Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

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Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

Become a Christian! The only true faith! Jesus, and his miracles today!

Just think of it.. Yeshua ha-Mashiach is everywhere, doing miracles, inflicting daily lives, and world history still, as He has done throughout the last two thousand years. Not only is he able to personally need a relationship with billions at once, but he also saves them, giving us the biggest gift one could EVER get through any means here on Earth! It also counts us as equals, giving us a higher purpose, identity, sense of community, and morale with life, leading to a more comfortable, and unified world. He tought the truth, and still does, giving us guidelines to nurture our Garden Earth through his example, and parables. His relationship to us is no religion, no manmade church, no catholic church built on roman principles, and no form of money machine, system of control, or any other form of corruption. His relationship to us IS the TRUE man, giving us our true selves, our purpose, wholeness, unity and strength - a way leading us towards truth and life. It´s a divine pass to our true self, through the sanctification, and our life in the holy spirit, through Jesus - the way, to our real, true Father, who looks like us! Wow! He is giving us the wholeness, sense of self, worth, purpose, and true meaning of life through living as our true guide, idol, and example - our God, so that we can become more like him, and ourselves through him, growing towards his purpose for our life in being an example each day, knowing that our true purpose in life is going to heaven, bringing heaven to earth, and bringing as many souls with us to an eternity in glorious splendour! Thank you Jesus! 


Think of it as a gift. A gift of forgiveness through his blood, which in a mysterious way opened the gate to heaven for our earth and species. Think how sad it is that many people are living their lives apart from their true identity, and father, when the way is opened, and the gift available. 





Youtube: Prophet TB Joshua for healing proof of Yahweh

Lets settle this the old way. If christianity is true: All muslims become christians. If Islam is true: All christians become muslim. Same with judaism hinduism buddhism just as not to forget them. Am I wrong?

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Jesus-ism, miracles, and near-death-experiences of Hell.


The Call to be like Christ!


Terming Christianity Jesus-ism would be more accurate in our approach to live as disciples. Being a disciple simply translates to becoming like the master yourself.


Jesus himself calls us friends! Gods! He no longer calls us servants. Yet are you worthy? None are! Jesus was a master, could probably paraphrase the entire Bible, and evidence suggests he could speak Hebrew, Aramaic and greek. Of course he could. 100% certain. He was ¨rabbi.¨ The Great Teacher. The king! He was a crooked man; nothing in appearance, but he had quite some soul. He was very loving. Anyways. Aramaic would be his first tongue. Historical evidence tells that Matthew, Paul, and Jesus spoke Hebrew to the jews. (JW) Jesus who taught the disciples could certainly speak hebrew if he even silenced the religious elite!


Now. Jesus did follow, or complete ¨the law¨.


Matthew 5:18-19


"For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. "Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.¨


Galatians 5:14


For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."


Love and light. We see that Jesus, and his disciples believed the law was made for man, and not ¨man made for the sake of the law¨. We see that Jesus knew the father. The father God sees the greater good, and the heart of the believer. Not the deeds. He values love, health, and compassion over stone-cold hearts that seek the law, and not God. We believe Jesus was holy; knowing what was sin and not. God is our father. He understands when we have to f.i break the sabbath, and he doesn`t care about washing hands. These were quite serious crimes against the law!


I believe Jesus lived holy from his own interpretation as somewhat like a ¨reform judaism¨ believer would do today. Aside from that; I believe Jesus fulfilled, and lived by the entire mosaic law. He lived blamelessly, and worked hard all his life to sanctify, and purify himself into the shape of a God. He was a crooked, smelling, ugly, tiny, dirty man with a long, crooked nose, furry brows, and powerful eyes. He had worked so hard. Jesus zealousy for holiness comes to view when he says ¨cut off your right hand if it leads you to sin¨ /masturbation! Which is quite extreme.


Being a christian means being serious! Being Christian means being responsible as God`s fingers on Earth! Christians are rendered helpless, and need a new term. I give you Yeshuism/Yashaism/Jesusism.


We are biblical christians. Pentecostal Christians. It`s just we are a bit more zealous.


I was thinking about if I should rebrand the term Christian into Yeshuism entirely, but we will continue using the term Christian throughout this book. One should make a distinction between one whom is a christian, and one whom actively seeks following Jesus to become a Master like Jesus: Thus a Yeshuist. These find room in our Master membership.


The character of Jesus.


I base these following characteristics after the one person I love most: Jesus:


A Yeshusit is ever-forgiving, and in awe with his unconditional love for everything under the heavens. He loves beautiful, small things that boggles the mind, and incite the creation of parables in wonder over God`s creation, and His complex beauty in nature. He is strict to those who are deceived by illusions of the seven sins. Especially pride. He changes their hearts, and goes partying with these rich people. But his true heart is for the low. He is meek, warm, and easily change these hearts as well. He loves life. He ponders about nature. He sees a thing, and praises God. He sees a heart, and praises God. He is always seeking God, and looking for Him wherever he goes; to do good. He is always looking out for his sheep.


He wants to serve. He wants to help. He wants honour from God even if it ruins his reputation, puts him low, and makes him loose all disciples. He always seeks God first. He would rather want 12 true friends than having a facebook. His goal is in the Heavenlies, and not of this world. He loves upsetting worldly wisdom, and ideas by setting a heavenly example. He is a great schoolar. He is a heavenly conspirator. He is a great trickster. He serves Heaven with all his might. He has a bold heart. He loves truly showing thus: He is of a different world. He loves ladies. He loves men. He loves children. He loves sinners. He loves his disciples, and the virtuous with an everlasting love. He cries. He is strong for he is weak; because God is in his weakness.


When he has to lead; he is more courageous than any. But he would rather stay on the mountain near the presence of God. He could transform into light, but we can`t. He has the wisdom of Solomon. He is a king of wisdom and knowledge. He always seek how to spread the kingdom of God. He is wholly dedicated to God 24/7. He is faithful until death. He dies for his sheep. He changes all hearts. He loves to build things. He loves beauty. He loves to travel, and meditate without food until his body is completely broken, and sacrifices all to preach the name of the Lord.


He is zealous, and lovingly non-tolerating to hipocracy. He is warming. He is direct, but is often indirect, kind and subtle. He does not judge. He is a great advisor. (Jesus must have been a very great comforter, healer, and responsible leader, as well as personal friend) He is holy. He is comfortingly people-friendly, as well as having the ability to know, and seek your heart. He seeks your heart; not your head, or natural response. He is ok. He loves you. He makes you repent. He does not boast, but sometimes say outrageous things; yet only truth. He is enduring and merciful. He knows it all, and is willing to tell the truth. He likes to draw, write, and study knowledge. He is a good mathematician. He`s good at geography. He is a good astrologer. He loves the stars, the morning star, love, the sun, and the moon. He loves God`s creation. He wants to help you. He is not a people-pleaser, but he can be. He loves to hug and kiss. He loves a party. He is a friend of sinners. He is not judgemental, nor does he hate people, yet he HATES sin ferociously like a tiger; not the sinner.


He is crazy about you. He will give everything for you. He is noble, has goals, and is powerful, unbreakable mentality. He is a king. He is a priest of Melchizedek. He is a man of honour. He is meek as a lamb. He is as wise as a serpent. He is as powerful as a lion. He is as protective as a shepherd. Still he is patient, gentle and soothing. He is happy. He is emotional. He cries over the lost. He is compassionate. He is wonderful. He understands you all. He is your father, brother, and scriputre says he calls you his best friend forever. Now that`s Jesus for you! :)




Why should I become a Christian?


Be a Christian because you should be responsible for your soul, your world, and your afterlife. It`s the only right thing to do. Don`t be like other Christians. Be like me, and be strong. Be a perfectionist. Be free! Unify all! Be a conqueror. Expand the horizon of conquest, and use the rich culture of judeo-christianity to prove everyone you are the best. Use science like a new-ager! Science is the best friend of the Christian. (But what they teach you at school is not true.) It is up to YOU to secure God`s realm, and true beliefs regarding science, history, and the world. But more importantly: Be a christian because God is your father, and he loves you. He is your TRUE father, and wants to give you a new experience of what a father is like.


Be a christian because Jesus is the only scientifically proven way to get to Heaven as seen through near-death-experiences (NDE) where both christians, and atheists meet Jesus after they die before they return to life. This also testified to the catholic seven heavens, the hebrew tree of life, the norse tree of life, or in general: the knowledge of the afterlife which has been common belief for all humans throughout all history. No NDE testifies of anyone else but Jesus.


Be christian because you meet loving people, and want to partake in the greatest religious heritage, and most an ancient mystical tradition.


Give it a try. When you first encounter Jesus, and get baptized in the holy ghost; receiving the sensation of God, and being saved; you will feel that you have been hollow all your life without ever noticing.


Matthew 3:11


"I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.¨


We will get into this later.
You will never go back, and often wonder how sad, and ignorant the non-christians are. And you will laugh, and frown when satanists come to play saying ¨Hell is as good as Heaven¨ as you have come into contact with the wonderful presence of God. You will know that Hell only sells lies.


Jesus the Son heals millions of people a year, and raises thousands from the dead every year. Jesus is a God. God`s son in fact. He is what you`d all call ¨God¨. He was quite meticulous as we will see in the Jesus chapter. And if you didn`t know: Gods are real. YOU were meant to be a God.


Jesus calls us Gods. We can become Gods. We are all God`s sons, but when God saw Jesus, He was so pleased that he said ¨THAT`S MY BOY!¨. Get the idea?


Jesus says that you can do even greater things than he did. Be a christian. Be a God. Be at one with God, yourself and nature. God is your highest self, and the ultimate achievement; given through the heart as a gift. Led by the holy spirit.


Occult lies about finding your guardian angel, and becoming one with him as in the popularized Crowley`s thelema is demonology and lies. The demons are toying with you; portraying themselves as angels, and this path only leads to the dark side. Why embrace some crumbs when you can go right to the source, and attain the highest, purest form of yourself? Everlasting divinity! Eat freely of the tree of life, and live forever above the angels; as God`s beloved son in Heaven! That`s right. We are even ABOVE the angels! For we are fighters! We have the gift of free will to chose good from evil, and the Bible says we will judge angels.


Christianity is only true. (at least our version) Christianity is also the religion where you have to do the least of burdens, laws and lessons, yet is the most rewarding. God is a human, and he understands you perfectly. He created every desire in your heart. But some have been corrupted along the way. That is why the Holy Ghost leads us through the sanctification process! The life as a Christian is not about striving to be perfect; it`s about growing closer to God, and letting Him replace our sinful desires.


This is not to lead you to dull apathy. If understood seriously; the path of the Christ paves a heroic way of live-long sacrifice, and servitude under God as friend.


Christianity is the oldest religion as judaism has died out, is the continuing evolution of what God is doing on Earth (fun to be part of) , and is the most incredibly mystic religion with hidden, mystical knowledge of a science so complex it will boggle your mind to think disciples without computers wrote it all down.


The mysteries of Christianity are so extent they have created numerous lodges, secret societies, and painted the pantheon of Gods, devils, heavens, and hells for two thousand years; all based on scholarly, scientific-spiritual approach by serious monks, and nuns throughout the centuries. Which means christianity can only be true. You will visit great cathedrals, and find billions of Christians friend permeating Europe through the world. What a great honour to be a part of this ancient sacred tradition!


All magicians, and satanists know christianity is true. Every mighty magician is a judeo-christian satanist knowing well of Jesus, and the power of God. Magick is not cool. True miracles come from God. I advise you to stay away from falling into the pitfall of  ¨sex magick¨ as this is nothing else but conjuring up 10.000 year old Astarte farts to promote sexual freedom. (in my perspective) It is an art that should die out. It`s much better to have sex without Astarte, or in the Holy Spirit. Sacred sex is the best, and the way God intended it.


What should I do as a Christian?


Nothing! Well.. You should live like Jesus, whom you will soon fall in love with..! He is the greatest friend you can ever have, and his presence never leaves you.. It`s like a joyous flame burining in your heart; leading to more fun, more happiness, and magical experiences.


Just live according to what is right through the spirit, and common sense inside of you! We believe we live in utopia! We believe we already have all we can ever want! God gave us the beautiful garden of Eden with everything in it, Satan took it over, and we just want to take it back along with Jesus! We just want to take care of it, and give eternal praise to God and Jesus! Our vision of the messianic kingdom is that of the garden of Eden.


God loves your desires, and wants to give you presents! You will feel blessed, and have favor in all you do! You will be as successful as a jew! For God of Heaven, and Earth knows you, and loves you.


We hunger after seeing Jesus, and being with him in Heaven, so we want to do the best we can here on Earth. We just want Jesus to be our best friend, and see more, and more of him! We just really want to see what happens when we gain our objectives, and peace comes to Earth through God`s kingdom! Who knows what heaven on Earth will be like, or what daily miracles would happen? It`s truly exciting to think what a fantastic world we could create when all are enlightened: Christians. For the more Christians are gathered; the stronger the presence of God comes. While the Bible is clear there will be a great tribulation, and I interpret it that Christianity dies out; we have hope the messiah will come. Perhaps it`s me? Perhaps it`s you? Perhaps all of us: as the body of Christ?


It is always darkest before the dawn.


We demand Christians take heed to unite stronger than ever, and find the lost 10 tribes as we live in Rev.14 believing the Lamb is among us: which we will go further into later on. It is truly the greatest thing to be a part of! Who knows what is our limit? Who knows what the human potential will be in Christ when the conscience is lifted, the draconian archons are done away with, and all stand under an open Heaven?


We live in a spiritual plane of a flat world guys. Who know if also we could then walk on water, or soar through the air like Jesus? The world has never been led by Jesus, and it`s almost alien to think of what could be our future when you see the miracles happening already now even through such a lack of Heavenly resonance, and christ-conscience! We could do much better! Thus a greater point to be part of it. We are strictly an alien invasion from Heaven. The bible says that those born again are aliens. And we know we are right about everything. There is endless possibilities for the future! Just think of the sciences, and miracles we will discover! The plantations, and villages we will build!


So you`re serious? Christian proof!


The Bible tells us we shall preach the proof of his miracles, yet no church does this! It is therefore vital that all church members report, and medically confirm all miracles to be logged by our leadership, and scientific branch.


John 10:24-25:


¨So the Jews gathered around him and said to him, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Christ, tell us plainly.”Jesus answered them, “I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in my Father's name bear witness about me.¨


Have you ever scorned, or lifted your brow after scrolling through the tv-channels seeing people healed at God-tv? You all probably thought it was only a hoax, yet the internet is flooding with evidence of healings and ressurections! Eureka! Halleluja! We can finally get a serious verdict for the end-game proof of our sovereign belief! Here I will present a list of youtube miracles and resurrections. Ctrl click on the links below, or use google yourself. Your life depends on Jesus. All praise to Jesus.


Mark 16:15-18


And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not harm them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will be made well.”


And it happens!


Prophet T B Joshua healing compilations


10 yr old Jeremy NDE. Revelations of the afterlife and Jesus


African boy raised from the dead


Compilations of miracles


The miracle of christ`s birth, and biblical numerology


Gold teeth miracles par 1/3


You may also want to check this out:


Use google! Your eternal life depends on it! It is hard for me that Christians do not take their mission commandment more seriously. We must create Christian scientific universities researching this supernatural occurance as a potential resource for mankind: Jesus healing, and raising the dead! Who knows what the church has lost due to ignorance, and blind happiness.


The Bible tells us that only in His name can we do miracles. Remember; we are the image of the father. Jesus was the perfect representation of the father, and his power is still present on Earth as God`s vessel of Kingdom power. In his kingdom; we are led by the Holy Spirit, and our hearts to preach, drive out demons, and heal the sick. When we receive the holy spirit through Jesus; we become like little versions of God; as we are gradually healed in spirit; coming closer to our true selves. Thus we know that our will is the will of God; as God lives in our hearts! We become like Jesus, and get the abilities he had! I have personally witnessed many hundred miraculous healings. I have healed many myself; once a man with a broken back, and a man who had no scalp! This happened in the Philippines.




We believe the many testimonies of salvation, divine encounters in trance, the abovementioned stunning NDE`s, and miracles testify to the validity of christianity as the most true belief contrary to any other belief-system on Earth today who hardly comes even close to the gnosis, numerological perfection, miracles, and personal spiritual, and mystic relationsship to God as our Christianity. Prove me wrong.


We believe there are thousands of treasures hidden throughout the Bible in numerological code, and that the Bible is the written word of God. Just ask the jews. We see that modern pentecostal christians actually channel during the act of speaking in tongues as science has shown that tongues does not come from the brain, but stems from another source which gives ethereal life. The source field or ¨God¨. We thus know our personal relationship to God is real. We see evidence of over 10% of muslim middle-eastern converts getting introduced to Jesus through dreams. They give similar accounts of Jesus. Jesus is always the same, but can change appearance. He always introduces himself as ¨I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob¨ unequividly.




Hell, and the afterlife is real:


Hell is the real conspiracy at the core of every other. The question of the afterlife should be the main research of the human race. Until we reach unified conscience about Hell will we be the dominating species of our world. Until then; both Heaven, man, and Hell are loosers in a war where we are the prize. As of now: the reptilian demons are the dominating species on our planet. Do you not care about your friends? Expose Hell! AWAY with Christian apathy! If you really believe there is a Hell; it must be the main focus of yous, and every christians life to make sure nobody ends up there! If only ONE descends; I say all, aye all is lost.


Does the Bible teach there is a Hell? Yes! Both the old, and new testament! All monotheistic religions agree. And there is no reincarnation anymore. Only ¨soul aspect reincarnations.¨ We will touch upon this later.


Revelations 21:8


¨But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”


Jesus himself believed in a literal Hell with ¨burning fire.¨


Mark 9:43


¨If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.¨


Psalm 9:17


¨The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.¨


Through the scientific studies of Near Death Experiences, or ressurected dead: We see the recurring testimony regarding the passing of the soul, the afterlive, heaven, it`s blueprints, how Jesus looks, God as judge over the dead, and what we experience after death. The internet flourishes with hundreds of near-death experiencers, as well as those who have been raised from the dead! I praise you for coming this far!


This is what all near death experiencers tell after dying: They see themselves levitating off their body. There sometimes comes a devil out of a wormhole/tunnel which will try to steal your soul, but more often there`s only the sense of peace, and a presence of Jesus, or an angel/man without wings.


The soul must sometimes elevate up through the roof, and into the sky before this tunnel of light appears which Jesus, or the angels come through. It seems that there are three recurring experiences of what then transpires.


The most accounted is the immediate meeting with loved ones, often ones family. Second is the heavenly city with trees having crystaline flowers like jewels in otherworldly colours, and streets paved with gold.


All tell this, and I have seen it myself. Thirdly is the judgement before God if you have lived a sinful life, and there is uncertainty about your eternal estate, although this is extremely rare but occur in one out of ten. All report that there are many christians in Hell.


We acknowledge all miracles as true. Millions of medical journals prove this. We also see that atheists, and false-believers meet Jesus in near-death-experiences, and that there is a difference between being saved and not. The saved go to Heaven, and the unrighteous go to Hell. We must ascertain the a eternity of the soul, and it`s possible ascension, or descent_spiritual_ multidimensional universe.


Forget all you`ve learnt regarding physics, and the universe. This is a SPIRITUAL world. We hear reports of christian dreamers who have been taken to Hell, and nothing is more startling than dying, and waking up before a sea of lava. I have personally seen both heaven, and Hell in lucid dreams. I have met the archangels, God, Jesus, and the devil himself many times. If you don`t believe in me, or the prophets, you can`t believe in anything.


The punishment for christians is much more severe than for atheists. Reporters state reasons for christians going to Hell vary from; a single unforgiven sin, unforgivness, being two-faced, living another life in church, not accepting the holy spirit, condemning other christians etc. It truly seems as if only 1/10 of christians go to Heaven. Reporters state that children also go to Hell from whence they learn to recon good from evil. Reporters tell of children down to 7-9 years of age being in Hell. Reporters tell of many pastors, healers, pastors, ministers, etc in Hell.


Reporters tell that all witches, satanists, and dictators are tortured in Hell contrary to their view of an eternal sovereignity in Hell. Reporters tell of many different demons, and 50% of reports tell of reptilian demons. Demons are 10 times as smart as we are, and lure all christians, muslims, witches, and even high-ranking satanists to eternal pain.


All reporters tell that Hell is eternal, and that the pain is eternal. The conspiracy of Hell must be blown wide open! Only evil maniacs could follow a world such as today. What I saw in Hell was mostly the same as these reports. All are tortured in various forms. Most end up in the lake of fire, some are played with, and tormented personally by devils, and many end up in a prison where the walls are like tv-screen reflections of your life, all you did wrong; and never ending.


For those saying that NDE is a chemical reaction in the brain; why does it produce such similar stories in different individuals? Why can reporters tell of things they saw while out of the body? Things they didn`t know were there. Words spoken when they were clinically dead.


I have done a lot of research for you to trust my words. I have searched through more than a thirty NDE testimonies on youtube, and still could not find a single NDE where any muslim, or pagan meet Muhammad, Buddha, Allah, or Krishna etc. All other faiths who die, and come back tell of meeting Jesus instead of their own prophets or Gods!


All humans are weaker than the big devils. Even if you are a powerful satanist; you can carry no guns, or spells to Hell. The old, frail, and weak are regarded as trash. Even if you were to serve Satan (who hates humans, and doesn`t need you – that`s the reason for his job) you will eventually be replaced in some years. Even if it goes a thousand years; you will all eventually all be replaced by a bigger devil.


There is not ¨eternity in Hell.¨ I have been there myself. Heaven is your only option. Jesus loves you. <3>


With science, and internet of today, we have many christians with death-certificates to prove themselves raised from the dead by Jesus Son of God. Many of these are in rural countries, Africa, India, and some have started pastoral ministries telling their stories.


We have for the first time in history the ability to act on God`s promises, heal the sick, and tell the priests we are clean. Luke 17:14. We have the opportunity to convene the miracles as one global church for the first time in world history. As mentioned earlier: All major miracles must be documented by doctors, and proof presented to COL.


We are to confirm, and preach miracles to the jews. This is something the Christians have completely forgot. We are to be a kingdom. A kingdom has scientists, structure, laws and order, but: No christian church, or country exists today taking their role seriously. Science is Christianity`s best friend!


We must create our own schools, and churches to preach TRUE metaphysics of the Source Field (scaler field) , and a spiritual world! The goal is close. I would do all this myself, but am weak. TOGETHER: WE MUST BLOW THE CONSPIRACY OF HELL WIDE OPEN! For it nothing but a conspiracy. The greatest, most vital, and ancient conspiracy beneath all others. We have to treat it as such.


Your soul is going to Hell if not saved by Jesus! NDE reporters tell of no other possible salvation than through Jesus blood, and repenting of sin! Do the research yourself. It is agonizing! Blame the church for not preaching about brimstone, and sin anymore. They don`t take their role as Heaven`s agents seriously at all! They`re lions in sheep`s cloathing!


Perhaps you`re asking yourself: So my dear innocent, kind brother who watched children cartoons with me is in Hell after the carcrash? This is too outrageous! God would do something about it! He must have gone to Heaven!


Wrong. God can`t do anything about it. This is Satans world. EXPOSE THEREFORE THE CRIME OF THE HELL CONSPIRACY! It is the ultimate question: Is Hell real after death? What would the world news aired one man was unable to die in everlasting fire? That is reality, and it`s not because God is evil. It`s because the devil fell on his own volition. Is God thus flawed? No. He is still just, holy, and almighty as if there was no devil: God would not have been just and righteous. One of God`s qualities is as judge. If there was no devil: God wouldn`t be God. The devil is an aspect of God`s holiness as judge, and perfect creator. It`s not a perfect creation seen from a human view, but it`s all we have. And we need to BOW to God. He loves us. He created us. He died for us. He`s desperately calling you: Come here my child. Who would not answer if God your creator calls you? Please lay down your life, and follow him.


Perhaps you`re asking: So the conspiracy theories about the Illuminati are true? But why are so many willing to go to Hell?


Because they are indoctrinated! Satan uses clever people, secrecy, perversion, and power. Most satanists are a family, and can never leave the family. So why do those on top continue this fiendish game if heaven is better, and they themselves are eventually going to burn in Hell? Because Lucifer deceives especially the smartest of us.


I was plagued by the devil for 5 years. I was blind. I heard his voice. I thought I was going to die. He wanted me: soul, body and spirit. I dialed with the archdevil Ashtaroth Himself, and many others, and was able to stand up to them because I am a very powerful spirit, but I tell you; they are mathematically 100 times smarter than I am, and socially about 50 times. They know all languages, most stories of every man`s life on Earth, all science, and I tell you; the smartest in the Illuminati are those who are deceived the most. You have no idea how long this have played out, or how deceived even the satanic high-priest really is. Satanism is nothing but a thing played by those who have already lost the path to redemption. It`s like a blind man leading a blind.


Perhaps you`re asking: But Allah is God to? As well as Brahma? We will go into God`s name, and Islam later on, but let me first tell you the internet is literally flooded with muslim NDE who go to Hell, see Jesus, and are rescued either by Jesus healing them, or by doctors. They all tell the same message; there is no salvation but through Jesus Christ!


Now: For my dear muslims who were fooled by Muhammad the false prophet, I give some definite proofs:


An atheist, and a muslim has a NDE: Proof Jesus is the son of God


Muslim Hezbollah soldier meets Jesus and converts


Muslims converting to Jesus through dreams and visions


Did you get that? NDE`s see Allah as a demon! The actions inspired by Islam is evil! Islam is evil! There is no mention of Yahweh either. It`s only Jesus, and the most high that the New Testament, Christian testimonies, NDE`s, and visists to Heaven testify about!


This is a great step to take! Now: Reach out to God, do your research, and surrender your soul, and life to Jesus. Or else you are stupid.


Now that I hope you have done some independent youtube research that testify the reality of Jesus, miracles, rasing the dead, the eternity of the soul, Hell, Heaven, demons and angels; I would like to leave you with some food for thought before we move on.


Remember oh child! This is a prison plane. The lowest prison before perdition of the soul. It is seemingly a sphere due to variations in satelite (moon, sun and stars) movement, but is stunningly flat.


It is a school made as a prison! It is a fierce battleground! You are caught in it, and your soul is in peril! We are trapped between Heaven and Hell! It is a dualistic world, and you see the beauty around you, go to work every day, and think all is as normal.


Think again. Question reality. None of what you have believed is true. For lurking under every rock, and beneath your shade are hoards of demons waiting to take your soul. Watch out. You are constantly being surveyed by Heaven and Hell altogether. All your deeds, and thoughts are accounted for, and an angel, and devil follow by your side since birth. This is the_last_hope. The last, lowest dimension. Your testing ground. A school meant to reach ascension. But the unthinkable happened! Space invaders; fallen angels came, and God`s plan, and precious children were completely lost!


This is God, and Heaven`s worst nightmare. Remember Jesus tells; this is Satans world, and his greatest weapon is making everyone believe he does not exist. We will discover how Jesus became Lucifer redeemed on the cross through a ritual making it His world, and undoing law later on.


If you have never experienced God, or given your heart to Him, please pray these words with all your heart, and outstretched hands!


¨Jesus! Forgive me of my sin and disbelief. I know you are real, and want to help me. You I give you my heart and soul. Take all of me, and transform me with your love. You are my everlasting friend. Amen.¨


The proofs of miralces are not the only testament to christianity`s validity as the only true religion. Millions of Christians testify of a direct, intimate relationship to God through Jesus our Redeemer. Muslims have on the other hand no direct relationship to God, and only submit. They follow some Godly virtues, but have missed half the teaching.  


My personal song which I have sung for 5 years now. The first song I ever made. It is what I saw when I flew over the abyss with the keys of Hell to Mt.Purgatory in a lucid dream of the 12th Heaven.


Lament to those burning in Hell: Save us o God 


Chorus: dm am e am - Verse c e am c e am




Dm                           Am                          E                                Am


Save us o God from the evil ones, from the dark of the storm, from the dangers of war,


Dm                                Am                        E                       Am    


Save us o god from the evil ones from the darkness of the void




C       E                       Am   


In the end theres only one, seated on the throne (of old)


Far beyond the starry song, the seven mountains cold






Behind the veil of space and time, forever cherubims will cry,


Above the grasp of human mind, so protect us from the lie






Holy judger of the dead, in the Bible it was said


Revelation you us gave, for in your image we are made.






In the end theres is only one, ancient fundaments of stone


Open up your eyes and sing, before that churchbell rings






Become one with heavens song, see the workings of his throne,


From the abyss the rock has grown, heaven`s mountain peaks alone,




… Let`s rescue all from the fate of those burning! Dedicate your life to this. 😊