Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

1st century Nazarene ministries!

Apologetics, conspiracy theory, government, strategy, the Flat Earth, the Mazzaroth, and the Source-Field!

Welcome to 1st century ministries!


Welcome to the light! The only true Biblical ministry in the world!

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We bring combine 1st-century, and 21st century spirituality and science to life!

The goal is to create God`s Kingdom of Royal Scientist Priests in a self-sufficient village!

Because any historical high-civilization is built on ethical unity through science, and religion which are historically inseperable.

Because science is sacred, but has been LOST.

This science is now monopolized by a monetary, technocratic, and cultural elite.

Without ethical unity through sacred science, we are thus not a civilization.

But post-modern, multi-cultural, hollywood sheep while secret societies rule us!

Knowledge is power! Power to the people!

We will START a trojan horse civilization of enlightenist WITHIN the post-american trans-culturalism!

You might see this  website as a prophetic commando-central for what  mission Heaven has in store for you!

We have 5 projects - and more - 

When completed: All the world will be a Christian utopia! Guaranteed!


This is a time when Christians must take ACTION!

When things go bad, all Christians PRAY!

Prayer is the oldest excuse for not taking ACTION!

And it is nowhere in the Bible. Relying on prayer, and hope alone,

is the devil`s greatest tool...

Prayer can change the spiritual.

But not a man pointing a gun at you. All targeted individuals KNOW that.

You must carry fruit! 


Jesus is not coming back ever. I guarantee 100%. I am here now...

His coming was a Mazzaroth-Pyramidal prophecy, 100% guaranteed...

You`ve known you`ve been lied to by ¨them¨, and that their lies has

THE MOST EVIL INTENTION! You knew ever since you watched politics.

But you never cared. Or did you???

You must realize that PRAYER does NOT work in a war, only ACTION works in a war!

We Christians are the institution of Heaven,

and the state has become the institution of Satan; God of this world.

The Church has only ONE goal.

To bring Heaven (An) down to Earth (Ki).

Through the knowledge of the Mazzaroth/Heavenlies.

Any religion who does not do this, is not Christian, nor a religion.

This was the ancient tradition since the birth of Judaism - to Christ.

It`s all in the Bible. But you did not read it.

Does Church only represent sunday-church-service?


It represents alternative government, media, culture, physics, schools etc.

The Vatican has failed us!!! They tell us there is no Mazzaroth/astrology.


Christianity has NO backbone! 

Where is the replacement??? RIGHT here on this site.

NOWHERE else. Nowhere in the wide world. Not anywhere.

We are the first institution of Heaven on Earth. The Church of St.Peter,

not the ¨Vicar of Christ!¨ Blasphemy!

We are the First Order, and the First Religion.

Because this is the first time Christianity has been restored to it`s roots.

Because this  is the first time modern Christianity has organized a functional rebellion.

It was the historical Jesus Christ who physically appeared to me, and two witnessess in 2012, in a hut in Sweden, after we had discussed starting the world`s first TRUE CHURCH, because God miraculously led us together, and gave us the EXACT same visions of that Church, among other things, that it is the ONE-TRUE-EVERLASTING-CHURCH founded on St.Peter, which is ironical, since the father of one of  the 3 witnessess that saw the Ressurrection had a father who  was a priest, who built 6 Churches, and had written a book ¨What is St.Peter returned today???¨

I also met Gabriel, and Michael in dreams that same week. We are a messianic-Jewish family, and I consider the two other witnessess my parents. 

That is why I changed my name to Johan Ridderstedt.

But when I come home to Norway, they tortured me for having seen the ressurrected Christ, and sent me to mental-institutions to kill me... Because my family were criminal Nazis during the second-world-war, and are Satanic Pagans, the Vril Society, the Illuminati, in Christian sheep clothing.

But Gabriel, and the Ressurrected Jesus watched over me until I completed the books on this page that Gabriel one day told me to write, and so I did. 

We were originally going to call it the Church of St.Peter, but I was isolated, and not allowed to travel back to my family in Sweden, so I stayed behind enemy lines with my biological family, who tortured me, yet wrote the books over 3-4 years, and called the Church ¨1st century ministries¨ , for God had prepared me all my life,  and I had the knowledge. 

My goal, or Christ`s goal is to create a perfect, biblical Church of ABSOLUTE truth now that we have all knowledge about the 1st century in the 21st century.

(The knowledge they don`t teach you at school.) 

Where do we strike as Christ Universal bride???

The cultural, and monetary elite are invulnerable, while the technocratic elite is vulnerable.

We can`t produce a Christian version of Hollywood overnight.

But we CAN, and MUST attack the technocratic elite.

The science we`ve had since Einstein, and Darwin are masonic lies.

Led by a technocratic elite in all fields of expertise. 

Lawyers, doctors, teachers and scientists.

Satan LOVES to inverse the truth. 

Science is ¨the atheistic religion of Illuminati quackademics.¨

Their thesis` are not based on fact, and is just as much a religious faith as any other.

The technocratic elite is therefore our target, and you will begin your journey on this website. Here you will find mindboggling information on how ¨they¨ lied to you..!

We will reform the the theories of physics, theory of evolution, schools, the universities, schoolbooks, curriculums, history, the Church, and more!

Then we will build God`s Kingdom upon this TRUE Science. 

A science where religion (Christianity) , and science is inseperable. 

Because as you will discover: TRUE science is Holy, and gives GLORY to the creator.

THEN we can build a TRUE civilization when ALL are enlightened brothers!

We want a Heavenly Kingdom of Royal Priests as in the Bible!

Not a post modern hollywood multiculturalism of angry muslims, and angry rightwingers fighting a civil war inside a nation.

That is NOT a civilization! There is no unity!

Such a nation craves a police-state, the state becomes powerful, and power attracts powerhungry Illuminati politicians. The result is divided, cold society.

A slave police state.

This is the future of the west unless Christianity defends the humanistic ethics!

Only a reformation renaissance revival revolution can save the  west!

Remember those four words. It is one of our catchphrazes.


This is a Christian lighthouse for all the Church.

With absolute biblical truth; now founded upon 21st century science.

My dream is to  create a Priesthood of Scientists in a self-sufficient village.

Our ETERNAL truths will be a watchtower for all eternity guarding the people so we never fall into slavery, or the NWO. The Illuminati will be HATED after we have done our work as investigative journalists. The power of knowledge will return to the people, and OUR history-books will prevent the Illuminati from never rising again.


A TRUE Church is a Church of teachers, and caretakers of this world.


When the state no longer serve the people,

the Church must rise to be that leading role. To protect the people from the state.


A Church that is not only about sunday-service, or practicing religion, 

but a Church that actually involves itself in society, and represents God`s divine order and KINGDOM. Against corruption, inequality and lies. 

A watchdog watching the watchers. Protecting the people from their own state.

THAT is my vision.


Because most of what they teach at school are lies, 

and you should realize: The state doesn`t care about you.

They serve agendas of international companies and money.

Not the people. 


The Church realize they are at war with the world.

Not because we declared war on them.

But because they declared war on US.

When the Church realize they`re doing everything to keep us down.

When the Church realize our politicians serve foreign agendas,

and that we have been lied to.

A great spiritual, and technological revival of FREEDOM will come like a flood,

and reshape this world.

Just like every major civilization rose because of ethical unity through common technology and spirituality among all it`s people.

That is the ambition of this Church.


A village perhaps??? 

And to end the herecy of the apostate Jews and muslims with LIGHT!

To be a light of TRUTH, and a LEADING role for all nations.

This is the TRUE Church of Christ.

But all Christians are our brothers of the body..!

They just lack my prophetic eyes...


We will reveal the truths of this world to the public like a lighthouse for ALL!

ALL will see our light, and our leading role!

A mighty reformation renaissance revival revolution will rise!

The lies will BURN AWAY! The Church will be SANCTIFIED! GLORIFIED!

And it will usher in God`s Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven!

A 100 year Christian-futuristic village will lead to a 1000 year kingdom!

That is what Gabriel promised me!!!

When the Church once again is on TOP! As a Royal Priesthood of Scientists!

There is proof our God  exists, and we will show it to the world.

They have forgotten, and believed the lies of the quackademic religion of atheism.

But we will make them remember where mankind belongs: In God`s hands.

Led by a TRUE Church. A lighthouse. Of TRUE saints.

Not the common Church, or the Vatican WAR-WHORE!


We are a reformative church of Nazareenes.

We are multi-national, multi-ethnic, non-racist, and non supremacist.

We believe in astrology or ¨heavenly scroll¨ (just like the 1st century church).

We do not worship the cross, death, or any torture instrument (chi xi stigma 666)

We do not condemn trinitarism.

We are scientists.

We are conspiracy-realists.

We believe the devil has many agents of deception in this world. The Illuminati.

We are non-compromise to secret societies, slander, evil and conspiracy.

We actively seek to dethrone this false world, and create a real world.

We know the secrets of the Flat-Earth..

We know the secrets of alternative history; giants, nephilim, angels, and before them:

The ancient humanoid reptilians. The oldest Gods. The seraphim.

We know the secrets of the multidimensional universe.

We know of Christ`s birth 19.08.01 BC.

We know of the Ether, the Source-Field, and the hermeticism of Enoch.

We know the secrets of technology, water, and herbal medicine.

We believe in a code of source, love and light.


But I can`t know everything! 

I ask therefore:


Will you join me to create Christ`s World??? <>

If you feel called to join, you undertake a lifelong oath to truth, and non-compromise to evil: Become a Christian perfectibilist! With utopian, Christian world-dominance as your future goal of life! Establish God`s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

As responsible gardners of Eden. <>


Remember: 12 disciples changed the world! 

It is time to wake the lion. For:


Christianity is threatened like never before!

An Illuminati poison has seeped into the Church, the government, and our Christian lands are in peril!  We need a Christian reformation revival renaissance in all sciences, and levels of society - today - because a good foundation for the future can only come through ethical unity based on universal truth proven by science - the language of today! Christianity must be the first to undergo the scientific method, and validate itself!

After we have enlightened, and united people from all levels of society, and institutions under our Christian banner, we will reed out the poisonous (Illuminati) virus that has infected the west, and it`s people. 

The west will MUST be based upon the hellenistic-christian principles of humanism, and medieval Islam must reform or go. Or else: The west will not survive.

Western humanism, and Islamic religion is not compatible. Their Sharia laws are too distant from our laws.

If Christianity; the backbone of the western world should fall. All will be lawlessness.

With Christianity dead; paganism will defend ethnic-european pride against Islam, the globalists, and the left. Europe will die. We must not loose America, or the powerbalance shifts to fascist-atheistic China. The future west will then be a mix of pagan-newage-eastern-religions, Islam and atheism. Atheism, and paganism will eventually win; and Islam be reformed back into it`s pre-muhammed origin of the Babylonian polytheism; which will be accomplished about 5000 years from now, according to the Angels. (I am a prophet) Religion shapes society, and the future NWO religion will be the Babylonian system envisioned by it`s prophet Aleister Crowley. This might dominate the world for a hundred-thousand years. By God may it not happen.


The battle between indefinite Crowleyanity, and Christ`s return is being fought these 2-6-10 years. These few years will decide which alternative future wins. THAT is why Satan is fighting me (as a Christian) so despotically tortuous and covertly. 

He has already weakened my intelligence, mental, and physical health down to zero. 

That started already when I was 7 (according to both me, and the Illuminati.)

I am helpless.

Will you carry on my burdens???

Will you defend a future for me, and my fionce?

For if not: I will pass on without a remark nor children.

Author and founder sends you his loving regards <3 Please buy my books <3

My Christian books! Study, and read the law of Source, Love and Light!


My books are a neo-charismatic inter-denominational Christian enlightenment campaign for the needed reformation-revival, and revolution renaissance to take place across Europe, the west, and the world. Securing a foothold anywhere in the world, and reforming all sciences (curriculums) including history, is any Christian`s minimum goal.

World Christian unity, and dominance of all world sectors is any Christian`s maximum goal of life, and until we have reached unison conscience of the existence of the afterlife/Hell, mankind will not be the dominant species on the planet.

We MUST establish God`s global everlasting Church governance before war, NWO, and the staged alien invasion, or we will suffer another 500.000 years under the Enuma Elish King`s List! The strategy to guarantee our success is found in ¨The Kingdom of God¨, and ¨The People`s Red Army Revolution - a revolutionary`s handbook.¨ The KOG is right wing, and the PARR is left wing, in terms of politics.

All will work as long as the right, Christian people are on top!

Click the links below, and support my work by buying my books on Amazon!


The God Reality - Proving God through Science

This is the first book in the Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance book series. Or GRRRRR. I delve into ontological and philosophical arguments for creationism, before discovering alternative physics of the Source-Field through Reichian science, to prove evolution started from microscopic bions in a theory of Source-Field evolution Dr. James DeMeo calls ¨bion biogenesis¨. I talk about my own experiences with dimensions, Orgonite, Source, Ether, Orgone, Vril, my black night of the soul, and determine how energy is sexual in nature, based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I touch upon sacred geometry, the platonic solids, the Fibonacci sequence, ¨Ivan Panin`s numerology in scripture¨, and proof of spontaneous healing. I end with the discovery of a New Scientific inter-religious law, and a conclusion that Satanism is physically, spiritually, and philosophically dead.

The Christian Path - Biblical Theology 

This is book 2 out of 6 books in the Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance series, or GRRRRR series. While most of my books share new topics, this book is merely theological in nature and concerns all normal aspects of the Christian faith. While many of my other books would be considered unheard and controversial, this is only conservative Biblical Christianity that you can gift to your grandparents. It is a long compendium of questions and answers to all theological questions I asked myself in my Christian life like; what does the Bible say about sex before marriage, prayer, worship, church-service, baptism, saints etc? I also include my 2 year looong study on God`s true name, which I consider complete, shattering the myth that God`s name is Yehuah or Ahayah. My book presents my incredible short testimony and life-mission as a Church father, and opens with enthusiastic visions for the future of Biblical Christianity. I also delve into the subject of New-Testament laws and deeds, cataloguing it for the first time. I also share my thoughts about our beautiful heritage from Israel, and represent the mainstream Christian, Israel-patriotic viewpoint in this. The book is the next step towards uniting the reform, liberal, Pentecostal, and charismatic Christian movement with reforms to attitude, worship, prayer, evangelization and Church service!

Jesus, Lucifer, and the Ritual of the Cross explained

This is book 3 of the 6 books in the GRRRRR series, the Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance. This book, like all my books, details never-before published content. This is a mystical book for the initiates of the Illuminated and must be read as such. First, we will question our reality, discover who God is, who Lucifer is, and question what Luciferianism is, slaughtering every myth since Biblical times. Then we will discover that Jesus did exist, ascended into the rainbow body, and probably left behind the Shroud of Turin. ‘ We will discover the secret pyramid prophesies about Jesus, and how Jesus was the Sun of the astrological signs in the Mazzaroth that the Jews, and the Nazarenes, his cult, believed in. This is a complete book that discover Jesus actual birthdate based on never-before revealed secret interpretations of Revelations, and determine who Jesus was mythologically, who he was to the Jews, if he was the messiah, before revealing ALL about HOW Jesus did hypothetically save us in a ritual on the cross. We will discover what modern Magick is, and how Satanism is spiritually, physically and philosophically dead, before I reveal secrets of spiritual warfare. We will then sum up the content, cover things like reincarnation, and did I mention: We will discover when Christ is coming back, at all, and if so, how he will do this... Prepare to be amazed!!!


The Wisdom of all Golden Ages - and the Law of Source, Love and Light!!!

This is book 4 out of 6 books in the GRRRRR series, or Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance series… Love and Light is a common catchphrase in the spiritual network. But what does it mean? We discovered the tachyon source field in book 1, and now you will journey into a futuristic golden age where all live by a universal law of Source, Love and Light. This is the first time the True, Eternal, Scientific Religion of Light has re-emerged from ancient Atlantis, and we will discover it`s evolution from Egypt, and greatly tie it into the Christian gospel of love. My philosophy for writing this book was to discover the law of the coming Christ in the coming New Age Kingdom or ¨millenial kingdom¨, where peace reigns on Earth, as the book continues from the previous book; Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained, where we discovered how mankind reached ascension. In this New Age, mankind must learn to overcome polarities. We will discover new, never-before-heard philosophies about what light, and love means metaphorically, and by accident, I re-discovered the eternal-inter-religious Law or ¨blueprint code¨ that unifies philosophy, metaphysics, science and religion. The main Christian philosophy behind this book is: How can the Bible teach there will be no more sin in the future Christ-Kingdom??? As we continue from how Jesus became the messiah in my previous book. Will sin disappear, or will pain disappear? We will also touch upon the darkness of light, the Lucifer effect, before ending with the Noble middle Path, the 15 combined laws of Christianity, and the 7 essential deeds, something I also am the first to discover. Prepare to read the most perfect, loving ideology ever written since the fall of Atlantis!


The Secrets of John`s Revelations - The Revelation Conspirasies!!!

This is book 5 of the 6 books in the GRRRRR series, or Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance. This is the first edition, yet still contain the most secrets of all books on John`s Revelations out there… We will start by discovering Christ`s actual birthdate through Mazzaroth astrology recorded in Revelations 12. From there I will detail every controversial interpretation of who the beasts are, including the fact that 666 means ¨chi xi stigma! ¨ We will discover Jesus in relations to Easter, and a potential antichrist, or Christ figure, namely the Ascended Master Ashtar. We will discover all mainstream beast theories as well, including Judas, Islam, the Vatican, Apollyon, Azazel, the historical beasts, and who the beast systems and the whore of Babylon represents today. We will discover the Jewish shemitah calendar, and the World`s knowledge about prophecy, Revelations, Christ`s 2nd coming, or if he is coming at all, will be complete for the first time in world history!!!!


The Testament of Johan Ridderstedt

I also have a little (personal) testament which I compiled together for a first edition. Because I thought you would find the parables very beautiful, as I have an eye for truth I inherited from God. :) I also must say I am NOT Jesus. Nor do I believe in reincarnation. I am simply John, orI believe I am the Maitreya: Because I have been persecuted all my life for it.


The Kingdom of God - Strategies to guarantee worldwide Christian Utopia!

This was the first book I wrote. It was the Archangel Gabriel who told me to write about the coming governmental form of Utopian, Theocratic Christianity. It is a forbidden dream, even for Christian. A state somewhat like Israel, or Islamic countries, only with Christians. For there is no such nation in the world. This book will appeal to the Christian of all denominations, the conspiracy theorist, the Viking, the national-patriot, the anarchist, the right-winger, but also everyone else, as it criticizes taxation, flaws of democracy, governmental forms, politics, and political correctness from a future standpoint of formerly ethnic countries in the west. The book has two parts, with the first detailing conspiracy-reality surrounding Christian misconceptions about Talmud Judaism, Islam, the Quran, the Illuminati-freemasons, the New World Order, it`s philosophies, and it`s crimes against human rights and Christianity, before addressing replacement theology, and how Christians are the chosen people, and how the future must be a Christian, global Israel, and not a global Babylon. But if you think you`re better because you`re Christian, then you`re wrong. I investigate, and attack everything from Christian apathy to Church corruption, apostasy, integration of immigrants and politics with content never before published in book-form. The second part investigates, and criticizes royalty, monarchy, and our sysem before coming with my own personal philosophy of Source, Love and Light as a common humanistic inter-religious ethic for all religions, and ethnicities. I then continue with the absolute best state model never before published, a theocracy without any taxes other than 10% to the State Church, as is Biblical, with a state ruled by saints in an intellectual-democratic model with internet democracy as demanded by the French yellow-vest protesters RIC. I outline every Christian`s goal (8 goals of Christianity) , and how to get there through reforming history, physics, science, and teaching our children Conspiracy Reality in private schools, or in summer youth-camps to get our own very first Christian nation.

Yes. A religious, and technological revolution, and disclosure of the Illuminati`s crimes is coming to awaken the Christian world! Our success rate will be 200%! This is not about race or color. This is about souls, freedom, justice against the Illuminati, and the future of the Earth.

Have you ever considered that you Christians are spiritual Israelites that deserve your own nation? As of now we have only Russia, perhaps Poland, and a few countries in South America that publically state they are Christian nations; but no real Christian nation in the way Israel is a jewish nation, or Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation.

I say that these two are in many way FASCIST states, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fascism just means that one opinion, race or religion is superior to others. They just want to protect themselves. China is f.i in many way a fascist atheistic country. But a CHRISTIAN state???

Have courage, and start dreaming! But the west has somehow lost the guts, and priveledge to rebellion alongside freedom of speech, and human rights because of Islam.

In the future Europe I prophecy: Unite, strategize, emmigrate, and rebel for the protection, and preservation of ONE Christian state in Europe. That`s why I sing: Raise up an army from these dead bones like in the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur! Halleluja! I want a liberal-economic, neo-charismatic-Christian, anti-Illuminati democratic state with a government of saints for Christmas.

Only a traditional-ultra-liberalistic (not modern liberalism), neo-charismatic (fascist) Christian state with a government of saints will do.

A state of Christian: Politics, media, hospitals, military, police, schools, and social wellfare. Where people are treated with love.

Where the children are taught about REAL technology, (like Reich`s theory of evolution, and sacred geometry - God`s fingerprint) and the CRIMES of the satanic Illuminati at SCHOOL.

Where Einstein`s physics is THROWN away, and Tesla`s physics build flying machines, and hydrogen power-plants! Where the state builds HUGE monuments, and Churches for Christ. Yes. That is God`s will.

As in the song: ¨I hear the voice of the prophet; preparing the nation for war!¨ Raise up an army. Raise up an army. Raise up an army. From these dead bones! We will win! Amen!

By starting private schools, and teaching truth. By starting hospitals, and curing cancer patients. By organizing, and building 50 cars that run on water. We will win! We will WIN! When we only have ONE society of true religion and science! All will be lit!

One tiny light expells all darkness, and the world built on the lies of the Illuminati will crumble. Everyone will want our system, religion and technology. That`s why a Christian Tesla village in Norway is so important. (Like the one in Croatia.) God spoke to me about this since my early teens.

And no. I`m not an extremist, or at least not an activist. I am a targeted individual. I suffer from satanic extremism in the hospital, and the police who experiment on unwilling citizens of the CIA Mk-Ultra program. And that`s a fact. I am very very peaceful. Source, love and light is my motto. But I have teeth, and I can bite.

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