An anti-Illuminati neo-charismatic 1`st censtury ministry of the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth and God`s real names!

1st centuryministies

An anti-Illuminati neo-charismatic 1`st censtury ministry of the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth and God`s real names!

Welcome to 1st century ministries!


Welcome to the light!


We bring ancient Christian 1st-century traditions, and spiritual science to life!

The goal is to create a Kingdom of Priests!

You might see this  website as a prophetic commando-central for what  mission Heaven has in store for you!

We have 5 projects - and more - 

When completed: All the world will be a Christian utopia! Guaranteed!


This is  a time when Christians must take ACTION!

You  must realize you`ve been lied to, and that their lies has


We Christians are the institution of Heaven,

and the state has become the institution of Satan; God of this world.

It`s all in the Bible.

The Vatican has failed us.

We are the first institution of Heaven on Earth. The Church of St.Peter,

not the ¨Vicar of Christ!¨ Blasphemy!

Because this is the first time Christianity has organized a functional rebellion.

Whose goal is to create a perfect, biblical Church of ABSOLUTE truth now that we have all knowledge in the 21st century. (The knowledge they don`t teach you at school.)

And that this lighthouse of absolute biblical truth; now founded upon 21st century science and absolute truth will be a watchtower for all eternity guarding the people so we never fall into slavery, or the NWO.

A Church with all truth as teachers, and caretakers of this world. When the state no longer serve the people,

the Church must rise to be that leading role. To protect the people from the state.

A Church that is not only about sunday-service, or practicing religion, 

but a Church that actually involves itself in society, and represents God`s divine order and Kingdom. Against corruption, inequality and lies. 

A watchdog watching the watchers. Protecting the people from their own state.

Because most of what they teach at school are lies, 

and you should realize: The state doesn`t care about you.

They serve agendas of international companies and money.

Not the people. 

They must therefore be removed by the Church.

When the Church realize they are at war with the world.

Not because we declared war on them.

But because they declared war on US.

When the Church realize they`re doing everything to keep us down.

When the Church realize our politicians serve other agendas, and we have been lied to.

A great revival will come like a flood, and reshape this world.

That is the ambition of this Church.

To be a light of TRUTH, and a LEADING role for all Christians in all nations.

This is THE Church of Christ.

But all Christians are our brothers.


We will reveal the truths of this world to the public like a lighthouse for ALL!

ALL will see our light, and leading role!

The lies will BURN AWAY!

And it will usher in God`s Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven!

When the Church once again is on TOP!

There is proof of God, and we will show it to the world.

They have forgotten, and believed the lies at school.

But we will make them remember.

Where mankind belongs: In God`s hands.

Led by a TRUE Church. A lighthouse.


We are a neo-charismatic Christian church.

We are inter-denominational Christians of the true 1stcentury faith.

We follow the jewish traditions, sabbath, candlelighting etc.

We are multi-national, multi-ethnic, non-racist, and non supremacist.

We are scientists.

We are conspiracy-realists.

We believe the devil has many agents of deception in this world. The Illuminati.

We are non-compromise to secret societies, slander, evil and conspiracy.

We actively seek to dethrone this false world, and create a real world.

We know the secrets of the Flat-Earth and the Mazzaroth.

We know the secrets of alternative history; giants, nephilim, angels, and before them:

The ancient humanoid reptilians. The oldest Gods. The seraphim.

We know the secrets of the multidimensional universe.

We know of Christ`s birth 19.08.01 BC.

We know of the Ether, the Source-Field, and the hermeticism of Enoch.

We know the secrets of technology, water, and herbal medicine.

We believe in a code of source, love and light.


But I can`t know everything! 

I ask therefore:


Will you join me to create Christ`s World??? <>

If you feel called to join, you undertake a lifelong oath to truth, and non-compromise to evil: Become a Christian perfectibilist! With utopian, Christian world-dominance as your future goal of life! Establish God`s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

As responsible gardners of Eden. <>


Remember: 12 disciples changed the world! 

It is time to wake the lion. For:



Christianity is threatened like never before!


An Illuminati poison has seeped into the Church, the government, and our Christian lands are in peril!  We need a Christian reformation revival renaissance in all sciences, and levels of society - today - because a good foundation for the future can only come through ethical unity based on universal truth proven by science - the language of today! Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific method, and validate itself!

After we have enlightened, and united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our Christian banner, we will reed out the poisonous (Illuminati) virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. 

The west will MUST be based upon the hellenistic-christian principles of humanism, and medieval Islam must go. Or else: The west will not survive.

If Christianity; the backbone of the western world should fall. All will be lawlessness.

With Christianity dead; paganism will defend ethnic-european pride against Islam, the globalists, and the left. Europe will die. We must not loose America, or the powerbalance shifts to fascist-atheistic China. The future west will then be a mix of pagan-newage-eastern-religions, Islam and atheism. Atheism, and paganism will eventually win; and Islam be reformed back into it`s pre-muhammed origin of the Babylonian polytheism; which will be accomplished about 5000 years from now, according to the Angels. (I am a prophet) Religion shapes society, and the future NWO religion will be the Babylonian system envisioned by it`s prophet Aleister Crowley. This might dominate the world for a hundred-thousand years. By God may it not happen.


The battle between indefinite Crowleyanity, and Christ`s return is being fought these 2-6-10 years. These few years will decide which alternative future wins. THAT is why Satan is fighting me (as a Christian) so despotically tortuous and covertly. 

He has already weakened my intelligence, mental, and physical health down to zero. 

That started already when I was 7 (according to both me, and the Illuminati.)

I am helpless.

Will you carry on my burdens???

Will you defend a future for me, and my fionce?

For if not: I will pass on without a remark nor children.



Author, and founder Tom E

Click the link below to read the official 1st century ministries theology, church life and practice.


TE 2018 Church theology, and practice in the 21st century


Included in the above is:


The Laws All Christians Must Follow


For the very first time structurized in theology! With additional revelations! The top! The best!


And if you want ALL my (Christian) works in a big pdf, you got it here!!!


TE 2018 Reformation Revival Revolution Renaissance


All my Christian books in a single pdf. The complete guide to truth and victory. With all answers to every question concerning faith, theology, apologetics, and the end-times. All my writings began with the intent of creating a Reformation Revival Revolution Renaissance. After splitting up the RRRR, I put the books back together again. 

I dedicate this book to the greatest awakening the world has ever seen, and the retaking of Israel - leading to global peace through the judeo-christian tradition, and it`s magical wonders of knowledge, science and undisputed truth.




Nothing like the holy blood of Jesus

I truly believe Jesus was immaculately concepted by the Holy Spirit as Ron Wyatt`s research blood-sample from the ark of the covenant shows the blood had only 23 chromosomes.

My Christian books for free!


My books are a neo-charismatic inter-denominational Christian enlightenment campaign for the needed reformation-revival, and national-romantic renaissance to take place across Europe, and the west.

World Christian unity, and dominance of all world sectors is any Christian`s minimum goal of life.



As of now, the books I have written should be read in the following order. Click the  links below, and read my books for free!





The God Reality - Proving God Exists


This goes into the Source-Field, Flat-Earth theory, numerology and miracles. Laying the most simple foundation for a revival renaissance by future studies of hermetic sciences of the source-field matrix.


The Hell Conspiracy


If you really think, and study society`s dark secrets with your feet in the word: You will discover that there is only ONE conspiracy at the bottom of ALL conspirasies, and that mankind will not be the dominant species unless they reach unison conscience about it. I realized that the ONLY thing the satanic state cares for, and works to bring about: Is torturing it`s own citizens. So much for your ¨protection.¨ Unveiling the reality of the multiverse, and the Hell conspiracy is the only conspiracy that matters. This book is dedicated to all who are trapped in Satanism, and/or the Illuminati system. This book will shatter your images of Satan, and expose him as a liar he is. From the perspective of Illuminati insider, and former magician Thomas Eidsaa. This book will shatter Satanism as an intellectual religion forever, and is a followup to ¨The God Reality.¨


2018 Jesus, and the ritual of the cross explained



Here I explain Christ`s identity from the mazzaroth, birthchart, pyramidal prophecies, pagan prophecies, and biblical prophecies: To discover all the occult secrets of Jesus left behind by the 1stcentury church - never revealed before in litterature, as we delve deeper into the renaissance of Christianity. To be able to explain Christ`s identity; I also had to visit, and to deeply, and schoolarly clarify the Lucifer figure, who God is, and compare Christ to Lucifer. Is Jesus Lucifer? ABSOLUTELY NOT!


TE 2018 Love, Light and freedom


Discover the groundbreaking news! The metaphysical law of love and light! Don`t shun your head, and don`t miss out this one!   This is the follow-up to Jesus, and the ritual of the cross explained. While most of my work is conservative; I made this to balance myself out a little. This book is not a part of official 1stcenturyministires theology. This work is about the relativity of sin taken into context through a ¨new gospel¨ of love and light. See it as a Christmas present. I originally called it An Ode to the Sun and Morningstar. I take you on a personal journey through philosophical, and inter-religious revelations about love and light. The summary of the book is how I discover a unified law for scientific, religious, and philosophical schools in which all the world can unite. (A humanistic code for the greater good.) Although I was hesitant to post this due to fear of herecy, this is a must read, and will greatly enhance your life with joy! Recommended only for those who have obtained salvation with a firm faith, and relationship to Christ. Only for the purpose of reasoning, philosophy, and study; not to be preached as ¨some new religion.¨ Thank you so much.




I wrote the book on Islam at a time I was into the Judas-antichrist conspiracy. I don`t know what to say. Should I rewrite it? Muhammad got half the name of God right. (Allah) The laws of Islam are similar to Judaism. And the Quran has mostly truth... But without salvation through Jesus, and with the historical contradictions; Islam is a complete forgery, and we will discover that it was the  Vatican who created Islam. Still: I love muslims very much, and believe they pray to the same God as I do. Just IMMAGINE if they followed the laws, AND had a personal relationship with Jesus! Think of the power!


TE 2018 COL Church theology, and practice in the 21st century


This is a beautiful epitome of (conservative) neo-charismatic theology, and another one-of-a-kind must read for the spiritual Christian practitioner. It represents my personal messianic-christian beliefs, and the road I think the neo-charismatic movement should take for the future. It is a powerful reformative book made with much study, and revelation from Jesus. You will find answer to everything surrounding the Christian life like f.i God`s true name(s), the question about sex before marriage, tradition, church-life, church-structure, judaism, evangelizing, personal prayer, worship, and philosophy - you name it - is all answered in this mega-book.




TE 2018 Revelations Revealed


If talking about blockbusters; this must be the greatest of all time. Here you have for  the first time in history: All of Revelation FINALLY explained from a master perspective with ALL prominant interpretations that are vital for a Christian to understand in our time: Shattering the myth, and mystery of Revelations FOREVER! Thus it reveals some of (the Vatican) Christianity`s darkest, and oldest secrets, and is thus a true book for REFORMATION against the beast-whore Church. I also give away secrets like f.i Jesus birth, and clues to his return. But most of the book will take you through ALL possible antichrist-figures, and discover the mind-blowing truth about what 666, the Great Whore of Babylon, and who the two beast are!!!



The Revolution of Christianity



Yes. A religious, and technological revolution, and disclosure of the Illuminati`s crimes is coming to awaken the Christian world! Our success rate will be 200%! This is not about race or color. This is about souls, freedom, justice against the Illuminati, and the future of the Earth.

Have you ever considered that you Christians are spiritual Israelites that deserve your own nation? As of now we have only Russia, perhaps Poland, and a few countries in South America that publically state they are Christian nations; but no real Christian nation in the way Israel is a jewish nation, or Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation.


I say that these two are in many way FASCIST states, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fascism just means that one opinion, race or religion is superior to others. They just want to protect themselves. China is f.i in many way a fascist atheistic country. But a CHRISTIAN state???

Have courage, and start dreaming! But the west has somehow lost the guts, and priveledge to rebellion alongside freedom of speech, and human rights because of Islam.

In the future Europe I prophecy: Unite, strategize, emmigrate, and rebel for the protection, and preservation of ONE Christian state in Europe. That`s why I sing: Raise up an army from these dead bones like in the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur! Halleluja! I want a liberal-economic, neo-charismatic-Christian, anti-Illuminati democratic state with a government of saints for Christmas.


Only a traditional-ultra-liberalistic (not modern liberalism), neo-charismatic (fascist) Christian state with a government of saints will do.

A state of Christian: Politics, media, hospitals, military, police, schools, and social wellfare. Where people are treated with love.

Where the children are taught about REAL technology, (like Reich`s theory of evolution, and sacred geometry - God`s fingerprint) and the CRIMES of the satanic Illuminati at SCHOOL.

Where Einstein`s physics is THROWN away, and Tesla`s physics build flying machines, and hydrogen power-plants! Where the state builds HUGE monuments, and Churches for Christ. Yes. That is God`s will.

As in the song: ¨I hear the voice of the prophet; preparing the nation for war!¨ Raise up an army. Raise up an army. Raise up an army. From these dead bones! We will win! Amen!

By starting private schools, and teaching truth. By starting hospitals, and curing cancer patients. By organizing, and building 50 cars that run on water. We will win! We will WIN! When we only have ONE society of true religion and science! All will be lit!


One tiny light expells all darkness, and the world built on the lies of the Illuminati will crumble. Everyone will want our system, religion and technology. That`s why a Christian Tesla village in Norway is so important. (Like the one in Croatia.) God spoke to me about this since my early teens.

And no. I`m not an extremist, or at least not an activist. I am a targeted individual. I suffer from satanic extremism in the hospital, and the police who experiment on unwilling citizens of the CIA Mk-Ultra program. And that`s a fact. I am very very peaceful. Source, love and light is my motto. But I have teeth, and I can bite.