Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

1st century ministries unite!

Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

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Christian Church Life and Doctrine. All on customs, worship, prayer and evangelizing.

Church practice, doctrine and teaching.

Chapter 6: Regarding traditional beliefs.

In general; I think all Christians should be Pentecostal adult-baptists. Yet I have ideas of chivalry, and knowledge from the Knights Templar. I have saints like the Catholics. I have gnostic questionmarks of reality.

Those who follow me are a 1st century church of the future.

Regarding holy saints and idols:

We believe in Holy Virgin Mother Mary to be venerated as blessed firstly for what she means to all of us. Luke 1:48. We secondly believe her to represent mother Israel as the woman in St.John`s Revelations 12:1 It is clear from this divine description of her that the disciples deified her as the divine feminine, and as protector especially over Israel`s 12 tribes signified with the 12 stars. We venerate her not as the Black Madonna who is a composite deity of the anatolian goddess Cybele, but as Holy Virgin Mother Mary whenever venerating her. We don`t worship her.

We believe Judas was a devil, and symbolized Jesus evil brother Set in the cosmology of astrotheology just as Jesus represented Horus, and Mary represented Isis, Semiramis, or the holy ghost. Worshipping the Virgin Goddess could lead to sex-cults.

We do not condemn frescoes, or depictions of saints, Jesus, God, biblical characters, prophets, or saints in any form as, yet we condemn worship of these. We condemn worship of the cross depicting Jesus crucified. Yet here is controversy. Rev.13:18 alludes to chi xi stigma/666 being the mark of the beast.

As Jesus is being sacrificed as an Ishtar pig by the billions: It`s time we put down the cross. The pizzagate Thelema, and Kristiansand is all to blame.

Our veneration of saints is because of their symbolic power, their healing power, their prayers, their impartation of spirit, and because of the blessing such special people with holy lives certainly give! Carrying an image of such a person is venerating, and uniting with this power as the one body of christ, and the true church. We thus are the first pentecostal church whom retake the tradition of saints and confessions. Lists of saints must be made when we first become established, but everyone`s favorites are Roland, and Heidi Baker. :) ¨HOLY!! HOLY PEOPLE!¨


Regarding holidays:

We observe the jewish holidays, and the feast of the ascension. We greatly celebrate christbirth/Christmas with gifts centered on the 19.08.01 BC birth of Jesus Christ our savior, or during Christmas. We celebrate our own birthdays. We observe the Shabbat from 6pm Friday evening to 6pm Saturday evening as is common. If our church evolves, I hope it becomes our habit to follow the original lunar sabbath based on the phazes of the moon, and not days of the week.


Regarding offerings:

All Christians should give 0-10% of income, (or preferably all) to the Church or needy. (Malachi 3:10-18)

Acts 2:49 ¨They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those (members) in need.¨


Regarding confession:

James 5:16 ¨Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.¨

Churches should always be open 24/7. We carry on the tradition of confessions in church, in the way that a master/priest must always be at hand for any member, or non-member. You don`t have to confess to the church, but you should confess to some Christian. The prayer after confession is directed towards God, and should contain e.g: Father. Jesus is your son. We put your blood-covered cross between your child`s earthly sin, and his heavenly estate. We have confessed the sins of our church before you in Heaven. We humbly know you forgive our sincere hearts as we turn away from our path to sin no more. We abide in your fatherly love. Thank you for forgiveness Jesus. Amen. (John 8:11 Colossians 3:13 Matthew 14-15 Luke 17:3-4 1 John 1:9)


Regarding baptism:

We baptize all Christians, entire families, and babies by wish. This is my pro adult baptism opinions from 2006 regarding the long debated question:

Pro baptizing infants:

We will consecrate the children to Jesus before anything can take them from us. Then we are sure they come to Heaven. The children then reaffirm their choice in the confirmation as in regular conservative view.
(This has no validity in the Bible, but it can be interpreted from some texts.)
Nature in us is from the devil and God. Therefore we are evil. Therefore, we must be baptized right away.
The Bible states that people were baptized with themselves and their house.

Acts 16:32

¨Even at that hour of the night, the jailer cared for them and washed their wounds. Then he and everyone in his household were immediately baptized.¨

Against baptizing infants:

There is some good and evil in us, but we are not evil from the birth of. We have the opportunity to choose, and Jesus says "let the small children come to me and do not prevent them. For the Kingdom of God is theirs." The first Christians, who knew Jesus baptized people when they came to believe. It was a ritual that the old man is dead and that the new has arisen. Infants have no dead person to lay down. It takes conscience, self-esteem, and self-realization in order to make such a choice. Jesus was baptized, although he had no life to lay behind, and he was pure and grown. It was more of a dedication to what God had before Him. If Jesus is Lord, we shall take after him as disciples. Therefore, you should baptize yourself when you touch your teens, yet that is what we have ¨confirmation¨ for.

Furthermore: The Bible states that people were baptized with themselves and their house. But this is an inauguration of the Lord. Also, no children are mentioned. Of course you have to make your own choices as someone else can not decide on your soul. Moreover, there is no indication that there were children in the picture.

Our view is that one should raise the children right in Christian faith. Thus, the child can gain faith early and make an early choice of forgiveness and to lay his life in the hands of God. This leads to baptism when the child / youth is aware of what he enters and what he enters. For that to happen: One must awaken the conscience to a certain extent.

Although.. It is clear that children do evil things of this world eventually, even as NDE tell that most children go to heaven. Yet they still do evil even if they do not think it's evil, and some NDE reports of children in Hell!

See how early Jesus was in devotion to Our Father. Like 12 years old in the temple. But christian children are in no way lost in that stage between when evil begins to appear and the time you are baptized. Or are they? What really has something to say is what Jesus did on the cross. All live and die safely. Children or old, baptized or procured.

But it is clear that as an inaugural ritual, children can be baptized with their family as a sign that they will raise the child in the Christian faith. They do a good deed and no sin. For it is in God's will to consecrate the child according to God's will. But I might not call that baptism. For the ritual, which is the actual baptism, putting the old behind it, and walking the way of Jesus for one's life, must not be replaced. This will not be a pity, e.g child-baptism.

Then do this: Consecrate your child through an initiation ceremony into church membership. This ritual is presenting the child, and letting the entire church bless it.

Live for the Spirit in a brotherhood from the first moment of life. And be together with those who build you up in Christian faith in what is right and good as the will of God. You may want to consecrate the child to God, but do not change the guiding lines regarding baptism and the holy doctrine of the Bible. Initiation may just be being raised in Christian faith, and blessed to God's protective hands. When the child / youth / the adult feels baptism calls, and wants to lay down his old life to go into God's plan, this must be done according to your own will, and a sincere heart and conviction. Not from people who only sow in the flesh. But that of spirit, and what God shows you. God can of course speak through humans, the messengers of the Spirit.

We thus practice adult baptism, baptize anyone at wish, and consecrate the children born into our church similar to how the orthodox church practices child baptism; yet without baptism.


The rite of pilgrimage:

One should make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem – David`s City of Kings, the Holocaust Museum (where I lost myself in sorrow afterwhich the entire buss waited for me 15 minutes searching) , as well as go bathing in David`s spring by the dead sea where I received the Holy Ghost, and God revealed to me I was of Davidic blood. It was a holy miraculous experience, and I think it is one of the holiest places on Earth! I purified my jewish soul, and white curls. They should also bathe in the dead sea where I miraculously was healed after having fallen down on the path back from Masada – faceplanting, and bruising myself as if I had died. This happened the same day as we saw the sunrise from Masada. I could have fallen off!

They must go to Jerusalem – city of Kings- to consumate their faith in the belief of the Universal One World Israel, and the return of the promised Messiah Ben David. Having been to Israel is a must, and can be taken as part of missonary work. We will free Israel, and rebuild the temple! We will Christianize the jews, and give them the knowledge of Ben Joseph!


Regarding drugs:

Drugs are often forbidden by the Christians who term it as sorcery. I personally use essential oils to great effect. These are not drugs, but what`s the difference? Some herbs, and drugs have spirits associated with them when they induce un-natural states of mind which can open doors of perception, and the demonic that might never close. Beware! Stay away from drugs! All that alters your mind to do deeds you wouldn`t consider while in a normal state is considered going too far. We know Jesus was called a drunkard, which is quite funny as I was called so myself; yet we know Jesus never sinned.

This is the Christian stance towards drugs: We believe in the legal use of herbs in mystical approach of God only, and as a medicine. We know the prophets danced naked, and were crazy. 1 Samuel 19:24. Who's going to limit God's creation? Cannabis is gaining legal value over all the earth, and is also the greatest medicine in history. We believe in the use of cannabis as a sacrament (Exodus 30:23-24 Genesis 1:29) and medicine, and that this was the Holy anointing oil described by Moses. The hebrew word for cannabis is kaneh, kannabus, or kaneh bosm. (It`s the same word used in the Holy Anointing Oil. נֵה-בֹשֶׂם kaneh bosm) We allow consumption of alcohol, as is debated in bible verse Ephesians 5:8 which is the strictest verse regarding alcohol consumption, and is contradictionary to the old testament as we see in f.i Ecclesiasties 9:7 , although the majority of verses forbid drunken-ness. It seems there is a silver line between enjoying alcohol, and getting carried away by it. 1 Peter 4:3 We know how Jesus was called a drunkard (Matthew 11:19) , that the disciples drank wine, and that we are to remember Jesus when doing communion. Matthew 26:26

Don`t break the countries laws. We abstain from smoking. None will use cannabis anointing oil until such is legal.

Ephesians 5:18 ¨Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.¨

This is the sacred, biblical anointing oil we will make in our church whence cannabis becomes legal:

Pure myrrh (מר דרור mar deror) 500 shekels (about 6 kg)

Sweet cinnamon (קינמון בשם kinnemon besem) 250 shekels (about 3 kg)

Kaneh bosem (cannabis) (קְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם kaneh bosm) 250 shekels (about 3 kg)

Cassia (קדה kiddah) 500 shekels (about 6 kg)

Olive oil (1 hin) about 7 liters.

We will pour this over the head as was common, and I as prophet will crown a King of Norway. (If all goes according to plan)


Regarding the sacred canon:

The Bible is the greatest world heritage, yet so many christians are living in unbiblical christianity! We will build the world upon the foundation of the messianic judeo-christian belief as this is most universal moral code, and also the scientifically proven true religion.


"1 Corinthians 15:3-7 is widely recognized by New Testament scholars as a statement of belief (creed) that was systematized long before Paul quoted it. If so, it represents the earliest historical account of Jesus’ resurrection, and goes back to the eyewitnesses themselves.

An increasing number of exceptionally influential scholars have very recently concluded that at least the teaching of the resurrection, and perhaps even the specific formulation of the pre-Pauline creedal tradition in 1 Corinthians 15:3-7, dates to AD 30! In other words, there never was a time when the message of Jesus’ resurrection was not an integral part of the earliest apostolic proclamation. No less a scholar than James D. G. Dunn even states regarding this crucial text: “This tradition, we can be entirely confident, was formulated as tradition within months of Jesus’ death.”

Thus the Bible is true. It is also a mathemathical masterpiece as Ivan Panin discovered. If a persecuted few disciples managed to create an entire new world religion so rapidly:

1.    Jesus MUST have been crucified.

2.    He MUST have risen, and been witnessed by the 500.

And the Christians were persecuted! A lot! Why would you risk your life becoming Christian if it weren`t true?

What shall be counted as sacred scripture? The regular Bible, and the Tanakh. The other cults like the Mormons, and JW are mostly stupid in not believing in Hell etc, as is the case with the latter. Christians keeps the roman Bible, but we cannot forget the important apocrypha books that are cited in the New Testament, such as the book of Enoch, which thankfully showed up again in our time.

Our holy canon of scriptures should include the books relative to the 1st century church including the book of Enoch. The Old Testament was allegedly completed around 396 B.C The first complete Bible we have is 1600 years old. Years before Islam was in anyone`s mind. (except the corrupt catholics and jews) The old testament was written in Hebrew, while the new testament was written in greek. Both have a divinely inspired pattern of sevens through numerology discovered by Ivan Panin. We encourage all members to attain knowledge from whatever books you believe in as long as it has a christian narrative, and is not attested to the devil.

Examples of beneficial texts for the common worldwide knowledge basis, and equal understanding of earthly brothers are the sayings of Buddha, the Bhagavad Gita, the the books of Enoch, the testament of Judas, the testament of Thomas, the Kebra Nagast, the entire Nag-Hammadi library, or simply all protocanonical and deuterocanonical books.


Future goals of Biblical literature:

Where God, and the opposer once arguably stood as equal loosers over the corpses of men in Middle-Earth, we now have solved this problem through Jesus in both spiritual, and philosophical terms. There can be no doubt: Our collections of miracle-working churches, NDE, and testimonies of salvation by faith would be proof enough on itself even for the most serious lawyer, (Satan is a lawyer) yet there is even more proofs! It has no end! Jesus is the messiah!

Christianity should be an endless path of wholly dedicated amazement just as radical as muslims and jews are! Yet Christianity isn`t even ¨a thing¨ anymore. Why are christians so much more dull than jews and muslims? They have twice the religious books, mystic, magical, and historical heritage! It`s because they are too happy, and ignorant in salvation.

It is one of our vital goals to write a scientific documentation of Christianity`s validity. I can`t do this. I am too sick. One of you MUST do this. I entrust you.

It is also of VITAL importance to the faith that Christianity unite, and write the second version of the book of Acts; similar to how the jews wrote the Talmud.




Chapter 7: 1st century Church life.

Our Church built on scripture

Christians believe in the Church`s unified spirit/entity led by the priests through our Church's all-comprehensive love, and reconciliation between all counterparts inside our denominations of which we include all. We are one! And all must be settled between all members. All questions must be answered. All sick must receive prayer, and all financial needs must be heard. We are one. That`s right.

Christians believe God is renewing the covenant with Peter through me for uniting all Churches. We believe we are the worldwide Zion of the coming everlasting kingdom. God called me to lead his sheep. Matthew 16:18 ¨And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.¨

Christians believe all churches to be a part of this either they like it or not. But we need a headquarter of proven Pentecostal, revivalist healers and saints like f.i Heidi Baker.

We are the church of Salem: The spiritual Jerusalem! Call it the kingdom of God. Hebrews 7:1

We know Salem is the spiritual city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was not founded before another thousand years had passed since Salem was mentioned in scripture. That`s right! Jerusalem is supposed to be the mirror image of the spiritual city paved with gold!

Hebrew 5:8-10 ¨Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered. And having been made perfect, He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation, being designated by God as a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.¨ We believe that Jesus was not without sin his whole life, but that he grew, and became perfect as clearly described in this scripture. We share the same stance as Smith`s Venner on this controversy. Anyways.

Hebrews 7:14-17 For it is evident that our Lord was descended from Judah, a tribe with reference to which Moses spoke nothing concerning priests. And this is clearer still, if another priest arises according to the likeness of Melchizedek, who has become such not on the basis of a law of physical requirement, but according to the power of an indestructible life.

Christ being of the spiritual city of Salem justifies the truth of His preisthood as he was from the tribe of Judah, and not the priestly tribe of the Levites, and there was thus controversy as how Jesus could be a priest. So we called to be priests according to the order of Melchizedek, because we are disciples of the master.

Thise Bible-verse creates controversy around the sin-less nature of Christ as it says he ¨learnt obediance¨. Christians do not believe Jesus was free from all sin since birth, but lived under the same path of sanctification, and mercy that we do, although it was under a different covenant.

Member responsibility in our Church

Our church condemn satanism because one part of sour-dough acidifies the entire dough. Galatians 5:9 Non-believers are ABSOLUTELY not tolerated among us. This insane herecy has erupted across Churches in Kristiansand, where blood-sworn Satanists swarm Churches. We also believe general satanism has no right to exist anymore. Because of our philosophical view of our meaning of life; fulfilled in Jesus Christ. There is no ¨problem of evil¨ aside from evil: The problem now without a root philosophy; as we can all enter heaven. We believe the father of evil has lost his trump cards. The right of condemnation. Jesus got the keys of Hades. We thus believe we as St.Peter`s true church stand on an everlasting solid foundation with the keys to the bottomless pit, and the keys of St.Peter; becoming what the Vatican should have been!

Christians will permeate the earth in the not so distant future. We believe this to be inevitable as Jesus is the most powerful God. Churches are good. We are all about the people, truth, light, love, morale and wellfare. True evil perpetrated by f.i the Vatican whore church has never represented a great part of the low-cast, public Church. We learn from history of conspiracy that evil is something that corrupts in an ever-downward spiral without end. That is why our church never welcomes, or accepts evildoers, and is DEDICATED to end poverty, disease and starvation. We love the poor. We exalt them! Evil is exalted like the tower of Babel above the clouds today, thus more shall we exalt that worthy of TRUE praise, and break them down to the pit of non reasonable philosophy they have become.

The united priesthood of Churches also believe our Royal Priesthood is necessary to make up the entirety of the Sacred Balance of this dualistic earth until our messiah comes, and evil will be vanquished forever as prophecied. We point out the falseness of other churches, yet always do so in love, as love is our trademark as certain as we are disciples. Revelations 3:16.

Those in our church are directly responsible for the welfare of Earth. We are all heavenly agents of pure goodness in each of our adventures on Earth. We believe that Jesus is alive today, and have a huge agenda. We believe WE carry this agenda, and are responsible for Heaven. We believe we are soldiers in a kingdom that cannot deny his authority, and his will over our lives as our friend. Jesus calls us friends! For we serve him gladly.

We believe that the priesthood of the Temple is abolished, (1 Peter 25) but that the roles are necessary, as priests, prophets, Apostles, evangelists, scholars, artists, intercessors, prayer-warriors, worshippers, dancers, and to whatever Biblical calling God made you for.

We believe in the original message of scripture, and the 1st century apostolic church before the church was institutionalized, and adopted by the roman emperor Constantine, yet take great pride in the diversity of thought between our esteemed members as a unity of all christians.


How we practice Church-life:

Should we wash off our worries, and sins of our right hand, feet and head when entering church as muslims do, or as romans did. Amen?

We see that all church members are to take part in church-service, and that there should be a more socialist theme, unity in mission, and open-ness in suffering. Are we not one body, and shall we not pray for each other? This is my sole wish: That the evil, accusative, icy hearts of the norwegian christians shall be melted.

The christian should gather with his fellow disciples in his group at least once a week, and preferably each day as the first christians did. One must attend church service at least once a week, or make his own temple. One should preferably have his own prayer-room in every house as is biblical. Matthew 6:6

Let`s see what the Bible tells about church life.

Acts 2:42-47 ¨They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. A sense of awe came over everyone, and the apostles performed many wonders and signs. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they shared with anyone who was in need. With one accord they continued to meet daily in the temple courts and to break bread from house to house, sharing their meals with gladness and sincerity of heart, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.¨

James 5:13-16 ¨Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. ¨

This bothered my mind; as I never found a single church who live by this structure. We will of course be the first, and be as disciplined as Muslims.

The Christian believe in aggressive sermons, the spirit of truth, and life-filled interaction between preacher, worshipper, and the church-bench. We believe in ¨YES¨, ¨Hallelujah¨, and ¨AMEN!¨ from the church bench. We also believe in ¨Halleluyeh¨ as this means praise to Ehyeh. One should arguably have microphones by every second seat as is common in Jehovah`s Witnesses ¨Rikets Hall¨. We believe strongly in spontaneous worship, and openly promote the giftings of the Holy Ghost as necessary for a true church`s flourishing. We believe that talking in groups, or man to man on the church bench during sermon is a correct way of worshiping the creator, through glorifying him through expression of praise, understanding, and also questioning the sermon.

Every Christian must be part of a team, and/or cell-groups (homegroup-bible-study) led by a master.

Example of Church sermon.

We start our meetings with the Priest present addressing all members, and blessing them; asking what is on their hearts. We have one goal. World domination.

We then stand, and recite the confession, the lord`s prayer, prayers, and read the Bible regarding what happened last meeting. We end with thanking God by mentioning all he did last time. We split into groups and worship. We then ask for those who have received a word, a song, or a sermon to come up. We then pray for all who need prayer; addressing all matters in the groups. If any are healed, or has to adress something to the whole church; they do.

They then address all political, and societal matters with the church as a whole. We then move onwards to the main sermon, and discuss it between the leader, and members of the respective groups during sermon. We have mics for every group. We then worship before ending with some of our recited prayers, and regular blessing. We follow Jesus. Every group should be approx. 12 disciples, and one priest.

The Christian believe in powerful christian leaders taking on all important threats to our existence, belief, culture, ethnic diversity, and history while in church. We are prophets for the equal treatment between our established northern-european-western-humanistic rights, and the fascist, racist Islam.

We believe in the power of the community taking on difficult topics where nothing is taboo. We believe open-ness is the core to a healthy community. We believe any adherants that abstain from the teaching, seek to grasp power, corrupt, or attack the church from the inside (be it even in a spiritual manner) must be confronted by the entire church at sermon, and directly thrown into the soaking hands of a prayer-warrior seer. The person should preferably be cast out if it is confirmed by several witnesses he/they are unrelenting heretic, occultist, Satanists, witches, warlocks, demonologists, or any other agent trying to split the Church, bewitch, or seduce.

All will be known, and confessed before God. Matthew 10:27 We believe we are operating in the God-given mission of the radical, unrighteously persecuted Thomas Eidsaa whose heart, and sacrifice shall live on until his wishes are fulfilled. He fought against all hypocrisy in religions, denominations, and was persecuted to death in the Great Babylon during a personal ¨great tribulation¨ or ¨personal holocaust¨.

For a Christian to abstain from church doctrine, the 15 Christian laws, the seven  deeds (pillars of Christianity), creeds, and the radical spirit of 1st century persecution upon whose christian corpses we were founded is certain spiritual death as is biblically correct for it is said that it is better to be spiritually cold than lukewarm. Nobody had been persecuted as much as me such since Nero, the first ¨antichrist.¨

Regarding equality. The entire community does believe all men are created equal as Jesus says. Still: We believe man is the head of the woman. There are differences about ones heavenly inheritance, as Jesus says. 1 Corinthians 15:39 secretly tells there are heavenly, and earthly flesh. I.e ¨muggles and purebloods¨ to take it to an extreme.. Just saying! There is also difference between jew, and gentile, chosen, and not chosen. Matthew 22:14 and Romans 11:1-2.

The Christians see the hipocracy  of the evil anti-christian Jewish mafia, and believe in replacement theology, and that the Christians are the chosen people, the new Jews, and that God has made a new covenant with us through me. We believe the jews have completely gone astray, and are no more God`s chosen people than rocks. Jesus says he can raise up Children of Abraham from rocks, which I think is his only ironic joke in the entire Bible. The racial-supremacist ideology of Judaism is just ludicrous. I know of no white supremacists, but all Jews are supremacists. The Bible tells one is a jew inwardly not outwardly. The Bible tells it is us Christians who are jews. But the blessings through God`s promises in keeping the Mosaic law are specifically for jews as Romans talk about.

We do not believe that mankind is inherently good, as this is not scriptural, yet we believe we are all God`s children, and thus Gods. We believe we are eternal, holy, and almighty just like our father God. That makes us in many ways more humanistic than humanists. And all are eternally more valuable than gold. It is an endless tragedy if a single soul should go to Hell.


Uniting the Church

We must take care of our children. I never became anything, as I thought I obeyed God rather than man. I tried to shed myself of all pride and ego.. It hurt too much to face an expecting world with a sense of shame, and failure, so I just forgot about myself entirely, thought I was holy, and ended up doing drugs. My potential was over. I became a broken tree. But not anymore! Halleluja!

Christians must therefore beautify all that is beautiful, and strengthen all that that is weak. We must encourage people. Raise up those who put themselves low.

We must unite, and condemn the unbiblical mass, and tradition of all churches through proving them wrong by doing it right once and for all. I always said to myself: There is no true church! We should reform the catholic, and lutheran churches as responsible heirs! We should not condemn those who have the same saviour, and grow out of the same olive-tree as ourselves! We must never be angry, or fight among ourselves! We must all be one, as previously mentioned.

I give this commandment from a vision of Gabriel: ¨Unite the glowing ambers! Seek first my lost children in the church!¨ If we hate among ourselves, we prove the devil has won a great victory. Where is the love!? Did not Jesus pray for us to be one, and say that we shall be known for our love for each other? Some oppose our view saying different christians to be worse than satanists, yet this is not what Jesus says in Revelations 3:16.

We believe all are saved by faith, and simply know they haven`t seen anything better so that they have nothing else to judge from, and think their church is right! But God has so much more in store for them. I personally believe there are few churches out there that can be described as truly heretical, and ¨going to Hell¨ if any. Are we not saved through faith?


Church activism

We will not see ONE church be dispersed and die because we were to busy being happy about salvation living personal lives. Our church is great, and all must take part. We will stand up, and say what is wrong and evil. We are the true prophetic head of the church! We reject the unbalanced political correctness, and make them see us! We will bring Christian persecution back into media attention! We will create an uproar at the internet, and primarily facebook. We are less active than Islam, and this will change. A Christian actively evangelize on the internet. A Christian must know all about other religions, Islam, apologetics, spirit-science, miracle-proofs, and be like an enlightened lighthouse to the world. God always gives me the word ¨lighthouse¨, and I believe my teaching will build many.

We believe in Christian outsmarting, and conquering of the jewish knowledge, and the pagan world. Knowledge, and fear of God is the path to wisdom. The verdict has fallen. Heaven, and Hell exist, and Jesus is proven to have won. A Christian will prove ALL he believes, for he knows, and must – just like the healed presented themselves before the priest during Jesus, will the Christian present all to the elite of today! Through science! By proof, documentation of miracles, the scientific method, and elimination of impossibilities. The Christian is responsible, and takes over this world as an enlightened conqueror; vanquishing Hell! For there is only one core conspiracy: The Hell conspiracy. The Christian is always updated in politics, and seeks to advance in all sectors of society. He is an apologetic, and always ready to debate, spread love and light, and promote an active interest in science to question beliefs until all Earth are Christians.

We see ourselves as one great mob of radical, revolutionary loving brothers and sisters that have no country, or leading 1st century world church as our Bible DEMANDS! We DEMAND our religious belief be heard for the kingdom of Norway unto the ends of the Earth! Our Biblical belief is in the Theocracy of the patriarch judges of Israel, the theocracy of David, or the communism of the early Christians, and we stand up to be tolerated! A village of ultra-liberal-anarchistic theocracy where the Church functions as school, religious center, judicial institution, social welfare-center etc is the best a Christian can aim for at the current time, and the dream of every Christian. The Christian has no apathy, or kindness against evil, and the lost. The Christian is a protester, since he is a Protestant! The Christian is a radicalist since Christ was crucified as a criminal! The Christian believe open worship, and parades for the glory of God with dance will save many. We believe in peace. We believe in love.

We believe activism against radical satanism, and conspiracies against the human world potential is important. We believe in exposing secret societies, conspiracies, and hold no affection, or toleration for the so-called Illuminati whom stole our title. Light is not on Earth boys, nor is it fallen. It is given back to God through our souls in Jesus. The so called ¨light¨ of Lucifer is a dimmed, outdated, and a descending flame whereas Jesus is God`s hand, and lighthouse in Heaven. Isn`t he? Scientifically speaking: We are the ¨Illuminati¨ from latin ¨lux¨. Yet it is a cursed name. But it is no shame: We are the Illuminati. The enlightened ones. If you follow my teaching that is.

I believe the day Christians resound in unison worldwide, and continuously lift their voices in adoration; the party will never stop, and Heaven come to Earth. ¨Jesus will return in all the earth.¨ This is the meditation effect. The power of manifestation, will, and law of attraction. Conscience is a field, and Christ lives in all of us. He will physically manifest when he is in all of us like a clean bride. Amen. When Heaven is on Earth, and all are christians, or share it`s moralistic values; even anarchy can work; with the common morale of love ad light. By then: Jesus himself, and angels would have no problem coming down to walk amongst us.


Chapter 8: Worship and prayer.


What is true worship:

Since I was young, God has told me he will pour out a revival of prophetic worship, holiness, knowledge, art, hippie-culture, parades of worship, new ideas of evangelism and radicalism. Worship is our greatest tool to manifest his presence, protection, contact with Heaven, declaration of truths, and is what most often leads to miracles. The Biblical Christian fills his heart, and mouth with worship constantly! Not through law, but through intimacy with the divine. For the fruit of the spirit is joy, and joy produce worship. And it has many forms. We will get to that.

Worship is proof of our validity, and the key to success. Worship is so important. Worship is above worldly time, and unites us with all past generations ascended to Heaven! Just think of how David`s psalms resound as in Heaven, and on Earth. Worship is above structure. Above tongues and languages. Above race. And foremost above worldly condition. The famous scientist Nicola Tesla once said that if you want to understand the nature of the universe, you must think in terms of vibrations. Even creation is a song. We sing the song of the Heavenly Scroll. God SPOKE the universe into being. Prophetic worship is very sacred, as it is taking part in the continual creation of what God is  doing through the Source Field, which we discovered in my book ¨Love and Light – a new gospel from Jesus Christ.¨

Worship should be peace, joy and love at once. It`s tuning back to our creator`s song of creation over our life. Our lives are songs, and worshipping in spirit is a mighty gift that lets you tune into your  higher will, and essence of being: What God is doing through you right now: Both through physical deeds, and spiritual proclamations. Remember: Every thought manifests. All creation is a vibration. Worship is a powerful tool.

Worship is our eternal state. What awaits us in Heaven; before God; where we take part in the One, to sing the One Song of continual creation of the universe. Worship is one`s breath resounding, and returning to the creator`s glory. Worship is necessary. All can worship in some form or another. All have talents. Worship is the joy of the spirit, but sometimes something we have to choose. Try waking up in the morning, and think of a good memory. Laugh a bit, go before His abundant joy, like a garden of flowers to a child, and shout hallelujah! Carry the sound  of Heaven throughout the day, and smile to the world. Joy brings good fruit.

The Bible tells us to worship against even our flesh. For it is the proof of a constant eternal state that must not be broken; even considering the circumstance of our lives, jobs, peace, health etc. Remember: Peace, and joy of the world is because of a worldly state. But peace, and joy of the Lord is in spite of a worldly state. It is because we are divine heavenly citizens. His ways are not of this world. All will worship God.

Let`s open with some Bible verses.

1 Chorinthians 14:26 ¨What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.¨

Philippians 4:4 ¨Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say; rejoice!¨

Our worship is different from other churches. We worship with our own voice, and own lyrics; through dance, art, parades, in battle against darkness etc. Prophetic worship. We worship the beauty of God in nature. We also have worship songs where we give thanks to God for all he has done. We encourage members to step up on stage, and sing their own songs of thanks.

Forms of worship:

The Israelites had seven forms of adoration! I add an eight; soaking. I also encourage to worship through art, through whatever hobby, or life you have! This has become more popular, to which I rejoice.

It is important that our prophets, and teachers use their minds, and pray for wisdom like that of David and Solomon. After all: We should rejoice over having the richest religious-cultural-historical heritage of any surviving religion, even more so than the Jews and hindus; the day we open our eyes to the light of His new sun in this age. The age of ignorance is over. We should make church a serious business, and not a monetary culture of success-christendom, happening, and hobby christendom. What I call ¨circus church of Circe.¨ (She was a Greek goddess who poisoned her victims to eternal sleep.) Our church is rather a synagogue, a temple anywhere in nature, at work, or in your garden: A free playroom open for all these seven expressions of worship. But our worship is not limited to seven forms! We have more like f.i dancing, painting, and the pentecoastal tradition called soaking which was practiced in the Temple of Solomon. The Bible tells how David rested in the temple; being soaked in the Holy, light-spirited presence of God. The debth-healing emotional father-heart of God. Or the friendly intimacy with the Godhood.

It is boring to stand by your chair when you know your soul dances to delight the Lord as we do in heaven!

1) Yadah (yaw-daw’):
This means to show reverence or praise with extended hands. The word pictures associated with the root words for this type of praise is shooting an arrow or throwing a rock. It literally means to extend the hands, or to shoot and arrow.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 42:5, The Dedication of The Temple in 2 Chronicles 7 uses this expression of praise (visualize Levites blowing the trumpets and calling everyone to worship and the “praise” that everyone is expressing is through standing and lifted hands).

So when we share this with our people we get them to visualize a small child who wants to be picked up. They extend their hands high above their heads in a sign of surrender and desire to be held. You could also use the image of throwing or shooting your praise outwardly to God instead of holding it in. Have your people lift or extend their hands.

2) Towdah (to-daw’):
This word is very similar to yadah, but has a slightly different flavor. It means to show agreement with by extending the right hand. In today’s society the closest thing we have is a handshake to seal a deal or pact. The idea is that it is usually associated with sacrifice (specifically things given up to show thankfulness to God).

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 50:23 (the thank offering NIV, KJV uses the phrase praiseth)

When we share this, we get them to visualize offering our thanks to God (and our agreement with His promises) by visualizing the extended hand. You could use a handshake, if so have people imagine they are shaking hands with God. Or you could have people lift their hands (similar to the yadah, but instead of surrender the underlying notion is thankfulness and agreement).

Thomas comment: I always lift my hand in glory – giving thanks that his ways are with me, as I sacrifice my life for him - when exiting any place.

3) Barak (baw-rak’):
This flavor of praise is one that we commonly see around altars. It means to kneel down. It means to bow low as a sign of adoration and reverence. It carries with it the idea of humbling yourself to a place that is lower than the recipient of your worship (God).

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 95:6 (expresses this idea literally); Psalm 103 (uses the phrase “bless the Lord” to convey this expression)

This one might be the most physically “uncomfortable” expression to have people do, but you can have people stand up and bow or kneel right where they are. I also like to have people think about a royal court of years gone by. Have them answer what would be the first thing you’d do before approaching the throne to have an audience with a king or queen. You would bow low as a sign of reverence and deference to their power. The same applies here: we bow and kneel to outwardly express our commitment to God`s greatness before all powers on Earth and Heaven. This may also be a sign of surrender, humbleness, and thanks for redemption of sin.

4) Tehillah (tel-hil-law’):
This type of praise is singing, but not just any type of singing. It’s the singing that bubbles up from our hearts. It’s a spontaneous type of singing. These songs are unrehearsed and unprepared. They are straight from God to God through the pipeline of the Holy Ghost.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 22:3 (these are the types of “praises” that God enthrones or inhabits, which is interesting because it’s so specific: God literally lives in the SPONTANEOUS praises of His people!); Psalm 33:1 (this type of praise is “fitting” for God’s people, or it literally makes them “look good”); When Isaiah talks about trading garments of ashes and mourning for garments of joy and praise, the word praise their literally means SPONTANEOUS praises!)

This is also a tough one to get people to just do because of the spontaneous nature of it. But you could have everyone on the count of three to stand up and just blurt out a praise to God! That would illustrate it. It would be coordinated, but each person would be “praising” spontaneously.

5) Zamar (zaw-mar’):
This literally means to pluck the strings, to celebrate in song and music. This is  the most common form of “praise” we have across the world in our churches. It’s just singing songs put to music. What’s neat about it though, is that it can also refer to JUST PLAYING, as well, although is usually translated as “sing praises.” It can be used with soaking inside the calm peace of his presence, imagining the ancient Israelites playing soothingly.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 150 (this psalm illustrates a picture of instrumental worship).

A fun way to illustrate this is to have everyone clap together (playing their five fingered instruments!). There’s not much needed to illustrate this form of praise though, because it is so prevalent in our churches.

6) Halal (haw-lal’):
This might be one of the most “fun” forms of praise because it requires one to step outside of “dignity” for a moment. It means to be clamorously foolish. To boast. To shine. This is the kind of praise that David exhibited when he danced for joy at the return of the Ark of The Covenant to Israel. It’s also the form of praise that prompted his wife to ridicule him for his lack of dignity.

This is also where we get the word Halellujah from. It literally means “Praise the Lord” but even more literally it means to BE CLAMOROUSLY FOOLISH unto the Lord! Haha! I love it! It`s letting go of our pride, and being like children! This includes the Pentecostal ¨drunk in the spirit¨ worship of dancing, laughing, leaping, and twirling in the presence of the Lord, looking foolish to the world. But it also (and probably more accurately) includes the state of the heart before God. A heart that is turned towards God, not afraid to BOAST in and of God is a “halal” heart. I took this to heart as not  being afraid to shout hallelujah in the presence of non-Christians, knowing that God is overjoyed. Halal is not only demonstrative praise, but can also be the force behind any of these other forms of praise. You can sing or shout or even play an instrument as a halal.

Scriptures to reference: This word appears over 100 times in the Old Testament. 1 Chronicles 16:4 (there were actual appointed musicians to “halal” before the Lord); Nehemiah 12:24 (an example of call and response halal)

7) Shabach (Shaw-bakh’):
Are you ready to get loud? Shabach means to address in a loud tone. It’s typically associated with freedom or triumph. But it’s more than just a loud shout, it’s the idea of putting everything you have into it. An attitude of wholehearted praise. This is often seen in afro-american churches with authoritative, and aggressive preaching. Declaring victory! Driving out demons!

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 63:3-4 (We typically look at this psalm as soft cry of thirst in a dry place, but the words in these verses literally mean to SHOUT praises!)

Shabach is simple to illustrate. Ask people to stand up and shout a phrase (Hallelujah or Praise the Lord works great) together on the count of three! Encourage them to view it as a wholehearted expression of praise. One of the best comparisons for this is the spontaneous, electric cheers and yells that fans at a sporting event utter when something good happens to their team.

8) Soaking

While the term ‘soaking’ is a new way of referring to contemplative prayer, invented by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, the Bible has much to say about spending intimate time communing with God. In the Twenty-Third Psalm, King David wrote of the shepherding heart of God who leads us into green pastures and restores our soul.

There are many scriptures that refer to these intimate times with God, the Holy Spirit, and foremost our saviour:

Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; Like a weaned child is my soul within me. Psalm 131:2

Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Psalm 4:4

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

Matthew 11:28-30

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Isaiah 40:31

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.

Soaking is beautiful. It`s resting because you are strong, or resting to become strong when you are weak.

Soaking in the presence of the Lord opens up the heart to Divine romance and intimacy. It allows the Lord to show His love to you and you to fall in love with Him. Much as a married couple find that their love and intimacy deepen as they spend more and more time together, so our love for the Lord grows through intimate times of fellowship with Him.

Soaking prayer can also be childlike and playful, like going to visit your best friend and just ‘hanging out’ together.

Soaking prayer is an exercise of resting in God. Jesus called this ‘abiding in Him’.

Comments on worship:

Most of these 8 forms of worship are intwined in the revivalist-pentecostal form of liberal worship as led by the presence of his Holy Spirit.

The Christian believe the reformational waves leading up to pentecoastal worship is biblical due to the seven ancient forms of worship, and that we are moving close to the 1st century-ministry, which this book is all about. We also believe speaking in tongues was practiced by the ancient prophet school attended by king Saul. We believe the current trend of soaking was practiced in the first temple as seen in King David`s psalms. We know that raising your two hands in 90 degree angles above your head is the oldest form of worship known to man, regardless of religion.

In our lives, and worship; we exalt each others beauty, qualities, frailties, and talents in God. We exalt the beauty of creation, and like to worship the creator in all things wherever we go as all things are created by his vibration, and give vibrations back to give Him praise, amen? To him be all the glory. We might say that humans are the mouth of creation; resounding worship back to the creator, which I find very beautiful. We are not pagan nature-worshippers. But  worship of beauty, goodness in others, and beauty of nature is needed, and a next step of reformative waves; directing all honor to God. We see that Jesus was a nature philosopher, and I bet he praised the glory of God`s wisdom in creation. Might worship of mysteries of Christianity, the majesty of his deeds, and the beauty of creation be the next step in worship evolution?

God has spoken to me about how important it is to glorify God through glorifying the Saints, good deeds, one's true friends, beauty, nations, history, and make a broader spectrum of worship than it is today. The Creator should also be offered worship, and prayers in nature, celebrated outdoors, and if anything; be described through means of beauty e.g through creation expressing art etc to him. Even sex can be worship of God!

We believe we can all become equal to Jesus, although not the messiah, for Jesus is firstborn of the dead, yet says we will do greater things than him. Therefore, one should honor each other, and encourage, compliment, and adorn with beauty all our brothers and sisters. Worship one another like Virgin Mary said she would be worshipped, but never never do so in a sexual way. Praise only God in all you worship with the mindset of ¨I see the creator in you <3¨ remember;="" we="" direct="" all="" worship="" to="">

David even danced naked before all in Jerusalem when worshipping God. Such was his love as to shed all cloathes, and boundaries between him, and the divine: as worship is standing naked before God. There is no boundaries to the Holy Ghost, but this must of course never happen, as it would lead to temptation, but who knows? Haha, it would be glorious. Like a holy return to the garden. Never mind.

I say you wash your hands, feet, and head in holy water before worship, and prayer when entering church as is customary in the sacred baptismal tradition, roman tradition, as well as in Islam.


Mysteries of worship:

Worship is the levitation, and exaltation of the spirit. Worship is a gateway to God, and interaction where we pour out our innermost. Worship can reflect all emotions of joy, sadness, despair and bliss.

There is a mystical aspect to worship as the Bible says we are CREATED to worship. Halleluyeh! God made us to be his jewel in the garden! His very representation: so that we could see to that all creation honors God. God loves beauty, therefore I believe he made us so we can praise him for everything he has made. In praising each others good deeds, we worship God. Jesus calls us Gods, and his friends. Hallelujah?

All humans idolize, and worship either they are aware or not. God, Jesus, and His brotherly saints deserves worship, and not idols, musicians, movie-stars, politicians, and soap-opera stars. Give power back to the saints, and idolize them instead  as a Holy Priesthood! A Christian belive in uniting, and reinstituting the church.

To live a happy life, one must breathe happiness, and take in good thoughts. The mouth speaks the heart. Living a good life means being thankful. The happier you chose to be, the happier you get. Worship is the way to go. Worship is being thankful, but sing what you feel. Feel freedom to worship, in worship, and off worship.

Worship can be all forms of music. Even metal, rap etc. Not all are the same. Chose to let your heart out before God wherever you go, and however you feel. One does not always feel like worshipping. All are different. But the Bible tells us to worship God under any circumstance. This is what pleases the Lord the most. All receive the same reward, as in the parable  of the workers.

Do not agitate against your flesh to cause bitterness, and un-heartly worship, this leads to exhaustion in your spiritual life where sin, and hate can seep in. Worship is being in a spiritual place. To be inside your heart. God`s peace is not of this world. Pray for the power of God`s peace that is above all circumstance. Then say thanks to God. If one feel burdened by sin before worship, one should go and confess. Worship is holy. Never sing along a worship-song if it doesn`t reflect your person/heart. That would be lying.

Worship is a part of our eternity. What we will do in Heaven. Worship is growing closer to the everlasting. A journey of joy ascensding towards God.

We believe in intercessory power through liberal worship service like f.i war dancing, colour dance, flag dancing, extatic dancing, laughing in spirit, moaning in spirit, and even screaming in spirit as long as it is room for it in the congregation, and it doesn`t upset the greater audience, or overall church-mentality! In example: During church service, worship, and if the holy spirit fills the room, and too many people worship in intercession, glorification, or to heal: Split up in prayergroups! Pray, and worship spontanously as one is not to keep the holy spirit at bay.

This is if there are too many for one microphone, as the Bible tells us to adress all issues from all church members. I personally believe more in spontaneous prophetic worship than we believe in singing the same songs. As I said; if your heart cannot confess the words of the song when worshipping together, then lay your burdens before the Lord, repent, confess, and come before God with a clean heart to continue worship boldly before all-seeing God. But I strongly believe in the power of singing, and renewing old hymns as these carry the power of centuries. Such hymns must not be forgotten, as they are being at least remembered, and perhaps sung in heaven by our ancestors, and carry power from our ascended forefathers. As in Heaven so on Earth. Why won`t the pentecostals make their own psalm-books of the 21st century? Or is it because the tradition is outdated? What if the internet collapses. I would buy one! We believe in contageous worship.

We believe in the One Army of Salvation. I believe it is important with prayermarches, and to keep our Churches open 24/7 in continous prayer, watch by clergy, fast and worship as to avoid contaminations by disguised members of Satanism. We believe the sacred menorah should be lit from day to night as a symbol of God`s throne, and the seven flames of the Holy Spirit. All worship is directed towards God. All as Biblical.


The importance of prayer:

These are customs that are Biblical and traditional.

David prayed seven times each day. Intimacy towards God. The Christian believe he shall pray turning to Jerusalem three times each day as is customary in judaism. At morning, afternoon (after dinner) , and at nightfall before sleep. You should pray, and meditate over the words of the Lord`s prayer at least three times a day. The New Testament, and old testament urges us to exalt God all times, be happy at all times, and preach wherever you go! Through the joy of the lord!

1 Thessalonians 5:16.18 ¨Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.¨

Joshua 1:8 ¨Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.¨

Philippians 4:4 ¨Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!¨

Read Psalms chapter 1. It is beautiful.

When we pray to God respectively, we approach him as his beloved sons, and daughters whom he loves in spite of who we are, and what we do. We know he knows what we need. Matthew 6:6-8. We stand boldly before him as we know we are bought by the blood of Jesus, and that there is no deed we can do which makes Him love us any more... We pray to him as our heavenly Dad, and I always adress him as eternal, holy, and most high whenever we mention him in prayer.

We always end our prayers with amen/amein as is custom. I use Jesus/Yasha/Yeshua, and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (Ahayah) / Jehovah / Yahweh / Yahweh Elohim / God / Kyrie when addressing God. I never pray to the holy spirit.

The Christian believe that Heaven is on our side, and that our ancestors, and ascended friends are ever watchful and pray upon us day and night. Remember them, and live with them as heavenly citizens, and as soldiers with a mantle under orders. For success! Remember that you are on a mission that will never end until the world is conquered, and that it WILL be conquered, therefore you MUST conquer it! Away with apathic, gullible circus Christianity. Don`t be Christian if it`s only because ¨if feels good, and safe to be saved.¨ Search your heart. Are you really under discipleship by the Master? Let heavenly prayers come to life! You are their only hope – stationed on battleground Earth. Never forget this!

Understand: Let the prayers, and yearnings they had before death come to life through_you_. We believe we are fighting as Heavenly citizens, creating a peace revival, and love for the Earth. We believe Jesus, and our heavenly brothers, and ancestors has a fixed, unified agenda that must be pushed forth by an equally unified church here on Earth! We live responsible for all that happens on Earth, or is not Jesus the King? We believe we can pray for anything, as long as we seek God`s will first, and are true to our heavenly selves. God wants us to be happy, and drive fancy cars. :) For all this honors the creator. We seek to be available 24/7. We strongly believe all humans have the ability to hear God speak, and get the greater gifts of prophecy, healing, speaking in tongues, and advocate his blessings on Earth.

1 Corinthians 12:27-31

¨Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a member of it. And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, and those with gifts of healing, helping, administration, and various tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? But eagerly desire the greater gifts. ¨

Joel 2:28 "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.¨


The magnificent art of prayer, and it`s mysteries:

Prayer is one`s intimate life with God. It is the place of protection during the sanctification of the Christians. To me; the sanctification process of coming closer to God is one`s prayer life. It can be likened to the Kaballah: the mystical aspect of our life`s growth. Our goal? Union with God as is Christian mysticism. Becoming vessels of His glory wherever we go. Our members are encouraged to worship whenever awake. Yet when the mouth is silent before bed is when we pray our morning prayer. Pray constantly constantly throughout the day with our being so that your subconscious is trained, and in-tuned with Heaven, and his laws. ¨Meditate upon his law¨ day and night, as King David said. Meditate upon his greatness, or his mighty names. I do this in protection from spirits, and it works. Try to pray at least one hour total of prayer in tongues each day – tuning into his pallet for your life. Your higher self. It makes you beautiful. Pray for everyone you feel God leads you to pray for. Meditation is a state of mind, not necessarily staying quiet. I personally like to open my mouth to exalt, declare, and worship when praying. But silent prayers can be just as powerful. It is the intent that matters. Some of the most powerfully anointed persons I`ve met pray in a very orthodox, silent, slow, and contemplative way. God loves difference, and we are all different.

Prayer is magick. Manifesting positive change. God is the conductor of the orchestra. Go to source, and get your life! Throw a blessing at those you meet. Smile, and be happy throughout the day. The world will recognize us through love. But prayer can also be a shout of despair. To begin with, prayer is often a work of dedication. Prayer-warriors are the backbone of the Christian army. For some: Prayer is a way of life as with the monks. It is a state of peace, and union with God you never want to leave. At the end of the day, I first dedicate my mind before prayer, relax, and thank God for the day, and for his promises. Embrace a loving father God! Remember your breath, and put the day`s worries in a black box. You don`t need them. God`s mercy is new every morning. As I lay myself down to sleep, I chose to focus on what`s positive, and thank God for it; looking foreward to enjoy more adventures with him, as he creates something new each day. I long for him, and secure my soul in the loving presence of Christ. Then I sleep.

Go out in the garden with dedication of prayer: Just being. Just relaxing, and letting your eyes fleet around. Let God lead you into intimacy as he shows his mighty ways in the beauty of nature; just as he revealed the nature-parables to Jesus. We are to be a pleasant offering of prayer, and exaltation to God continuously; meditating, and fascilitating his greatness to others through wisdom. That is walking with God. When I tune into this source field in nature, is when I receive joy, strength, and often revelations. You will learn to love it so much that whenever relaxing, or on vacation: your programed state of mind of relaxation is relaxation with God: Simply prayer.

In a busy world, I think we need the jews to teach us that God is first, and business second. Orthodox jews pray for hours every day in their rituals. Christians bend their knee once every Sunday. Can we bring ourselves to that mindset? Immagine there is no television! You are simply like Adam in Eden; staring at the stars, and the forest; wondering about God. You, creation alone with God. Adoring God. I say tv, internet, and all aside from God`s creation is fictional! GOD is reality. Shed yourself of false idolatry, and remember: Everything that is not eternal is ROT! God, nature, and his creation is reality. What this relates of God speaking to you is reality. Ease out, and let God tend your heart. Look to beauty, but sadness can also be beautiful. To find yourself; you need to be with God in nature. I also recommend a pilgrimage, a hike in the mountains, or some other physical journey of exercise to get rid of all the garbage, and addictions to the electronical world. You will find your TRUE nature, and your higher self, your aura will start shining, as God pours his strength into you. I recommend you journey with perhaps one, or two other Christians for at least a week. I recommend prayer-retreats for every person. You will find yourself AMAZED after you unplug, and realize you had no CLUE how programmed, and addicted you were. You will then descend from the mountain/journey feeling like a prophet with a mission, and a strengthened sense of identity, purpose and renewal. They you will take new stances to your former life, and change habits  to move on. Remember: Life is a spiritual journey which I say HAS to be exemplified in through physical exercise, hiking, and unplugging to give you the best life God has for you.

I love you…

After being unplugged, you will learn to lead other brothers to stay in God`s presence of contentment, and equilibrium with Heaven and nature: As God is your sole provider, not the TV. That is our approach when leading a life of continuous prayer. Sometimes we need a good brainwashing. I recommend training yourself to take baths in nature, as this is very purifying, and energizes the body.

Prayer is fighting together. Prayer is spiritually uniting the body of the church. Prayer is nurturing the roots that gives growth to flowers. Prayer-warriors, and interceders are just as important as preachers, for praying is paving the road; consciously co-creating reality with God. I say this as is true! The state of the church is in constant fight, and without preparing to reap through prayer: At least I only strive. For prayer is like sowing seeds, and watering plants. It`s mental preparation at it`s best.

Prayer is giving thanks. In nature. In wonder of Him, the magnificent reality of creation, our friends and our family. The things that matter. I pray that you unplug and realize what I did. That it`s family, childhood friendships, broken bonds, and your childlike dreams that matters. When journeying into the wild, on higher altitude of a spiritual mountain, you get insight, and see your daily life down there, realizing what you REALLY seek, and discovering futile patterns. Discovering your heart. This will come to you if you take a pilgrimage. Prayer is the loving walk of life letting him carry you through, like surfing down the waters of a wild river, or being lifted above the clouds by eagles. Prayer is looking into the sun like eagles, and aiming high; being carried by the prayers of our brothers in Heaven. Being one with our ascended masters. Living in another dimension. Surfing the pathways of the angels, and dripping milk, and honey of abundance. Love and light.

I give thanks, and position myself on the fantasy journey of adventure through life, in a sanctification process with staff in hand, like an alien having a pigrimige through life. It is a habit that becomes our normal devotion to God when we get to know Him personally. I can stay before his throne by his grace. Amen.

Chapter 9: Evangelizing.

WE ARE TAKING OVER! The quintessential deed of evangelizing:

Evangelizing is the highest priority above school, work, and any leisure time. It`s your main job: Assigned by God.

Psalm 34:1

¨Of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left. I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.¨

Matthew 28:18-20

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Romans 1:16 ¨For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. ¨

Matthew 10:33

 But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.

John 15:8

This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

To be a Christian, you have to evangelize every single day in the fashion of 1stcenturychristians. You are THE warrior. You have THE way. This is THE battle. The battle against the conspiracy of Hell. YOU are awakened to reality. YOU are a victor in a BATTLE. Christians are not victims. THEY need your HAND! Be strong, bold, and courageus like lions. Be loving, and meek like doves. As a lion to the world, and as a sheep before Jesus.

Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Don`t be too caught up in the joy of salvation, or the joys of this world! Feel the fires of Hell, and mourn for your past ignorance like I did!

Away with gullible, lukewarm, apathic ignorance! If you won`t find ways to reach to lost; then who will save them? Analyse the Christians you know, and ask yourself if their missionary behavior (or lack of it) corresponds to their statement of faith? Think of the dying children in Hell crying for mommy! And you say we are all one? Act like it. There are hundreds of ways to evangelize. This isn`t a playground! You didn`t come for vacation! If you don`t save them; Who will be their daddy or mommy? How then will God`s kingdom come to Earth?

And stop relying on prayer alone! You`ve prayed for corrupt politicians for 100 years, and they`ve only used your naivety to ruin Christian Norway! Deeds, and especially evangelizing is THE quintessential part of Christianity. Prayer, Bible-study, worship, and attending Church exists solely to build your courage to evangelize! What is a Church if it doesn`t grow or breathe? It is a stagnate moat, or a square hedge; manicured by statesmen of political norms; because YOU don`t act as men! Break the dam, and free the fish trapped in the moat!

Whenever attending Church service; it is OBLIGATORIC practice that you divide into your teams/cell-groups, and start planning evangelizing activities for the coming week. Every week. Before they take your human rights away. Particularily dangerous is the censorship of right-wing Christianity in media, and on internet: Pushed by dangerous anti-western organizations, and multicorps run by a mob that`s mainly Jewish occultists.

There is nothing more to Christianity than this: Evangelizing. All worship, prayer, and Bible-studies is only a means to help you reach the lost.

It is not in ANY way tolerable that ANY man goes to Hell because ¨we`re just a religious opinion, and the Bible tells us to be like sheep, and obey government political norm¨. Becoming a Christian because ¨it feels good¨, and ¨I want to be safe¨ is ok in the beginning. But where have you advanced from there? Are you still building your relationship to Jesus drinking milk, or are you sent on a mission to bring your master back? Not until the whole world is evangelized.

 You say ¨God ordains every government, and granted man free will to choose Hell.¨ ¨We must respect their opinions. ¨LUDICROUS! Their souls are at stake! That was 100AD in persecuting ROME. And still; they fought more than you do! Wake up! If you have to respect their opinions, then prove it through a different language, f.i through science! Every true Christian is dedicated to apologetics, and must start missionary schools, and train his own disciples.

If you truly believe in Christianity; then I WILL JUDGE YOU if you do not save all souls from perdition! Or else: How can you say you believe in EVERLASTING torment in Hell? What is a human life worth to you?

With the internet, and the information-age: We have the power to present the gospel in ways convincing even to the scientist, and the Muslim! Yet you write no books on apologetics! There is scientific, historical, and testimony documentation of Christianity`s validity, miracles, and near-death experiences. No other religion have these proofs! I use it, and so will every Christian if my prayers are heard.

YOU are given Jesus KNOWLEDGE and POWER! Use it to reach them! Have you forgotten you are LIONS? You are not VICTIMS of an anti-Christian state! You let yourself be killed! YOUR God reigns! Your God made Heaven and Earth! THAT is YOUR God! HE reigns! You are not servants of the SYSTEM! You don`t have to OBEY! You are not the VICTIMS! You are KINGS! The Bible calls you a royal priesthood! You are the true JEWS! The RULERS! God`s chosen people! Your God MAKES the laws! You should be LAUGHING in the face of death, persecution and opposition. You are victorious whatever happens! THEY are the losers. Why fear for your life? Be LIONS! Show them the evidence! Teach them all knowledge, and apologetic proof! You are GOD`s kingdom, not the SYSTEM! Remember: YOU won`t give up until the entire Earth is Christian. Why? Because God won`t, and he owns you. You`ll have to do what you`re told! Or else you can quit being a Christian.

But things are looking BAD. Because of YOU. YOU are not a CHRISTIAN. Only when you becme God`s ALLMIGHTY HAND CONDUCTING EARTH are you a true SON OF GOD IN THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD! God has given EVERYTHING to you! Creation resonates, moans, and overjoys at your presence! There are angels all around you, loving you, understanding you, and cheering you on! But you have to FIGHT. YOU are given the right to own EVERYTHING on EARTH! You are conquering LIONS in this world, and lambs before Jesus  in Heaven.

You won`t accept ridicule against Christianity online or in media! You are the world`s number one persecuted minority, and it`s time we act as ONE with our persecuted brothers in China, and the middle-east. It`s time to be as wise as serpents, and meek as doves. You won`t accept Christianity being taken out of school curriculum! You won`t accept how the politicians lie, or how they favor Muslims instead of you! You will spit on them, and throw evidence to their face! You are warrior MEN of ISRAEL! You are VICTORS! THEY are the victims! They don`t know better! It`s your job to enlighten them. Be as victimized, and zeaouls about faith as the Muslims. NEVER accept ridicule of the cross! If the politicians listen to Muslims, they`ll listen to us. If we can`t ridicule Muhammad, then none should ridicule Jesus. I know what you want to say. ¨But we are more adult, civilized, and modern with humor.¨ Well, it`s just my opinion.

If ANYONE teases you, conspires against you, overtake your country`s politics, attacks the Church, takes your rights, or puts you in prison, then you FIGHT for your rights to death! And there is PROOF of such conspiracy! Stand up, and be counted among the fighters in Heaven! Your life means NOTHING unless you actually live it! You`re already going to Heaven! Live your life as if Heaven is important to you!

But to all who read this. Know that our battle is one of love and light. Knowledge, enlightenment, apologetics, media, politics, humanism, diplomacy, peace, and passificm. For our Lord Jesus says ¨those who take to the sword will die by the sword.¨ Hallelujah, ain`t we living in wonderful times?! :D For the harvest is great! 😊

You`re KINGS without a crown! LOOK at what you have become! STOP being AFRAID! Learn, and teach what I discovered in my books, and the people will bow in respect. Then you will have dignity, and a crown of honor before God. YOU are the face of Christ today, and he was crucified as a criminal.

Yet the Muslims are those who war instead! YOU should be fierce; not the Muslims! Fierce with love, reason, intellect, and apologetic science. A slight hint of irritation perhaps. For they are taking your western countries, and I can prove it`s a conspiracy by masons such as Albert Pike, and Count Kalergi. And yet; Christianity isn`t even ¨a thing¨ anymore. It`s just personal. Yeah, ¨it doesn`t matter if they Islamize Europe, and kill our Christian brothers from China to the Middle-East worldwide.¨ Did you know? Media never reports on anything. The voice of the lambs will be heard through Christians uniting the Chruch, defending the mother-church, fleeing towards the sanctuary, staying together like the 1st century Christians, and engaging in media, and politics for our voice to be heard. This age is just like the first centuries, for Christians is being persecuted in the Middle-East, and Europe once more. I say we defend, and unite. If the enemy can divide your troops on the battlefield, or sow lies to lower morale, he can quickly flank you, and outdo you. Use your wits. Be strong as lions, wise as serpents, and meek as doves.

You don`t even speak of your faith. It`s your JOB to find ways of expressing your faith! Remember: If you deny Jesus, then Jesus will deny you in Heaven as is written. Yet you act like some foolish religious victim of political norms! ¨Can`t say this. Can`t say that. I`m just Christian because if feels good.¨ Have you forgotten who it is who REIGNS?

YOU have been given a gold-coin of eternal worth to every single person on the planet! What gold? Salvation. You are the RICHEST persons on all Earth! Earthly belongings mean nothing! 😊

YOU are the only viable FUTURE! YOU are the HOPE! YOU are God`s fingertips! Does the Bible not tell you to REJOICE CONSTANTLY! PARTY AS IF YOU WERE JEWS IN HEAVEN! LET THEM SEE YOUR GLADNESS, AND JOIN YOU! March onto the streets with parades of love and light! Love your neighbor! Be fierce as Muslims! Take charge over the realm, and create the utopia I describe in my book ¨Christianity`s Revolution¨!

YOU are his Generals on Earth. You are infinite, eternal, and all-powerful! YOU are God`s PEOPLE! YOU are the JEWS! You should CONDUCT human HISTORY! Not be the VICTIMS! You simply have the wrong ATTITUDE! You are taught to respond, or obey in a discreet manner! Drop it! Is that how you will enter Heaven? By obeying political norm? Or will you fight? Come JOIN me! Start roaring! You are the TRUE Jews! And yes, I believe in replacement theology.
You are NOT victims. Did you ever think it was Jesus imagination that you would be his disciples without being Jews? Jesus himself says ¨God can raise up children of Abraham from these rocks.¨ I think it`s the only ironic joke Jesus ever told. XD But Christians don`t get it.

We have a battle to win. A battle of love and light. A battle of enlightening the masses. An ideological battle to defend all western values. Christianity. Humanism.


An evangelist embodies evangelium. An evangelist must learn the word, embody it, and teach it. The time has passed when all were of the same nationality and went to the same state-church. People have become seeped by ¨ political correctness¨, don`t learn Christianity at school, and fear the Muslims!

They are happy about living in a cage guarded by the police-men they think protect them. A necessary evil they say? It only creates a cold society. Unless we reach ethical homogeneity: The future of social Scandinavia will be a cold society. The west are afraid of Islam, but  don`t know the cure is their own Christian legacy. Take them back to school, and learn them to stand up for their country! Start private schools! Show them the mountain of truth! Reveal the ice-berg! BREAK the norms, and stand out from the crowds. Do it extravagantly. Perhaps through parades of love and light? Awaken the natural defense-mechanism of any threatened individual. Realize: NO, things are NOT ok just because politicians say so. THEY are LIARS. Awaken the natural, national, primal, patriotic defense-mechanism of the indigenous Europeans! It`s our RIGHT to defend our land. Even the preamble of the UN human rights says so.

As society has changed, so must our methods. The internet is perhaps the most essential. We have three missions. 1 To preach about Hell to the lost.  2 To unify our church. 3 To build God`s kingdom. Race, and hair-color doesn`t matter at ALL! Why? Because you can`t tell the difference between a black, and white person burning in Hell. The only way it matters is as a symbol. A symbol of something western, civilized, humanist, and Christian as opposed to medieval Islam.

One vital field of harvest is being active at Christian forums, and the internet. Muslims are about 100 times as active on net; Judging from the forums in Norway. This is because Christians relax in their salvation in a personal relationship to God, whileas muslims stress with laws, never certain if they attain salvation. Muslims also act in group-mentality since they go to mosques 1-5 times each day while Christians do so only once a week. They are much better than us. We will sharpen up, and start teaching our children bread, and not milk.

The Muslims are uncommon with our culture, and more thus more on the aggressive front as so to speak. We feel obliged to make them feel happy, and integrated. Why? Because they are aggressive by nature. Statistics prove this. Because politicians told us ¨you should feel bad if you don`t follow unwritten rules.¨ It is ok for you when they take your country. As long as it makes them happy??? Or else they will get ANGRY! O_o For the Muslims are SPOILED on welfare money by a state who capitulated to Islam over night, and support them both in media, politics, and with arms in the middle-east. They believe Norway is theirs! Over my dead body. But if you question Islam, they`ll get defensice, and very angry, and then the Christian don`t know what to do, so they`ll just hand them our country, smile, and be their servants! Even though the Christians know they are right. Science should determine the true religion. How can religion be the only to escape the scientific method of the 21st century? Anti-human, anti-women, and medieval courts based on superficial belief (ISLAM) should OF COURSE be ILLEGAL in a modern world! Same with Christianity, if we can`t prove we`re right through divine intervention. A scientific, apologetic showdown is needed between Islam and Christianity.

People shall feel ashamed of being a Muslim; not the other way around! The political norm will be: HOW DARE YOU be a Muslim? You ruined our ENTIRE west, you KILLED MILLIONS OF MY CHRISTIAN BROTHERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, and led all Earth straight into WW3 with terror across the globe! You rape statistics are 10 times greater than native Norwegians! How DARE YOU be a Muslim, and believe in that medieval, unscientific MURDERER called Muhammad! I feel WORSE than the Jews after Holocaust, and I don`t  have a single Christian country in the world to flee to!

THAT would be common sense outside the political norm.

We shall therefore change, and be twice as pride filled as Muslims are. ¨This is my Christian country, and I will defend my core-western values! The politicians have betrayed their nation, their people, the humanistic values, and WAR against us! They have de-Christianized the entire nation! But we will Christianize, and take back this nation twice as strong as before! Say: ¨I will defeat the medieval Islam that rapes our Christian daughters. I will defeat the cultural-marxist state, and carve my own nation! ¨ Amen. DEUS VULT! God wills it!

We shall flood the streets with national clothing, and display the colors of our flags. Our slogan of RAGNAROK, and DEUS VULT will overpower Allah Akbar! Music, drums, guitars, banners, flyers, dramas, dance, and choirs will be seen on the streets. Peaceful parades of conscience, enlightenment, renaissance, love and light! We shall have fun being proud and united! Islam will only make us stronger. We will march in a revival-parade of dance and celebration. We will retake the old church, and cathedrals with joy, love and light! We will create huge facebook groups; uniting all Christians to retake Christian Europe! Our revival will spread across the globe!

Being a Christian will become a national status symbol. No muslim shall rape your sisters based on racial-supremacy superficial religious belief! Throw them out of the country! THEY are the racists. I personally have never met a white supremacist. But I know Muslims who want to dominate all; believing they are God`s chosen, and that we Norwegians are dogs and pigs. Less worth than animals. This is reality! And you can accept it? Awaken the lion! We shall create Christian brands, and wear a clothes code. People shall feel ashamed of being a muslim; and not part of the resistance! We have the proof! We have the mysteries! We have tradition, history, and the science! The greatest mystical cultural-religious-historical tradition! All of it.

We will market Christianity on tv, and on streets! We will rejoice with worship, and never stop evangelizing! We will create companies, think-tanks, and the Kingdom of God! We will dominate the world! We will save Scandinavia and Europe. A huge revival will break out, and we will LIBERATE the Muslims from their unscientific, racist, medieval, anti-human superficial beliefs.

We will be as respected, and rich as in the catholic glory days! more listening to political bias! AWAY with the SPELLS of politicians! We will inherit all the riches in the world; for our God reigns! And, we will prove it through marketing our mystical, scientifical, religious, and miracle sciences over all the web and world! That the Christian religion is true will be unwritten law in Europe once again. As symbol of pride, and being civilized! Being a muslim will be laughed at as shameful; not the other way around! Fuck the police! Fuck the politicians! This is our land! And we will retake it.

We will display our superior intelligence proudly on the streets! All will recognize each other, and wherever two, or three are gathered: There shall be love, life, laughter, smile and warmth. We shall show these poor immigrants the love, and light of our country; giving them a warm welcome in the display of our land. They will integrate when we do our part. We will save them from themselves.



Our fields of missionary work consist of two, and 5 things:


1.    Uniting the Christians.

2.    Writing, marketing, and evangelizing about our apologetic discoveries.

3.    Cultivating christian, and national culture through exploring new forms of Christian expression through art, music, parades, parties, camps, fun-events, and doing as much as possible to evolve.


1.    Helping the poor. Finding orphanages, and Christians in poor countries with perhaps a poor currency like f.i India where I support, and know of several orphanages.

2.    Preaching the gospel to the unreached. Examples: Make your own websites, and get flyers with Christian apologetics, or the law of love and light to reach both Muslims and atheists etc. I did that. Just ask: Do you want to know more about life? Muster prophets on the streets in white: Shouting ¨repent!¨ Girls giving free hugs on a pub saying God is love. Musicians on stage. Disciples doing their duty of going door to door. Media-men setting up websites, and putting up posters of such. God-book as a christian facebook. Uniting the alternative Christian newsmedia under our existence. Funding, and helping those who have a dream, and want to reach the masses. Etc.

3.    Promoting the morale of western-humanistic values, and human rights.

Every Christian MUST preach the gospel, and the valid truth on the streets every day, every week, or all the time; giving out flyers, and exalting God wheresoever he goes. As long as it is permitted in regards to workplaces, foreign countries etc. UN human rights demand we can preach! The reason there is no revival is because we have decided so! If a leader decides to create a revival, it`s simply: 1 Getting enough people. 2 Having the right new message/revelation. (For instance love and light. 3 Having the right culture. 4 Having the right media outlet. 5 Having the right funding. 6 And most importantly: Staying together in worship long enough, like an every-day Church – for the power of the spirit to start maniefest and heal. It`s not up to God. He`s available all the time. It`s up to us.

Every Christian must always document all miracles in a notebook, or preferably on videocamera with documentation. Show God respect, and that you mean business! The testimony might heal someone through faith! Give glory to God so he notices you received your gift! Then God will be faithful, and pour out more. I guarantee! 😊 Show yourselves to the priests as is biblical! It might convert someone! Show the people how many are raised from the dead each year! Convince them to convert! We will convert everyone who is not a Satanist, and then go to war. If/after we have Christianized the entire world, only the elite will remain. By then: All will know they are Satanists. Then we will hang them for betrayal against humanity. We will Christianize Europe NOW! Or else we will die.

Keep record of your Christian life, the miracles you witnessed, your evangelizing, and who you have saved for both themselves, and future generations. You must give the record of the miracles to your Church. Every church MUST keep a log of every miracle if they want the Church to survive. When you have done so: You must make a movie about it, and go preaching the good news of Heaven!

The knowledge of Christ`s superiority must be spread to every corner of the internet, as the time of spirit-science has come. We are way behind. The devil has bunkers with ufo`s, and cloning facilities. And we haven`t even discovered the source-field/torsion-field/scalar-field of evolution! The devil rules government, media, economy, military, entertainment, culture, idols, puts chemtrails in the air, and creates his own lies into education. In this century, it shall be proven who is the miracle-working God forever through the scientific method, or else we be stupid sheep run over for another Vatican dark age. This time under Islam. We must rise: for God has given us all Earth, all wealth, and all power over disease.




New Age beliefs:

The new-age movement is a term applied to a range of spiritual, and scientifical beliefs. I recommend authors like David Wilcock. While new-age authors addresses conspiracy theories, modern-day evil, and discovers alternative science; Christianity does nothing. But a Christian should believe knowledge is power, and go by Solomon`s saying that knowledge, and wisdom are brothers. We believe science is our best friend, and will discover all. We will expose the lies of physics, the universe-theory and history.

The Christian should believe in the source-field as described by David Wilcock aside from that it doesn`t emnate from the centre of the galaxy. A Christian believe in both spontaneous, and evolutionary creation driven by this scalar ¨source field.¨

A Christian should know mankind has been on this planet for a very long time, and that history is incorrect. We believe there has been other high-civilizations earlier, and that the latest was Atlantis. I won`t go into details, but these were the days of the Olympians or ¨younger Gods¨ whom defeated the older reptilian Gods. There has been many different human species, or more commonly called ¨root races.¨ We believe in aliens/demons/fallen angels as in the book of Enoch. We believe there were giants on the Earth until very recently, but that most of them were wiped out in a giant flood, and by the Jews; ending with the emergence of Jesus: The age of Homo Sapiens. (And a few reptilian politicians.) The flood story permates all ancient lord of all continents. We believe there is a cover-up of giant skeletons, high-civilizations, and alien/angelic presence in history.

A Christian should know the Earth is flat, as the Bible states, and that Earth is the center of the solar-system, and so-called ¨universe¨.


This is a picture of Chicago taken from 60 miles across lake Michigan which started the flat-earth crusade. If the Earth was round; the entire city should be WELL below the horizon. The flat-earth theory cannot be debunked. There are still a few things I should mention. The Pyramid of Giza is built on the centre of earth landmass, and incorporates the mathematics of our orbital satellites in the mathematics of it`s construction, as does the mayan tzolkin calendar as you can read about in ¨The source field investigations.¨ My point is: This world was once ruled by Satan who appeared as an alien God from space. Yes. I believe in reptilians and shapeshifting. I have seen it myself. This is Satan`s plan outlined in the Bible ¨to put his throne higher than God¨ through the ¨universe theory.¨

I believe in the healing powers of crystals just like the jewish high-priest had crystals on his breastplate. I have used crystals for many benign purposes. They are very powerful, and can be used for both good, and very evil purposes. I use all crystals aside from ¨blood stones¨, or ¨vampire crystals¨ as f.i red lemurian seed quartz. The stones mentioned below are certainly safe to use.

Exodus 28:17-21

¨You shall mount on it four rows of stones; the first row shall be a row of ruby, topaz and emerald; and the second row a turquoise, a sapphire and a diamond; and the third row a jacinth, an agate and an amethyst; and the fourth row a beryl and an onyx and a jasper; they shall be set in gold filigree. There are to be twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.¨

Or are we supposed not to wear jewlry, or own stones now? The heresy against new-age science, healing science, and spirit-science in general can become the downfall of the Church. Sharpen up!

I love hippies, and outdoor gatherings and worship.. It is of course unquestionable that I tolerate any form of cloathing aside from purple and scarlet. (which no Christian is allowed to wear.) It is VERY unholy both for the aura, and as a symbol.

I believe in auras, energy-working, meditation, yoga, chakras, reiki-healing, and chi energy as I have experienced these benefits myself, and am certain it is natural, and harmless as long as it doesn`t involve spiritism. Especially if practiced by Christians! I often ask myself: Where are the Christian lightworkers, and energy-workers? I have worked with new-agers, and they could feel my immense talent, holiness and aura. You know why I was good at it? Because the NEW-AGE tools are MEANT by God to be USED by Christians, who must learn the WHITE-ART. (Of Magick) To fight EVIL! As I had to. Or else, I would not be alive today. Thank you God.

I believe in meditation. Meditation is practiced by jews, and was practiced throughout the Bible. We seek to fill ourselves with God`s spirit, but it`s sometimes necessary to ¨empty yourself¨ from f.i stress although this is often the main reason many pastors are against eastern meditation. We meditate on God`s name, the Bible, and are not against breathing excersizes, or raising the kundalini energy at all as I have experienced this myself. We believe Jesus was well-versed about eastern mysteries and practices. Jesus himself was THE serpent on the cross which is an ancient symbol like f.i with the druidic Osiris archetype ¨hu¨ from where ¨humans¨ come from. We believe we are to be wize as serpents, and encourage members to do exersizes to highten their spiritual senses, health and intelligence. In this we become  more ¨human.¨

Philippians 4:8

¨Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.¨


As I said, I believe in yoga, and meditation, but never mention the names of any pagan Gods unless you are of course an ultra-liberal paulian Christian.

I consider myself in many ways ¨new age¨, but do not believe in any relationship to, or channeling of Ascended Masters. Nor do we worship, or channel angels unless someone has a particular gift of the Holy Spirit.