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The Church of Light and Love! Coll. Are you cool?


Welcome to my site!


Hei! Love, and light! :) We are a pentecostal church founded in 2018 by Thomas Eidsaa from Kristiansand Norway.


Before you leave. Take your time to read this one quote, and see if you`re interested. ¨Love and light is the creator nothing would exist without, and the law. Light is the life of the sun that makes the flower of love open to spread new seeds for a new sun next year just as God is evermerciful and everlasting. Light is knowledge. Love is the law.¨ - Senior Pastor Thomas Eidsaa


Science, and religion was once inseperable before the renaissance. It`s time Christianity takes back new-age terms such as ¨spirit science¨, for Christianity is the only true religion.


All on this site was written by Thomas Eidsaa, and I take full responsibility. 

(even though most people call me a maniac) This site is much based upon the writings you can find in my book.


Our church believe in something called ¨spirit science.¨ We believe God`s primary emnation in this universe is the sun, and planets called stars. Scientifically speaking: There is a relative creator: The sun, and the force of pro-creation/love. The ¨God¨ has if so to be: Love and light! Which is the catch-phrase of our church. Be cool. Join the ride! And be as eternal as the sun. Enlightenment is just ahead! You are Gods, and Jesus is the Light!


COLL`s Christianity!


This book categorizes, and explains Christian, and jewish laws, thought, and COL doctrine etc. It is enriching, eye-opening, and a must read! Click on the link below! :)


TE 2018 Church of Light`s Christianity 12.05.2018

Previously called the Reformation Revival Revolution, or the Kingdom of God.


Download the PDF! This book is in it`s 5th Edition. It is a very extensive book picking apart, and categorizing Christianity for the very first time! If you are interested in defending your faith, and delving into the sacred mysteries of scripture; this is a must read!



Comments on the COLL`s Christianity:

 This is the second reformation finished on the same date 500 years after Martin Luther`s reformation of Christianity.

It contains all the mysteries of christianity, and many occult, philosophic, and masonic secrets. It reveals the practice of the 1st century church bridging christianity back to 1st century messianic christendom.  It contains absolute proof that christianity is the only true religion. It explains Islam; where they are right, and where they are wrong. Yet Islam is not my focus.

It is the first book that tells both the truth of Jesus ACTUAL birthdate, WHAT Jesus did on the cross, God`s names, AND the the TRUTH of the book of Revelations; giving out the secrets of the beast 666. ALL REVEALED! It explains Jesus, how he was a sun-myth, and introduces a new name to pre-christ christ-myths: Christomois. It explains how Jesus fulfilled the messiah Ben Joseph prophecies of Judaism.

You will discover a new, perfect, loving church! It`s knowledge will set you free from lies, and give you perspective to live responsibly and strong. LIVE WELL! I attest this to_you_. When you have finished reading the book; you will be enlightened!  I give you my love.

Thomas Eidsaa copyright 12.05.2018




Church of Light`s Revolution.


My new book is out in it`s 1st edition! Viva la revolution! :)


TE 2018 COL Christianity`s Revolution


This book is mostly made of older compilements.


It focuses on how our common judeo-christian world heritage can make the world global and stable. (Through love and light of course)


Long live Norway. :)

This book is all about finding, and building the true church, society, and governmental structure on Earth. It is far from complete, but I`m happy to have it done.


With love and light.

Written by Thomas Eidsaa 15.04.2018.



I also recommend you click, and read St.John`s Apocalypse also found here in the menu. Happy reading! :)


If I spakred the flame of revolutionaries: Anonymous, the Ashtar group, (both whom I don`t necessarily like) and the Venus project presents revolutionary enlightenment for the great awakening of ultra-liberalist anarchism, and self-sustained culture-reservatories that is taking place: Opposing the system, and rebuilding humanity one community at the time. Click the link below, and be amazed.

249 pages of articles with pictures

Previously posted at forums.

By Thomas and friends. <>



The aquarian law of Light



Bored of sitting on the siderow? Bored of watching Europe die without knowing where to go? Tired of wanting to stand up without knowing how? Bored of wanting to FIGHT without a religious, and ethical foundation? Bored of not knowing what to do? Feeling alone, and wanting to find brotherhood? Afraid for the future of Europe, christianity, and your nation`s culture? Take the lifelong journey into christianity, knowledge, and become the fighter you have always wanted to be! Become the TRUEST defender of Europe`s culture and history; a COL member with a 1000 year history; sworn to last 1000 years more! The solutions your eager heart longs for are outlined in my book!


The time has come for YOU to step up, and secure your children`s future! I highly recommend you band together in brotherhood, and build cells of christian survivalism with a knowledge-basis of love and light!  Light of knowledge, and pride in your western-civilized heritage. Knowledge that binds together the world for your future; forming friendships. And love for people. In the future we will look back at how we only accomplished our goals through love and light. Together these two make the Whole Eternal Law.


Love is akin to the word law, and means morale, respect, social kindness and care. Light means truth, enlightenment, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace and order. Together; love and light create all visible life in the univserse. (except from deep-ocean volcanoes) Love is the law; a language all religions can agree upon; and all ethnicities can understand. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow; be it a christian world, or a NWO. Love. Yet what we radicals need today is a revolution renaissance of national-romance. Knowledge. Light to the people!

Take the mantle of truth, and run as lady liberty! It would honour me greatly! My sacrifice is not in vain my child. Take the journey through these webpages knowledge, wisdom, find the secrets, and rise to defend Europe! Re-arrange the future!

As Jesus prays for our unity; let us unite all denominations through KTI to protect Europe`s cultural landmarks, cathedrals, culture and survive!


Let`s return to origin, and share the knowledge of this website with the jews; retaking Jerusalem with peace; not a sword this time. And let`s beautify Europe`s heritage as her son and preservator. You Europeans are called to a chivalric mission of the most noble nature.

The naiive, kind, polite, peaceful, and beautiful nordic, blonde people have lost both their pagan, and christian culture! Return to chieftainships, and remember your identity with dignity! Don`t you dare succumb to be an americanized, post-modern slave of Babylon! That`s why immigrants hate us! The more norwegian, and nationalistic you are; the more will they love you, and be integrated!

Don`t sing your national hymns only on independence day! And start wearing hats! Respect yourselves, love yourselves, rejoice, have fun, and embrace all ethnicities with peace and love! That is the way to be loved yourself. Oh children of the Sun; I call you. For we are creating a new world; and YOU are called as one of the building blocks! Without love and light; there would be no life on this planet. Love is light, and light is love. God is the creator; God is love. And you blonde children of the sun have forgotten your calling; your holy identity as sacred civilizers and diplomats for peace! We are not racist; as far from it as possible.


The Kingdom of God


An ideal world.


You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers.


While you walk beneath the red leaves; you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic, artistic houses, with painting you have never seen before.


This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus. The people meeting you are of all races, yet greet you with norwegian cloathing; and preach a universal gospel. They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history.


It exists because the state is liberalistic, but here they`ve taken it even further; into anarchist-theocracy. A church spires above the little fantasy-town where the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes. The church functions as social-welfare centre, religious school and governance. Somewhere in the world is their headquarters.


Their mission spread fast across the globe; giving ethnic people pride in their heritage. In the valley bordering this one; there is a Viking village, and then a muslim quarters; all agreeing on the enlightenment philosophy, human values, common morals. If you read the books of Yair Davidiy; you will discover all are children of Israel! The Bible even prophecies they will return, and that the world shall be one shortly after! The villagers tell you how they created a revolution renaissance of liberty, love, light, knowledge, art and success; introducing the New Age of worldwide peace.


 They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe; many christians have become inspired by their achievements to create cultural reservatories merging their individual nationalist culture with the global morale, and truths of Abrahamic faiths; thus creating a perfect globalist order! There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies! We only accomplished our goals through love and light.






The need for a new nation and governance!


We seek to establish worldwide consensus, worldwide distribution of secret knowledge, and thus make unity. We shall take responsibility as Christians – whom are stewards of Earth - and make the world into our garden where milk, honey, and the good life is without end; as we can fly on saucers, have free electricity, and sour between the majestic mountains of the Norwegian valleys in ufo`s. This would have been the aryan future had it not been for the satanic lobbyists of Arbeiderpartiet. A world of elves; beautifying, and rediscovering their magical origins to an extreme! We have always been a people of peace! No jews should go against this; but the jews in Norway are evil. Still; our good hearts will never give up; even if the nazi-jews, and Christians kill a million of their last descendants and messiahs! Even as Gods are raped by all; we will never give them up, and pray for them! A world where we take care of each other, and the Earth's resources.


To achieve all this, we need a new governmental structure. A theocratic ultra-liberalist anarchist system. We need a Pentecoastal World Church! We need a theocratic priesthood as the world`s unchanging foundation stone with philosopher kings, great saints, and scientists (an enlightened bunch of the world`s most loved, honest, greatest schoolars) as was customary in the antique. Our theocrazy is ordained by God`s word as the only viable governmental form! We need this state.. Just ONE state! Please! All will see and know how perfect it will work! All will want our education and system! Our newspapers, and media will broadcast miracles! Our idols will be saints! All will be harmony, and no violence when all are Christian anarchists! The world will recognize us, long for our success, and say: They`ve got it right! We want it as well!




Here`s how the Biblical government works.


The legislative branch will be elected from among the recognized, miracle-working, Christian saints of our Church belonging to the Priest class, and above; to act as biblical judges by votes among the members of the church/nation every 4 years. This will be the legislative branch or parliament. The executive branch will be chosen through job-application to the parliament, and those hired can serve uptil 8 years, wait 4 years, and serve another 8. The people are one under God, and Bible in fear of HELL, so as a libertarian person; I say the people, and the parliament can both thrash the government by majority of votes both of them. No feudalism; just love and light. Private actors will take care of the people. Hell, and Satanism will be so hated from school indoctrination (all they did through history) that rats in the system will be killed as is biblical. We are afraid of Hell! Roads, hospitals, schools, drug-stores, etc will be privatized. Our system will be void of idols (the spirit of Moloch) , owls, and the spirit of mammon (money-power-disease.) Our idols will be saints! The theme of a unified belief will of course be very socialistic even through this is a liberalist country. For all are the same! Rich will of course take care of the poor, for we are one people! The people own the state. And without a powerful state; the private actors must answer to the people!


An even better solutions comes to view through combining the thoughts of Christian Norwegian author, businessman, and politician Bertram Dybwad Brochman. He was hushed by the state as I was, but had pioneering ideas of the solution to government. The Bible has a system where all citizens get citizen-sallary from a government existing of political parties reduced of political status; rendered them labour-parties/groups that together compromise a council consisting of representatives from these earlier political parties, and scientists in each field; whom determine how all citizens shall serve the state in obligatoric work (as with the priesthood in Israel) f.i in farming during harvest to get their salary. All citizens get citizen-sallary; eliminating the lowest class. Remember; this is a biblical, theocratic ultra-liberalistic anarchistic system.


The parliament consists of elected saints from the church; whom have miracleworking properties; proof of their life being close to God. Aside from the national government; we advocate local governance through the church which functions as a mixture of school, and social-department; taking care of all socialistic welfare-matters. This will of course only work if all are Christian. Aside from the obligatoric work for the citizen-sallary; all are free to nurture their economic, political, and religious independence without group-contradictions; kept in peace by a strong theocratic church-police and military.


There is no people vs the state; for the people own the state, or as the Bible states; ¨give, and it shall be given to you in abundance.¨ Liberalistic ideology is maintained while eliminating the low-cast through citizen-sallary which all receive. This will become the freedom of a new world with more food, electricity etc due to technological advancements and robotization of work! We just have to be careful that the people chose no Barabbas over Jesus. The fear of Hell, and the necessary terms of sainthood in the parliament eliminate rats in the system. Obligatoric work removes taxes, and creates a brotherhood unity with a socialist spirit. This latter Brochman system will have a powerful state whose governance is only a council; ruled by the parliament. There will be no votes on government, and the church, and people votes in the parliament of proven saints.


The executive branch/government only abuse, and misuse it`s power, and is a governmental structure that does not work in it`s people`s interest! It must be reduced to military, police, and all above-mentioned positive ideas of socialism. None of these governmental forms need taxes, and obligatory work for citizen salary. There are also many other ways to fund a government like f.i by volition. The need to abolish taxes completely is to secure the great idea of freedom, and ensure that the corrupt government system never rises, and increases their taxes in the future again. The idea of an internet-democratic People`s State, where all can vote on affairs is also intriguing. We imagine the political parties (labour groups and scientists) have this internet structure that those educated can join. We decree this as free human individuals who have lost their freedom, nation, culture, pride, and the possibility of living to our religion`s requirements and ideals. We must get a Christian, biblical state!


Modern socialism doesn`t work since power is abused by satanist lobbyists that seek high positions! The evil elite will only become fewer, more evil, and be the super-rich. Communism has killed millions. The upper-middle class will disappear as in America. That is why we whatever the cost must establish a God`s Kingdom theocrazy somewhere on Earth as mentioned above; even if it is only a small village. We must serve God! How come nobody has seen this necessity before me?


To survive as a christian people and nation; we need a liberalist government as our scandinavian countries are over-run by satanic pretty-politic cultural marxists. Or else: Norway will end up like a police-state, soviet country where nobody dares speak of revolution or religion. Our riches, and oil-fond will simply disappear while IF we had had a homogenous society of liberalism; Norwegian patriotism, technological development, and society would have made us the best, most unified, strong, and peaceful nation in the world with a system that would be a template to change all other nations! This was God`s destiny with Norway, but the talmudian, satanic jews, and the Workers Party have completely eliminated the last trace of all last tribes of Norway; tribes who once were great nations of blondes, and redheads millenia ago! They wish to create religious war so that when mankind is broken down from war in the future: the situation will be so tense, and the emotional hate so strong between muslims, and christians that the police-state will crush every evangelist. Religion will be taught as the reason for war in history books. Most will agree Islam is the true religion. Europe will be lost! The primary target of the Illuminati_are_christians. This is no secret. AND..! The Illuminati rule the world! It would be hard getting our privatized village if we do not have a liberalistic right-winged government.




Socialist measures for the state of today


If f.i I took power over Norway today, and got a theocrazy with me as King, I would of course fix the country through socialist means. I would create a new Rome. There would be social integration centres where norsemen, and immigrants could hang out, teach, and share culture over an open mic! There would be open roman theatres, or ¨forums¨ at the heart of every city where people could drink, and do songs with theatrical shows on the scene, as well as having continous open dialogue where the people exchange philosophy, and ideas to solve societal, and national problems! I would rule as a king, and do all with support from the government.


But you see; such socialism is only a dream. Still; I would create a left-right government with the best from both sides so all minorities like ourselves could have private schools! I would build great monuments to human achievements like f.i the monument of peace, or the cathedral of human accomplishment to mark the milestones we overcame as a human species, and to settle with stone that we stand together against war for all time! I would build free work-out centres as temples of man to ensure good health! I would stop the toxic food import! I would use the oil fund to create inland industry. I would make Norway into the pallet example of an everlasting perfect society. But no such political opposition exists.


Stop this cultural Marxist-post-modern destruction of culture now! Start walking the streets as Norwegian clothing, playing with kids, socializing, playing guitar, singing national hymns, having all kinds of games, walking in nature, and going to theme park. All must be humanists with care for each other as Jesus is the examplaric man! Nietzsche must be destroyed!


If all are enlightened, moralistic, and have all truth: Why would not anarchistic ¨garden of Eden¨ society work? Yet first we need to destroy contemporary hip-hop culture. The culture, and music industry causing violence, rape, and a carnal slave-mentality.


I advocate an exodus out of the cauldron of globalist Babylon, and the first united rebellion against the corrupt state, and it`s danish King. All our Viking pagans, romans, greek philosophers, christian illuminates, humanist revolutionaries, biker anarchists, fascist nationalists, and national-socialists; RISE FOR YOUR CAUSE! In our country there will be zero taxes.. The statists shalt bloody pay for enslaving us, and creating wars for thousands of years! We christians deserve a land of our own after 2000 years of heresy, historical, and modern persecution from China to the Levant, Africa, America and Norway etc. They will NOT destroy the only hope for peace, or the messiah! The million voices of persecuted Christians cry out, as do the billions of muslims burning in Hell! They matter as well! And still you let the satanists rule our state while doing nothing?


When we spread our revival-renaissance revolution, and awaken all people of the world to the global idea of an utopian society, our state will be the glorious first democratic theocratic Empire, or ¨Kingdom of God¨.



Want to join in Norway? Want to set up a congregation in your own city? Having questions? Start Bible-groups?


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