Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

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Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

Illegal science proves that God exists


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The aim of the God project is  reaching the younger generation,

and the educated. To push a reform in science.

The God project is this:

Science is ALL about God!

But such science is ILLEGAL science.

People get KILLED!

But we will not  die in vain.


Most Christians belive that science, and religion is incontrovertibly opposed. 

How can they?

Ask yourself this.

If science is the truth, and God is truth: Must not science prove God?

Of course!

Many scientists HAVE proven that God/GreatSpirit exists as a measurable field.

An intelligent all-permeating field that upholds all creation.

A field that is the SOURCE for all we see: All forces of physics.

God. He`s everywhere. And all you see confirm it.

From life, geometry, atoms, molecules, the flat-earth and complexity.

There is not ONE thing in REAL science that DOESN`t prove God.

There is SO much evidence that if taken seriously:

The entire scientific community would shatter.

People like Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and many others have tried.

But these scientists lost both their life, AND their work.

Because secret societies want to steer the world into an atheistic future. 

The greatest advocate for this Source-Field alive today is David Wilcock.

He is a New-Ager author, and believe in the Universe Hypothesis (lie).

I recommend you read his book ¨The Source-Field Investigations¨, 

and that you see his show ¨Wisdom Teachings¨ on Gaia.com

There are however few scientists who study the source-field today.

Dr. Ed Wagner at www.darkmatterwaves.com is one of them.

And then you have James De`Meo. And that`s it.

No Christians..!

All other study is being done by the Dark-State Empire to mind-control us.

The Church is quiet as a moat while Satan dug down scientific bunkers!

The problem is that Christians cannot bring themselves to investigate science.

They KNOW God is real, and rest solely on FAITH.

FAITH is all they need, and they cannot immagine science PROVES God!

But it`s time they use the WEAPON of SCIENCE!

Or else: Satan will use it AGAINST us!

In the form of the Mark Of The BEAST! To shut us off from the FIELD/HG!

It`s time they say NO to science, and start being proud in illegal science!

God is ANGRY at the lies propagated by the scientific community!

HE deserves the GLORY!

It is time we take BACK the mantle of TRUTH!

And I will hold it sky-high for all to see!

Babylon will crumble, and all will see the God of Abraham, Moses and Isaac.

That is what they fear.


Below is a book that proves God. I won`t say it proves intelligent design only.

It proves the God of Abraham, Moses and Isaac. The  God of Jesus.

Our God. And we will discover that the MAIN-SCRIPT of the Source-Field is:


LOVE! To deny this love you end up in the deleted folder section of the matrix:

HELL! Because you are energy that cannot be recycled, and have removed yourself


Those are what we call LOOSERS.

Bear in mind I wrote it a long time ago when I was deadly ill...


Now GO!

The mission is this: Educate Christian scientists to overthrow the lies.

Science is no less a religion than Christianity!

In fact:

Christianity is more scientific than science!

Science believe in evolution, the universe, physics etc.

Which there is NO proof of!

This is your mission.


I compiled this video as scientific proof of God

Live forming from sterilized dead material in the form of bions

God`s hand at work: Continously creating new, and more complex lifeforms.

Proof of intelligent design through sacred geometry.

David Wilcock is sadly a promoter of the universe hypothesis.