A blitzkrieg gospel of Love & Light - A reformation revival revolution. European national-patriotic church - the  last resistance.

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A blitzkrieg gospel of Love & Light - A reformation revival revolution. European national-patriotic church - the  last resistance.

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Questions, gnosis, and the spiritual




The Great Questions:


Why are the moon´s dimensions so peculiar? Why is it excactly as large as our sun, and at what a distance! How did it become so abnormaly large, and who are the Elohim? Why did the jews follow the lunar sabbath? Is the judaic religion a heathen cover up as to further their ancient religion of Egypt, perhaps after the judges, or after Babylon, where the oral tradition might have been edited and/or written? What similarities lies between Yahweh, and the goat god Yah, of the city Gad, of the philistines. Is the true God Ahayah/Ehyeh, the first time God names himself to Moses in the burning bush? Why is this name not furthered? To what sigificance are there linguistic similarities in Yahweh and Ahayah? Why did the jews sacrifice to Yahweh? Did they ascend towards a higher density through purging animals, escaping hell through their death? Did they humble themselves, pay homage to plausibly the moon God, as to redeem themselves through this, or did they escape the clutch of death, and this reality, reaching towards a higher God, whose role as «I am», also incorporates these opposing planetary deities or_not?_Did Jesus create an entirely new religion, or was there something in the sacrifice? Is that why Jesus had to die? Hmm? Anyways.. Why is there such a bipolarity regarding the two monstrous planets Jupiter, and Saturn, through ancient myto-origins of our particular religion. But what role does it play in our modern pantheon, and daily lives? What is this reality, and what does religion teach us about.. what? Are you tempting the christians as to believe astrology is real? Well, St.John mentioned a pagan God in his Revelation, so why not. What does our trinity represent, where did it come from, is it judaic, or does it oppose the old yin-yang hypothesis, where we in the old testament read: «hark ye Israel, our God is one... etc» ?


Elohim. Who are they, who were they, and what are we worshipping? Did we all have to pay homage to the heavens, and lords of the underworld, the masters of our physical realm, leave this sin behind, and get straight with God, or did the jews bridge it through reaching towards the promised messiah, our humble lamb of God, the second Adam, redeeming themselves through a future happening? This is strangely what christians claim! There are indications that these were sleeping in the peaceful abide until Lord Yeshua brought them to heaven, or what? Like when Saul summoned Samuel f.i. (that really doesn`t matter, I don´t believe it)


What do we know about our biblical figures?


Whom were the first priests, judges, prophets and christians..? :( We know nothing, and what we could have done, from substantial facts, are overlooked; yet we know that God looks mostly to our heart,from scripture, and experience in f.i a pentecostal church? Who is hypothetically the highest God anyways, and what do we know of our origins? What kind of cult was the followers of Jesus? Did they worship the great I am, or Jahweh, or did they have a fuller understanding of Gods, gnosticism, and jewish mysticism than we do now? What are they trying to say through the scripture, and what scripture is relevant? The new testament is composed by romans in the council of Nicea in 365. Could one argue that, as I think of the bad, mostly latter passages in the Quran, that f.i the passage where Paul says women are forbidden to speak in church; that it was relative to the time, and understanding, as with Muhammad´s war, so as almost to say religion is fluid? Paul only taught to the greeks what was their custom in this instance, because christianity was much to feministic, and liberal for their culture, and put their movement in jeopardy. So what can you say? I say God´s word resonates with your heart, as with Jesus. I say God`s word changes over time! Yet God stays the same? Is God a liar, and why doesn`t he reveal himself?


What is the grand play, and evil scheme of our hidden masters? What is the balance in the galaxy? Whom are the good guys, who were the Elohim, the angels? Are we all fooled by a scholarly, contradictionary, elite writing, or rewriting of religion? What is truth, and can we discover it? Are we saved by knowledge, or by faith? Are we the boss, or are we being bossed? Are the Elohim good or bad? Are they.. really bad? They were probably angels from God, without space-ships, or who knows. Is this planet a religious experiment as to see how many people ascend towards heaven, or perhaps to find the true meaning of life, through learning from history? What is the purpose of our creation, and why aren´t the angels, or aliens (whatever suits you) taking part? Or did they? As to further the «experiment»? Why are we here? What is the meaning of YOUR life? I have the answers to all these questions. I`m just toying with you.


The meaning of life, the universe, and everything is altruistic recuperation, like a new sun is wormholed from a black star, like the universe expands, and contracts, and like Jesus died on the cross Like plants move from dirt towards the sun, like the constellations orbit the sun, and how we behave, remembering who we are, having all knowledge, so as to say that the meaning of life is to through hypnotic regression. Or perhaps some souls have never been born before?


Who is the creator/nature of the physical universe, and who is God above all Gods?? Could the creator of the physical realm be a playfull, forgetting child, or a little sprite of light, grown immesurably lonesome, or even dark throwing a tantrum, being very jealous, and mind divided? Is death the creation of life, and are we living in the dimension of death?


Is it through the experiment «planet Earth» , or whatever someone coined it back in the days, possible for us to be GOD`S CHILDREN!?? Are us innocent Gods who never chose to be born TRAPPED in a war between a luring Hell, and a deadly law: The ¨evil¨ entities battling for our souls? Are we third dimentional living beings originally from Heaven (the 13th dimentional, kindhearted nature of our Holiest, most epic creator) TRAPPED here in this eeevil, horrifying world of death, and great, grave dangers for us eternal souls!? And why does this world look like a prison? Is it actually FLAT? What is the nature behind this reality? What is life? Who created it?


What is spirit, ka, ether, ruach kadoish, and kether? Is our purpose to become one with God, since we are God´s children, and how do we do it? Are we just as mighty, or even mightier than the angels? Can you put conscience in scientific terms, and what is consciousness?


Why are we living in a dimension of death? Who are the rulers? What are the prime forces of creation and evolution? Can you measure it? Why did ancient man worship the planets? Where did our ancestors come from?


Does the evil matrix of Chronos hide the positivity, and utterly divine potential of GODHOOD , and our birthright in every man? Does the devil lie, and try to make us God´s in His image, or who created us anyways? Was it God, or the devil? Are the Elohim who made man the Sumerian Enki, and is Adam taken from Adapa? Or is new age simply bogus? Are we a bipolar, union of opposites where good victors in the end, creating the christ, who surpasses the elements? Who is the devil, and what does he look like??? Is he torn, and in bipolar pain, and is it the jewish ying yang, or our two red dwarves/giants that cuts misfortune?


Let´s look around, see that God´s here, but in no way partaking. This is the world of death, and we have the kingdom within, but can`t see it.


If we are being watched, and the God hypothesis is true, and the devil is indeed in control, why ain´t he taking over completely, or in a faster, more eagerly manner? In regards to our own time, and space program; what would we, figuring out if this is only a spiritual battle for souls (like in Jupiter ascending) regard as chief command, and who has the last word in regards to our sphere? Who is the lord of our universe, and what is the universe anyways?


Is the Earth round? Are planets hollow? Are there geomatrical designs on Mars, and the Moon? Are there spaceships thrice the size of Earth orbiting Saturn? Are the rings of Saturn artificially created? What is dark matter? Is it the reason the universe is expanding? Are there other dimensions? Can we trust our psychedelic visions? Is the universe created from a scalar/source field? Do planets, and stars change mass? Have there been aliens here, and will they return? Etc.


Is the Earth flat? How do you explain the satelites, meteorites, northern-lights, blood-moons, astrological foresight, the phazes of the moon, night and day, the constant size of the sun etc? Polar bears?


If God is God: Is he then the master of the universe? But what about norse traditions, and different sets of Gods in mythological comparisons? Do we have a long, draging history, and have «Bene Elohim» restarted our world as in the matrix? Is the universe evil, but thinking in such a manor; could one ascertain that there must be something higher than our own Gods that scares the Hell out of the Devil? Is this force present in our universe? Is this why Satan boils us slowly, and is humanity precious?


Yes. The evil archonic forces of Ziltoid, are probably outnumbered ten to one, but who knows! (Anyways: Ahhh! How beautiful to be alive!) Does this explain why the formerly hypothetical captors are taking veeery slow steps into achieving a prison planet out of fear? Should we all be Nazis, and wish our starbrothers a happy return? Are we approaching doomsday, and why does the human race want to believe in such a thing? Or what´s our plan anyways?


So God bless America, no; God bless Humanity (care to join?) , and praise be to our dear Mother Gaia, may she live forever.




The Great Answer (to life the universe and everything)


Philosophers have long wondered. Is there an answer? COL are certain that the answer to the life, universe and everything is: Jesus ascending. God becoming man, and man becoming God to redeem us from the fall into sin perpetrated by the fallen angels. Ask yourself this: Why did God create humanity if he knew the angels would fall, man become sinners, and souls become lost? The answer? Because this world is an emnation of God`s justice throughout creation.


The conflict is an emnation of God`s persona as judge. Without Jesus redeeming us, and undoing the fall of Lucifer (the fallen angel) who is likened to a lamb who carried all sin in the world according to the 1st century christians, then this God`s failed emnation of justice, love, and forgiveness would have rendered him a failed creator. This is why Jesus is fully God.


The journey is like this: One sprouts from the ground like a seed lush, and green in spring. We are born innocent without deciding our birth between an evil God creating us, and an evil devil waging war, and judging us: Ergo WE/ ¨man is God¨. Get it?


That is why there was no purpose in life until Jesus died on the cross! For all you have now is Jesus: God`s emnation of mercy. Jesus showed a new aspect (love) of God through the cross which is a tale of love instead of law. God dying for us, and ascension becoming possible. Finally. Graduating school. Ascension is the meaning of life.


The masters believe in a more simplistic form of the meaning of life: Carmic recuperation as they believe in the evolution of shekinah, and the Deity merging with older concepts, Gods, and returning to source like in f.i the masonic movie trilogy ¨The Matrix.¨ Go watch it. The masters practice to becoming all-knowing father-teachers ascending to God-hood like Jesus themselves as is scriptural. Colossians 1:18. John 14:12-14 as certain as we are disciples. They believe themselves to be marked with the name of the father of the lamb as in Rev:13:14- thus believing to be part of the 144.000 jedi/lightworker covering stones of the GPG. Our churches are the master builders. The upholders of creation, philosophies, western values and TRUTH.


We thus philosophize we need to live good lives to balance karma/sin by fulfilling our mission as God`s emmisaries, and stewards of heavenly afflictions on Earth. Sin must be payed for all the wrongdoings of the church throughout the ages. We are the master lightworker builders of the Teutonic Knights of the worldwide Zion True Church. We will undo christian deeds, and curses caused from our outrageous acts from ancient India, to the viking age, until the second world war, and hatred of the Jews: All done in the christian name. I do write this in honor of the balance. For I know through a life haunted by the devil that our souls are weighed even as much as the cross is the door, for Jesus says that if a good tree does not bear fruit, it is cast into the fire. We will keep on beautifying all with restoring human identity, memory, history, and knowledge until the very Earth itself is healed and holy: Instituting the Kingdom of God: The biblical Eden of messianic belief: The utopia: God`s intent.


We must teach the heathens to simply believe the secret to life, universe, and everything is the saviour myth: Horus ascending. We know that creation was flawed, and that the fall of angels leading man into sin gave this life no purpose whatsoever. Born in between an eternity of time in a fallen universe between an angry God, and Devil for what? Going to everlasting fire? Why did you create us God? We thus know that the all-knowing God sent his son Jesus to atone for our sins, and that for as long as his reign lasts: being yourself, learning, living good lives teaching what you`ve learnt, thus honouring creation, your neighbours, parents, and teacher God before ascening to infinity through Jesus is the current meaning of life. May it last until the New Earth comes, and this Earth is done away with. Amen.




Exposing Jehovah`s Witnessess


Now. I mentioned Satan. We will go over what Satan really is contrary to myth, and popular culture. Many like f.i Jehovas Witnesses believe there is no Hell, only the grave, as Hell is not mentioned as a place of fire but a grave of rest for the righteous in the OT, and a cold place for the unrighteous. 1 Samuel 28:17 Luke 13:28


JW also believe that Jesus is Satan`s brother, and use Job 1 as proof. ¨Satan was among God`s sons.¨


In the same way Judas is the brother of Jesus, as well a Judas Iscariot being his betrayer; they draw paralells between the New Testament, and the Egyptian Osiris-myth where Jesus is Osiris killed by his brother Set whom is Judas in the New Testament.


Contrary to all other Christians, most jews, and muslims alike; JW don`t believe in Hell, as there is ¨no mention of it in the Bible.¨


Revelations 21:8


¨But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”


Jesus himself believed in a literal Hell with ¨burning fire.¨


Mark 9:43


¨If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.¨


Psalm 9:17


¨The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.¨


Both the new, and old testament witness of Hell! Yet Jehovah`s Witnesses argue that ¨this is the second death¨, and the conjuring of prophet Samuel by the witch of King Saul in 1 Samuel 28:15


¨Samuel said to Saul, "Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?" "I am in great distress," Saul said. "The Philistines are fighting against me, and God has departed from me. He no longer answers me, either by prophets or by dreams. So I have called on you to tell me what to do."


So Jehovah`s Witnesses believe that the righteous sleep until the New Earth is formed, and that the unrighteous die, and that their soul vanish i.e no life after death. They thus remove the fear of God from the Church! It is a gateway to herecy; and a sect with grades of false knowledge leading to the Illuminati!


Some JW say that God is 9 Gods in one. This comes from their love for mystery Babylon and Egypt. The 9, or the Egyptian ¨Ennead¨ from the cultcentres in Egyptian cities was where the Israelites came from. The Bible warns us not to worship creation, angels, planets, or ¨the stars¨, but only the Most High! The creator! Not the creation! They argue that God is God of Isis, Ra, and El as in ¨the God of IsRaEl.¨ Is this thesis partially true?


Jehovas witnesses is a masonic-inspired branch of the true church that set many good examples, have great love for the word, yet are heretic regarding the persona of Jesus, and belief in no Hell! They equate Jesus with Apollyon/Abaddon in Rev 9:11, as they say there are none but Jesus who possess the keys to the bottomless pit. They also equate him with Archangel St.Michael which is freemasonic as Michael is the sun-angel, and mythologically speaking a Horus myth as St.Michael battles the dragon in St.Johns Revelation, just like Horus battles Set, or Marduk battles Tiamat. But Marduk is a Lucifer myth.


Jesus is interpreted to be the ¨angel with a face like the sun¨ in Revelations. Yet we know from freemasonry that Abaddon is one of the sacred name for Satan! They are heretic as Jesus is no angel, is the son of God, whom is a man, and and was as Lucifer (and mankind) should have been; undoing all aspects of the fall, and also completing the law. The Lucifer Jesus belief in this terminology stems from the fallen angel Azazel whom was Osiris, and incarnated in his son Horus: The devil knew Jesus would come, and is an impostor. His goal? Eternal life, escaping the grave, and complete dominion over Earth as he once had; now through his Brotherhood of the Snake. The EVIL ¨Illuminati¨ which has existed for perhaps a hundred thousand years.


Jesus came, and fulfilled the prophesy of Osiris as the son of God instead, and toppled the plan of the devil. He had thus gained the keys of death, and eternal reign over Earth; which once belonged to Osiris. Basically?


Who knows if the GPG is not several tens of thousand years old, and not only 12.000? Back to Yahweh. Gnostics believe their goddess of wisdom: Sophia (as in Hagia Sophia) whom we equate with the shekinah, or perhaps Asherah; as a false God; trapped herself in creation after creating the one masons call Yaldabaoth who overpowered her, and became ruler as God in Heaven. That is what gnostics think is the story of Yahweh. Yaldabaoth. A composite name of Yahweh, Baal and Osiris. Stupid mystery Babylon. Whatever. It is similar to the Marduk story of how he became ruler of the Gods/Heaven. ¨Yahweh Mar.¨ We went through YHWH earlier, and we only worship God as ¨the Most High¨.




Of Satan and witchcraft


Anyways. I believe that the Illuminati twart the truth, and tell the same story over, and over again. They are perhaps 100.000 years old, and their Lucifer/Satan recreates the Earth after every great flood just like the architect does in the Matrix trilogy where he tells Neo how they`ve created several worlds. Freemasons operate with Lucifer as the great architect. Is this the reason the Earth looks like a prison? This is dualism, and false belief as God is the great I am, and Satan is only a result of God`s emnation of truth and justice: thus creating a fallen world where God`s persona as judge over evil is displayed.


One could argue that dualism holds a layer of truth said the ugly deep-sea angler fish when it stared into a mirror wondering if it was Satan`s creation as it doesn`t have sacred geometry. Have you ever thought of this? Why are we living in the dimension of death? Is this Satan`s world? And was Lucifer a fallen CHERUB!?


The Catholic Church rules the world, and has the most Satanists and ritualists. They are the great powerhead. They have innumerable rites, and are intervowen with kabbalah, mystery Babylon, hidden gears of masonry, druidism, and roman paganism etc. Did you know the greeks threw out the governor of the basilica, and made his royal roman palace into a church which became the blueprints of all churches? The churches are roman palaces! A phallus symbol of the gothic church also allegorically meant to pierce heaven, and ward of devils by it`s pointy roof.


That`s right. The churches of Rome are built as a king`s palace. The church is corrupt! The tradition of yule/christmas was mystery-Babylon astrology, but as christianity worshipped Jesus as the sun-god, it made sense to make it a christian holiday for the rebirth of sun whileas Jesus birthdate was actually 19.08.01 bc, as we see from astrological renditions of the woman, and dragon story of revelations, as well as Jesus birth in the gospels. Jump to Revelations if interested.


This is one example of how christianity was assimilated by the Illuminati mystery religion which is astrotheology, or worship of the stars, sun and moon. The cross is many things. Another theme in mystery religions are the sets/families, and distinct number of Gods. Take f.i the trinity which is the most common mythological example in all prevailing mystery religions, hindusim, christianity, and occult beliefs. ¨The seven¨ as in f.i the 7 apkallu sages of ancient Sumer, or the seven planets with Roman names is middle-eastern recurring set of Gods which appears several times in mythology. They also have the sacred eight as with the eight in Noah`s arc. Seven, and eight were the most sacred numbers to the sumerians. Then you have the nine of the ennead sacred to Egypt. Christians operate with 9, or 7 devils/Hells, 7 Heavens, etc, but most recurring is the number three. The family; often representing the most venerated gods.




The nature of the trinity.


God is spirit. God makes you feel holy, happy, beautiful, free, accepted, beloved, and with lust for life. I have good eyes. God`s aura is pure white with rainbow colours emanating from him. It makes me cry just writing about it. It is so beautiful and magnificent. It can sometimes be bright green like a lush garden depending on the people it enters. This is also the Holy Ghost. Yes. God is. Not ¨shekinah.¨ God the father is what makes Christians laugh, moan, and feel delievered through acting strange. It`s what makes them so happy they want to dance. It`s what gives true happiness. HIS love – crying – is so beyond this world.


Then we have Jesus. Jesus aura varies like that of humans: just like Satan`s does. There are very many counterfit Jesus spirits; directed by Satan Lucifer, Leviathan and Ishtaroth; lying; saying it`s love or shekinah. It makes you feel warm, and merges people in an unholy way; but is not Jesus. This satanic Jesus, or antichrist spirit aura is red. Christ`s aura is mostly always white, joyous, sincere, and holy with love. That does not mean it cannot be sexual; but it is not feminine in a spiritual sense. It is therefore very important to be aware while in Church as the antichrist whore of Babylon, Circe, and Set have dark-red auras as well. They will try to make you tired in church.


The aura of Jesus varies. It can sometimes be orange, golden, brown, or different as it merges with the spirits of the person. Jesus, and God must never be separated.


Jesus power once entered me, and threw me two meters down to the floor as evil spirits were rebuked. I was young, and beautiful at the time. Jesus is the spirit of wisdom – just like his deep, burning-golden eyes. That`s right..: Jesus eyes are literally ablaze..! This is similar to the angels. He looks very scary. I am happy God has such a powerful son to rule the kingdom with strength. To think that lion died on a cross makes Satan into an absolute pussy, and makes me cry with joy. You can`t deny his victory. May he rule forever.


I have seen white auras over perhaps three people. This always amazes me. I always ended up buying them flowers. Some Christians girls really took this ¨Gabriel¨ franchize, and ¨God 380¨ franchize to it`s intended extent. White auras are insanely rare. Have you seen it? Gabriel has the most delightful white aura. To me: He is the most powerful archangel. He is SO real. He`s my guardian angel. But I fell. It took 6 years of shoah, and then he returned again. I was frozen all my life as I was love. Sry bout that. Anyways.


Now who is the third person in the trinity? The Holy Ghost? Is she Semiramis the dove goddess of Babylon? No. We also operate with Virgin mother Mary whom the Pope declared ¨the queen of Heaven¨ just like the Biblical Ashera. No. If there was such a thing as a triune God: The Holy Spirit is just another version of the Father. Or else: Judaism, the SHEMA, (God is One) and the Tanakh would be false you dimwit. The triune nature of God was just a way to popularize Christian doctrine among the heathens, and religious elite at the time. It`s not something the disciples conjured up. But of course: We still have the ¨theory.¨ Everything is ¨relative.¨ Three is a number. Therefore three exists. We have the shekinah. But sry mate: God is one.


To sum it up. God is the Creator judge, mathematician, and holy lover. Jesus Lucifer is the son/sun of love and light. He is the God of this world after dethroning the devil. The Holy Ghost is your true Higher Self which guides you to a sin-less life under your True will: The Father. The Holy Ghost is God. Jesus is the revelation of the father. We are thus monotheists.






The shekinah.


Holy Spirit=God. Soul=Jesus. God`s feminine aspect=Shekinah. I don`t like it. Neither the shekinah, or the trinity is mentioned in the Bible. But you say: Truth is relative. I agree. It doesn`t matter too much. The shekinah version of the Ashtar(roth) alliance of KristianSatan town is certainly real: Invading my Holy Father-spirit of the holy ghost with this super-feminine hatred conjured by Christian witches. I don`t like it. May they burn in Hell.


In Judaism: we all have our own shekinah: God`s flame of creation in us. Some say shekinah is the force of hawah/Eve, other that it`s the Queen of Heaven, and other that it`s the force as in star-wars. The inate force of God in each man. The force of Lucifer. We don`t believe in the shekinah. It is never mentioned in scripture. The shekinah is a pagan concept from goddess worship pre-dating Judaism. Gnotics see her as Sophia, or Mother Earth. Gaia. And Aurora. The female Christ. Other gnostics see her as Ishtar/Inanna, which is the true origin if one studies their mythology. Inanna/Ashtar is a Lucifer origin myth.


It`s all a part of the antichrist spirit, and turning God, and Jesus into a female.


HAHAHA! Why does the Bible say the man is above the woman? Yet can you say we`re not equal when worshipping in white before the trone? Does not God deem the lowest the highest?


It was an order to keep us safe, and the greater the strength: The greater the responsibility. The attack on the Man as the head of the family is severe in this age. It is unorthodox..! Soon all will be slaves: And the still patriarchic jews, and muslims will be the only MEN left in the world! That`s Satan`s plan.


Remember; John the Baptist tells us Jesus will baptize with the Holy Ghost AND (red) fire. But the fire spoken about in church is often Satan`s fire. Satanists commonly say ¨Hellfire on you¨ between members. So shouting ¨fire!¨ can open up for God knows what. I`m just telling you secrets. We need conservative structure and liturgy in the Pentecostal movement NOW!


This is why a holiness revival, and return to the FATHER is so important: For if we release Jesus from the Father, and seek only the experience of being touched like some dumb, Christian shekinah-love drug-addict-happening-christian there for the show; demons can start merging their red fire auras with your fire/shekinah/aura/forcefield! For when you lie receiving ¨God¨ on the floor is when you are some are most vulnerable.


Truly I tell you: All in Kristiansand are WITCHES!


In the modern shekinah experiences of soaking in Norway`s Pentecostal church, I, you, witches, Satan`s and every man`s shekinah start merging into a big, red cloud of Ashtaroth. Demons do not physically appear, but their scent of feces is smelled by everyone.


I`ve seen this countless times. We need to implement strict rules, and liturgy to the Pentecostal revival trend that should exist in a safe form within safe boundaries as it is a new, 1st century Christian trend that has not existed for long, and needs reformation, and Biblical structure. It is the natural next step, and the way of things: If only there were men.


The shekinah is ¨the force¨ as in f.i Star-wars. It is both good and bad. It is the female, passive ¨I want to be loved¨ part of you! It is ¨that remnant of God`s flame in you since creation¨ passed down from countless generations since ¨Eve/Hawah ate the forbidden fruit¨! The fruit of the serpent. Lucifer. Dna-change. It is magic, and must not be used.


It`s therefore vital that we burn our red flames in unison with Jesus, and God`s male since Ishtar is the greatest impersonator of the Holy Ghost and Jesus to the extent that the holiest Christian would never notice. Except me.


God is: Spirit, eternal and sovereign. He is a man – he`s not a woman. Therefore YOU are: Spirit, eternal and sovereign! You are above angels, and this is only your contemporary form. Do you thus see how vital it is that we battle these fallen angels? They hate you, and want you to be THEIR children in their likeness so they can take you to Hell, because; they rebelled as you are more worth than they are.




Spiritual attacks on the church:


Other spirits, and devils every christian, and pastor should rebuke, and know about is the spirit of the biblical Leviathan; the chaos serpent which tries to strangle the holy spirit, your breath, and hates christians very much. This is probably the greatest conflict in the church combined with that of the spirit of goddess Circe/Church which is the greek origin of the name Church!


Circe tires her victims in church as many of you have experienced, and often cooperates with Babalon, and goddess Astarte to impersonate the shekinah Holy Ghost. Many masons are led to believe the Holy Ghost is a composite deity of female spirits as they equate her with the mother goddess from diverse pagan trinity`s that are similar to the christian one. THIS IS PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN NEW AGE STENCH OF UNBIBLICAL MYSTERY BABYLON WICCAN HERECY!


She also impersonates the Jesus anointing as through witches singing Isus/Isis, and not Jesus to possess worshiping christians with an electrical, and satanic warmth of Isis to where christians think they receive the Holy Ghost.


It is their greatest weapon.


Astarte is the very symbol of false religion, as the Bible equates false religion with adultery; the whore of Babylon. Her symbols are that of the owl, and crescent moon. Be strict against such symbols in church, and elsewhere wherever you see them. They are not tolerated anywhere in our church: But they are within every church of Kristiansand. Be on your guard against witches. You unmanly cowards. Go hang yourself, or become a 1st century-church of zealous jews dressed in white. I can see the spirit realm, and you should pay attention.


In general: be most watchful for Ashtaroth/Astarte/Ishtar/Isis. She is the old devil Asherah of the Bible. Be on your guard. Isis/Ishtar is the horned goddess of magick and fertility. She will make you feel tired, horny, and moved by a warmth tingling presence in church. She eats souls. She is the biblical Lillith in Satanic Luciferianism. One of her names which a satanic priestesses will take for themselves is the biblical Jezebel whom is part of her spirit as well. Another of her names is simply Iz. Or Is. It`s her  monogram so to speak.


She often cooperates with Ahab to destroy the powerful, conservative, biblical patriarchs/men/prophets in the church with seduction. These attacks prevails in all churches I have been to due to us lacking the eyes of the seers, and words of the prophets. It`s time the men wake up, and hang the witches and whores of their churches. All church-members know what`s going on.


Nobody dares speak against the unbiblical culture in the young generation, and it seems as if Christianity is dying out within a few generations. That is why I expose them now. Ask yourself this. If you can`t fight Islam. If you can`t fight adultery and porn. How in the world would the next generation stand a chance? Don`t say ¨we have Jesus.¨ You are warned. The 1000 year reign is closing in.


One of the unholy trinities of the antichrist are Set, Horus and Isis in Egyptian belief. In demonology: This INSANELY powerful trinity of godlike power is Leviathan(Satan – the evil serpent of death), Beelzebub (Baal/Allah/El/Enlil – a God - the prince of the air) and Ashtaroth (Asherah/Isis/Ishtar – the terrible witch-angel of seduction, sex, possession and madness). The only one any sane person could approach is Beelzebub (Allah) who has taken the role of playing God. The others are in open rebellion to God, and will eat you alive. These are fallen angels more powerful than the Titans. They are the absolute rulers of our world, and claim to be planetary deities, and forces of nature: But that is only because we sacrifice to them, and give them that power. Without: They are disembodied spirits bound in Hell. Never mention their names. Don`t ever research them. Never think of them. I will give you only what you need to know.


Satan is a serpent, or a Hell of serpentine beings popularily called reptilians in the deepest Hell. They have the charachteristic of being absolutely void of love for man and God: But are the greatest impostors. Satan is dirtiness, stench, absolute perversion and hellfire.


Beelzebub generally won`t do you any harm, and is happy about being Allah, and playing God. One rarely encounters people stereotypically ¨possessed¨ by Beelzebub, and he isn`t much of a possessor. That is Leviathan, and Ashtaroth`s work. Remember: I know the rulers personally. Considering he is a demon: He is very lightfilled: Being the prince of the air, and a Lucifer, and all that. He gives away very easily.


Ashtaroth is terrible. She is the smartest of them all, and is about 100 times as clever as the most intelligent beings alive. She knows all people, all languages, and is the future ruler of mankind portrayed in masonic media. She is the greatest tool of Satan. The only way to control her if she really swallows your soul is to invoke the power of her family, and/or husband Osiris and Horus. As she is the prime goddess of witches, magick, possession, knowledge and lust: She is extremely hard to exorsize. Only she has the ability to control all life on a planetary scale simultaneously, and sink all dimensions to Hell. Nobody is as good as her to play cute, and seduce in the beginning: Before revealing she is the smartest universal being after God Himself. What-EVER you do: Do not research, or look up ANYTHING involved with her. Her presence on the Earth is growing rapidly. She might not seem all bad to begin with: But there is no devil worse than her other than Satan Lucifer himself: The fallen Cherub. Ashtaroth`s truest form is when she becomes a black Lizard. She is a serpent, and works closely with Satan in all the darkest magick of the occult. She is the being most Satanists mourn: Claiming it was too horrible for her to fall from Heaven. Forget about her entirely.


Many masons are led astray, believe Jesus is Horus, that there is no all-powerful God or son, and that christianity is all myth. They don`t know of the miracles of Jesus, and see it as comparative mythology!


Many satanists also speak in demonic tongues in church to imitate the Holy Ghost. Larz, and Asmodeus are demons of lust, and drugs that are also summoned in church.


The entire pentecostal church has shunned, isolated, labeled, and killed the prophets, and the eyes of the church a million times. They have fallen into demon-worship, and have no conservative guidelines that can ward off attacks from witches anymore. As a jew; seeing all this made me furious beyond rage from I was 12. I wanted to blow up the entire church! Nobody saw me, and I was  not reconed among them. It is mine to go to Heaven, and theirs to suffer perdition. I hoped I could escape, but their festering desires have only become worse over time. Demons are transferred through merging of aura when the Pentecostals are in ¨God`s shekinah glory¨. The Christian witches also use smell and touch to transfer their ¨Ashtar¨ version of God.


They use smell, primarily powerful perfumes, sexual scents, and also poo to strengthen the demonic stronghold; as the demons take form in bad scents, and can easily enter through the nostrils of those who are susceptible to attacks/have had strongholds in them before.


They summon their familiars of Astarte/Circe to make people sleepy, and destroy the manliness of the leaders and prophets. But they will all burn in Hell. You might have heard of her from ¨Game of Thrones.¨ It is she who started, and destroyed the church in the series. Anyways. You will feel the fallen angels in church when something tangible enters your nostrils; often causing sneezing, or as if some strange tingeling enters your fingertips. These attacks are daily practiced by hundreds of thousands of witches inside, and outside the church of Kristiansand. They follow me everywhere I go, and I always ward them off. I, Thomas Eidsaa stood against the World Church of Astarte for 6 years all alone, and won in the end when Gabriel, and Jesus came to my aid. It took us a whole year to get God`s glory inside the church, but they are still tolerant towards Astarte. Many Christians openly profess Astarte as God`s holy ghost, or as God`s wife as of today.


The Christians bound me with religious law, and killed my life; while they were actually warlocks themselves. The demonic was so strong in Kristiansand. I won`t mention where. All were witches and warlocks; the sanctuary smelled like poo! Satan LIVED in church, not outside it! The christian Satanists would smear themselves with sexual scents like shrimp-salad, sardins, and feces for many years to invoke the shekinah of Ishtar. Their plan was to defeat the cross, and create an antichrist spirit. It was necromancy at it`s worst: As all Christians conjured up the fallen souls of dead christs. This is the desolation of the cross 666 we will touch upon in Revelations. It is time to forget about the cross chi xi stigma 666, and go back to the shema with the lamb, and 144.000. The myth of the cross has conjured billions of sacrificed babies: Christ`s babies. Go back to the shame: The profession that ¨God is One.¨ Jump to Revelations if interested.


Other attacks from witches in church can be talking out of line, coughing, and intimidating/staring. The witches move their hands methodically, possess themselves, and move anxiously around, or other times sit dead quiet. They often touch you more than necessary, try to win your appreciation, fame, and smile sexually. It goes unsaid that they tempt. Be aware of them touching your veins. This is a sign the person is a demon. A witch.


The spirit of Set/Samael/Satan incites pride, seriousness, coldness, and silence from the church. Satanists often use mind-control techniques to twart the spoken words and worship; repeating sentences, and fly into the minds of the ones abused. This is the satanic dominating spirit of the witches in church; looking down at the rest; always countering what they hear spoken as if they know better, as well as imitating the holy ghost shekinah while under Satan`s, and Ishtaroth`s shekinah/warmth, and anointing others with this. About 50% of the Christians in Kristiansand church are owned by Ashtaroth, and have a false holy spirit. The embrace of Satan can make you very warm, and is highly spiritual. I have seen thousands of christians touched by Satan when they though it was Jesus. I know witches in Kristiansand that are very evil, and want to crush Christianity from the inside through replacing Jesus, and salvation`s holy ghost with the antichrist spirit. They get all Christians on their team to make them believe Jesus the Casanova man is a pussy to be sacrificed righteously. This is warned about in Revelations 13-14 with 666, and all of that. What is the antichrist spirit? The spirit of Ishtar. The spirit of Kristiansand.


If you read this, and feel a bit afraid, I want you to take a moment of silence, and say they are all defeated by Jesus on the cross, and I rebuke these spirits in the authority of Holy, Most High, Eternal, Living God. Say it with joy! Amen! :) Halleyehuah God reigns! 😊 Always keep the church under 24/7 observance by trustworthy, holy Christians so evil never seeps in. Be strict against evil, and call it for what it is. Never give admittance to witches, and put watchers at the gates constantly.


Yet never hate, or be judgmental against those under possession. It could have been you! It could have been me! I was possessed for 6 years! Hate the spirits who operate through them, but love the person. He is only a victim because he doesn`t know Ashtaroth is 100 times smarter than him. And remember! Always keep watch on what happens in every church; especially during night!


Many Christians, gnostics, masons, and some Jehovah`s Witnessess believe Lucifer/Enki to be Jesus, and the good guy, but their belief is half true herecy.


We deny the contemporary, new-age outgrowth of gnostic half-truths in that the demiurge is God, that God is Saturn, Allah, Baal, and that Islam is the religion of God, that God is bad, and that it was God who had set up the law against sin. It is Saturn/El/death whom is the lord of time and law. He is the one who fathered sin, and craves we sacrifice to atone! His is the laws, and this dimension. He is an aspect of God in the Elohim, but not God as he is worshipped in his divine form in Islam.


El is a distinct power of Hell who accuses, rules over destiny, time, death, and is the reason why jews sacrificed to God to go to Heaven as to redeem themselves from Hell. It is a reason why jews to this day send a lamb to die in the desert for the sins of Azazel who carried all sins of the world, yet we know Jesus did this for us in our stead.




Of True Religions and Cosmology


So regarding gnosis, and historical correctness of other religions. What are the ¨true¨ mythologies? We see it in how they stem from the same source. The story about the two primordial wars as in f.i Greek, and Mesopotamian pantheons, and the story of the old, and younger set of Gods + stories of giants, the saviour archetype, the flood, and the fallen angels/olympians are the true religions of the sons of Noah. These are called to our European cause of the COL for the defending of Europe. These myths have arcane knowledge about the earth´s layout, the seven heavens, tree of life, Mt. Meru/Mt.Olympus/etc, the saturn-moon cult, the sun cult, Sheol/Hell/Hades, the afterlife etc.


We believe the story of creation in Genesis is true. Yet the word used for God is Elohim which means God in plural. Thus the ¨I Am¨ emnated the universe into several heavens, each with it`s own ruler. Earth was allegedly ruled by Astarte. He created what the gnostics call the archons which are planets. The Romans worshipped planets. It is was the good Elohim/Angels that created man in their image, but some later fell. We are perfectly made, but made by angels to their likeness.


One third of the angels fell with Semjase as is recorded in the gnostic/jewish book of Enoch. Jews, and gnostics often liken our world to a goddess who trapped herself in creation. She is what the jews call shekinah. We teach that all are a part of shekinah. She is the old devil. I worship Yehuah. The seven flames before God`s throne in the Bible are what the Bible calls ¨God´s seven spirits that are among the earth¨. These are the highest forms of the planets in the tree of life. Heaven is the 13th realm. Cascading downwards they solidify, and has produced good, and fallen deities, and aspects of themselves. This world is 5 dimensional. Then we have seven heavens. I can explore them, but you would perhaps encounter the 6-th dimensional astral, and the 7-th dimensional etheric field. The 13th dimension is Heaven. I won`t touch upon the Kabbalah, and the Nordic tree of life, but it`s worth a study.


Many gnostics operate with 12 archons like the twelve signs of the zodiac (astrology) as well.


We believe there to be sets of ¨archons¨, ancient gods, yonger gods, 7 heavens, many hells, and almost infinite deities mostly found in catholic occultism; combined in a universe comprised of jewish kaballah, and catholic cosmology of a flat Earth tree of life.


We also believe the seven archangels to carry the aspects of the good aspects of the seven planets/archons. All things cast a shadow just as every man has his angel and demon. We operate with seven planets, as we all testify the Earth to be flat which is a huge topic in itself.


We know these archonic co-creators/spheres/planets to have internal planes where there exist beings in higher dimensions. We also believe the stars to be gateways to extra-terrestrial planes. In the 12th heaven is the gateway to Heaven with the Mountain of Abyss. The summerlands are amazingly beautiful huuge realms where I used to go in my dreams. They are now under EXTREME threat by evil satanists – especially in Norway! The aryan race is the most spiritually evolved that can enter these places the easiest. Many aryans populate the higher dimensions. Blonde hair is synonymous with Heaven, and blue eyes synonymous with higher conscience. There are many elves, and different races populating the higher dimensions, and entire kingdoms at threat by cultural-marxism, and the demographic crisis. Worst of all is the death of Christianity. If the humans only had eyes to see how evil they are.


I can confirm that an army of the dead has invaded the etheric realm like in Game of Thrones, and is the reason why so many people are possessed as they loose their connection to their spirit. Your spirit co-exists throughout mostly all realms! (depending on how spiritual you are) I was such an incarnate archangel (Gabriel), and saw all these realms, and battled demons in my dreams; much of which is lost now due to norwegian satanism killing not only this world: but gorgeous, innocent worlds above of which 99% of you are unaware of exist. But they are even MORE real than this world. But I was very aware at the time we were attacked already in 2012.


Some persons have huge spirits that co-exist in all realms! Gaining such realms is the magical alchemy of the white mage. That`s right! The spiritual war inflicts the two most common realms above; closest to this one called the astral, and etherial realms where a duplicate of every spirit flies constantly, and makes you contact people through emotions and telepathy!


The goal of Satan through the mark-of-the-beast is to destroy the seat of the soul which is the pineal-gland situated on your forehead! This will shut us off the other eight realms, and make us animals using primarily our instinctive reptillian brain! (Which it is called) This has happened in Norway, and over most of the world. Millions of elves, nature-spirits, billions of trees, and eternal realms are lost, and cut off from spirit because you killed archangel Gabriel; the guardian of Atlantis, and cloned him to eat him. All while you only quarreled about hating me or not. The realms of future timelines are gone.


And then you have the highest heaven which is incredibly unreachable, eternal, and completely shut off from the lower 12 as I have seen with my own eyes when crossing the abyss. The eternal thirteenth realm.


I have personally been to mostly all earthern, and planetary dimensions guided by the angels opening portals, and taking me on trips with ufo`s while being lucid in my astral form. But all dimensions are mostly lost as of now. We only have Heaven left. Infinite beauty, and the future of the blonde aryan child of dreams is lost. The Roman dream of a Christian Europe, and a second Atlantis is lost as demons have invaded time-space. In fact: Jesus, and I fled across Europe, and named it Babylon during my most recent dreams. So it shall be. Cursed you are! I am primarily guided by Archangel Gabriel, and Esther the Good. She/He is of heavenly citizenship, and was probably raised in heaven after a child sacrifice ascending into Abraham`s bossom. They are very many, and stand by God`s throne leading praise: As the highest in Heaven. It`s really strange when you meet yourself in a dream. They are dressed in white and blue robes with golden ornaments, and act as angels. They can be anywhere at anytime, and millions have met them in dreams. They have all magical knowledge about space-travel, and can go everywhere. They sometimes open a portal right in front of you while being in a Lucid dream. They are in charge of Earth, and are the most loving, kind, and holy angels. They has personally shown me these satanic sacrifices in countless of my nightmares since I was 12. They took me there, and told me about it. We stood watching: Crying, but were unable to interact with the physical realm.


All dimensions are dead, and Satan is in complete control of this world as we speak. It will probably be so until judgement day. This is the end of the 1000 year reign which the Bible speaks of. It is much worse than you can possibly imagine. The entire angelic host is being raped to death, and their ranks are disintegrating. A reformation revival revolution renaissance, and aryan awakening is the only hope as of now. A worldwide Israel.


We condemn worship of angels, planets, Gods and devils. Don´t worship the stars, but for God´s sake: keep sacred knowledge for God is the all. We believe we are entering into a holy christian-illumined spirit-science-golden age through a renaissance that MUST dethrone the Satans in high places whom destroy all worlds.


We greatly promote seeking all sorts of knowledge as long as it takes you closer to knowing the creator, his greatness, and not the worship of the sky, and planets, as is forbidden in judaism and christianity.


We now see the completion with this universe through Jesus, and our experiment of the Elohim, and Israel is almost complete: In spite of human error, and death of the pyramid timeline. We have been here since the beginning. We created you. <3 we="" built="" the="" great="" pyramid.="" we="" love="" you,="" and="" we="" have="" returned.="">


Religion, and history is now in mankinds own hands. Completed by the Yashuaic covenant. You are now free to join us in Heaven, and MUST represent God on Earth as heavenly citizens, and agents under military command of King Jesus. You are as of now absolutely responsible for all that happens on Earth as we have done everything for you, and our plan is complete. May God`s Kingdom last forever, but I warn you of the Magog war, mark-of-the-beast, and end of the 1000 years which happened surrounding 2012 as we will discover in our book on Revelations. The mayan Bolon Yukte, and the 9 Gods of the Ennead has returned in 2012, and this can have terrible consequences.


God has an agenda, and you MUST be his fingers. Mankind has gotten purpose through Jesus. Before Him: There was no meaning of life. The one viable option for the rest of existence is to unite under Yashua, and the Most High God Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, and Yahua, but I warn you: We are already in the tribulation, and most dimensions, and all future timelines are lost with the death of the archangelic hierarchy. Can you live with it?


We believe gnostics who do not believe the literal meaning of the new testament, and miracles to be misled by comparative mythology because they do not know of miracles like we do.


We are the heirs of the nazareen 1st century Christian order of Ben Joseph (not modern day essenes), the Teutonic Templars of Zion, and the order of Melchizedek. At the time of Christ, there were sadducees, pharisees, zealots and essenes. The essenes were an ancient mystical, international prophet, and seer cult bent on the arrival of the coming messiah. They were, and still are heretics. Jesus was not an essene as is popularized, nor was St.John the Baptist though some heretics claim this. They were nazareenes. Jesus from Nazareth is Jesus from the Mazzaroth. Prophesied to come from the Heavenly Scroll. The essenes did not recognize Jesus, and were similar to the pharizes, but hid from society. They had great knowledge, and respect from all the middle east. Some romans grasped the grandure of Jesus, his genius, godhood, and salvation, but the jews soon lost their homeland in 71ad, and became bitter refugees. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy, but was prophesied by Jesus.


The jews could have led the Christians by now; had it not happen. This time; Christianity must lead the jews, and undo our historical sins and hate. Remember; it`s not Judaism which is responsible for the evil of jews. It`s satanic jews just like with satanic catholists and masons. But they can hardly be discerned. Only the messiah can save them.. Our jewish covenant, and family has protected this world from Satanism as God`s chosen people for 4000 years, and today we rise again. The quest now lies with you. Being a jew is being one inwardly, and not outwardly. Being zealous, loving, righteous, moralistic, and leading the world as God`s representative agents: With all power, riches and blessings. Can you do this? The jews of today must repent, and become Jesus-jews.


Now.. We all know yule, easter, etc are pagan traditions with a cross put on top just as Jesus united all antediluvian religions. We allow our followers to keep these christian-european traditions alive.


Regarding incarnation


Why do some Christians believe in incarnations? Because the disciples believed St.John the Baptist was an incarnation of Elijah. Many jews of today believe in reincarnation.


All humans souls do spring from God, but only a few live their life again: returning from the higher dimensions if so. All these are ascended masters. All others who proclaim reincarnation are only incarnate aspects of former lives, and have set-apart souls. All reincarnate as aspects of what lived before. While it is true that ¨nothing ever dies¨, all souls are judged after death, and you only live once. The disembodied Nephilim are the only ones who truly reincarnate; because they are unable to go to Heaven. Many view these as ¨higher souls.¨


But ALL souls have lived before as aspects of yourself as examplified in the mathemathical fractal universe theory with ideas of sacred time and geometry. This is jewish belief in that we are all part of the shekinah of evolving ancestral, and symbolical forms. For we see that all things repeat itself raging from seasons to all life-forms. We believe in planetary, and the previously mentioned 7 heavenly spheres/angelic kingdoms, and that souls come willingly, or unwillingly from these, and the zodiacal realms which we can somewhat figure through astrology. Yes. It`s possible to know from where our souls come from. This dimension is the last stop before Hell while the above are the ¨heavenly¨ dimensions.


Those who remember ¨past lives¨ either remember ancestral dna, soul aspect incarnations, or are influenced by demons, or spirit guides in their dreams. Very, very few ever live their life on Earth here again. Hell is straight below. It`s Heaven or Hell. I personally do remember extremely vividly my descent into the world, the afterlife trials, and have had perhaps the most lives of all if it ain`t so that one remembers soul-aspects/not yourself as mentioned before. I had three consecutive dreams of the prehistoric Atlantean war of the angels in 2012. I had the same appearance that I have now, but were of the angels; and much taller etc. We lost the battle against our evil brethren.


I was born into. Let`s call it a masonic family. I was born approx. 08.00 in the morning at 12.06.1991. We know of course there is no ¨antichrist¨ which we will discover.


Anyways. We believe most souls have never lived before. We do believe many ¨pure/jewish¨ souls are sent from Heaven through God`s covenant in which we are to be His agents on Earth by blood and faith. Such souls as myself thus have an embedded purpose of life. I was certainly such a case. I am an ancient priest.


I always felt a pressure to change everything! We believe some souls are greater than others.


Regarding the shekinah: We believe the journey of soul aspects is like a river stemming from one source, and becoming an ocean. Or perhaps like a tree becoming a forest. We believe one moves from higher to lower densities, and that this plane is the final testing-ground to determine our heavenly estate. We believe in Hell. I`ve been there. I even got out! My worst memories. Thus it is all our life`s mission to bring the cross of salvation to the ends of OUR Earth!




Prison Earth.


We believe we are created as vessels to contain the Holy Spirit, and have a deep, loving relationship with God. We believe in a direct relationship with God, as he is all you could ever dream of. We believe he cares about us, and wants to restore all to his predestined pallet. We do not believe God predestines any man to evil. Only to good.


Still: We have the question of Judas, yet we say he acted with Satan as his father. We have two poles that affect our deeds. God wants only good, and Satan wants only evil.


We do not believe all that happens is the will of God. Jesus says this is Satan`s world, and thus we let our gnostics believe this world is dualistic, as long as they are monotheists, and believe good/God is greater. This all boils down to perspective. Some say this world is a prison, and that mankind is the only justified, innocent creature having done no sin other than being born into a hellish world caught between a careless creator, and an evil Hell.


Some say this world looks as though it is round, that the dimensions of the GPG testify it`s round, and that it thus is some eternal prison, or a sick game made for the rule of Satan. This was Lucifer`s idea who incorporated the dimensions of the round earth, and it`s satellites into the pyramid, and mayan tzolkin calendar.


We therefore deduce this not to be the first time the Earth has been believed to be round. Some say ¨God¨, others shekinah/wisdom Sophia, and others say angels created this world as a result of their fall. Enoch has personally showed me when God`s created the first humans, although you might call them some crazy experimentalist watcher obsessed by righteousness.


We know the evil of this world to be the opposing result of God`s personality as a just judge so that because ¨He Is¨; evil will have to be purged, and evil will choose so by it`s own volition as God is a free-willed person. Thus throwing bias towards God is like puking upwards believing there is no gravity. The weight of your own sin will eventually fall on yourself, and afflict all others. Nothing ever dies.


Some say Lucifer/Enki created mankind symbolized through the serpent on a tree similar to dna. He did. He changed us. But God brought us back through Noah and Jesus. There has been several creations, and multiple Eden`s as Enoch showed me.


Some believe there is thus no purpose in life as we never chose to be born between a burning Hell, and an experimentalist God. We would agree to all of this if we were non-messianic jews, or roman philosophers from before Jesus died on the cross. We would agree - if it not been for Jesus who gave life purpose: Ascension became possible through Him graduating the human exam for all of us! The species of man were no longer worms on Satan`s ground but GODS ascending into infinity! Still..








Is God evil?


Our world is a far cry from a perfect world, and God knows if not a few trillion souls are burning in Hell, and lost dimensions of Hell while there is such beauty of this surface prison as to make us few billions ignorant. All seems peaceful. Birds twitter. All is beautiful, and feels alright. Still we cannot escape the fact that Hell below is a lurking reality of such evil proportions that it makes this world seem like a bad joke. A really. Really. Bad. Joke.


This is hard for all of us to swallow, yet we have no choice but to believe in God between the two, and yet people fall into deceit such each day. The Illuminati is particularily good at twisting things against God in Satan`s favor. We know God will one day end this world! We know we suffered without the light of Jesus for eternities! So aren`t you happy for that he even came, and gave us purpose? It`s not like with Neo, and Smith in the matrix you know. Jesus gave us another purpose other than death serving as Satan`s resource. Embrace this! Illuminati repent! We know we have an opportunity, a responsibility, that there is a war, that we are soldiers, and that we cannot fail, or loose a single soul. I would do all myself had the Illuminati, all my friends, and church not broken me.


Heaven, and enlightened peace on Earth through our common heritage in judeo-christian humanism is our only real alternative. We believe this is THE time to chose good, and return to the garden of Eden as is prophesied. We believe the evil, terrible Satan has finally lost, and that this was God`s plan from the beginning. If not. God would be a flawed creator.


We believe strongly that God does not intend evil, that there really was a battle in Heaven, and that Satan Lucifer became evil from his free will, and is solely responsible for mankind`s fall into Hell. We do not believe God is a dualistic creature of good and evil, but that he judges evil. Therefore evil exists. Another reason to praise, believe in, and fight for God! Amen.


Don`t be depressed about Hell or evil. I give you my advice: Rejoice in the Lord! Be happy all the time! Heal others! Ask him to love you! Rejoice in all you love! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Just as I rejoice in the nothingness of despair and persecution! If I of all people can rejoice, then surely you will follow.


Will you defeat evil with good? Will you fight darkness with light? Will you be Israelites who fight evil? God`s chosen people? Remember: Evil WILL win if good men do nothing, and then there REALLY is no purpose; because you lost. Your descendant will sit in your position in a world more miserable than now, and ask how you failed when God is good! You can have to act, and not argue! You are Gods! You are His children! You MUST create the best world! For his evil: Satan shalt pay.. I have here exposed the philosophy of the devil, but could go through all my life, and write an entire book about it. Yet I chose. Like Neo. God is good. I chose to smile every day. Amen.


Choosing the dark path is not an option if you have experienced what being saved, and close to God feels like. I acclaim Jesus to be the greatest historical hero from whatever standpoint you have. End of discussion.


We believe that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and that knowledge comes after you`ve learnt wisdom. This is very crucial in a time like this. Good parents, and parenting churches, private schools, and protection from a world like this has never been more vital. We must re-nurse humanity in sacred seclusion where we can feed them their true innate god-hood, and re-establish their cosmic memory, knowledge of truth, and sovereignty over the powers that be.


We are children of God!


Jesus was probably the first feminist-rights spokesman. He was also the first who tried to unite the world's religions/peoples, the first who succeeded, the first in recorded history to call us Gods, the greatest world teacher of all times, and thus certainly God`s son as he claimed. That`s right. If you chose to hate God.. Consider that God came Himself! John 3:16 ¨For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.¨ Wow!


WOW! What a sacrifice! Much greater than that of the fallen angels who only came to rule us in their hellish version of ¨setting us free¨. Lustful devils.. This is how desperate God was to save us.


You can liken God to a craftsman with many tools. Let`s say you are God. You are perfect. You use your tools to create a perfect Heaven, with a perfect being that reflects yourself, and your perfect beauty. This being uses your power, and your free will to create an imperfect fallen world with the tools you gave him. Since all are you, nothing ever dies, and you can`t kill him. You send him to Hell. The Earth suffers. Even though you are the origin of this world, and fully God; you still need tools don`t you? You cannot simply ¨deconstruct¨ the universe you made! Not until your plan is complete.


You my friend, are his tool. You are the ones God created to retake this Earth in God`s stead after it`s angelic prehistory of a titanic war! You are the modern day Israelites! Still I believe the race of humans are very old. (This makes the beauty of each ethnicity worth protecting) Anyways. The point is: God can`t change everything in the blink of an eye. A carpenter who made a house can`t make it disappear in the blink of an eye even though he made it. God is still perfect! And Lucifer fell completely to his own volition. This is proven by all creation, and is philosophically valid.


We believe that we are born as God's children, and will create a world where we can grow up in remaining true to ourselves, and escape the cosmic oblivion as the Gods we are.


Even in a world with many fallen angels, and aeons that will bind our memory, thought processes, and powerful potential; we will survive, and defeat the cabal! We believe WE are the Gods, and that we are above angels through potential!!! That`s why all is so inverted. The Bible tells us we are more precious than angels because we are made in God`s image! Just think of that; some of you might be JUST like God himself! But we are trapped 8 dimensions below him right above Hell! This is a disaster, and we are frail, weak, and have the ability to chose! This is the great test. Will you chose to love God? Only in God can you become your higher self, and gain your rightful powers!


The only limit to your Jesus-like God-hood are the fallen aeons/angels. The Bible tell Hell is made for the fallen angels! That is why the tragedy of this creation through becomes more evident: especially through seeing God`s goodwill towards humans. God is good, but he is afraid! He is afraid he might loose you. He loves you. You are Gods, and the devil is evil!


Who knows what are our human limits are if we are freed from generational sin, the fall, and the ¨archons¨ like Jesus was? The Bible is clear that we are Gods! We too would have walked on water, and started flying. Disease, and death would be no more. So it will be on the new Earth when this universe is done for.


We believe man can become, and ARE already Gods as is Biblical. Some believe Jesus is the ultimate man, woman, child, idol, and that Nietzsche`s superhuman philosophy was thus wrong. Jesus as sacrifice is seen as strong whereas Nietzsche would have seen him as weak. The Bible tells the weak, and poor are the rich and strong. For your soul is more beautiful, and valuable than any possession you might ever acquire. God loves you because you are weak, and have the ability to chose to worship Him! But the Bible still tells us to be bold and courageous! That is what this church is all about! Church of Light!


Jesus is our human potential of transcendence in the kingdom of God. It is written that he is the FIRSTBORN of the dead. Jesus was, and became a God. It is written that we will do greater deeds than Him. Still: He is our God, king, judge and hero of salvation. He is the firstborn. Our savior. He was the first to tread an interdimensional path nobody had walked before him. The more who walk the path; the closer Heaven comes. One day; Heaven will be so close the Bible promises us there will be no more sin!


This was long.


We have discovered the Earth is flat, and that Satan has to put his throne higher than God. He will do this through his ¨universe¨ hypothesis, and say he`s an alien emperor of the universe. But we have discovered the meaning of life through Jesus.


We have touched upon some of our deeper beliefs. We believe in soul-aspect reincarnation, multiple universes, that there is only one God, and that he is a human father as we are created in his image by the angels. We also believe in alien races similar to humans as f.i the seraphim (fiery serpents) which are one species of angels (angelos/messengers), and that the angels fell, and rule Hell. We know that science, and God as an everlasting omnipotent, omnipresent, wholly good, holy, supreme upholder of creation is the sole truths we can chew on.




The Mazzaroth


The Mazzaroth is the Hebraic/semittic precursor to the modern Babylonian zodiac, and is the original zodiac given to Adam, and Enoch also arguably by the angel Azazel who taught mankind the secrets of astrology as mankind had formerly been completely oblivious and unaware.


Enoch chapter 9:6


Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were (preserved) in heaven, which men were striving to learn.


Azazel taught mankind the secrets of the heavenly scroll, and is in many ways the originator of religion.


Or at-least: That`s what religion is built upon. Anyways…


Azazel is therefore seen as the greatest antihero of all time, and held such a particular position among the disciples.


The Mazzaroth is hidden in the biblical texts of Ezekiel, Daniel and St.John which latter we will cover here.


The zodiac/mazzaroth comes from the Hebrew ¨zodi¨ or ¨sodi¨ which means ¨the way¨ or ¨step.¨ Jesus calls himself the way. The secret is that the mazzaroth, it`s 12 cardinal signs, and 36 underlying signs is a prophecy of the everlasting ¨messiah-tammuz like¨ savior-figure that rescues us from the dragon, and becomes the lion king. He is referred to in the Bible as ¨the son of man riding the clouds¨ who is Orion in the milky way: Jesus written in the stars.


The heavenly scroll (mazzaroth) described more or less by all the prophets is the narrative for the earthly scroll (prophecies, and what happens on Earth) so of course it should have the prophecy of Christ, and the symbol of a man in it: Orion.






This is a 6th century mazzaroth from an excevated jewish synagogue. All major synagogues had the mazzaroth at the very centre of the synagogue with the all other Bible imagery_surrounding_the mazzaroth. The mazzaroth was once the centerpiece of judeo-christendom! It is a disaster Rome has rid us of our core-ancient traditions.


The jewish Talmud although it names 63 galileean towns knows nothing of Nazareth, nor does ANY rebinic literature. There is no mention of Nazareth in roman records, or any record either. Where does Nazareth come from? Nazareth was not on Earth. The nazareen sect was derived from a suprising yet familiar source. The Mazaroth which also can be translated as Nazaroth=Nazareth.


Hebrew dictionary says: ¨Mazzaroth is connected to the comparisons of the following word Mazzarah: Maz Zaw Rah; apparently from the Hebrew Nazar, a primary root, to hold aloof, here specifically to set apart (to sacred purpose) i.e devote – consecrate, separate, thus used here in the sense of distinction (only in the plural) , perhaps collectively as the zodiac: Mazzaroth.¨


Historic magazine and notes and Queries, volume 23 (1905) page 130 says this:


¨The word Mazzaroth (In Job), Parhurst spells with one Z (the twelve signs) in the margin; Mazzaloth in Kings (in the Greek Septuagint).¨


Both Gesenius and Fuerst translate the word Mazaroth (the twelve signs). Both agree as to its root. It is Nazar, the M being changed to N, which is allowable in Hebrew. Nazar is a verb, and means ¨to encircle.¨ Nazareth, and Mazaroth then, both mean the same thing – the zodiac.


Hebrew diary translates heaven/shamayim as ¨visible heavens, where stars etc are¨. Many times when the Bible talks about Heaven: it could have been translated as heavenly scroll.


Every sign has 3 minor signs. If one takes the 12 signs with the stories of the minor signs, and combine them: One get`s the story of the son-of-man, or the messiah riding the clouds. ¨Orion above the milky way.¨


This is it`s message:


VIRGO: A virgin will give birth to a beautiful, glorious, and righteous branch. The seed of the woman will be a man of humiliation, ro rise to be the desire of nations; and will become exalted first as shepherd, and then as harvester.


LIBRA: The scaled demand a price to be paid of this seed, a cross to endure; the victim will be slain, and purchase a crown.


SCORPIO: There is a conflict betwwwn the seed, and the serpent leading to a struggle with the enemy. The enemy is vanquished.


SAGITARIUS: The double natured seed (servant/king) triumphs as a warrior, and pleases the heavens, builds fires of punishment, and casts down the dragon.


CAPRICORNUS: Eternal life comes from his death. He`s the Arrow of Yahuah, and he is pierced, yet springs up again in abundant life.


AQUARIUS: He pours out ¨living water¨ from on high. Humanity drinks of the heavenly river, and the faithful live again. He is the deliverer of the good news (Gospel). Carrying the wood of the sacrifice over the earth.


PISCES: The reddemer`s people multiplied supported, and led by the lamb. The bride is exposed on earth, and the bridegroom is exalted.


ARIES: The lamb is found worthy, the bride is made ready. Satan is bound, the strong man triumphs.


TAURUS: The conquering ruler comes, the sublime vanquisher, to execute the great judgement. He is the ruling shepherd king.


GEMINI: The marriage of the lamb. The enemy is trodden down; The prince comes in great glory.


CANCER: The great bride, the two houses of Judah, and Israel are united; they are safely brought into the kingdom. LEO: The lion king is aroused for rending, the serpent flees, the bowl of wrath us upon hum, and his carcass is devoured. The Lion of the tribe of Judah rules as King.


Many pagan messiahs have come to fulfill lives imaging the stars: Identifying themselves with planets, and most notably the sun.


The pagans believed the sun/son of God (Orion the hunter) is born among men during winter equinox when the ¨sun is reborn¨ and more. We will do research upon common traits of these pre-christian Christ-myths.


Orion in Revelations


Orion is ¨the son of man¨ in the heavenly scroll, and nazareene Judaism, as also described by St.John:


Revelations 14:14-20


¨And I looked (in the heavens of course) , and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud (Orion sits atop the Milky Way) one sat like unto the Son of Man (Orion) , having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle (or sword).¨




Here you see ¨Orion riding the clouds of Heaven¨ - the milky way.


Revelation 1


¨And I turned to see (in the heavenly scroll) the voice that spoke with me (Yahuah had spoken, identified himself as Aleph/Tav, the Father). And having turned (He didn`t see Yahuah) I saw (in the heavenly scroll) a golden lampstand (7 seven classical planets also seen as the seals over the Heavenly Scroll/stars) One like the Son of Man (the constellation Orion represents the Son of Man in the Heavenly Scroll) cloathed with a garment (of the high Priest) down to the feet (talliet – Psalms 119:3) with a girdle of gold about His chest (chest plate of the High Priest Zachariah Chapter 3) The hair of his head was white like wool (John begins describing the constellation Orion, as white as snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire, and his feet glowed like bronze which had been fired in a furnace; and His voice sounded like many waters (reference to the water-bearer Aquarius) And in his (Orion`s) right hand he had seven stars (Orion looks like he`s holding the remarkable 7 star cluster of the Pleiades) , and out of His mouth went a sharp, two-edged sword (the sword of Orion, a metaphor of the Word of Yahuah), and His face was like the sun (the sun is a metaphor of the Messiah) shining in it`s strength.¨


Amos 5:8, and Job 9:9.




Above is a rendition of what St.John saw in Revelations 4:4-11


We will now compare it to the Mazzaroth.


The Throne in Heaven


After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. (The man in the center of the Mazzaroth) And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. (The rainbow below God in the mazzaroth) Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. (The 24 stars in the middle of the mazzaroth (count them) They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads. From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder. In front of the throne, seven lamps were blazing. (The seven planets) These are the seven spirits of God. (The co-creator Elohim/angels exemplified in ¨The God of IsRaEl¨)Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal. (The ancient Hebrew likened the night sky to a sea)


In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back. (These are the 4 cardinal signs of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac as you can see surrounding the throne in the image. Note that Scorpio can be symbolized as an eagle) The first living creature was like a lion, (Leo) the second was like an ox, (Taurus) the third had a face like a man, (Aquarius) the fourth was like a flying eagle. (Scorpio) Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. (The eyes are the stars that make up the constellation.) Day and night they never stop saying:


“‘Holy, holy, holy


is the Lord God Almighty,’


who was, and is, and is to come.”


Whenever the living creatures give glory, honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever, 10 the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say:


11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God,
    to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
    and by your will they were created
    and have their being.”


I won`t go in detail with the rest of what John saw reagarding the seals, trumpets and bowls. I believe in all John saw as the Bible is to taken both literally, and in symbolical terms of wisdom and discernments: Since it is made to contain many layers. The biblical Mazzaroth goes back to Enoch, and has followed Israel since the beginning. The prophet Ezekiel describes 3 wheels within a wheel, and further describes the Mazzaroth in the Old Testament. If you see the image, you can clearly see the frame, the signs, and the throne as three independent wheels. Ezekiel was describing the


Mazzaroth in Ezekiel:


Ezekiel 1:1-21.


Now it came about in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, while I was by the river Chebar among the exiles, the heavens (the heavenly scroll) were opened and I saw visions of God. (On the fifth of the month in the fifth year of King Jehoiachin’s exile, the word of the LORD came expressly to Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and there the hand of the LORD came upon him.)


As I looked, behold, a storm wind was coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually and a bright light around it, and in its midst something like glowing metal in the midst of the fire. Within it there were figures resembling four living beings. And this was their appearance: they had human form. Each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight and their feet were like a calf’s hoof, and they gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides were human hands. As for the faces and wings of the four of them, their wings touched one another; their faces did not turn when they moved, each went straight forward. As for the form of their faces, each had the face of a man; all four had the face of a lion on the right and the face of a bull on the left, and all four had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out above; each had two touching another being, and two covering their bodies. And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went. In the midst of the living beings there was something that looked like burning coals of fire, like torches darting back and forth among the living beings. The fire was bright, and lightning was flashing from the fire. And the living beings ran to and fro like bolts of lightning.


Now as I looked at the living beings, behold, there was one wheel on the earth beside the living beings, for each of the four of them. The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another. Whenever they moved, they moved in any of their four directions without turning as they moved. As for their rims they were lofty and awesome, and the rims of all four of them were full of eyes round about. Whenever the living beings moved, the wheels moved with them. And whenever the living beings rose from the earth, the wheels rose also. Wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go in that direction. And the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels. Whenever those went, these went; and whenever those stood still, these stood still. And whenever those rose from the earth, the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.


Ezekiel 10 describes God`s throne as depicted in the Mazzaroth as well. The Mazzaroth was no ¨christian new age teaching.¨


The 12 tribes, and the Mazzaroth.


In fact: The 12 tribes of Israel were named after the Zodiac (Mazzaroth) , and during the exile from Egypt in Sinai: Before the Israelites entered Israel: The 12 tribes were camped around the tabernacle (God`s throne) just as a mirror of the Mazzaroth, or as to speak ¨let Heaven come to Earth.¨ Judah (constellation Leo the Lion – the banner of Judah is a lion) was positioned to the East. Dan (constellation Scorpio the scorpion or eagle – the banner of Dan is a snake or eagle) was positioned to the north. Ephrahim (constellation Taurus the bull – the banner of Ephraim is a bull) was positioned to the west. And Reuben (constellation Aquarius the man – Reuben`s banner is a man) was positioned to the south. All mirroring how the heavens looked above them where they offered sacrifices to Yahuah in the desert. In the middle of the 12 tribes was the sacred tabernackle of God.




NOTE: The Israelites didn`t worship the stars or planets. They worshipped the creator of the stars and planets: The highest God above IsRaEl. This was Moses quest. To lead the out of Egyptian worship of planets, and fallen angels, and to emigrate to the prophesied land where the messiah where ¨the son of man/Orion/Yahusha¨ would be born according to the Great Pyramid Prophecy timeline. Remember: Moses was an Egyptian prince. The Elohim/angels of God/aliens led the Israelites out of Egypt through intervention in earthly affairs to cause the coming of the Messiah who the stars predicted when would be born. ¨The son of God.¨


The knowledge of the mazzaroth must be restored. Early churches switched iconography of the 12 zodiacal signs with the 12 apostles, and put Jesus in the middle, but much of the outline exists to this day in churches worldwide.


Jesus (son of man) is the voice speaking among the seven lampstands with a sound of many waters. The 7 lampstands burning before God which are the seven spirits of God are CLEARLY the 7 planets.


Thus the seven seals, trumpets, and bowls are happenings afflicted by the seven planets during the 2000 period time of the age of pisces which the book covers astrologically. The seven seals over the (heavenly) scroll (the sound of many waters) were broken by Jesus (Yahusha) who was found worthy to rule, and be the voice of the zodiac in the next age. (Making Jesus ruler)


The Lord`s prayer refers to the Mazzaroth. Let your kingdom come refers to as earth as in Heaven (the Heavenly Scroll). Just like how the Israelites represented the zodiac with the tabernackle in the desert.


The sky is called Heaven. Where is God? In Heaven. What is in Heaven? The sun. Who owns the sun? Nobody. It`s God`s sun. (Son.) He is our risen savior. Without: We would die. Hours comes from Horus. There were 12 Horuses.


In the old king`s English the word ¨star¨ was spelled Astar, or like the God Ashtar which is the origin of the Lucifer myth.  More on this later. If your life goes wrong then you`re a DISastar. You must consult the astar`s was an ancient saying.




The Great Pyramids – the pinnacles of Enoch.


The disciples believed in something called the pyramid prophesies, or the pyramid timeline. The great pyramids of Egypt are called ¨the pinnacles of Enoch¨ as it was Enoch who made them as the tomb for Azazel/Osiris who we covered earlier.


We discovered that Jesus was equated with Orion as ¨the son of man¨ in the chapter of Jesus. We also discovered he was associated with Azazel. Remember that for later.


Orion is the constellation that more resembles the form of a man (with a sword) than any other constellation in the heavens. It is so that even a child would look upon it and say: There`s a man in Heaven! This was the eternal prophecy about Jesus coming that so many Christ-figures tried to copy before Yahusha (Jesus) became the true messiah.


The Great Pyramid was built by Enoch as a calendar of when Christ would appear. But they all swarmed, and murdered him. The Great pyramid was a prophecy calendar as to when the messiah would come. The pre-christ (christomois) messiah`s were seen as incarnations of the great hunter Orion who was Nimrod in Babylon, and Osiris in Egypt. In both accounts: He reincarnates in his son as Horus in Egypt, and Tammuz in Babylon. This originated in the enochian mysteries of the pyramid. The pyramids are built as a representative of Heaven, or the heavenly scoll: the Mazzaroth where the Nile is the milky-way, and the three pyramids represent the three main stars of Orion called ¨Orion`s belt.¨




F.i The pyramid is the litteral ¨centerpiece of Earth¨ or creation mapping God`s plan, and attributing to God the sacred geometry of the Earth, planets, astrology, as well as attributing to God the sacredness of mathematics. For how could such a planet or Heaven be coincidental? When studying the pyramid of the angels: it becomes clear that: Surely God saw all things before all was made..!




In 10.500 BC – The 3 pyramids, and the nile aligns perfectly with the 3 stars of Orion`s belt. At the same time: The lion Sphinx faces the constellation Leo in the astrological age of Leo: Marking the start of the Lion Kingdom. This was angel`s plan of redemption through Jesus.


 10.500 BC


Furthermore. The pyramid is a calendar. We don`t know when it was built, but in f.i 2500 bc – the 4 shafts from the King`s Chamber of the Great Pyramid points directly at 4 stars:


The north shaft from the King's Chamber (K) aligns with the Pole Star, Thuban (Alpha Draconis) - associated by the Pharaohs with 'cosmic pregnancy' or 'gestation'.


The south shaft from the King's Chamber (K) aligns with Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis), the brightest and lowest of the stars in Orion's Belt. The ancient Egyptians associated this star with Osiris - their high god of ressurection and rebirth.


The north shaft from the Queen's Chamber (Q) aligns with Kochab (Beta Ursa Minor) - a star the ancients associated with cosmic regeneration.


The south shaft from the Queen's Chamber (Q) aligns with Sirius (Alpha Canis Major). This star was associated with the goddess Isis - the cosmic mother of the kings of Egypt.


The great pyramid was an astrological calendar, and a mathematical measurement of the Earth. The momument of Earth so to speak. It was to show creation, and the earth is no coincidence, but the result of an extremely mighty grand-architecht. There is much information about this on the internet. We use the pyramid inch, and count dates from markings in the passageways, astrological allignments, and angles facing f.i Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Red-Sea crossing. Just google the ¨Christ triangle etc.¨ That`s right. The date, and place of Christ`s birth was encoded in the Great Pyramid. That`s why the jews left Egypt, and why the Israelites are the chosen people.




The time of the first Passover (just before leaving Egypt) to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commonly referred to as the "Dispensation of the Law" period, ending with Jesus being the first man able to keep the law perfectly, he fulfilled it, thus ending that dispensation.  This period of time has been considered by most Bible chronologists as being 1485 years. As the date for the Exodus was 1453 B.C. and that for the Crucifixion was 33 A.D., the interval between them is an inflexible 1485 years. Measuring up the Ascending Passage of the Great Pyramid at the given scale of an inch to a year, we find the length is 1485 inches and therefore the end of the passage marks precisely 33 A.D. (spring). 


Birth of Christ – approx 2 B.C. {intersection of the level of the floor of the Queens Chamber with the Ascending Passage} Crucifixion of Christ – 3rd April, 33 A.D {intersection of the start of the Grand Gallery with the Ascending Passage}




Author David Wilcock states that the only symbol in the pyramid (a womb, or a rainbow) at a slab above the entrence to the King`s chamber occurs on the year 2012 in the pyramid timeline. He states that it is the most important year in the pyramid timeline, but this is not true as 10.500 bc, and 2500 bc are more important. If you take into view that the masonically inspired American Great Seal has the year 2012-2016 encoded in it: it becomes even more spooky. Counting down the thirteen 20 year katun`s of the thirteenth baktun from the 1776 you end up at 2012.




The mayan calendar was known to the creator of the great seal. The mayan prophecy is that the nine Gods (of destruction) will return in 2012. It is no coincidence that both Egypt, and the Mayans built pyramids, had 9 gods (ennead) , and encoded 2012 into their calendar. This ¨Bolon Yukte¨, or sometimes called ¨feathered serpent¨ was to return in 2012. Azazel.