tribe of Dan. These refer to themselves as Danites, and are represented in European nobility and among masons, and among Jews, and masons in America particularly. The current rulers of Earth is this ¨Jewish Tribe of Dan¨, according to themselves. The serpent tribe whose colors have been red and white since Israel: The colors of Denmark and USA: The land of the thirteenth tribe. This philosophy rooted in Denmark`s elite approx. as early as around 1622, coincidentally when my great german-noble family of mercenary warriors (The notorious Fleischers) settled among Denmark, and primarily Norway: Holding many of the highest national positions for over 300 years straight, and also being perhaps the most prominent masonic family in Norwegian history, obviously aside from the house of Saxe-Coburg: The Royals of England, the Netherlands, Denmark, and also Norway. Our kings. The most notable conspiracy theorist on the English Illuminati is the self-proclaimed messiah, author, and former journalist David Icke who claims the reptilians (seraphim) still rule this planet as the sons of Enki, descendants of Dracula (meaning Dragon), and heirs of King David and more in his books. Queen Elizabeth recently proclaimed descendance from Muhammad as well. We can see where this black-brotherhood trail ends, and it is time for the sun-children, anarchists, and heirs of Weishaupts dream to defend their sacred balance which is threatened. Weishaupts Illuminati dream of peace, anarchy, and worldwide brotherhood of enlightenment is dead, and rests with me. The pyramid structure of God is also dead; covertly overtaken until Christians build Christ`s kingdom which the latter part of the book will perfectly discuss. Remember: It was God`s Great Pyramid. The satanic, pyramidal structure of today is some idiocy of an inverted pyramid, and it`s time we Christians take back the seven pinnacles of society the Illuminati operate with: Culture (arts/entertainment), education, business, family, government, religion and media. Why is the pyramid-structure of secret occult societies inverted? For the one on top laughs at those down below, and so does the ones above him. Why do they laugh? Because as you advance, receiving the promised enlightenment, you are sold darkness, not light. Once you reach the top, you become a member of the black brotherhood, and discover the true purpose of the pyramid. Protecting the afterlife of the few at top. It all started long ago with Vlad Tepes, and the order of the Dragon. One person sells his soul to the devil, and boy; Satanism is not physically dead anymore. There is this person who will try to eternalize his seat in Hell by creating an eternal structure either through family (f.i royalty), business, lodges and/or false religion. The entire pyramidal system misleads you from start, and is exists only as a soul-farm for those on top whose souls are sold. A person who has sold his soul to the devil is a societal cancer, and will try to market Satanism through lodge-degree systems as something true, just, philosophically valid, humane, and enlightening while it`s not before you reach the top, and there is no way back you realize you have been lied to all along, and that satanism is dead had it not been for the few on top whose lives are dedicated to lure other with them to Hell in fear of the terrible afterlife. Satan never reveals his true nature until you`re damned. That`s  when you discover he hates humanity, is evil, and has no purpose for you in Hell. But by then you`re already damned, so those on top dedicate themselves to create world chaos, and exterminate humanity and Christianity.

And that`s why a revival exodus out of Babylon city-system is a MUST as described in part 3 of this book. In general: We won`t stop the Lucifer effect, or the war until we stop the pyramid - the system, through implementing a governing system of our own: Either nationally or locally. Until then: There world will always be in a state of chaos and war. It`s good vs evil. Jesus vs the system. A system that will create growth for future chaos, war, famine, poverty, and disease until the end of time: If it ain`t stopped. Stopped by a Christian system of governance. The Kingdom of God. Which we must build.








Satanism is dead.

We covered how Lucifer`s curse is broken, and mankind is free, according to Christianity. Satanism is thus spiritually dead, as mankind can reach ascension. The last of the giants, and the Setian tribes died in Scandinavia during the black death. Satan, the fallen Lucifer has lost. Why is satanism physically dead? For there are no race, or living person descended from Nephilim condemned to Hell. The race of the damned is extinct, and that`s a good thing. There is substantial archeological skeletal remains of giants which correspond to what we know from all mythologies. Who is there to further the Lucifer effect, and rule humanity through the circle of hatred? I guess the biggest problem of today is corruption through riches and sex. But the circle of love sets us free! For we will distribute love, enlightenment, and riches to the world! What then remains as the reason for Pain? None. Satanism is also philosophically dead. For: Whereas it once was the only true religion unless you could obtain salvation through the Mosaic covenant; it ended when Jesus came along. Why was satanism the only religion? For if the pagan tribes were damned anyhow; why then would they worship God? They belonged in Hell. Why would anyone want to go to Hell? It`s dimension is defined as void of the feeling of love, and is an eternal state of anxious fear, tears, and hatred towards God. I am the Illuminati. There is no, or little reincarnation. This is a soul, and tax-farm set up by aliens now defeated by the angels. But these reptiles are damned, and their black brotherhood is coming back. They have hijacked God`s pyramid, and claim to be the Illuminati. Can you handle the truth???


I once was the devil`s son. The devil was the only friend I had ever had. We had long conversations every night for 2 years of solitude. I was fit, longhaired, beautiful, and extremely talented with musical gifts. I was given all riches, and the Illuminati worshipped me as Lucifer`s son; hoping I was a gold-mine to be a pop-star in America. The right-wingers of the masonic order invited me to the masonic lodge while the left-wing jewish nobility, Ridderstedt, adopted me out of what they called ¨norwegian nazi tyranny¨, and brought me safely to Sweden, Denmark, and Israel where I became an uncircumcised jew. I also met the Illuminati for the first time in 2013. I was baffled, confused and depressed. Perhaps God is evil, or perhaps he likes complex irony, for all this coincided as I fell physically ill, and was debilitated as well. The Illuminati was furious I had not worked.

Then Satan started to reveal his truest nature, showed me all of Hell, and I discovered the secrets that no satanist know but those on top. Every person that sells their soul to the devil do it for riches, and benefits in THIS life. Not as an afterlife insurance. How will you survive years in Hell? Hell is ruled by the giant Rephaim, Anakim, Nephilim, from before the flood, and Reptilians and or ¨demons¨ from the Jurassic age. And they are big, bad giants crying eternally like babies without mama, or God until they go ABSOLUTELY mad for an eternity of revenge against anything that resembles the creator: Man. And remember: That dimension is void of love, and is best described as an intense, eternal ride of senseless desperation, tears, fear, chaos and anguish. How would you survive? And who would suddenly appear to these reptiles but you who died from cancer? You won`t last a minute. Let`s summarize the illusion that ¨Hell is cool¨::: A chaotic court of MAD JESTERS & GIANTS rule Hell. Ok??? Is that clear? Total endless hysteria, violence, screams and chaos. No humans rule there, ok? Or: Would Satan fire his trusted workers of a million years, and replace them with you: A dumb human? I will tell you my great secret: Hell make certain that every human on Earth has their guardian demons. They are as organized as Heaven, and become perfect after millions of years in the game. Why? Because this is the only fun Hell EVER had: Capturing souls that remind them of the creator. Thus they make their guardian demons toy with every person`s mind, including the greatest satanists; to feed from both their positive, AND bad emotions leading these unfortunate STUPID victims to shout: SATAN IS GOD, AND HE BLESSES ME!!!! Soul-capture success. Demons were called Gods for a reason! You got that? You`re nothing but a battery, unless you accept Jesus. The demons are almost as possessive as I am! But you`re not spirits? Can you fly to Earth from Hell, and serve Satan like the damned do? No. You`re a human. A blessed child of God. Hated throughout Hell.


So how does Satanism still live, and what is Satanism? Modern, popular satanism in the Satanic Temple, Church of Satan, and the Greater Church of Lucifer proclaim they are atheists. That Satan is nothing but a concept, and that there is no God. This is different from theistic, or spiritual satanism. Yet both groups believe in magick defined by Aleister Crowley as ¨change happening in conformity with will.¨ Much of modern satanism follows Crowley`s motto of Thelema ¨do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.¨ He proclaimed himself a prophet for the new aeon of Horus. Love, and light will make things right. (…) Much of modern satanism is directly credited to Crowley whose books on magick are still among the best today. Ordo Templi Orientis, which Crowley developed into his own have waged a war to become to spiritual head of world hierarchies against other secret societies, and have infiltrated rosecrucianism, the Catholic Church, and especially the masonic lodge, and intelligence agencies with CIA`s shadowy Mk-Ultra programs in particular. You can read about this from Italian Illuminati insider Leo Lyon Zagami in his book: Confession of an  Illuminati. Oto proclaims to have monopoly on being the Illuminati, and practicing magick. What is this magick? The magick you will encounter on net is comprised from mystery religions, witchcraft, and Hermeticism – the science attributed the mythological Hermes Trismegistus which means ¨Thrice Greatest.¨ Gaining your will through working with the Hermetic Kabbalah, the diverse Tarots, spiritual practices like yoga, and working with spirits through invocation, and evocation to gain control of your Guardian Angel (demon) is the magick available on internet as of now. Most prominent of these practices is the invocation of Gods, demons, energies, or ¨deific masks¨ as satanic author Michael W. Ford calls them. Magick is all about transmutating energy from stars/planetary realms, higher realms (The Heavens) , or lower realms (Hell) to achieve your goals through being empowered by these forces. Let me tell you it`s secrets. All energy offered to these Gods in the form of invocations, insence, blood, or other deeds is believed to return to you with extra profit. The magician will boldly call upon his guardian spirits, and feel an extasy of power and bliss. Like a drug. This is because the human functions as a vessel to combine their energies with that of the entity to transmutate these otherwise dark aspects of these disembodied spirits into light again. But the sad reality is that had it not been for the open magician, and his sacrifice: The energies of these entities is ghoulish, empty and vampiric. Thus these entities have lured man to think they are ¨Gods¨ through all time. It is a dangerous practice. Only one out of a hundred Satanists realize these spirits lie, and play with them. And they never realize they were being fooled from start to finish before their soul  is taken to Hell. Like the founder of the Church of Satan, and Joseph Stalin who freaked out, and repented on their death-beds.

I have seen it all. And I say satanism is dead.


You think you can handle the truth? Hell, and Earth serves Satan it`s creator; as a facility for the imprisonment, and torture of your souls. Like in the movie the matrix. Hell are dimensions defined by thought from deleted files, and past history in a shadow matrix of this one, and is thus void of time. There: All bad past-life happenings concur constantly around you as you experience your own personal Hell as a deleted file. It appears like an eternal cell like a cocoon, or a grave you can`t escape where you relive all deleted, negative thoughts, deeds, and times you experienced while on Earth. Hell has infinitely many layers depending on which deleted timephrame you lived in, but is mainly 7, or nine Hells ruled by devils who are like God in their respective realm. The realm is a result of these God`s inner dimensions. Ok? F.i Satan is both Hell, and an entity.

If you are really unlucky: You`re completely evil, and is thrown into the lake of fire. God rules Satan, and Satan rules Hell. A mason once said to me: They are two sides of the same coin.

That`s  when I realized the innocence of man, as we never chose birth between the choices of two evil counterparts. Twisted that is.

There still are religious philosophers who believe in the biblical Kingdom of God where death is no more, and life-extention technologies make up an eternal population of no more than a few million, as the noble Bible, Jesus, and God intends it. It is the solution to intelligent life now that we are under the Holy Ghost mercy covenant.

We should have remained as apes in the jungle… But Enki/Lucifer probably made us by mixing their own DNA with that of Homo Erectus as popularized in the New-Age genre.

Lucifer, and Hell is evil. Mankind is a new creation through Jesus, but must act on it, and take back their realm from these prison-planet reptilians to become the dominant species.


But God`s plan with creation is now complete, and our mission of today is ascension now possible through spreading the gospel. We finally have a purpose, and all are accepted by God. Our purpose is to evangelize. Aside from this: There is no other purpose.

God is awaiting the race of the angelic man of the Aquarian age. For we are the creation of the Elohim: The angels redeemed through Christ. We await the kingdom of God. Where all are enlightened brothers of civilization. And I`m it`s prophet.

Love is eternal; and traverses religion, ethnicity, time and borders. Love freely; willed, and without hesitation. For the law is that ¨you can do what you want; but honesty is a virtue; thus you must live to your true will, and believe what you do! You must wear your love on your sleeve. I want to help you not to become like me! Be true! Be light! For verily I tell you; those who sin against their heart live in denial. The road to pain, and all festering desires. The path to the dark side. The devil creeps inside, and feeds from a guilty conscience that didn`t do what it wanted. Is there sin at all? It`s all about conscience. Becoming  one. Ascending the planet. Ascension of your soul, and winning against the reptile archons who doesn`t harbor love. Or you can descend, and becoming theirs. They feed on all negative emotions. Who can heal the crack when the devil is inside? The crack will widen, and you loose a part of yourself for all eternity. NEVER sin to your heart. Live true to yourself o child! Don`t be so hard against your own heart, and always speak your mind. That is the way to  escape suffering.


Chapter 5: The Noble path.

My path towards enlightenment:

From I first started school, I was always protecting the weak. I earned the teachers love, and respect for integrating all the outcasts at school. I knew what it was like to be different. I would protect my friends, the immigrants, and my girlfriend! I was the first kid in class to have a girlfriend.

When I reached puberty, I was already fully mentally grown. I probably cared more about politics than anyone in town, and discussed the news for two hours every day in class. Mostly monologue. As I became mentally disturbed the year after, it is hard for me to think back on what I lost. For I, the Buddha started my path.

I first sought the path of wisdom throughout all elementary school. I was an incarnate ascended master, and could preach endlessly on all Christ`s parables which I read every night. Wisdom puts oneself low, connects with nature, and helps the weak AND strong. Wisdom is a diplomat. I was called ¨the diplomat¨ by the teacher, and of all the 600 children in school, I certainly was the one who climbed the most trees, and spent the most time in the forest nearby. Along with my girlfriend.

But as I grew enlightened, and reached puberty: I saw the corruption of the world, and was frightened to death. I then followed the path of power for 1 year, attaining much knowledge of how to change this world, and basically save it, but that was not the path for me.

I then sought the path of the Buddha. The path of my childhood, and the path of Jesus. This is the path of self-denial, loosing all desires, loosing all ego, and attaining satisfaction through the middle-path. Living a normal life. For the corruption, and ignorance of the world was terrifying, and I decided the people were unworthy of  my teachings. I would not step up to be the Christ I knew I was. Life was terrifying, and I knew something was off.

This became a path of loneliness, and the before-mentioned cycle of hatred. It led to depression, sloth, and eventually extreme spiritual death and ignorance. Yet I was not sleeping. Only acting. Only following my path of wisdom. For the teachings of Jesus, and the Old Testament is that of the Buddha. Of putting yourself low, being faithful in tiny details, and let the elders speak first. Yet all ignored me. My path was wisdom. Their path was ignorance, envy, ego, corruption, conspiracy and oppression. I was alien. They were earthlings. They mocked me, and I knew it. I just took it, acted accordingly to their perceived ideas, and decided this world did not deserve a savior. Yet I was not asleep. My path, and philosophy is recorded in diaries I kept writing every week from I was 13. I knew I was an enlightened sage, and quit school. My lifelong dream was to be a world-teacher and civilizer. When would they repent?

But they did not repent, nor did they understand the Buddha, the alien prince from Heaven. Instead: They all fledged to the dark-side, and viciously attacked me in the biggest disgrace of modern history. I played their fool all along.

It was a test to me. I had already passed judgement, and realized our difference when I was 9. Everything since then was a test of their species as enlightened master. When would they love me? Would they see me? I was very curious. I knew they were worthless ego`s without souls, but… When would the path of pain end?

Throughout this path: I became, and discovered all darkness, and the reality of life: Death, disease, mental illness, poverty, despair, depression, and all pain. Just as I had sought to find. It was all because my accusers weren`t enlightened.

Then followed the dark night of the soul. I had 6 years of loosing everything. The terror a single day of these years is too terrible to even speak.

But then I rose, and chose to be prince Buddha. I returned to my childhood conscience of Christhood, and found bliss. Why? For I had lost all lust, all carnal desires for wealth, fame, money, success, popularity, and had not watched porn, or movies for years and months. Pain is a teacher, and it taught me to shed all temporary assets, and earthly emotions. I would dedicate all my time, and money to selfless service, book-writing, and enlightening the public. I started evangelizing almost every day.

It was when I sat down to analyze my life that I discovered the same as the Buddha before me, and returned to my preincarnate, childlike state of a content, loving, enlightened master with a huge pink aura. I had not been myself since I was a child, and fell ill after discovering the conspiracy. I had frozen in a prison of shame, fear, and hopelessness over never daring to start climbing the towering wall of complexities; every stone representing a problem, or accusation against myself. I discovered I had gone through a middle-age-crisis of depression ever since I became enlightened as a child! I had since gone through life in distress without finding a single likeminded friend, or connecting to any church or family. I followed my path to the end. The only friends I ever had were some jews that adopted me in 2012. But I have always considered all of humanity my children and family.

I now have experienced all Gods, all mental states, all pain, and all bliss as I had chosen zealously: To test them out, and follow the path of Pain formerly mentioned in the Lucifer effect.


The Aryan path of Buddha

My spiritual liberation unto heaven after the dark night of the soul left me enlightened with no anger, no lust, and no sadness. I had surrendered everything to God, death, and accepted the inevitable. I no longer had even the slight urge to defend myself in speech, or win an arguments against liars and hypocrisy unlike any other I`ve met. I  had become peace, love and light. The innate enlightenment through knowledge gave me bliss so that even if the entire world slandered against me, I could not harm me even if I was the only one who believed in myself. My of contentment, and mystical union with God, my self, and the universe led me down the same path of the Buddha. I had lost my princely kingdom so to speak. Just as the Buddha lost his kingdom for the sake of enlightenment. But I had found blissful contentment in the daily gifts God bestowed upon me. The garden. The weather. Prahna. Mystical union  with the all: God: The ether. Source. The ability to help others far exceeded any urge I had previously had, and pain had trained me to focus all my energy for the sake of humanity so I no  longer even had the slightest sexual urge, or any unclean thought for months.

Matter is death, but the world is dualistic. Yin-yang. The middle path is good for man, and thus I was enlightened, and created the enlightened law of Love and Light. but I had obtained Nirvana:

For to the devotee; it is spirit that truly matters. I am not kidding. Follow in mine, Christs, and other bodhisattva`s footsteps, and be enlightened. May the knowledge of Jesus in this book, and the truth of the scriptures be revealed to you: So your mind turns to blissfull light, and unites with the universe in this age of Aquarius.

Be serious as generals in your fight against evil; realized through the experience of pain. And at the same time: Be like a happy, loving, unspoiled, and wise child. For if you do not become like children, you cannot enter the heavenlies… So said Jesus.

It was in 2016 I first became enlightened, and rediscovered the meaning of life: Karmic recuperation. I knew not of Buddhism at the time, but looked on the  Lucifer mystery of what Jesus did on the cross and said: THAT is the greatest historical example of anyone paying/escaping karma, and was fully enlightened ever since.

Although Buddhism stresses the escape from karma and reincarnation, I do however not believe in reincarnation. Only those who live outside the knowledge of Jesus, and the previously discussed covenants of judeo-christendom might reincarnate. It is however true that all that goes around, comes around, and there is reincarnation. Of soul aspects yes. For this universe is an electric, duplicating fractal matrix. What evil, or good you do in life will affect others.

Would it not be wonderful if we could start a monastic village, and all wear kimonos?

I would follow, and practice my religion if I could, but I am in a bind, and must walk the middle-way. The golden middle-way is what we enlightened sages say is wise for the every-day man. It lies between spirituality (carnal detachment) and materialism (carnal enrichment). I have already miraculously followed these eight steps most of my life, except  from being a Buddhist monk, or doing the Buddhist meditation. Perhaps I will continue, unless I meet a potential spouse. These are however the eight steps to reach physical detatchment.


From Wikipedia: The eight Buddhist practices in the Noble Eightfold Path are:

1.    Right View: our actions have consequences, death is not the end, and our actions and beliefs have consequences after death. The Buddha followed and taught a successful path out of this world and the other world (heaven and underworld/hell). Later on, right view came to explicitly include karma and rebirth, and the importance of the Four Noble Truths, when "insight" became central to Buddhist soteriology.

2.    Right Resolve: the giving up home and adopting the life of a religious mendicant in order to follow the path; this concept aims at peaceful renunciation, into an environment of non-sensuality, non-ill-will (to loving kindness), away from cruelty (to compassion). Such an environment aids contemplation of impermanence, suffering, and non-Self.

3.    Right Speech: no lying, no rude speech, no telling one person what another says about him, speaking that which leads to salvation;

4.    Right Conduct: no killing or injuring, no taking what is not given, no sexual acts,no material desires.

5.    Right Livelihood: beg to feed, only possessing what is essential to sustain life;

6.    Right Effort: guard against sensual thoughts; this concept, states Harvey, aims at preventing unwholesome states that disrupt meditation.

7.    Right Mindfulness: never be absent minded, being conscious of what one is doing; this, states Harvey, encourages the mindfulness about impermanence of body, feeling and mind, as well as to experience the five aggregates (skandhas), the five hindrances, the four True Realities and seven factors of awakening.

8.    Right samadhi: practicing four stages of meditation (dhyāna) culminating into unification of the mind.

The Pali term ariyo aṭṭhaṅgiko maggo is typically translated in English as "Noble Eightfold Path". This translation is a convention started by the early translators of Buddhist texts into English, just like ariya sacca is translated as four noble truths. However, the phrase does not mean the path is noble, rather that the path is of the noble people (arya meaning 'enlightened, noble, precious people'). The term maggo (Sanskrit: marga) means "path", while aṭṭhaṅgiko means "eightfold". Thus, an alternate rendering of ariyo aṭṭhaṅgiko maggo is "eightfold path of the noble ones", or "eightfold Aryan Path".


This is the noble path of the aryan people. The high-caste of Earth population as exemplified in the hinduistic belief where we once ruled, and created the hindu religion. The Aryan path is exemplified in the peaceful, loving, non-aggressive statistical behavior of the native aryan-european populace. Our sexual crime rates are still 10-1 compared to muslim immigrants in all Scandinavian countries. It is time the people of the light remembered who they are, and where they came from. The indo-european descendants of civilized Atlantis. Whileas the muslims believe in despotic, inhuman laws, and medieval forgeries of the Judaic religion: We civilized beings use our brains, and believe in love and light.

The question arises: Is there meditation in scripture, and ancient judeo-christian practice? Yes, even in the liberal Pentecostal movements of today! Just google meditation in the Bible, or do a search on ¨soaking.¨

For scripture encourage us to fast, meditate, and ¨pray without ceasing.¨

In general: The Bible tells the jews meditated upon God`s word. History tells both ancient jews, AND christian mystics (early church-fathers) meditated for prolonged periods of time. Why? To reach mystical union with God through meditating on His word, His love, His beauty of creation, and filling yourself with this until you reach mental, and spiritual bliss. Some of these church fathers were even seen emerging with glowing bodies emitting light!

Although we are free in the Holy-Ghost mercy covenant; not all people are naturally inclined to civilized behavior. That is why codes, and laws like that of Buddhism, and the ten commandments are necessary; unless all are ethically homogenous through love and light so anarchy could work. Salvation comes through a personal relationship to Jesus, God, and the saints through ascending conscience via the Holy-Ghost mercy covenant, but there still must be laws for peace, and order in any society. Of course there must be laws! So what Christian laws are there for the world today? I have written extensively on the subject, and there is much controversy among theologians, but I have prayed over this, and present to you the 15 combined laws for all believers. I think most theologians would agree on this one.

The 15 combined laws.

With a loving relationship with Jesus free from sin, comes the love for God, and his laws. This is natural. But are we under the laws? No! We are under a new mercy covenant as St.Paul realized! It is up to every church, and every person to decide for themselves what is the will of the Holy Spirit, and how not to sin against your salvation. Most Pentecostal churches preach of something called the ¨sanctification process.¨ This is very biblical, and goes as follows: As we live our Christians lives in the Holy Ghost, we come closer to Heaven, and we know there is no sin in Heaven. We should therefore prepare, and be worthy of Heavenly citizenship. That is the greatest argument as why not to sin. Ask: How is it in Heaven?

Luckily; I have found a great combination of laws. The Noahide laws are old-testament laws given to all heathens outside the Abrahamic, and Mosaic covenant. These still count a blessing for us today, and many are the same as the 10 commandments. And then you have the laws of the new testament which also, miraculously are seven in number. The Bible is always perfect.

Not committing adultery, and some of the ten commandments are for many people much harder than simple dietary laws because of sexual hormones.

If you put the laws of the New Testament, the ten commandments, and the Noahide together; you get 15 laws for us non-jewish christians which I name here. This is up to everyone to pray about themselves.

New Testament laws:

Law 1 – Love, also called the Greatest Command by theologians.

¨He answered, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.¨ Luke 10:27.

¨A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.¨ John 13:34-35.

Law 2 – The Greatest Sin

¨And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.¨ Matthew 12:31

It is very hard for us that this law exists. It certainly qualifies as a law. But what does it mean?  There are many near-death experiences of people like us. And just like we do sometimes think too loud about a stupid fellow christian, or say ¨that was embarassing¨, these NDE people come to Heaven. Direct satanic hate, and attack against God`s holy spirit which is history`s greatest gift, and a priceless free-ticket to heaven can not be forgiven? Apparently not.

Law 3 – The Outreaching Civilizer

¨Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost¨ Matthew 28:19.

Law 4 – Forgiveness

¨For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.¨ Is this a Matthew 6:14. Also read the parable in Matthew 18:21-35.

Laws 4, 5, 6 & 7.  Acts 15:20 ¨But that we write unto them, that they abstain from (eating what`s sacrificed on pagan altars, and having pagan altars or Gods) pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things (food) strangled, and from (drinking) blood

Laws 8-10 from the 10 commandments:

Law 8 - Honor your father and your mother.

Law 9 - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (slander, accuse, and lie about. With neighbor means everyone else.)

Law 10 - You shall not covet.

Laws 10-15 from the Noahide laws:

Law 11. Do Not Deny God

Law 12. Do Not Blaspheme God

Law 13. Do Not Murder

Law 14. Do Not Steal

Law 15. Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience.

As a counterweight, we can look back at the pre-dynastic Vikings, and their world ruled by the circle of hatred, honor, and blood-revenge. Here; Christianity civilized what we today would call ¨barbarians.¨ Norway had no laws, and was tribal anarchy, pillage, and chaos until Christianity, and Magnus Lagabøte came. Yet for this: Christianity is hated among all the public while Islam is endorsed. Perhaps the people crave strict medieval laws as a counterweight to the liberal west? It will be the greatest ideological clash in history. I wonder if Islam will reform.

Laws came through many historical heroes like Hammurabi, Zarathustra, Moses, various Gods and others. Civilized ancient cultures like the Egyptians, and Greeks invented laws. Laws, essential deeds go hand in hand, for both exist to facilitate a perfect society.

But what purpose is there in life if not through love? Love is both God, a divinity, a concept, a feeling, a choice, and an act. And the very word is law/love.

The Seven Essentials Deeds

I personally believe in seven essential deeds as parts of christian life after a christian norse saying which all norwegian christians know about. I also retained my salvation through deeds after loosing it. Protestants disagree with catholics, as the latter believe deeds are essential, as do I. Scripture is clear. Carrying fruit, and spreading light are biblical imperatives.

Every Christian in Norway has heard about the three b`s; ¨bønn, bible og broderfelleskapet¨. In english they are: Prayer, reading the bible Bible, and having fellowship in the church. But I upgraded them to seven. It is truly a miracle the 7 essential deeds of the Bible can be numbered starting with a b in Norwegian. No other letter can number these seven in norwegian, or probably any other language. What a miracle! Again we see that God always uses his chosen prophets, and work in terms of sevens. These are the seven essentials deeds to a christian life.

1.    Bekjennelse/Confessing. Confessing the christian faith, and confessing sins. Morning shema.

2.    Bønn/Prayer. Prayer for yourself, countries, loved ones etc facing Jerusalem 3 times a day. Your intimate life with God. Worship either through soaking, singing, praising God in nature, or art each day.

3.    Bibel/Bible. Read the Bible, and study the works, and also seek knowledge of God`s hand in creation.

4.    Bud/The commandments. Meditate on them, and keep them throughout the day. It helps us having God as our first priority, first love, and focus.

5.    Brorsfelleskap/Fellowship. Attending church. Being with Christian friends. Bible study. Cell groups.

6.    Brødsbrytelse/The sacred communion. The eucharism.

7.    Befalingen/The Great Commision. Preach the gospel to the ends of the Earth.

A true miracle isn`t it? Praise Ahayah Yehuah, and Yahusha his son.

But what Gabriel wants NOW is a revival, and WAKE-UP call to the sleeping Christians, sleeping youth generation, and a parade of unifying morals for his west to survive. Amen.

Far into the aquarian age: 100 years after unifying world beliefs through universal humanism; based on the universal law of light and love; ending war, starvation, and disease: Heaven will come to Earth, and there will be no more sin; for the devil will have no room without a thorn in any man`s heart. All will live in their higher selves: the holy ghost, and all deeds will be sacred; for all will be Christians of my gospel. And it is only about love.



Chapter 6: The sun in the horizon.


Cultivating soil and soul

Some say you find yourself when you loose yourself. I say you find love. I never knew before dying: What love really meant to me, and that all anger, hate, and selfishness was ideas I picked up on the way after I lost my childish love and relationships. This world is cruel, and puts us in foreign environments from school to jobs to make us cold, self-centered, and keep us from natural growth, and the deepest relationships; our childhood`s true selves. That`s why I believe in living in self-sustainable ultra-liberalistic mutual-anarchistic theocracies, or simply a monastic village: A village of farmers where the church is a community center functioning as hospital, social welfare-centre, judicial institution, school, educational center, and religious centre. This is the type of society they had in the biblical age of the Judges of Israel. It is the only Biblical form of government allowed for believers aside from the dynasty of David. Built small heavens on Earth, and gradually heal our world.

Christianity has had a long history. Europe is flooded. The churches are empty. People go partying. They seek two things: Love and acknowledgement. This is what all seek- deepest inside. The church hasn`t provided! People feel empty, and seek spirituality, nature, and true happiness. A return to the churches, and monastic village societies is inevitable for the human nature. Cultivate soil and soul; focusing on the afterlife.

A return to our roots under the pope whose name is that of the first. The first shall be the last. Peter. The pope advocates love. We want peace. We`ve had too much war. We must never forget the sacrifices seen by our former generations. They became hippies. So must we learn to love; before it`s too late. Before our illusions take over.

The darkness of this carnal age is dispelled by spiritual light, and return to nature. I proclaim Christianity is the religion that has the most of Love and light. Contrary to the lawish Islam, and Judaism who have no personal relationship to the divine, and never know if you go to Heaven: We are safe, have a deep personal friendship with the divine, and know we go to Heaven.

This is the age of the apostles. We see the European Catholic church dwindling. The old world is changing. We see the re-births of liberal, and gnostic Christianity conscience.

The pentecoastal 1st century church are living in biblical times with biblical miracles. Even though they are few, and persecuted across the world, they hold together, and I have been to many of these revival meetings. This is just like in the book of acts. We thus see history repeat itself. They are awaiting the return of Christ.

The time has come for a new Christianity of love in a new theocratic state, and for the Vatican order of warmachines to end. The time has come for the jews as they return to their homeland to be Christianized. The Christians will embark on a journey back to the future: To their origins. Islam will shed it`s old skin, and transform into western humanistic love as the caste-system of sharia falls.

They will then journey into the future with us so all children of Abraham can stand together, and rebuild the old world as in was in the days of old. It might  be for the better, but I am afraid it will go back to mystery Babylon. This is my prophecy for the future I have seen in the mirror, and my dreams. The world is at the edge of a knife. Many are worried about the economy. Never before has a generation changed as much as now. Contrary to former generations; this generation has no unity, philosophy, or fighting cause. What shall it be? I asked Gabriel, and it is.

Light and love. Truth and emotional responsibility. When Solomon reigns the Earth: All will be enlightened in his wisdom. When the first is the last: All will be one, and return to the old. The Golden Age shall arise again!




A NWO of love and light


We will laugh at the past, just like we laugh about how playing cards was a sin 100 years ago!

My future will be about liberty. Liberalism. People will laugh at conservative religions, and radical sharia Islam saying; that was 100 years ago during the war!

 They`ll continue celebrating; ¨Now we are all one; love and light; and the Earth is peaceful for all eternity! Look how we are all brothers! Look at how we overcame starvation, poverty and war!¨

 They will celebrate having overcome history with monuments of peace, and stand united under one true, everlasting religion proven by science; having discovered all the mysteries of the universe.

It will be an eternal circus of music, parties, love and circus! It is time YOU start harnessing the potential for your future. It`s a dream. Utopia. The only dream there is.

The christ-conscience of love unites all borders. My vision of a NWO is of a playful, social, free society of equality, happiness, expression, love, and unity in what we overcame; war!


I envision a new revolution coming; perhaps a new renaissance, or a new hippie movement; that will colour the world with art, understanding, dialogue, love, and create a unity in religions through the scientific elimination process. One is true; another is not.


I envision a world with a satisfied middle-class that can spend most of their time enjoying life. I envision a world of circus-parades, and theme-parks. A world of inifinite possibilities; where we can travel peacefully across all countries, and enjoy all the marvels of the world. Robots will do most of our work, and every citizen gets a minimum salary for being a citizen.


Bounce freely through life; hug, and kiss those who meet your heart.


Examples on implementations of this universal, exemplary, eternal law would be quite simple; never to bully anyone, look down on anyone, trespass their borders, always socialize wherever you are, and never say no to love.

This would be the best future for man, and has been my dream since I was 12 years old! Yet what killed me? The impenetral wall of complexities; a wall so high, and a dream so higher; I did not even start climbing it! But today you stand with me, and ascend through love, and hard work! Love is God. Love is life. The dark alliance HATES love. The devil is hate. God is free, sacred, innocent love. 

A new man rises! The universal man! A new global nationalist social garb of God`s new lustful creation! God pours out his Love to defeat the war-machine. Lucifer, and Aurora arises! The lovers.  

The matriarchy of Babylon rebellion arises against the old order of patriarchic war-gods! And the war-gods of the Vikings rise against the whore of Circe!

Lady liberty, and Lucifer arises! A new mantle; a cape; a multicolored garb for a new worldwide man; a new woman; a new culture; where we rise into God`s future plan! God`s new creation! The Holy-Ghost mercy covenant. We become children again! For Jesus says only children can enter Heaven! We will soon become a perfect creation; using our intellect, and our morale as light and love; transforming this world into a cultivated garden of Eden! We become graduates in the school of life; and reach planetary ascension! For what matters? Love is good. Fear is evil. Hate is evil. Hate envies, devours, and creates death. But love creates life.



Love is eternal. Love flows; multiplies, overcomes mountains, nurtures; and is the spring rain of life. This is the message on the internet. This is the new man. It is the core behind the hippie generation of conspiracy theorists. This is the mission of anonymous. This is the mission of the New Age. The mission of Christianity. The mission of Buddhism. The mission of Hinduism. The mission of paganism. And the mission of humanism. Islam must reform as well. This is the eye of the needle; the One generation of Aquarius that can change the world forever. The Lucifer generation. Our mission is love and light.

A new renaissance, and conscience behavior arises. The people awaken to DO something about their captors; fulfilling the dream of the ancient romans.


God Is, Was, and Will forever be the same; Love and light. Just like the clever Egyptians, and Jesus discovered. But the world changes, and his mercy is new every morning. As the world change; so do our hearts; and so do God`s mercy. For God is the All.


I tell you these new things as prophet.. Verily! Peter gave the Christians only four laws in the book of acts; to abstain from pollution of idols, from fornication, from things strangled, and from blood.


I am not saying all Christians should become whores; for that is not the concept of love.  Do what the Holy Ghost leads you to, and do everything for the betterment of those around you; with glory to God in mind! The love of Jesus. What can contain it? Love is breaking the ice. An ice that mostly governs the heart of men; but also women!

Love will break envy! And individualism! And nietzscheism! The egocentric version of the humanist philosopher based on Nietzsche will break! For too long have my people been frozen! Arise now aryans of the sun! Your age of Atlantis has come again. And YOU are truly a caring, kind, and social people. Break jantelov, and antisocial ice! You have been frozen since the black-death, and forced Christianization! Enter into the age of Light! The age of Horus! The majestic turns of centuries unfold, and the golden ones return again! That`s what the sibylline prophecy of Rome foretold: The origin to our new world order! Don`t be corrupted by the Jews! Take back the future they stole from you!

People are put in unnatural habitats, and never grow up from being broken children! Start families of light! Care for the weak! Love must be the new humanistic morale of care; with Jesus replacing Nietzsche. Remember; Those who are strong of you must embrace the weak! For all are equal in God`s eyes. Break the spirit of reserved coldness. Break apathy! Break slander! Break fashion pressure! Love love love! All we need is the law of love and light! Even  if they don`t believe in Jesus; they will believe in love and light.

Break the Layvean, and Nietszchistic`s egocentric philosophy of the ubermensh ruling class, and crush how the strong preys on weak! They are wrong! Just look at how God accompanies Pentecostal christians! There you see how the low heal the strong. God`s heart is revealed. Love to the people is my mission; to break the ice! Love shall be the new identity of the Aquarian man!

How much more of a judgement it is in the afterlife for those who hate, suppress, and divide than with those who loved freely!

Love is eternal, and everflowing like God. It`s the beautiful circle of life. There are those like myself that has love in their hearts, but find no love in a cold world. They are like slow-growing, enduring oak-trees that shoot through the forest; STRETCHING towards the light. All the others trees grow more rapidly, and the oak stops growing. But when the other trees have lived their short lives is when the oak`s life really starts. They finally reach the top of the canopy, and stand crowned with light for perhaps 400-500 years after all the other trees are dead. So it is with those who die for the sake of love, and enter Heaven. They get their reward in the afterlife. I endured, and so must you.

Love is like the perfuming flowers of trees blossoming; it`s the scent in the wind; spreading sex to the neighbors; impregnating the trees. It is wild, free, animalistic, and like the wind. Such is the nature of God: Kissing us like rain and sunlight. Like a sloppy wet kiss.

I do not say you cannot fall immediately into one others arms; for in a world changed by love, where sadness is forgotten, all socialize, the buss is no longer silent, and the people smile on the street; spontaneous chemistry comes sometimes with one look.


This is the time. We have to be strong. Spread the words of the prophet. Harness your love. Beautify each other. Worship each other. Worship love, and light like the Egyptians! Return to the golden age. Worship love, but beautify the ugly even more! For love includes, knows no borders; and has no shame. It is wild and free.

Protect those who love, and protect those who are with us! Go back to nature like the Romans! But with the essence of modern parties. Retake Rome`s golden age as children of their dream! We live in a world where elitist enjoyment is available for all; living like Gods compared to even elitist ancient romans. YOU dear Norwegians are the descendants, and dream-generation of all European history`s prophets. The battle falls on YOU. You CANNOT fail! Will you let the jewish-masonic elite take your golden age away from you? Will you let them take your life-extension technologies, endless parties, and carnival future away  from you? You are THE dream of the renaissance, and the antique! You are IT! The Lucifer generation! The new age! You must BREAK the bondage of the Old World Order! Break the racial-imperialistic oppression of the Jews, and reform Islam!

Learn to see God in each other! Love one another. Love all aspects of their nature. Socialize, and comfort them. If only you could learn to love; you are free!

If you only see yourself in the eyes of your ancestors! They had nothing of this; music, party, fashion, dance, and freedom from religion! FREE YOURSELF! Love IS life. Love IS religion. GOD IS LOVE. The lesson of nature and the sun. The answer to all philosophy. Love is the teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, the enlightened masters, the gnostics, and the elite. Will you let them party without you? Will you not become equal to them, and live like Gods? Our love theology never differentiates. All are children of God! Remember the last words of the Apostle St.John; whose words were; love one-another.

Please. Embrace the world-wide humanistic law of Aquarius. If all Earth could only drop everything they had; and first learn to co-exist through graduating the human love-exam; there would be peace forever.

Or will you let evil reptilian aliens destroy the one quality that makes us Godlike? They imprison your emotions, feed you crap through tv, and feed on your darker emotions! Stop! You are humans! You are love! God is a human. God is Order. You are His son. And you will create order out of the Aquarian law; not out of chaos.


There is a sacred balance between religious observance and hedonism (lust, and love for life.) It`s our job to start loving, and God`s love to embrace us as children. All I was tasked with by Gabriel was: Love. He didn`t tell me to hammer you with Bibles. Is it not clear that God is good? If only all Earth could reach mass awareness through the Aquarian law, destroy the evils of war and suffering: We could start arguing about Bibles afterwards! This  is what God is doing. It`s our job to stop killing, and start loving. It`s God`s job to show mercy. Do your job as a responsible human. Why should not all be one in this global information age of the internet?

Sex must be taught in school as something wonderous; the beauty of it being beyond imaginations of poetry; as it reflects all the nature of creation, God, and all we see around us. We need new cultural idols, and a social culture of unconditional love. Only then will we be free. I hope this might be a buffer against f.i radical sharia Islam.

We need a generation of 666= sex sex sex. I am crucified; while you walk free; the prophet chi-xi-stigma. I am the crucified beast. A great curse has been broken, and mercy poured out. I would never lie to you. It is good for you to love. Break the chains, and learn afterwards. Break the spell! Break the spell! Break the spell! Break the spell of generational suffering and war! It haunts your blood and mind! But YOU are the children of LIGHT in the new Atlantis! Become bohemians! Live in the now!

Think of all the pain you had because of all lost love, and what a laughing child you had become if your innermost had expressed itself, and received love without compromise just like God`s love is endless! Break that generational spell! Break it! Think if all such things were acceptable; and love, and compliments were the main theme of all conversations. We might end up like sinners, but we`d be too happy to have anything to do with reptilians! We would unite, and we would beat them! Remember the 5 l`s. Love, light, laughter, life and Lucifer.

You might end up like ¨sinners¨, but you might save the world from themselves. God is love. And I am the crucified jew of all things dark; while you walk free. Amen.

I usher my hopes, and well wishes to you.




Murphys Law – a valid philosophical, and spiritual concept.


I briefly mentioned myself as a prime example of the Lucifer-effect, problem of evil, and the circle of loneliness in that chapter. If a child is born into adolescence with an incomplete heart; it will haunt him with regrets, and stagnate his belief in himself. I myself felt like my needs, love, and wills were too much. I felt alien, and wrote extensively on how I was alone across a broken bridge to the rest of my classmates who I thought were spying on me, and slandering on msn. Instead of jumping healthily into the world to excel: They birthed the Lucifer effect, and something even more intriguing: Have you heard of Murphys law? It defines: Everything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong, and applies to many scientific fields. I think it`s not as much a law as a provable scientific effect. Here are my claims. The better a concept, emotion, or stimulation is: The more will it be used for evil. Think of it… Love, drugs, cannabis, alcohol, medicine, science, intellect, money, banks, media, music, entertainment etc. The first paragraph in our law is that: Good will always be corrupted, (and that societal responsibility must be taken to prevent this. Only you can prevent this through the heart-mind.)

Furthermore: Jesus himself seems to have understood this when saying: How hard it will be for a rich man to inherit Heaven. And in his parable of the three servants. (Matthew 25) It clearly illustrates that the more gifted/talented, or rich a person is: The more is he held responsible! And not only in this world! This is a spiritual law as well, as is clearly given in this parable. My life filled with problems, experience, and spiritual interaction can testify this. How? It is said: With every blessing comes a curse, and with every curse a blessing. This is mostly true in that the more you are gifted, and blessed by God; the more will evil forces try to destroy you. Disembodied spirits which came before you recognize themselves in you, and will try to repeat their own fall, and drag you down to them. The more you are blessed; the greater the curse if you fall from grace or fail. The devil will try to lure you with whispers, gifts, and false-truths to prevent you from attaining your destiny. Thus the second paragraph in this law: The higher you stand, the greater you can fall. For it would be wrong to say that ¨the more blessed you are – the more cursed you are.¨ In my example; Murphy`s law theory solidified through an ¨incomprehensible wall of complexity.¨

I was so young, and could not break free from home, or fathom the scope of the trials. All I saw was a towering wall reaching up to Heaven. I knew I HAD to climb it. This was MY wall. My life or path. I could see the first ten-twenty cinderblocks. The first 5-10 were personal issues common to any adolescent. The rest were my higher destiny, and seemed so towering, and impossible that I never started climbing. From this we learn: You can always fall even you do not climb, and there is no turning back. You must never abandon God`s destiny with your life. My ambitions were among the highest. At best: I am a terrified child suffering from curses of bad luck and failure. At worst I am a coward. I think I am a coward. A terrible sin that is.


My complex.

And now for my story. I once was a hungry beast, a childish clown, a romantic sweetheart, the boyish prankster, the favorite student, protector of the weak, and the sun loved by all. God. It is YOUR time to be like I was! I was like an owl, and wolf at night; dreaming away in nr 66, wishing I could start a new culture, anything, and create LIGHT in the world! I wanted friendship. I wanted lovers, but I isolated myself because I was terrified. The world, bullying, and suspicion terrified me, and locked me up inside myself where my ego was chained. I  could not cry, or speak my mind since I was 12. Look where that led me! If only I had expressed my love! Now it`s your age. I entrust you with this.

Only through love can there be peace in the world. I see expressionists wearing their love on their sleeves; preaching a new Aquarian gospel of endless love and light; parading the streets in groups and at schools; rebelling against the system with colors joy, dance, song, and an endless party-revolution! On what basis? On what basis shall we party forever? For we have knowledge and love! In it we stand as one! And we will use it to end starvation, disease and poverty! Just party until you accomplish this. It spreads like wildfire through the internet, enlightening the public, and destroying the media, politics and religions: Creating a A NEW WORLD ruled by the PEOPLE. The world becomes a new social waveform; where touching, boobies, nudity, and any lust is taboo; and ALL are accepted for what they are; caring for each other, and respecting each other with hugs and love. As long as they are not ENEMIES to the law of Love. Arise! Sons of the 21st century! Be my child of light!


I knew I was an alien whore before I touched my teens, when I was 9. I would flee in the woods, and cry and..

Ok. Let`s not go there. There arises a certain complex when a wild child is imprisoned by peers, expectations, and especially religious conviction that; either if you are bold, or simply… A little sly like myself. There arises a complex when you believe if you masturbate: You will go to Hell. I had so much shit in my. Such pain from religious bondage, and chained lusts and expressions. I was simply a mad genius without my true family. I never felt at home.

There was so many demons. Such darkness. I changed!

When I was 13, I knew I was Ether. I dreamt it. I met so many entities, and had such a wild spiritual awakening. I crucified it, and shut my mouth forever. I would soon forget myself entirely. Where was the dancing prince? Faceless. Murdered by haters. ¨You can never become anything!¨ ¨You`re just a shit!¨

Yet today I fulfill my dreams, although Im a bit more stupid than when I was 12, and first dreamt of all these things written here. I DARED dream of rising, becoming a pagan, and changing the world through revolutionary love; fighting against extremism, isolation and hatred. I dreamt of a schoolyard of endless joy, games, circus, and curriculum sex games. That is a fact. I dreamt of explicit sex, and an open nature on the subject: A world where all is love, all are friends, and all is one. I guess you could call my childhood dream similar to what was the ancient temples of Aphrodite, Isis, Ishtar and Astarte.  There was certainly an influence in my family. I crucified it, and forgot about myself entirely. I was scared to death by monsters.  

To think I should become sick in such a shameful manner as this… I the little prince.

Tests in nazi concentration-camps showed the motherless babies given the necessities for survival died supernaturally due to the lack of human contact. This is a fact. Love IS life. Love IS God! Without it; you die! This is a spiritual battle! A battle of love against evil! A battle of the New order against the Old! A battle between the old man, and the new-century children! WE DON`T WANT IT ANYMORE! We are flower-children of the sun and star; and God will pour out love to WIN the hearts of the old world order of medieval religious bondage called ¨morale¨! WE`VE HAD ENOUGH!


I had so little of it. I shut myself behind religious bondage. I sacked my soul. I killed my spirit. God now reveals, and pours a renewed spirit of revolutionary love that will break the ice over Norway, Europe, and destroy indifference! God will shine his merciful star, and sunlight to our desperate world; saving us from the growing tumultuous hate between ethnicities and religions! Europe will be saved. God will create mutual respect between all groups through the law of humanism; love and light! He will pour out love for all groups united in a God who is Love. This is the uni-religious movement. We don`t believe in the ¨split and rule¨, ¨order through chaos¨, or religious lies of archons imprisoning the human potential and nature!

The time has come for a new global world culture to emerge. In the wake of terror, on the brink of WW3; religions must reform, and hippies will arise in a New Age just like after WW2. I set you free, for I was bound. This is God`s will. I was once Ether, and a shining clown of elementary, and high-school. I was called ¨Dr Edison¨ as many perhaps remember. At least I have good memories. But there is nothing left in me. I froze! I became like the bitter hateful oppressive spirit of the Old Order veteran archons. ¨Nobody cares.¨ ¨Never think highly of yourself.¨ ¨Crucify yourself through Jesus.¨ ¨You can never change the world.¨ ¨All need pain to evolve.¨ ¨The world has always been this way.¨ ¨They can never understand you.¨ ¨You will always be alone.¨ ¨There is nobody left.¨ I believed all these lies! But I was wrong! There is good in humanity, and many are conscious! We can end starvation and poverty!

God raises up hippies of love to break the wheel of evil. To end the circle of hatred! I say it again: Only love (and light) can save the world. When the global public comes ALIVE in the new age of Aquarius: The powers that be cannot mislead us, or harm us through putting us against each other.

I thought I was a great saint. But not loving is a sin. Imprisoned lust is a sin leading to perversion, bitterness, religious ego; and eventually hate, vows, loneliness, and all the evils in the world. Envy. Perversion. Ego. Let go! Break the curse!

Without a caring society: LUCIFER BECOMES SATAN! I can testify to this.

This is a true gospel revealed by Gabriel who spoke to me; wishing I had let_it_go.

It is never too late to let go. You`re never to old to be a child my son. You`re never too old to cry, or relive your childhood pains. Become like children, and inherit God`s kingdom. It`s never too late to let go. Like in the song in the movie Frozen.

Except: It`s probably too late for me… Living without love is a prison that suffocates the soul. I died from it. I bless you with knowledge that a great curse is broken, love pours out, and God is ever-merciful in the Aquarian continuation of the Holy Ghost mercy covenant. An age when Jesus returns, and there is no more sin, as foretold in the Bible. I have a covenant deal with God. A pact of mercy.

Think how wonderous it would be if our main focus in life is enjoying it. Love and light is the only glue that can bind humanity, and the continents together; coherent in every man.

These were not crazy ideas! I was a child of the future! I knew I was loving and perfect. I would never harm anyone..! If all were like me; then the Law of Love would work! That`s what made me dream.

I wanted to write a reformation of the school so bad. . One year after; I became the darkest child on Earth. I went on nightly rides 3 times a week; with pyromaniacs; led by me; the frozen war-princess. Life suffocated; burning with vengeance as I would jump out the window with a can of gasoline; screaming, and howling in the midst of fire every night it was raining in the woods.

I wanted to be a hero; fighting; but found no way to spread my conscience; for I had no equal-minded friend. With no princess to fight for; the hero became an actor; trying to fit into a world with a broken heart; vowing to die; suicidal; never embracing himself; or comforting the heart of success; for he had no love. I ate my own wings until I became a nazghul of religion. That`s a joke..

No Christians ever visited me. I was the most Christian boy on Earth! By the time I was 16; I had several hideouts where I made grenades, mines, rockets, canons; desperately seeking comfort for my existential urge to ruin this world that mocked me, bullied me, and gave me no love.

I am whole now, although damaged, and had to piece together myself from many years on illness, broken dreams and hearts. It is never too late to be a child and cry. It`s never to late to start again. <>


I am the prophet of the new aeon of Aquarius! Hear me! For I am the evolution out of unnecessary Piscean bondage! If my piscean, old age of religious bondage continue to birth shackled individuals of religious pride; it`s shadow will destroy the true potential for this world of loving humans. It`s the same with those born in Islam.

Islam will come in the vacuum of formerly Christian Europe, and when they`ve swallowed the west! What can stop them? The eastern religions? Buddhist humanism? Perhaps we should start preparing by evangelizing light and love to the East. Prevent the Eurabia!

Religion which once was the only education possible, can be the greatest enemy, or best friend of humanity; if reduced to science. Religion which was teachings from the Great Light teacher must return to the scientific methods of Light; even if it implies we all become fertility-sun worshippers, or Christians for that matter. There IS no other righteousness than mine. I followed all the biblical examples of the suffering messiah; fulfilling all; and for that; I have nothing. There might be no other Hell than this. Let`s change the future into everlasting circus utopia!


The Revolution of Love


We live in an age of internet relationships. This leads to beauty-pressure, individualism, and depression for many. There is no ideological, or political cause that unites any youth in the countries of the west as was until only 30 years ago. The west have never experienced war, famine, or plague, and live inside a bubble that will eventually break. The post-modern era of no morale, cultural Marxism and globalism. It is time for a new slogan, and a new ideology to unify the liberal west. The public will love parades, colors, new art, fashion, and the liberalism that comes through the law of light. It will include everyone to fight against the real foe. The black brotherhood, or more often called ¨The evil Illuminati.¨ For the first time in history; our youths have access to all information, and the existence of these secret societies through the internet for the first time. And if the old-time hippies rebelled, then why won`t we?

The fight for the survival of western-humanistic morals against radical Islam, and police-state tendencies is on. Nothing reveals the truth of the Illuminati so openly as the alternative media today. And I think we do a great job. All we now need is a philosophy that unites us. If they can`t split, and divide, then we the people have won.


Is religion bad or good?


But isn`t this just a new religion? And isn`t all religion bad?

No. This is only a science-based religion based on the concepts of love and light.

Religion has been blamed for creating all wars. But that is because mankind mixed religion with politics. In my definition: Religion is the science of spirituality. War is carnal, and the opposite of spirituality. Would you blame God for war? Surely man cannot blame God! The great Hermes is attributed to once having said religion was mankind`s greatest gift. But they turned our gifts to violence.

Christianity is however a science of the spiritual, and takes much of it`s conclusions from nature observation philosophy. The teachings of Christ as recorded in the New Testament were peaceful without exception, in contrast to the deeds of the Catholic church, and Muhammad`s teachings. There is no evidence of the first Christians ever inciting war. Jesus says: Those who take to the sword, shall fall for the sword.

Religion once was the sole door to become educated. It`s ancient sciences dominated the elite caste of all time. In it we find both mathematics, astrology, philosophy, and much more. The elite has always been the religion, and the religion has always been the elite. As of today; satanism is the dominating religion; fighting desperately against Christianity. For what point is there in following Satan if Christ has already set us free from the law? That is why I`m writing this book. It is said knowledge is power. You cannot blame truth! But if you use knowledge to gain power; the outcome can be very dangerous.

My point is clear: Religion should return to it`s scientific roots as in Egypt. The science of the ethereal, and the spiritual. As the law of love, and light demands: Religion must be pieced apart, and reconstructed by the scientific method. By light, enlightenment. How is it that everything undergoes processes of research in universities, and evolves while religion is ¨only belief¨, and thus remains the same? This idiocrasy is what is killing Europe, our freedom, and the west. Return to spirit science.

Remember. And remember this: Mankind was given two divine gifts that set him apart from the animal kingdom: A high intellect (light) , and the ability to nurture love. (love) Chimpanzees are proved not to have the ability of selfless love. They will only do loving deeds that protects themselves. Love, and light makes up the divinity of man. Through mixing these two; mankind can become God, and create the most beautiful things. Love, and light is the facilitators of life. Through becoming love, and meditating upon it; mankind can create an eternal, beautiful realm and space through the Aquarian law of Light. Our purpose lies in these two: As Gods of nature; nurturing God`s garden Earth, and creating a perfectly habitable space.  

Mankind has reached a historical point in this post-modern, global information-age. The need for a renaissance, and return to spirituality is inevitable as society becomes more carnal. There will be an outcry for freedom against medieval religious superstition like f.i oppression of women, and sharia law. There will be a need for a global morale code, and I have come up with a solution. Love and light. That is the universal lesson every human must learn to become to enter God`s kingdom; becoming Gods themselves.

The civilian public has reached a point where he can no longer be a spectator of the elite powerbrokers. He is given knowledge, and with it comes responsibility. For the waters of Aquarius have fallen: The knowledge has been given the common man; in this age of information. Mankind now has the ability to destroy himself along with his planet through ignorance. Or mankind can wake up, and become the conscious Gods they are; co-creators, caretakers of Gaia, and perfectionist utopianists. Anything is possible for man in this nano-age if we stand together. In love, and light through reason. Therefore; stand for worldwide equality and brotherhood. The law of love and light is against any form of oppression, and must become worldwide court-law in a global village of brothers.

The common knowledge about science, and our humanist philosophies has reached a point where wars, and fighting must be a thing of the past. The world has never been global, or experienced such a lasting peace, and longevity as today. We must do all we can to protect this peace, and make it eternal. This task is given every man and woman. We all should basically drop everything we do, and focus all attention globally at achieving the goal of perpetual balance through common ethics. The greatest catalyst for global unity we have is the internet, where the message of worldwide brotherhood through love, and light will shine like a star.

Peace cannot come through a strict police-state, or atheistic belief in science; as humanity is religiously/spiritually inclined from inception. Peace cannot come through homogenous ethnicity, for we will always be religiously opposed. Peace can thus only come through unity in ethics and philosophy. All will be one with me through love and light.

The world has been globalized since the Roman Empire. Their goal was encoded on their coins, and reprinted on the dollar-bill as the eye of providence, and the pyramid of Light. We must remember the Romans noble goals of worldwide enlightenment, and a worldwide roman renaissance. The west MUST defeat Islam for that to happen, and only then will there be truth, peace and enlightenment. As of today; things look really bad for the ancient Romans, and modern humanist philosophers. The western ideas of humanism will crash against Islam, and must defeat it through rendering religion into a SCIENCE. The scientific religion of love and light. Follow the Greek-western methods, and protect the liberal west! Follow the scientific method, and prove my religion wrong! We will be the only religion left standing.

For globalism, and peace to work; we need a homogenous ideology. A moralistic code that all religions, and beliefs agree on. Peace cannot come through homogenous ethnic majority. We must find a solution. You cannot hide; for globalism cannot be averted. This is the age of knowledge where YOU must take responsible. WE are responsible of building a peaceful world ramp for our grandchildren; not the politicians.




The Hope for Norway.

Is this just another religion? Doesn`t religion divide? No, this is science, if you read all my books. It is also my claim that the Christian gospels of Jesus is the only Abrahamic religion of love and light, although loving passages is found both in the Quran, Buddhist texts, and in satanism just to be specific. Furthermore; I believe that Jesus showed the path for Abrahamism to take in the future. I believe Jesus was Lucifer the liberator. Where does Jesus want to lead us? To the Judeo-Christian world free from sin under a new covenant. The covenant of the Holy Ghost Mercy.

Jesus led us to Heaven,  and crushed the Abrahamic laws of Saturn. Jesus is Lucifer of today: Leading us out of Abrahamic despotism of Judaism and Islam. It is noteworthy to mention that both the medieval Islam, and Judaism are racial-imperialistic racist ideologies. Where have you heard that before? That`s not on the news! All we hear about is a minority of white, racist supremacists.  The term Jewish supremacist, or Islamic supremacist isn`t even on Wikipedia!!

Love, and light is the pink skin of love, blue eyes of heavenly intellect, and golden hair of light. God has chosen his people to carry on the message of love and light. More on this later.

It is time Lucifer`s people become racial imperialistic as well: Civilizing the world. I am almost serious. It`s gotten that bad. Abrahamism burden us with laws that Jesus, our Headmaster died for…

As a knight; I cannot accept that. Judaism, and Islam are against the western-humanistic dream of a future global world! A utopian world of civilized brothers of equality and enlightenment. Any quarrels can be settled in the roman forums.

We have the opportunity to eternalize our world, and create perpetual peace for the first time in human history. The battle is being fought today: Which belief-system will overpower the rest? Will it be Islam, the religious fear of God leading into medieval idiocrasy? Or will it be science, humanism, love and light?

We will create a world of joy, universal brotherhood, and freedom from Abrahamic laws! The Bible promises us a world without sin. How will that be possible if Judaism, and Islam wins the globalization game of the NWO? Or perhaps you  didn`t read the Bible. It`s astrological markers tell us THIS is the time! Truly I tell you: When Jesus H. Christ read the prophesies of Isaiah 2000 years ago, he felt called to rise. He started a certain plan. He asked himself: How could the Bible foretell of a world free from sin? The answer was: Through destroying the Abrahamic law. Jesus managed to cleverly do this, and instituted a blood covenant with Heaven. The covenant of the Holy Ghost Mercy, or the Yeshuaic Covenant where he is our eternal high priest; having re-birthed humanity through being the first to ascend after paying for us with his sacred blood. Love and light! Jesus knew that his sacrifice was not in vain, and that he had become a stepping stone to complete world utopia as foretold in scripture. The disciples were told to prepare for his coming 2000 years later when the sun enters Aquarius to finish this most noble of goals. We have discovered what sin really is, and how worldwide happiness through global brotherhood will end starvation, famine, poverty, and disease, and transform the world into Master Jesus utopia. There are many stars in this world, but few teachings have shone as bright as Christ`s. NOW is the time to evolve into Aquarius, and build upon His word and dream.

Lucifer, and Lady liberty must rise! Love is all we are, and our most sacred nature: The holy nature that most reflects God. Certainly: Love can conquer war and famine, and create peace. Love is all we have. It`s the only thing that can save us. It is our human exam. Peace love anarchy was once a saying in the 60ies. And don`t forget the 6 l`s. Lucifer Jesus= Love and light = lust, laughter and life. Shall we let two European world wars be in vain?  Shall we let Jesus sacrifice be in vain? And what about the dream of Rome? Forge your OWN world! Be a conqueror like me!

Tests were made among chimpanzees, and it showed they did not exhibit self-sacrificing love like we do. Love is a sacrifice. Love is a choice. Jesus exemplified this. Give all you are to all around you. Give your life, and love for the sheep.

We don`t need outdated, medieval religions in the future! The age of pisces is over! And I am the prophet of the age of Aquarius! This age is supposed to be glorious! Why is all on Earth determined by the scientific model of thesis, and anti-thesis except religion? Surely: Religion cannot escape! It is time we dissect all belief-systems, and piece them together through spirit science. Only then can we grow up as a human species, and be the dominance of our world. We need an army of Lucifer, an army of Lady Liberty, and a reformation of Islam through Daenerys Stormborn. And a judeo-christian messiah would be quintessential.




Jesus is the solution


One might say that Jesus is The Light, and The Love is the Goddess, Hawwah, shekinah, or Holy Ghost. Lucifer is the rebel. The liberator. The great Hero who defeats darkness. The Sun-God. The civilizer of mankind. The teacher. The caretaker of the people. He holds the mantle of fire, intellect and truth. He is the ultimate form of love, joy, laughter and happiness. He is a perfectionist creating utopia. Only the best is an option. We are the Lucifer generation, and we must strive towards perfection incessantly. It has come to this. Lucifer is the lightbringer, the intellect, and this is his age of the son. I agree with Crowley in that we live in the aeon of Horus. The solution to our time was already written in the secret meaning of the Christian gospels. Jesus is Lucifer freeing us from sin.

This is the age of (Jesus) Lucifer! A new day of freedom and light! A new global man needs a universal moralistic code: Love and Light.

But we have one problem. Radical Islam. The problem with Islam is that it hasn`t reformed like Christianity has. It is still medieval, and must undergo the same transformation in the west as Christianity. It MUST reform like Christianity did. Why does it not reform? Because gnarly, old-school arabs at the Al-Azhar define all sunni-Islam. The Vatican reformed. We must put their religion to the spirit-science test against love and light! We will prove them wrong, and start laughing at them. It will be such great fun to see them loose their minds and faiths.

If taking astrology, and pyramid prophecy in account: This is the recurring age of the mythological Atlantis! Why? For the world  has never been one ever since! Atlantis: The age when Lucifer the Sun-God, and his people was worshipped as Gods! We have not had such technology since Atlantis! This heralds the end of despotic abrahamic religion. Jesus should be the God of the NWO. And Lucifer is the answer.

For the world must be one. And their unity must be a world of love, truth and science; summarized in the words ¨love and light.¨ Not in religious superstition, or one dominating ethno-religious group as f.i Islam or Judaism. The racist dominance of corrupt jewish media, and their racist muslims must end, and all people be free!

The world has defeated Nazism, and must now peacefully defeat Islam through love and light. Science must use the elimination method with religion; taking it back to it`s origin of sun-and love worship in Atlantis. A scholarly panel on comparative religion must do this with me.

My words are valid, and will stand the test of time. Love, and light is the law of all life in the universe, and I resurface to educate the world. Whoever wins the globalization-game; it is vital that we learn to agree on not agreeing; coexisting under a world-religious common code which would give us safety. Under it`s protection; we can still discuss peacefully. This is not an age of war! It`s an age of love and light=morale and enlightenment! We must reach unity through peaceful discussions, reason, intellect, and the scientific method. We enter an age of peace! We cannot postpone the scientific approach to religion! We cannot accept medieval ages. Islam is the anti-thesis to the west, and it`s humanism.



A futuristic scenario.


Here follows a realistic 8-step futuristic scenario for a unitarian religious awakening movement to be executed by f.i the UN for a peaceful NWO with corruption taken in mind. It can be averted by hippie heroism, but is as follows.


1 Love is akin to the word Law. Love is morale, respect, kindness etc. Light is truth/enlightenment/expression and deliverance. Both love, and light are Life. These represent the two divine qualities of man. Intellect, and self-sacrifice. Without these two; no life would exist. They are the circle of Life. God is therefore love, and love is present in all world religions, humanism, and innate in all humans. Light and love is therefore more than words, but a concept, a law, and the eternal lesson for humanity to cultivate until graduation, and perpetual peace, mutual understanding, and world happiness is reached globally. As intellect through light exemplified in our human scientific evolution:


2 God, and religion must be stopped, picked apart, reduced to spirit science as any other modern discipline, and cannot escape the scientific method under an investigative state effort on the basis of historical oppression of human rights by all world religions, and a university of unitarian religions craved established for the abovementioned research to be done. In this method we find out the same as in this book so that;


3 We thus crave a UN council of religions to be established with laws on religious behaviour as a judical court against all extremist religion, and religious behaviour; criminalizing all violations against modernization, love, law, and UN human rights of the judeo-christian-islamic tradition; especially radical Islam which must reform. Therefore;


4 We need a powerful world governance police under a strict world-church, therefore


5 The future western white minority, and eastern religions will rebel, and


6 Revolutionary love through personal expressive liberalism, and institutional market liberalism morals of western 20th century humanism is the natural law of Eden expressed in the catchphrase ¨peace, love anarchy¨, and the only immortal natural culture of the primal self-explanatory mind that can break oppressive states, therefore

7 Native western minorities will seek independent Christian-monastic farming villages or other survivalist communities, and give ¨we the people¨ back the understanding they have power. Therefore:


We will form the resistance in part 2 of this book. Our goals is 6 and 7, and is accomplished by societal groups uniting that have the same program outlined in part 2 that seek a European renaissance, and national romance. If 1, and 2 can start a social-political movement/revolution, it might cause a different outcome of the western world religion. Those called include patriotic western minorities, minor religions, Christians, pagans, the anonymous movement, political parties, think-tanks, human-etic foundations, well-fare-organizations, philosophers, idealists etc.

We should therefore spread the law as much as possible; especially to the East. Illuminati insider Benjamin Fullford states that the east, and west battle for dominance in the NWO. Will it be dominated by religion? Will it be dominated by Islam? Or will the eastern religions win against it?



Ending words


Spread the words of this book to others, and follow it`s conduits!

I intended this work as a milestone of patriotic Christianity, but all are free to adopt the Christian-liberal message of Paulian love and light.

This book was completed, and first published on net during midsummer eve 2018. It was written in complete isolation without a single friends, or likeminded individual. Therefore; I only have my own eyes to review, and edit it as nobody ever contacts me, discuss with me, share my views, or ever read any of my eight book. I`ll take it as a compliment to my own dimming  intelligence.

I never had a friend. And I lost everything. All were evil to me.

Yet I hope the words of this book will survive the test of time, and be even more actualized when the natives, and Christians become a minority. But for the teachings of love and light; I hope they live until the end of time.

Thomas Eidsaa. 23.06.2018

The rose of Arimathea, the jewel of Palestine, and The pink Prince of Rome, of the Julian dynasty (Julius Caesar) , the angel of Europe, will cry amongst the trees under the morning-star tonight, and send forth my armies of love against the racist, fascist oppression of Islam, and Jewish corporationalism. Amein. May my people awake.


Sources: Wikipedia, books, personal experience, and the internet.