Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!

1st century ministries unite!

Reformation Revival Revolution (RRR) theology, and Christian answers!


Poison has seeped into the Church, the government, and our Christian lands are in peril! We need a Christian reformation revival revolution renaissance in in all sciences, and levels of society today - because a good foundation for the future can only come through ethical unity based on universal truth proven by science - the language of today! Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific method, and validate itself! After we have united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our Christian banner, we will reed out the poisonous virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. Please read my books, and my eight-step plan. Stay blessed.


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 TE 2018 SPREAD THIS Law of Love and Light

It can create a valid ethical unity - much needed in a west of divided ethics.



The Revival Reformation Revolution of Christianity.

UPDATE 15.08.2018


Welcome to 1stcenturiesministries! This is a pentecostal inter-denominational Christian enlightenment campaign for the needed reformation-revival-revolution, and national-romantic renaissance to take place across Europe, and the west. Deus vult!


Forget my previous works, but I hope you enjoyed the read!

I decided to split my mega-works into more digestable topics.


My book ¨The Reformation Revival Revolution¨ became:

TE 2018 Church theology, and practice in the 21st century

And TE 2018 The Revelation Conspiracies Both which are great books!


My book ¨An Ode to the Sun, and Morningstar¨ ended up in three independent books after it`s 3 original parts:


Part 1 TE 2018 Who was Jesus and how was he the messiah

Part 2 TE 2018 Love and Light - A new gospel from Jesus Christ

Part 3 TE 2018 God chose the aryan minority


Part 3 is HIGHLY controversial, and contains racial-supremacist elements (just because Jews, and Muslims have it too) , but is NOT a racist book. All in all; I dedicate these 3 parts to the SUN and MORNING-STAR, and I feel no sympathy if you`re angry.


If you feel frustrated, I relieve you! Read the non-religious essence of my copy-righted theme: Love and light. TE 2018 SPREAD THIS Law of Love and Light


My book Christianity`s Revolution went through some final editing, and is now perfect. :) You don`t have to be a Christian to like my themes of Revolution.

TE 2018 COL Christianity`s Revolution



Questions regarding Islam are answered here.

TE 2018 Islam

Although I love muslims.






BEFORE YOU LEAVE, read the philosophical solution to world peace:

TE 2018 SPREAD THIS Law of Love and Light


This book is philosophy based on the common catchphraze of love and light. It is meant for initiates to begin their journey into my church/order of light. I take matters into my own hands, and constructs a universal conduit for all religions and ideologies; to secure the future of western humanism. I am the first online to have discovered these meanings behind love and light, but you are more than welcome to spread the word. The implications of L&L are quite extensive, and one could easily start a new philosophy, or even religion based on it. I might have rediscovered the philosophy of sun-worshippers in Egypt. How come nobody else saw this before me. Seems like there still are prophets of humanity. I love you. Thomas Eidsaa


Love is akin to the word law, and created all human morale. It`s word implies respect, compassion, social kindness and care. Light means truth, enlightenment, fire, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace and order. Together: Love and light create all visible life in the universe. (except from deep-ocean volcanoes, but they are created by fire, so I guess our theory is valid.)



Love is the law: A language all religions can agree upon, and all tongues, and ethnicities can understand. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow: Be it a Christian world, or a NWO. Love is the lesson for humanity to graduate, and drop their weapons. Meditate upon love.

Remember this: The world can only be one through common humanistic ethics. And the answer is. Love and light. Peace, love, and understanding are simply children of this philosophy. For how can there be peace without enlightenment?


While I father this inter-religious, humanistic movement on f.i ; this website is solely about the truths of the Christian faith as discerned by myself.


All on this site was written by Thomas Eidsaa. This site is based upon the writings you can find in my many books. I do this for the sake of Christian enlightenment, and the advancement of Scandinavia. We want thing returned to how they used to be. And for that we need both a reformation, revival, revolution of love, a renaissance of light, and a national-romantic wave.

It`s just my dream. ;)


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TE 2018 Love and Light - A new gospel from Jesus Christ


I believe in something called ¨spirit science.¨ Ibelieve God`s primary emnation in this universe is the sun, and planets called stars. Scientifically speaking: There is a relative creator: The sun, and the force of pro-creation/love. The ¨God¨ has if so to be: Love and light! Which is the catch-phrase of our church. Be cool. Join the ride! And be as eternal as the sun. Enlightenment is just ahead! You are Gods, and Jesus is the Light!

Science, and religion was once inseperable before the renaissance. It`s time Christianity takes back new-age terms such as ¨spirit science¨, for Christianity is the only true religion.


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TE 2018 The Revelation Conspiracies


I show you how Revelations is a continuation, and repetition of prophetic books in the OT. I will show you how they based it on guess, visions, numerology, references to other Bible scriptures, but foremost astrological calculations of coming disasters. You will learn the truth of Judas, Apollyon, Muhammad, Ashtar, Islam, Rome, the Beasts, the Whore, the Dragon, the two Witnessess, the Magog War, Armageddom, 666, the new Jerusalem, and the 1000 year reign. You will learn the truth of the second coming of Jesus, the conspiracy of the Turin-Shroud, and how the world is a satanic circle operating under the Vatican. You will learn to identify the past, and current world powers in scripture as the beast. At the end; I will add my personal guesses. I present christian research based upon books by the christian authors William Schnoebelen, Thomas Horn, and Jim Wilhelmson.



Read my new book!


My new book is out online in it`s 1st edition! Viva la revolution! :)


TE 2018 COL Christianity`s Revolution


This book is mostly made of older compilements.

But for now: Long live Norway, and viva la revolution! :)

This book is all about finding, and building the true church, society, and governmental structure on Earth. It is far from complete, but I`m happy to have it done.

With love and light.

Mr kind. Written by Thomas Eidsaa 15.04.2018.


It focuses on how our common judeo-christian world heritage can make the world global and stable. (Through love and light of course)


Long live Norway. :)

This book is all about finding, and building the true church, society, and governmental structure on Earth. It is far from complete, but I`m happy to have it done.


With love and light.


Are you a revolutionary? Do you question government?


If I spakred the flame of revolutionaries: Anonymous, the Ashtar group, (both whom I don`t necessarily like) and the Venus project presents revolutionary enlightenment for the great awakening of ultra-liberalist anarchism, and self-sustained culture-reservatories that is taking place: Opposing the system, and rebuilding humanity one community at the time. Click the link below, and be amazed.

249 pages of articles with pictures

Previously posted at forums.

By Thomas and friends. <>



Oh! You  still here? You must be a BRAVE patriot revolutionary DEDICATED to change the future like a TRUE viking: No matter what! I will give you the knowledge, and keys to fulfill all your dreams. That is why I wrote the book: JUST for you! If you spread the word, follow your heart, and follow the instructions. I may, or may not agree to the doctrines of this book, but it was a pilot-project aimed at creating something never done before. I`m much of a post-modern philosopher, and love to see every angle of a topic. There was no book like this, so I wrote it. I have no grudge against immigrants etc. I`m just good at writing. ;)


Read my new book!


TE 2018 God chose the aryan minority


For Norway, the west, whites, and Christianity are under viscious attack by a shadowy, conspiring, globalist elite. They use cultural-marxism, and media to brainwash you to think we`re racists.  Norway will soon be rootless without culture, have lost it`s inland economy, and be a control-state, if not to say police state. All this is provable, and to be found in my book, and on the internet. This is real evil, and we as moralistic people (not to mention religious), must be responsible and fight: To fight with love and enlightenment.

A cold police-state society of sharia-muslims vs gays must be prevented at all costs. We need a warm society of ethical unity. That`s the way to solve the globalist problem. And the key is: Love and Light which you can read about.




Want to join in Norway? Start a Family of Illuminism! A family of light! Think-tanks are needed! People of all ethnicities, cultures, and professions are needed to build the utopian village: COLL`s nr.1 dream.


Or do you want to set up a congregation in your own city or country? Ask me for permission, and I`ll give you a letter with the rights, copyright of distributing my works in your native language! Or just do it anyways! Having questions? Start Bible-groups?


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Love you! :)