Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

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Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

Why the Flat Earth is the most important topic to all Christians


Ok. Friends have asked me why 1stcenturyministries is pro Flat Earth. Why? Can`t you think for yourself!? You must be mad!


This is the curvature you should be able to see from 6 feet above sea-level if the Earth was round, which some people think it is...!


1 km = 8 cm.

2 km = 31 cm.

5 km = 1,96 m.

8 km = 5,06 m. This is simply tested by if you can see the shore of an 8km seaspan.

I tested it, with photographs, and yes, the Earth is perfectly flat, as it always has been.

10 km = 7,95 m.

20 km = 31,39 m.

50 km = 196,20 m.

100 km = 784,79 m.

200 km = 3.13 km.

500 km = 19.61 km.

1000 km = 78, 31 km.


Just use google! It`s the same calculator everywhere.


Question: Have you ever stood at water-level, and been able to see 10 km straight over a lake? Of course you have. And could you see the beach at the other side?

Of course you did. Did you see an 8 meter drop, or a WHOPPING 31 m drop from 20 km? Never.

The Earth has been proven to be perfectly FLAT thousands of times through history. The size of the Earth was still under debate until NASA came along, and photographed the Earth from the moon. Which was done on a movie-set.

The reason why the flat Earth is so important is because reptilians (called seraphim in the Bible - which means fiery serpents - a race of angels that populated Earth looong ago) will pretend to be aliens from space - introducing many alien-humanoid hybrid species that will interbreed with humanity, and thus ultimatly destroy mankind as God`s sons, and the salvation work of Christ on the cross.

This is already set up by people in the New-Age movement like masonic agent David Icke with his reptilian bloodline theory, and former Illuminati member Zechariah Sitchin who preached Enki (Satan as an alien from space) was mankind`s true creator. Icke teach that Earth is hijacked by alien reptilians, not fallen angels, who they say are our TRUE creators, and that these reptilians is a BLOODLINE while they are in fact ultimately etheric scientists (magicians) using ritual magick to transform their bodies. (Which can be done to any person, and not only bloodliners.) The Illuminati has had alien technology for hundreds of years, and have gone through IMMENSE planing to make you believe there is something as IDIOTIC as a UNIVERSE. Why? Why go through ALL this trouble?

Ancient maps, the mayan Zolkin calendar, and the GPG shows us that mankind has believed Earth was round in prehistory when we were ruled by giants, and fallen angels before the flood, as the Bible secretly tells. The fallen angels are just repeating world history to recreate Babylon. Its the same old game, and you don`t see it. You would rebel: If you remembered your history. Do you think it`s no big deal that the Earth is flying flat? That there is no sinister plot behind it??? Why would they og through all this trouble if there was no intention behind it?

An alien invasion is the greatest threat to humanity in history! And NONE of you see it! If you don`t repent, believe, and organize revolutionary investigative journalists to wake up, and lead the people within 10-15 years: All the future is lost.

The Illuminati reptilians will start by destroying Christianity with Islam, and Islam with atheism. New-Age, and Satanism will be the remaining religions. Europe will be long gone. Then they will destroy all language, ethnicities, and culture until all are soulless slaves of a post-american global mindset culture.

The world will become a global communist dictatorship with a one-world religion, and a one-world currency: Awaiting the arrival of our Alien creators, or the ¨Annunaki¨ as has become so popular.

There are allready perhaps a hundred million, if not more who beliefs these theories, and awaits this. SATAN will come; proclaiming to be our creator from outer space while they are in reality fallen interdimensional beings/angels, and not from a distant PLANET! They will have technology to clone their bodies, transfer their conscience, and live eternally; while a slave-race of humans will serve them, unable to obtain salvation because of the hybridization program that has already begun.


Now you begin to understand why they go through all this trouble to make you believe the Earth is round. They are just repeating world history like the Architecht says in the Matrix. It is the eternal battle between demons and mankind. Good vs evil. The battle is RAGING, and humanity has NO organized defence.


Still support the universe theory? It might hurt to admit the Earth is flat, but it`s definitly worth it if it means saving the Earth from an extraterrestrial invasion. It can be exposed by exposing the GLOBE theory. I warn you. We must strike while the flat-earth is still a hot topic.


Look back 100 years. Horses with carriges. The british empire, and dominating Christianity.


2018. Iphones. LGBT. Immigration. Christianity dead. Patriotism dead. Europe is dead. Worldwide police state. Surveillance. No freedom of speech.


200 years from now: All ethnicities are mixed, and white europeans are long gone. The Earth suffered terrible fallout, terrible plagues, and alien war. Population is down to 500.000.000 or less. The communist state were our saviours, but when the galactic war came – we capitulated to the aliens. Global, alien, communist dictatorship based in America`s Whitehouse rules the world. All of today`s mega-corporations like Monsanto, and every industry has become controlled as a part of the communist state which owns, and controls everything: Science, and surveys your very life through electronic implants making you a slave in your own body. No indigenous cultures exists aside the from the post-modern, post-american syndrome of your personal subculture. Christianity, and Islam are myths long gone as we live in the SPACE age where atheistic science, and Satan resides on Earth as Lord of the Universe. Alien species, and hybrid-human species live among us with rights of citizenship; dominated by the hyperintelligent Draconians. The family, and morale is long gone as dog-eats-dog, and children are owned by the state. Satanism is the world religion. This might be our future within the next 200-500 years. And according to the ancient king`s lists Egypt, and the Babylonian Enuma Elish: The last time alien kings ruled Earth; they ruled for over a million years, with some kings reigning for over a hundred thousand years. Mankind is perhaps 5-15 years away from preventing this global disaster. That might last for 50.000 generations of slave-humans serving as food for the reptilians.


Another ALTERNATIVE timeline is the threat of AI. Perhaps it`s not ALIENS, but INFINITELY INTELLIGENT ROBOTS that will populate Earth. It`s time you wake up. Prophet Thomas Eidsaa.

All images of stars and planets are CGI fake, created by the Freemasons and NASA.

Hello - Anybody home

You might think this is funny. But beneath the laughter lies the most DEADLY plan Satan ever constructed! To put his throne higher than God; Through proclaiming to be an alien Lord of the Universe.

A basic introduction to the flat Earth

Glory be to God! No universe!


 Discovering the flat Earth.


Youtube: Rob Skiba flat Earth and Flat Earth Real Stars.


 We are living in historical times boys. Since 2017, the flat-earth movement has exploded on internet, and gained popularity among conspiracy theorists. The Bible, and Quran states the Earth is flat. The Bible says there are four pillars supporting the Earth, that there is a dome/firmament above it, and equate the stars/planets with heavenly powers.


The flat-earth theory has gained popularity among Christians and Muslims. Even New-Age conspiracy theorist David Icke questioned if the Earth was flat.


It might have devastated the work of David Wilcock though, who must be the very pride of NASA`s misinformation squad, as he discovered all the metaphysical, alien, and source-field physics of NASA space information as presented in his majestic work. Thank you David, you can go home now, and start a family. ☹ I can`t imagine what this honest, outspoken anti-disinformation hero must have gone through… ​

Anyways. While the flat-earthers believe there is a dome, like in the Bible, they are not however so sure about the rest. The hindus believed the Earth was flat, on top of an elephant, on top of a turtle swimming in an ocean. But these are probably metaphysical concepts. Many flat-earthers believe Antarctica is fictional, and that there is a 3-4000 meter wall of ice surrounding our world. Are we living inside a prison? Or is this some school, or some experiment gone wrong? Was it worth the cost?

I believe the Earth is flat, and that Earth is the center of the solar-system, and so-called ¨universe¨.

The flat Earth theory exploded last year with this picture of the Chicago skyline was taken from 60 miles across lake Michigan. The news-media claimed it was a mirage, but there are literally thousands of pictures, and youtube videos proving the Earth is flat. If the Earth was round; there should be 1.800 feet of curvature hiding the tallest buildings completely. The flat-earth theory cannot be debunked, but there are still lots of questions.

The purpose for a round-Earth conspiracy.

Have we believed the Earth was round during the time of Atlantis? The Pyramid of Giza is built where the center of Earth landmass, and incorporates the mathematics of our orbital satellites in the mathematics of it`s construction, as does the mayan tzolkin calendar as you can read about in David Wilcock`s ¨The source field investigations.¨ Or… How old is this conspiracy? I thought Enoch built the pyramid, and that it was a Christian pyramid! Well… Seems like it belonged to Osiris. :/ Bolon Yukte Kun. The nine are probably back… Enough of this!

My point is: This world was once ruled by Satan who appeared as an alien God from space. Yes. I believe in reptilians and shapeshifting. (Now I`m reeeally digging deep here.) Shapeshifting is however not so far off, when incorporating source-field-physics, as the genetic dna-vibration can change. I have seen it myself. This is Satan`s plan outlined in the Bible ¨to put his throne higher than God¨ through the ¨universe theory.¨ That is ¨Lucifer Lord of the universe.¨ (Which doesn`t exist.)

Ufo`s are however real, and was re-discovered by the nazis in an Austrian bunker at the later stages of WW2, which christian author Jim Wilhelmsen writes about in his book ¨Beyond Science Fiction¨. There he documents how 200.000 nazis escaped with submarines to ¨Antarctica¨ for their space-project. They probably had fusion-tech as well. How was this allowed to happed by the Illuminati who have had UFO`s for centuries? The UFO sightings ironically started right after WW2 with the Washington ufo-sighting in 1952– where the ufo`s flew in a german flight formation.. I have seen hundreds of ufo`s myself. They are watching. The Illuminati plan is this: Will they come back as aliens, and rule the world as Gods from space? Not if we claim the flat-earth theory!

I NASA was co-founded by nazi-scientist Wehrner Von Braun, who came to the US under operation Paperclip. Nasa, and their freemasons must have worked hard to uphold the illusion of the universe-theory. I remember reading the magazine Science Illustrated since I could first read. So fascinating! Was it really worth hundreds of years of effort? What great plan is this global schem? First we discover that God exists, and now they`re even trying to hide the nature of our homeworld where we live and die! Isn`t that criminal? And how much further is their secret technology? Is this a sick joke of knowledge-is-power, or is there a more sinister plot involving religion? That is why I include the Flat-Earth-Theory in my book. Because the greatest conspiracy isn`t the Flat Earth. It`s the reality of Hell. For the purpose of the Illuminati is to wage a spiritual war where this is a prison, and the currency is weighed in souls. The Flat-Earth theorist must be able to reason this out. The purpose of these lies is to steal our souls away from Heaven.

Remember oh child! This is a prison plane. The lowest prison before perdition of the soul. It is seemingly a sphere due to variations in satelite (moon, sun and stars) movement, but is stunningly flat.

It is a school made into a prison! It is a fierce battleground! You are caught in it, and your soul is in peril! We are trapped between Heaven and Hell! It is a dualistic world, and you see the beauty around you, go to work every day, and think all is as normal.

Think again. Question reality. None of what you have believed is true. For lurking under every rock, and beneath your shade are hoards of demons waiting to take your soul. Watch out. You are constantly being surveyed by Heaven and Hell altogether. All your deeds, and thoughts are accounted for, and an angel, and devil follow by your side since birth. This is the_last_hope. The last, lowest dimension. Your testing ground. A school meant to reach ascension. But the unthinkable happened! Space invaders; fallen angels came, and God`s plan, and precious children were completely lost, which you can read about in my book: Jesus, and the ritual of the cross explained!

This is God, and Heaven`s worst nightmare. Remember Jesus tells; this is Satans world, and his greatest weapon is making everyone believe he does not exist, or that he is God.

There is a sliver of hope though: The United Nations symbol depicts the map of the flat Earth. Might we be expecting a united-nations messiah figure, or is that option run out?

THE EARTH IS FLAT! GLORY BE TO GOD! Now we have another proof of His existence!