A blitzkrieg gospel of Love & Light - A reformation revival revolution. European national-patriotic church - the  last resistance.

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A blitzkrieg gospel of Love & Light - A reformation revival revolution. European national-patriotic church - the  last resistance.

Christian Revolution

The Revolution:


I will inspire you to make a culture that never disappears, and saves the world. If you don`t let go of it`s driving force. We will start, and finish the book with societal critizism for a the creation of the first biblical state: a anarcho-theocrazy village.


Wikipedia defines theocrazy as:


1. a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.


1.1. the commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as King


It is the only biblical governmental form!


Now. There is something pivotal to address from first to last: The segregation of the human nature through political labeling. F.i: We are ultra-liberal-anarchist-theocrats. This is an example of how the science of political terminology has differentiated us from socialists as we are strictly speaking right-wing. But we are the greatest socialists, as was the 1st century christians, and Jesus alike! ¨They had everything common.¨ The problem with a socialist state is that people rely on the state. In a liberal state: we would have to rely on the civilian socialism or i.e ¨what would you do about it?¨ In essence: political franchize creates unnecessary segregation. F.i: I have talked to many communists who say they are anarchists! But we know that anarchy is traditional ultra-liberalism! I have talked to many right-wing liberalists who are socialists by nature!


I say we are an ultra-liberal-anarchistic theocracy of socialists, but that doesn`t fit into the political term! I guess we have to define ourselves as an ultra-liberal-anarchist theocracy of social people. My point is: It`s not the state`s responsibility to care for us: it`s the people`s. It is no hidden conspiracy that the state is actively against us Christians! We want reduce the power of the state, and protect the liberty of being Christians! How can we have private-schools, or achieve the model of Biblical governance if in a communist state? The state is altogether evil. From here on we will discover the Biblical governance.


The Stages of Government


In book VIII of The Republic, Plato begins to describe several stages of government that are intolerable, yet unavoidable. Plato predicts a society with an enormous socioeconomic gap, where the poor remain poor and the rich become richer off the blood and sweat of others. In this instance, the people will long for freedom and liberty. They will use it as a battle cry against their oppressors, sparking a revolution.


From this revolution, blood will be spilled and many will die. During this time of violent transition, the people will rally behind one man, or a few men, whom they believe to be their savior. The people will lift this champion to great heights and anoint him with sacred responsibilities to bring liberty to the land. When the smoke clears the old regime will be gone and a democracy will be supplanted. And while this is reminiscent of several historical revolutions, including the American revolution, Plato warns that the trouble only intensifies from here.
During the course of his writings Plato differentiates between necessary desires and unnecessary desires. Necessary desires are desires we can not over come, such as our desire for shelter and sustenance. Unnecessary desires are desires that we are able to overcome, yet refuse to. These desires include luxuries and lavish possessions. These types of desires are a result of a rapid influx of liberty into the population. Once we have tasted freedom we become drunk off it. Plato predicts that the people will demand freedom at every turn, fighting any form of authority and demanding more liberty. We become obsessed with our freedom and become willing to sacrifice necessary things like social order and structure to attain it.


At this point, the newly appointed leaders become very nervous. It was so easy to depose their predecessors, so why not them? These democratic leaders will realize that they are only easily supported when there is a war that the people can rally behind. And so the democratic leaders will unnecessarily become involved in violent affairs, creating wars to distract the people. To ensure their power, the leaders will create laws to bolster their position. The rulers will impose heavy taxes against the commoners to ensure they are unable or unwilling to fight back against this. And any who do oppose the leaders will be labeled as an enemy and persecuted as a spy. It is for this reason that there must always be some enemy combatant that the leader can cast blame upon.


Plato continues in his discussion by explaining that the these leaders will eventually become unpopular, an unavoidable result. Those who once supported this ruling class begin to rebel against the would be tyrant. At this point the citizens will try to get rid of whatever man is currently in office, either by exile or impeachment. If this is not possible, the ruler will inevitable strike down any political opposition he may have.


Hated by the people, these leaders will request the presence of a body guard. And now he is a tyrant, the leader has no choice if he wishes to rule. Elected by the people, yet now he is protected from them. Plato predicts that this tyrant will appeal to the lowest form of citizen. He will make soldiers of the slaves and the degenerates. The tyrant will pay them to protect him from the ordinary citizens as we see with our ruling class appealing to immigrants through monetary socialist funding. And now the leader is a tyrant, born from democracy and propped up by the demand for liberty. And in our quest for liberty, we instead created a monster.


Sound familiar? In any democracy there arises a whole political class, a group whose only skill set is manipulating the masses into voting for them… They crave a new leader, vote, and the jew changes tie from red to yellow riding a horse with his head above the sky shouting left, right left while the horse tramples on the people by every change of government. The continuity of this monster must be broken. The state is bound to be abused. We are free from Plato`s scenario as we live in a modern age of enlightenment where all can attain the knowledge power of the ruling class; having grown from drinking the bitter lessons of history`s failures, and exposing the need for war.


The state keep people believing in them by showering them with more and more material "wealth" in the form of consumer goods, and although the masses are also handed debt that they will be paying on forever, they will forever believe that they are "free" "cuz look at all my STUFF!" That`s why we need a revival of the spiritual man.


Anyone who divorces himself from television and mainstream thought will see right through the madness and recognize the true danger at hand here.


Consider the words of Samuel, "4Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah, 5and said to him, ‘You are old and your sons do not follow in your ways; appoint for us, then, a king to govern us, like other nations.’ 6But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, ‘Give us a king to govern us.’ Samuel prayed to the Lord, 7and the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. 8Just as they have done to me,from the day I brought them up out of Egypt to this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so also they are doing to you. 9Now then, listen to their voice; only—you shall solemnly warn them, and show them the ways of the king who shall reign over them.’
10So Samuel reported all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. 11He said, ‘These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen, and to run before his chariots; 12and he will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and some to plough his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots. 13He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards and give them to his courtiers. 15He will take one-tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and his courtiers. 16He will take your male and female slaves, and the best of your cattleand donkeys, and put them to his work. 17He will take one-tenth of your flocks, and you shall be his slaves. 18And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves; but theLordwill not answer you in that day.’
19But the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel; they said, ‘No! but we are determined to have a king over us, 20so that we also may be like other nations, and that our king may govern us and go out before us and fight our battles.’ 1 Samuel 8




Ultra liberal anarchistic theocracy!


Go back to tribal communities of the viking era, and patriarchy of Israel`s judges! Go back to your eternal state in the only biblical order as farmers in the garden! Anarchy can finally become reality when humanity learns to prosper through common values. When you put your belief in the leadership of a group of men, you are putting your life and your prosperity in the hands of strangers! They might have your interest at heart, but what about their children? Will they not fight to protect the luxury which is all they have known? A theocracy is therefore needed!! Anarcho-liberalistic theocrazy is the only Biblical form of governance.


I would like to point out that the liberalism spoken of here is that of ultra-liberalism/anarchism: Privatizing all but the military and police inc roads, schools etc. Our political black and white, red and yellow forms of government are mutual-anarchism, liberalism, and societal socialism of christian humanism (love) under a theocratic leadership of the greatest of saints and heroes loved by the people. If that was complicated; it simply means a village with a church which acts as socicial welfare centre, judicial institution, government, religious centre and school. Why must all be privatized? So that the responsibility of equality lies with the people, and not with a dominant powerful state. There must never be an alien institution like the state so that the people have full power. That`s the core idea of traditional liberalism. If someone in the village becomes a crook; the people know they have the anarchist power to destroy them. If there however is a state: it will only grow in power until it has subdued all the people. It`s only function should be police and military. With no real state power to protect: the army will be completely ruled by the people.


Judeo-christian humanism is the moral foundation for safety, and equality of life, and creates the unwritten laws of utopian village-anarchism whereas all must have the same morale code: ergo theocracy. This is the only biblical form of governance. Love (humanism and morale) and light (enlightenment) will provide safety for our people in a free, anarchistic society. We must go back to before King Harald united Norway. We live in a country of sheep ruled by wolves owned by pigs. The nation doesn`t even exist. It`s a corporation owned by Illumicorp. It`s nothing but a soul-tax-farm. Back to Israeli patriarchy of the judges until the messiah comes.


Now you might ask. Is Christianity anarchism? Are we not told to submit to the country`s laws, and pray for our leaders as the Bible tells us? Not if it threatens the UN human rights, and your Biblical expression of living your life in truth to God`s intent, and biblical governance. Have you forgotten you are soldiers under command? Have you forgotten the war between the kingdom of darkness, and the kingdom of God? The Bible is clear that God`s intent was a garden paradise with Adam. Yet the world changes. His next attempt was to destroy the FALSE unification on premise of Babylon. A history of nations, tongues, and wars erupted.


God`s final plan, and order came through Moses, and the patriarchy of Israel during the time of the judges. It was tribal anarchy under theocratic leadership as God wanted it it to be.


But stupid Israel wanted a King to protect her from other armies. This led Israel to extinction and exile. Yet God used it to usher in a Kingship that will never end: The Davidic line. Jesus in Heaven dethroned the worldly idea of kingship.


Now what should an alien civilization like christians believe in; Anarchism under the theocratic, humanistic ideology of an everlasting king in Heaven having peace on Earth. Jesus gives us an example of living the easiest life possible: Being close to nature, cultivating soil and soul, and focusing on the afterlife.


We need to make a representative church/government/spiritual leadership/theocrazy on Earth in line with Heaven`s interests, as apathy would be putting our heads in the sand saying: We know we`re right, but will have no part with this world. This prevailing, passive view must end! A worldwide return to God`s vision with Israel would be good, and we should try, and affect every outcome of what happens on Earth!


What do we do now? Do we just give up on voting on the cultural-marxist socialist state? Absolutely not. Not until we gain numbers. I myself am in many way a socialist just like Paul was a Roman with the Romans, and a jew with the Jews. There is no need to hide from the world just because we can`t get the majority of opinions to have our way. We must all vote, take part in politics, be responsible, and make the best out of a sinking ship. Even if we don`t achieve a single of our goals in a golden middle-way! Socialism simply comes from being social! We must all work for the greater good. Many of the roman ideas of a socialist renaissance outlined in the heathens chapter are really good, and of vital implementation to take back our reality.


We must all take part in this world; either it`s this or that. The 1st century church is perhaps the greatest example of how powerful socialism can be, yet I pertain that we as heavenly citizens in an age of deceit have to stand firm in our heavenly citizenship, and not in a world who fights us to make us communist slaves. Yet is exactly therefore we must stand up for our beliefs to affect the outcome of this cauldron mixture of cultures. Still: One of my main focuses in this book is the governmental structure of our christian Faith to survive in a Biblical future as to create an idea so perpetual, and good so that it`s very inception will make it`s fulfillment unavoidable.






An ideal world.


You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers.


While you walk beneath the red leaves; you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic, artistic houses, with painting you have never seen before.


This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus. The people meeting you are of all races, yet greet you with norwegian cloathing; and preach a universal gospel. They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history.


It exists because the state is liberalistic, but here they`ve taken it even further; into anarchist-theocracy. A church spires above the little fantasy-town where the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes. The church functions as social-welfare centre, religious school and governance. Somewhere in the world is their headquarters.


Their mission spread fast across the globe; giving ethnic people pride in their heritage. In the valley bordering this one; there is a Viking village, and then a muslim quarters; all agreeing on the enlightenment philosophy, human values, common morals. If you read the books of Yair Davidiy; you will discover all are children of Israel! The Bible even prophecies they will return, and that the world shall be one shortly after! The villagers tell you how they created a revolution renaissance of liberty, love, light, knowledge, art and success; introducing the New Age of worldwide peace.


 They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe; many christians have become inspired by their achievements to create cultural reservatories merging their individual nationalist culture with the global morale, and truths of Abrahamic faiths; thus creating a perfect globalist order! There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies! We only accomplished our goals through love and light.


This is all too good. A Knight Templar village? We need an entire COUNTRY!




The need for a new nation and governance!


We seek to establish worldwide consensus, worldwide distribution of secret knowledge, and thus make unity. We shall take responsibility as Christians – whom are stewards of Earth - and make the world into our garden where milk, honey, and the good life is without end; as we can fly on saucers, have free electricity, and sour between the majestic mountains of the Norwegian valleys in ufo`s. This would have been the aryan future had it not been for the satanic lobbyists of Arbeiderpartiet. A world of elves; beautifying, and rediscovering their magical origins to an extreme! We have always been a people of peace! No jews should go against this; but the jews in Norway are evil. Still; our good hearts will never give up; even if the nazi-jews, and Christians kill a million of their last descendants and messiahs! Even as Gods are raped by all; we will never give them up, and pray for them! A world where we take care of each other, and the Earth's resources.


To achieve all this, we need a new governmental structure. A theocratic ultra-liberalist anarchist system. We need a Pentecoastal World Church! We need a theocratic priesthood as the world`s unchanging foundation stone with philosopher kings, great saints, and scientists (an enlightened bunch of the world`s most loved, honest, greatest schoolars) as was customary in the antique. Our theocrazy is ordained by God`s word as the only viable governmental form! We need this state.. Just ONE state! Please! All will see and know how perfect it will work! All will want our education and system! Our newspapers, and media will broadcast miracles! Our idols will be saints! All will be harmony, and no violence when all are Christian anarchists! The world will recognize us, long for our success, and say: They`ve got it right! We want it as well!




Here`s how the Biblical government works.


The legislative branch will be elected from among the recognized, miracle-working, Christian saints of our Church belonging to the Priest class, and above; to act as biblical judges by votes among the members of the church/nation every 4 years. This will be the legislative branch or parliament. The executive branch will be chosen through job-application to the parliament, and those hired can serve uptil 8 years, wait 4 years, and serve another 8. The people are one under God, and Bible in fear of HELL, so as a libertarian person; I say the people, and the parliament can both thrash the government by majority of votes both of them. No feudalism; just love and light. Private actors will take care of the people. Hell, and Satanism will be so hated from school indoctrination (all they did through history) that rats in the system will be killed as is biblical. We are afraid of Hell! Roads, hospitals, schools, drug-stores, etc will be privatized. Our system will be void of idols (the spirit of Moloch) , owls, and the spirit of mammon (money-power-disease.) Our idols will be saints! The theme of a unified belief will of course be very socialistic even through this is a liberalist country. For all are the same! Rich will of course take care of the poor, for we are one people! The people own the state. And without a powerful state; the private actors must answer to the people!


An even better solutions comes to view through combining the thoughts of Christian Norwegian author, businessman, and politician Bertram Dybwad Brochman. He was hushed by the state as I was, but had pioneering ideas of the solution to government. The Bible has a system where all citizens get citizen-sallary from a government existing of political parties reduced of political status; rendered them labour-parties/groups that together compromise a council consisting of representatives from these earlier political parties, and scientists in each field; whom determine how all citizens shall serve the state in obligatoric work (as with the priesthood in Israel) f.i in farming during harvest to get their salary. All citizens get citizen-sallary; eliminating the lowest class. Remember; this is a biblical, theocratic ultra-liberalistic anarchistic system.


The parliament consists of elected saints from the church; whom have miracleworking properties; proof of their life being close to God. Aside from the national government; we advocate local governance through the church which functions as a mixture of school, and social-department; taking care of all socialistic welfare-matters. This will of course only work if all are Christian. Aside from the obligatoric work for the citizen-sallary; all are free to nurture their economic, political, and religious independence without group-contradictions; kept in peace by a strong theocratic church-police and military.


There is no people vs the state; for the people own the state, or as the Bible states; ¨give, and it shall be given to you in abundance.¨ Liberalistic ideology is maintained while eliminating the low-cast through citizen-sallary which all receive. This will become the freedom of a new world with more food, electricity etc due to technological advancements and robotization of work! We just have to be careful that the people chose no Barabbas over Jesus. The fear of Hell, and the necessary terms of sainthood in the parliament eliminate rats in the system. Obligatoric work removes taxes, and creates a brotherhood unity with a socialist spirit. This latter Brochman system will have a powerful state whose governance is only a council; ruled by the parliament. There will be no votes on government, and the church, and people votes in the parliament of proven saints.


The executive branch/government only abuse, and misuse it`s power, and is a governmental structure that does not work in it`s people`s interest! It must be reduced to military, police, and all above-mentioned positive ideas of socialism. None of these governmental forms need taxes, and obligatory work for citizen salary. There are also many other ways to fund a government like f.i by volition. The need to abolish taxes completely is to secure the great idea of freedom, and ensure that the corrupt government system never rises, and increases their taxes in the future again. The idea of an internet-democratic People`s State, where all can vote on affairs is also intriguing. We imagine the political parties (labour groups and scientists) have this internet structure that those educated can join. We decree this as free human individuals who have lost their freedom, nation, culture, pride, and the possibility of living to our religion`s requirements and ideals. We must get a Christian, biblical state!


Modern socialism doesn`t work since power is abused by satanist lobbyists that seek high positions! The evil elite will only become fewer, more evil, and be the super-rich. Communism has killed millions. The upper-middle class will disappear as in America. That is why we whatever the cost must establish a God`s Kingdom theocrazy somewhere on Earth as mentioned above; even if it is only a small village. We must serve God! How come nobody has seen this necessity before me?


To survive as a christian people and nation; we need a liberalist government as our scandinavian countries are over-run by satanic pretty-politic cultural marxists. Or else: Norway will end up like a police-state, soviet country where nobody dares speak of revolution or religion. Our riches, and oil-fond will simply disappear while IF we had had a homogenous society of liberalism; Norwegian patriotism, technological development, and society would have made us the best, most unified, strong, and peaceful nation in the world with a system that would be a template to change all other nations! This was God`s destiny with Norway, but the talmudian, satanic jews, and the Workers Party have completely eliminated the last trace of all last tribes of Norway; tribes who once were great nations of blondes, and redheads millenia ago! They wish to create religious war so that when mankind is broken down from war in the future: the situation will be so tense, and the emotional hate so strong between muslims, and christians that the police-state will crush every evangelist. Religion will be taught as the reason for war in history books. Most will agree Islam is the true religion. Europe will be lost! The primary target of the Illuminati_are_christians. This is no secret. AND..! The Illuminati rule the world! It would be hard getting our privatized village if we do not have a liberalistic right-winged government.




Socialist measures for the state of today


If f.i I took power over Norway today, and got a theocrazy with me as King, I would of course fix the country through socialist means. I would create a new Rome. There would be social integration centres where norsemen, and immigrants could hang out, teach, and share culture over an open mic! There would be open roman theatres, or ¨forums¨ at the heart of every city where people could drink, and do songs with theatrical shows on the scene, as well as having continous open dialogue where the people exchange philosophy, and ideas to solve societal, and national problems! I would rule as a king, and do all with support from the government.


But you see; such socialism is only a dream. Still; I would create a left-right government with the best from both sides so all minorities like ourselves could have private schools! I would build great monuments to human achievements like f.i the monument of peace, or the cathedral of human accomplishment to mark the milestones we overcame as a human species, and to settle with stone that we stand together against war for all time! I would build free work-out centres as temples of man to ensure good health! I would stop the toxic food import! I would use the oil fund to create inland industry. I would make Norway into the pallet example of an everlasting perfect society. But no such political opposition exists.


Stop this cultural Marxist-post-modern destruction of culture now! Start walking the streets as Norwegian clothing, playing with kids, socializing, playing guitar, singing national hymns, having all kinds of games, walking in nature, and going to theme park. All must be humanists with care for each other as Jesus is the examplaric man! Nietzsche must be destroyed!


If all are enlightened, moralistic, and have all truth: Why would not anarchistic ¨garden of Eden¨ society work? Yet first we need to destroy contemporary hip-hop culture. The culture, and music industry causing violence, rape, and a carnal slave-mentality.


I advocate an exodus out of the cauldron of globalist Babylon, and the first united rebellion against the corrupt state, and it`s danish King. All our Viking pagans, romans, greek philosophers, christian illuminates, humanist revolutionaries, biker anarchists, fascist nationalists, and national-socialists; RISE FOR YOUR CAUSE! In our country there will be zero taxes.. The statists shalt bloody pay for enslaving us, and creating wars for thousands of years! We christians deserve a land of our own after 2000 years of heresy, historical, and modern persecution from China to the Levant, Africa, America and Norway etc. They will NOT destroy the only hope for peace, or the messiah! The million voices of persecuted Christians cry out, as do the billions of muslims burning in Hell! They matter as well! And still you let the satanists rule our state while doing nothing?


When we spread our revival-renaissance revolution, and awaken all people of the world to the global idea of an utopian society, our state will be the glorious first democratic theocratic Empire, or ¨Kingdom of God¨.




Christians unite! Our mission


As christianity has finally returned to it`s liberal-socialist, and original pentecoastal 1st century form through waves of revivals following the reformation of Luther, WE CRAVE THE FIRST INDEPENDANT CHRISTIAN NATION AS IS BIBLICAL! WE HAVE BEEN KEPT AT BAY FOR 2000 YEARS BECAUSE WE ARE THE TRUE RELIGION!


There is no totalitarian Christian state of today. Scriptural fulfillment of the return of the lost tribes revealed through dna-testings, and the ethnography of Israel through lingnustics gives the scriptures about a global Israel a completely new meaning. We must repent, and Christianize Israel to prove Jesus was at least the messiah Ben Joseph. The world must be one through the Noahide judeo-christian humanistic morale. What global culture should the NWO be built upon other than our worldwide Israeli heritage: now free from Abrahamic laws through Christ? There is no contest to Israel`s historical, and cultural heritage perhaps with the exception of Rome. This would be the wish of Rabbi Yitzak Kaduri!


We know the Danes, (Tribe of Dan) , and others came to Denmark! Israel, and the sons of Noah are the world! We the Christians are the future people that will create a global order! The kingdom of God is at hand! Soon all christianity, and judaism will be united for the worldwide coming of Ben David. But not unless you SHRED YOUR CLOATHES IN ANGUISH AND REPENTANCE!


Scripture tells more than anything how important it is that we are one. It was the prayer of Christ. It is vital that we get a headquarter, and our own nations as our existence is threatened. This is the united decree to all who adhere to the christian faith.


Seeing the statistics, and the defeat of christianity as a major religious-political influence in Europe due to the heretic Islam, all Christians of America, Europe, and the christian world will crave an independent Christian country.


What solutions is there for Norway today?




Norway has a cold spirit of the fatherless, brokenhearted eastern-european, individualistic, pridefilled, reserved, cold, apathic, bulliying, broken-ness of a frozen princess, and what I think lies in spiritual bonds from the viking age. It is the dragon. Norwegians must become central european or israeli in spirit! They need to adapt national pride, and social warmth! I am sad, and angry because Norway isn`t a happy, social, or a warm place to be: even though it is monetary rich.


We need to learn, pride, love, and sociality from immigrants. We need the southern social warmth for nords to be really kind, and integrate others to create a warm society: displaying our national colours! But instead: They are americanized, and post-modern! Like: If they dislike immigration: why don`t they build them a better world, and care more for them? Why don`t they wear their national colors, cultivate their culture, and sing national hymns on the streets?


They must confront their ¨problem¨ instead of fleeing from it! Norway needs serious socialist reforms for integration into a warm society! I`m getting really, REALLY frozen! I froze to death!


Norwegians should be HAPPY about their heritage, not ANGRY and hating because some are not norwegians; sitting home throwing garbage to the internet. They play right into the hands of career politicians that seek to divide us. Both outposts become angry and hating. Grow up, and start cultivating love, and pride for your country! No hate-pride! No war! DAMN NAZIS, AND NAZI PARADES! They give nationalists a false reputation! We are peaceful monks of the new age!


The nazis are DEAD! C`mon! We need societal changes NOW, and dead Hitler ain`t gonna save you. I feel so sad for the Norwegians: my people..! It`s sad as Hell! They think they are loosing their country, and need something to stand up for! But in reality: Their country doesn`t exist. For none cultivate national culture. Hymns are never heard on the street, but hate against immigrants permeate the internet. This is wrong.


Most immigrants just want to be nice! Immgrants are like: PLEASE SIR! HELP INTEGRATE US INTO A WARM SOCIETY! If the Norwegians only displayed their warm, open culture; it would be no problem. I personally grew up here, and I wasn`t ever integrated! All were harsh and expecting.


Dear nationalist. I love you. I want all this to make you more happy, united, and satisfied with yourself than ever. Postive emotions. Positive thinking. That will rub off on the immigrants!


You love yourself? Why then are ALL posts on nationalistic forums negative about immigrants, and other cultures while never being positive, or about the country, and your heritage? Contrary to immigrants: Can you say your country, or culture even exists? Is it a country of countrymen, or a nationality of a nation?


My dear Norwegian. You are hopefully going: ¨Jeg ELSKER Norge!¨ Jamen da må du poste noe vakkert om Norge da dummen! Folk følger jo med på dere! Kjære venner. Jeg er sannsynligvis mer opprørt enn dere. Ikke bare fordi jeg elsker landets morsmelk, men fordi jeg ser løsninger ingen andre deler. You feel like you are loosing you ¨nation¨? Ok. So how is this nation defined? By your politicians? No. GROW UP! Stop being so angry with politicians; playing into their plan! They WANT to divide you! LOVE is the answer! Look at the problem with love, and start doing something about it yourself! Start blossoming! Cultivate your culture into national-romantic heights instead of posting hate-speech on the internet! Are you not called to be Christians?


What have YOU done to help immigrants get a better future? Have you showed them your culture? Do you integrate them? Do you EVEN exhibit your culture among FELLOW ethnic norwegians? When you get together: do you sing national songs? DO YOU HAVE A CULTURE? NO? Bad goys!! What are you?


You`re americans. You are post-modern tv-slave americans! You are the vermin of the world: the rich, apathic godless Norwegians that take a shit on the rest of the world, and only complain. If only you were norwegians I think immigrants would be proud to come to your country, and be one of you!


The aryan race is blessed with high morale standards, kindness and passifism. They are very naiive, and very dependent on powerful leaders; as they are very peaceful naturally. They become desperate when seeing no solution to Europe disintegrating in a demographic crisis through mass immigration and Islam. Their express their despair through hatespeech on the internet; since to them; there is no other option than pushing the problem far from them, and isolating themselves in coldness. For they have not seen the solution of light and love.


Now.. What defines your culture more than religion..? Don`t you think internet memes, and marches for the judeo-christian UN human rights is better than hatespeech? Are you mad? You play RIGHT into the politicians hands! They want division, war, and hate so they get more power in a police-state! For when the people are cold and divided: A powerful state is needed.


Start with re-creating national culture through love, and light revival renaissance revolution! Do you play cards, talk about norwegian history, culture, religion, show pride, do the dance, play the violin or whatever, sing your national hymns, and wear your national exhibit on the street? Do you gather in YOUR streets, laugh, love, and smile like IMMIGRANTS do in your streets? Do you go out to coexist with them, and tell you love them? No. You are cold. If you`re nationalist then BE A NATION! Be a people! Grow up! And stop blaming the politicians!


You`re playing right into the police-state`s pockets! They just love leading people into disarray! That`s their job! They are career politicians there for the power! They appeal to minorities to stay in power as a tax-farm! Stop bold-head nazi-tattoo marches, and go back to the fifties, and wear hats, bunad, national attire. And start smiling! Soon the immigrants would say: ¨Heeey! The norwegians!¨ They aren`t americans. They WOULD love you. If you were yourselves, and something more than whores, and post-modern white trash.


Be serious like: Ok; there is a problem with rape, how do we counter it? They are just people like yourselves! You just need to be fathers of the nation, show yourselves some respect, and be fathers to them! They don`t know better! Teach them how to be good norwegians! Nurture, and learn about your common humanistic values, and teach them to the muslims! Be fathers to them! And start being christians!


Show them you ain`t godless rape-cows, but serious, virtuous christians whom the law must protect! Start by being good christians! Christianity must rise to define Norwegian culture! Stop reflecting the american culture!! If you were religious: Sure it would be easy to gain their respect, and protect the nation`s culture! But you are fat and rich. Because of this: You are godless, apathic, egocentric, cold, and care only about yourselves. We see this especially in huge populations like Oslo. You are the worst people on the planet Earth. And what have you done to your Christs? Wake up, and become the sunchildren of the light! Become the angels of purity and love! Become the civilizers you once were, and protect what`s left of western values. You once were a people. But you have forgotten all you are.


I ALL KJÆRLIGHET! Det DU kan gjøre er å ta min drøm videre, og bygge en landsby for å rendyrke, og vise hva Norge er. Et alveland! Dyrk din nasjonal kultur med all fantasy som finnes kan! Gjør deg om til en alv! Om du hadde sett på deg selv slik ville alle innvandrere endre bedømmelsen og måpe! De VIL respektere dere når dere står opp for å bli hva dere kan! Det ER trist at tidslinjen for Europa er død: At Europa er dødt ettersom teoretiserte fremtidige nasjonal oppblomstringer nå aldri vil kunne skje. Jeg gremmes hver morgen! Men da får vi bare flytte sammen i en landsby da; men religion som grunnlag. 😊 For Norge er vårt, og skal aldri dø!


Vi trenger minimalistiske, økologiske samfunn for å vise hvor greit vi kan ha det. Kanskje oppe i en gjemt dal der ingen kunne tru at alvar kunne bu. Som personlig kristen vil jeg si at dette til sist ikke er en etnisk kamp, men en åndelig en. Hva er større kulturarv enn den judeo-kristne? Om ikke dere utsmykker dere en ¨evig-varende ny globalisme av hva som er vestens fremtid ideologi¨ er dere dumme, og kristendommen er deres beste forsvar! Jeg holder på å gjøre nettopp det, og blir slått ned av samtlige!


Jesus was the first true humanist, the first who taught men are Gods, the first socialist, and the first feminist!








Our demands.


The demands, and purpose of this manifest is of course:


1 A public disclosure of the reality of Hell by all men in power; in particular the Vatican, norwegian church, and the royal houses. We must unravel the Hell conspiracy quickly before any more souls are lost! This is a Hellish game we have played; irresponsible as human children of God. The Hell conspiracy is the oldest, and largest conspiracy. Before this; all other conspiracies dim. We must disclose this through scientific evidence of the spiritual realm. For this we need:


2 A new educational system, or the power to make one ourselves. A library of true knowledge for our children`s protections as future elites of the NWO. I call upon all members of the alliance to unite with me in Norway! I have tried for 5 years now; hear my call! I have been in the most disrespectful, inhumane, disgusting torment humanity has ever heard of for 5 years. For this we need:


3 A disclosure of technology. I state; nothing is sold but lies. I call forth an alliance of state officials, secretaries, agents, whistleblowers, teachers, doctors, and scientists to unite.


4 Our nation. Our religion craves the first godly, biblical state in 3000 years since the judges. We decree the need for the first zealous, radical 1st century messianic church which will lead to a village, and then lead to a nation. God`s theocracy on Earth.







The campaign for a peaceful NWO


The revolution campaign for a peaceful NWO for the west craves heroism, and is as follows.


1 Revolutionary love is the only immortal, global culture that can save, and unite the world for perpetual balance; coherent in all humans. Traversing all borders and ethnicities.


The code for this eternal law is Love and Light. Love is akin to the word Law. Love is morale, respect, kindness etc. Light is truth/enlightenment/expression and deliverance. Both love, and light are Life. Without these two; nothing life would exist. They are God; the circle of Life. Light and love is the eternal lesson for humanity to cultivate. Therefore;


2 God is love and light. Therefore; enlightenment must render religion reduced to science, and cannot escape the scientific method under an investigative state effort, and a university of all religions craved established. In this metod we find out that;


3 The God of all Abrahamic religions is the same. Therefore;


4 We are all the children of God. We thus crave a UN council of religions to be established with laws on religious behaviour as a judical court against all extremist religion, and religious behaviour; criminalizing all violations against modernization, love, law, and UN human rights; especially radical Islam which must reform. Therefore;


5 We see that through the truth of love and light; All power to the people of lady liberty to take care of themselves as United Human brothers, and sisters without a powerful state in ultra-liberalist philosophy in both the governmental, and societal forms with focus on freedom, free economies, and free love will work. Therefore


6 There is no need for a powerful police-state, or a New World Order if the people are homogenous on humanistic-philosophical basis. 06.12.2017


This is accomplished by societal groups uniting that have the same program outlined here that seek reformation from the program`s benefits. Such a social-political movement/revolution would cause perpetual peace. Those called include political parties, think-tanks, philosophers, human-etic foundations, well-fare-organizations, etc, as well as religious establishments.


We will soon discover that Christianity is not what you think! It is completely independent from the mosaic law, and the God Yahweh. We will discover that it is the only true religion, and the only one who unites all religion in comparative mythology!